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Commonwealth of Free Spirits (Commonwealth)
The Commonwealth is an alliance of people who prefer peace over violence, though they will not hesitate to use violence if it is absolutely necessary. While they are not as advanced as Hale, the Commonwealth has produced a number of impressive technological devices, including a layer of armor that is capable of absorbing partial laser blasts and converting them to energy for the starship's systems. In present times, however, a group within the Commonwealth has begun to use intimidation and violence to accomplish their goals, leading some to believe that the alliance as a whole has shifted it's beliefs, though this is a false assumption.

The Hale Collective (Hale)
The Hale Collective is an alliance devoted solely to scientific endeavors, which obviously puts them well ahead of the other alliances in terms of specialty technology. It is not uncommon for a Hale starship to do something completely unexpected, such as disappearing from sensors or traveling great distances in extremely short amounts of time. It's even rumored that Hale scientists have developed what is called a chaos bolt, which witnesses claim wreaks havoc on a starship's systems. While the existance of a chaos bolt has not been proven, there is no doubt that Hale technology makes the alliance rather formidable.

Alliance of Interstellar Expansionists (AIE)
The AIE is most well known for its discovery of Miriani, the first planet to be colonized by humans. Members of the AIE are explorers at heart, often taking starships into uncharted space with no specific destination in mind, enjoying the freedom that comes from traveling to distant parts of the galaxy.

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