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Alert Statuses

These commands change your ships alert status. Green status is the default alert status. In green alert, the weapons are unpowered and the ship's alert status is switched to red only if you are fired upon. Yellow status is the 'caution' status and will immediately switch to red alert if another ship moves adjacent to you, but the weapons remain unpowered. Red alert is the 'combat' status and the weapons are powered up and the bardenium slags used in cannons are charged. You can only fire weapons in red alert status.

Green: The default alert status. Weapons are unpowered.
Yellow: The caution status. Weapons remain unpowered, but the ship will automatically switch to red alert when another starship comes into range.
Red: Full combat readiness. Weapons are immediately powered up and the ship is ready to engage in combat.
Purple: Intruder alert. Guarding security drones will report recent intruder activity to the ship's computer at every alert cycle.
Blue: Evacuation alert. This status indicates that the starship is in immediate danger and all hands should abandon ship.

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