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Air Hockey

Game Instructions:
To begin a game, type Play Table. Once two players have taken position, the puck will be dropped on one side chosen at random, and the game begins.
When the puck is on your side, type Hit <shot type> On Table in order to aim the puck to the other goal. Shot type can be either straight, corner, or deflect. So for example to make a corner shot, type Hit Corner On Table.
A straight shot sends the puck straight down the middle of the table. It is the easiest shot to make, but also the easiest for your opponent to block.
A corner shot sends the puck from one corner of your side of the table. This shot is more difficult to block due to the angle, but it is also somewhat more difficult to make successfully.
A deflect shot starts with the puck just in front of your own goal. With this shot, you attempt to bounce the puck off one side of the table and deflect it into your opponent's goal. While this shot has a low success rate, it is also extremely difficult to block.
To block a shot coming to you, simply type Block On Table. You have three seconds from the time the shot is made to attempt to block it.
The game ends when one player reaches a score of ten. To see the current score, type ShowScore Table. If you wish to reset the table while a game is in progress and end the game, type Reset Table.

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