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The hosts of Miriani have gone to great effort to ensure that the game is as easy to play as possible for the greatest number of people possible. To that end, players with disabilities may find the following features beneficial:

SIGHT - This command will suppress a number of visual elements in the game as well as attempt to reduce some spam where possible. This includes removing the visual starmap, reorganizing certain columned menus into lists, and reorganizing the damage display to make finding information easier among other things.
MAP [location] - The destination-specific mapping feature allows you to specify a destination name on a planet and receive specific directions for getting there. For more information, see HELP MAP.
OPTIONS 15 - This option will suppress messages when somebody in the room uses their communicator or whispers to somebody else in the room.
GAG-OPTIONS - This command allows you to suppress messages that many consider to be unnecessary spam. (We recommend number seven!)
SPELL [object] - This command allows you to see the spelling of an object around you. If you don't give any arguments, you will be presented with a menu that will allow you to see the spelling of any player in the game or any object in the room with you.
Soundpacks - Many players have released soundpacks for various MOO/MUD clients. A soundpack replaces certain pieces of text in the game with a sound, making it easier to keep up with what's going on around you. As the hosts do not officially maintain a soundpack, it's up to the players to find out more information. We suggest you begin in the OOC / Soundpacks message board category.

Finally, you may wish to type OPTIONS (or HELP OPTIONS) to see which of the available options may help make the game easier for you to play. As always, feel free to post ideas for improving gameplay in the OOC - Suggestions/Ideas message board.

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