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The @where command displays a list of planets, space stations, and moons that are currently occupied by connected players. This allows players who wish to interact with one another to find the location most suitable for those interactions. The command will display players who are landed in ships as well as those on the ground. When used in tandem with the short-range communication channel, this can be an effective means of drawing out potential roleplay partners.

Not all planets, space stations, and moons will be displayed by the @where command. At present, only locations that are publicly accessible and located within a numbered sector are included. Private residences remain private.

In Character or Out of Character?
Typically, commands beginning with an `@' are out of character commands. This means that the knowledge you gain from the command should not be used in an in character manner. For example, it would be inappropriate to say "There are 12 people on Acrylon right now!"

However, due to the nature of the @where command, there is one exception: You CAN act on the information for the purpose of travel, as that's the entire point. Your reasoning for visiting a location you found on @where can be roleplayed in any manner you see fit so long as that reason is not 'I saw that a lot of people were here and now I am here too!'

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