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This command allows you to establish a number of E2 emotes and associate them with arbitrary commands, effectively making them like regular in-game socials. Special syntax has been added to the E2 command to support this:

-%x Allows you to specify that whatever the 'x' argument in the command is should match to an object in the room.
%x Specifies that the 'x' argument is arbitrary text that should replace %x in the emote.

If you wish to only use a player's first name, you can add a 1 to the end of your number. This may seem confusing at first. Say your first argument is a player's name. That would be -%1. But that's their full name. If you only want their first name to display, use -%11.

Arbitrary text can contain multiple words if you enclose those words in quotation marks. See the third example below for... an example.

Note: If your client doesn't support typing %1, you can use ^ in place of %.

spitwipe <player> <bodypart>
E2 string: spits into a cloth and gently wipes -%1's %2.
>spitwipe merugle cheek
Output: Albori Isahost Sninvel spits into a cloth and gently wipes Merugle Zenzi Flimmens's cheek."

groupshake <player> <player> <player>
E2 string: violently shakes -%11, -%21, and -%31!
>groupshake mitchell fred merugle
Output: Albori Isahost Sninvel violently shakes Mitchell, Fred, and Merugle!"

laughsay <player> <string of words>
E2 string: shudders in laughter, clutching -%11's shoulder for support as he says, "%2"
>laughsay merugle "I just saw Fred's face!"
Output: Albori Isahot Sninvel shudders in laughter, clutching Merugle's shoulder for support as he says, "I just saw Fred's face!"

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