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1000 Blank White Cards

1000 Blank White Cards is a game of nonsense and creativity. The goal of the game is to create the cards you play with, which takes the direction of the game in many different directions depending on the players involved. Typically a card will have a point value, though at the end of the game the idea is to be amused by the cards and gameplay itself, not to win.

Creating Cards
When you're not in the middle of a game, you can type BLANK to create a new card for your personal deck. You will be prompted for a card title, picture, point value, and special effect. The title is simply an identifier. The drawing is what is displayed on the card. While this is more amusing in real life with actual drawings, descriptions can still be entertaining. If your card has a point value, you can enter it here. Otherwise leave it blank. And finally, the special effect can be anything you want, though typically it should make sense in the context of the game. Popular effects include: Lose a Turn, Draw Another Card, Nullify All Cards with Chickens on Them, Everybody Transfers 5 Points to the Person Holding This Card, etc. The idea here is less about making sensical gameplay and more about enjoying nonsensical setbacks or leaps of good fortune.

Points don't really matter, but should you wish, you can add them up to determine who wins the game at the end. Why don't points matter? Well, since every card is user-created, you can play a card on yourself that is +10 bajillion points. But then your friend can just nullify that card and or make you eat it, so it's fairly futile.

Once a game has begun, the order of play is the order in which players joined the game. On your turn, you will DRAW a card from the deck by typing DRAW. Once you have your card, type PLAY and select a card to play. You will then be presented with the option to play it on yourself, another player, or to the table. If you play it to the table, the card affects everybody in the game, including yourself. Any card with a point value or other lasting effect will be kept in front of the player in question (you can see what cards are in front of somebody by typing BWC <player>). If the card has no lasting effects it is discarded.

If you draw a blank card, you will automatically be prompted to fill it in. When you create a new card during a game, it will automatically be added both to your personal deck and to the game deck. When a game ends, all of the cards on the table will be destroyed and everybody will be left only with what they themselves drew. This way unique cards are added to each game when different people play.

If you can't play a card (meaning you have no blank cards and none of the cards in your hand apply to the situation), you draw another card and skip your turn.

End Game
The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck. Each player will total up the value of the cards in front of them and whoever has the most points wins! Hooray!

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