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If you're bored or want to test your knowledge of the policies, you can take a policy quiz. You'll be asked a series of 10 questions, each one related to a specific policy. Policies may have more than one question associated with them, and a random one is picked each time you start a quiz. Simply use the POLICY-QUIZ command to get started. You can also use this command to turn on notifications (more on that below.).

As you answer each question, you'll be notified if you chose the right or wrong answer. Be aware that some questions can be tricky, and some are more straightforward. Aborting the test before it's finished will result in you having to restart with a new test with a whole new set of questions.

After you're all done with the quiz, you'll be told your score. Don't be concerned if your score is low -- this is all for fun and completely optional. If you pass the quiz with a score of 100% for the first time, however, you'll get a small, one-time reward.

If you have policy quiz notifications enabled, you will be notified when new questions are added, as well as quiz results of other people if they also have notifications enabled. If you don't want your results broadcast to everyone with notifications enabled, don't enable them. As these notifications are out of character, please don't discuss them in character. To enable notifications, type POLICY-QUIZ <on>. To disable them, type POLICY-QUIZ <off>.

Have fun, and good luck!

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