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While conflict is a big part of Miriani, players will occasionally go above and beyond to cause as much trouble for everyone else as possible for no discernable in character reason. While such players aren't technically breaking any policies, their actions often frustrate both hosts and other players alike. In an attempt to curb such activity in an in character way, pilots can now be flagged as terrorists.

What is a terrorist?

In Miriani, a terrorist is defined as a pilot who causes an abnormal amount of problems for the alliances as a whole that go beyond acts of piracy and Player verses player combat during normal gameplay. Pirates don't usually get flagged as terrorists, though this can depend on the amount of problems they end up causing for the alliances. Terrorist status is not something a pilot should aspire to obtain, as terrorists are punished rather severely. Punishments are outlined below.

How do I become a terrorist?

As of this writing, the only way to be automatically considered a terrorist is to shoot alliance controlled property. This includes any space station, moon, or planet that has flight control and is under the control of one of the alliances. Structures without flight control, in uncharted space, or that are privately owned don't count. Jumpgates may also be included, though shooting one will not automatically cause you to be considered a terrorist.

So the hosts won't make me a terrorist unless I shoot alliance property?

In general, this is correct. When it comes to in character conflict, the hosts prefer to let players handle most issues themselves; however if someone is being particularly nasty, they may find themselves with terrorist status. Please don't assist or report asking for someone to be flagged as a terrorist just because they're attacking you or stealing your ships.

So what would get me manually flagged as a terrorist?

Here are some examples of things that might get someone flagged manually. Note that this is by no means a complete list, but it should give an idea of what sort of trouble would have to be caused.

* Constantly interfering with combat missions to the point that no one can mission at all. This is interfering with the High Guard and the defense of human space.
* Blockading every single planet and station in the 40 sectors every single day just for laughs. In character this would be highly disruptive to the alliances, and out of character it serves no purpose other than to annoy everyone.
* Blockading the capital sectors or sector 12 with debris to bypass the defense lasers. The defense lasers are there to clean up blockades, not debris.
* Destroying anyone and everyone just because you're bored, all day, every day. While combat is a part of Miriani, please try to keep it reasonable, not disruptive to everyone at all times. If you must hunt everyone, give them a way to get out of it, such as having them pay you for protection.

I'm a terrorist, now what?

Being a terrorist incurs the following penalties:

* Terrorists cannot land on any planets, moons, or stations which are controlled by one of the alliances and have flight control.
* The long-range lasers in the capital sectors and sector 12 will target any ships belonging to terrorists or that have terrorists aboard.
* High Guard ships and NPC ships configured to do so will fire upon any ships owned by a terrorist on sight. NPC ships may also trace wormholes to chase such ships.
* Terrorists will not receive any insurance payouts if their ships are destroyed for any reason.
* Players with a terrorist character will not be allowed to reroll until a host unsets the flag.
* shooting alliance property while a terrorist will result in that pilot's license being revoked. Note that this isn't deletion of the character, merely the inability to purchase or fly starships.

I didn't mean to shoot that planet/moon/station or I'm sick of being a terrorist. , what do I do?

If you find yourself with terrorist status and it was an accident, or if you're simply tired of being a terrorist, send a letter to Commandant Kirby Atkins and explain your situation in as much detail as possible. Please don't assist or report and ask to have your terrorist status removed unless you're sure it was due to a bug. Depending on the nature of the situation, you may have your terrorist status removed.

Finally, Keep in mind that we expect players to have an in character reason for being a terrorist. If you just want to be a troll because you're bored, you'll probably be banned to preserve the integrity of the roleplaying environment, depending on how far you take things.

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