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Starship Naming Guidelines

The following rules govern the naming of starships. In order to promote a healthy, mature roleplaying environment, we feel that starships, being one of the primary focuses of the game, should be named appropriatedly. If your starship violates the naming guidelines, it will be given a generic name and you will be forced to rename it. If you continue to violate the naming guidelines, you will lose the ability to name your own starships and they will be given names for you.


- Ship names must be between 3 and 50 characters in length and may contain only letters and/or numbers.

- Ship names must be in good taste. Vulgar, explicitly sexual or intentionally offensive names are not acceptable.

- Ship names should not be named in a way intended to be a direct insult to another pilot.

- Ships must not be named in a way that is intentionally deceptive to other pilots. An example of this is naming a ship Praelor 13131. This could cause other players to believe your ship was a Praelor vessel.

- Ship names should make sense. They should be actual words and NOT random collections of characters. Mashing on the keyboard to name a ship is the wrong way to do it.

- Ships may not be named after any real life event, person, work of fiction, television show, radio program, computer program, or any other modern work of sufficient popularity to be recognized by one or more people who find it to be distracting to the game's roleplaying environment. This would cover actors, actresses, natural disasters, manmade disasters, other games you play or websites you frequent. Note, these are just a few examples. Naming a ship like this just promotes being out of character. We would like to avoid that as much as possible. Please use your best judgement here. If something is not explicitly stated here as being wrong, but you recognize that it's out of character, please don't do it.

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