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Smuggling and Catching Smugglers

Smuggling is the act of trading goods that have been deemed illegal. These goods can be worth quite a bit more than regular trading commodities, but getting caught can also set you back.

Purchase illegal goods from one trading center and sell them to another.

Catching Smuggler:
1.) Type TAG in your control room if you suspect someone of carrying illegal goods. If they are, a smuggler ID scan will be created.
2.) Catch them.
3.) Take them to a security center and ARREST <player>

Stun Traps:
In order to make catching them slightly easier, security centers sell stun traps. In order to use a stun trap, you must SCAN <ID SCAN> INTO TRAP to that it can recognize its target. Once you've done that, drop the trap in a place it's likely your victim will be going. A trading center, perhaps. Once the person enters the room with the stun trap, they will receive a small amount of stun time. If you aren't quick, this will expire and they will get away. So be ready to give them additional stun time.

Consequences and Rewards:
Once you arrest the person, several things will happen. The person trading the illegal cargo will lose not only the value of their cargo, but also a small penalty based on the number of times they've been caught smuggling illegal goods. The security center will also dispatch patrols to board all of the person's ships and sieze any illegal cargo found on those ships, which adds to the fine. Whoever turns the person in will receive a reward in the same amount of credits as the other person's fine.

Illegal Goods:
Unrefined Cardenium
Biological Components

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