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Planetary Surveying

Planetary surveying is a two-part process. The first involves actually scanning the planet to get information about its various features and structure. The second part involves taking a handheld scanner to the surface and scanning for interesting surface features.

Locating Planets
Planets can be found in any uncharted sector. Just fly around until you find one.

Scanning from Space
The first step, upon discovering a planet, is to type SCAN [planet]. You should, if the planet has not previously been discovered and recorded, receive a planetary scan. This can be placed into your artifact storage container like any other artifact.

Surface Scanning
The second step is to land on the planet. When you step outside, type USE [SCANNER] to take a scan of the room you're in. The scanner will notify you when it's done and, if present, it will notify you of anything noteworthy, such as archaeological indications. Repeat this procedure for each room you find on the planet.

You can see how many rooms your scanner has discovered by looking at it. To receive credit for your scans, RESEARCH the scanner at any artifact research center.

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