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OOC Channel

OOC [<message> | on | off | who | history]

The OOC channel is a game-wide channel for communicating out of character. It works regardless of your character's ability to use a standard communicator, and should only be used to discuss OOC topics, not IC events. Discussing the status of your character, his or her latest meal, planning to meet up in character or anything else that breaks the OOC-IC divide is against the rules and will result in your inability to use the channel.
Likewise, the Roleplay policy is in full effect here. Using information gleaned on the OOC channel, such as hosts talking about upcoming changes, should not be used as a method for deciding what your character does. This is metagaming and can give you (or your avatar) an unfair advantage.
For example, your character is far out of communications range. Suddenly, you hear someone mention something about a new dig site on the OOC channel, proclaiming that they've just dug up 2147483647 small circular hunks of metal in one go. Not only would this be in poor taste for the person speaking, but it would give you information about an IC occurrence that your character otherwise would have not known about.
The OOC channel supports all default communicator socials, although custom socials are not allowed and won't be recognized. Similarly, for full range of expression, placing a colon before your message will turn it into an emote.

Violating the Roleplay policy or the guidelines outlined in this document will result in removal from the channel. The duration of your removal is based on how many times you have been booted in the past.

ON/OFF: Enables or disables the OOC channel. It is disabled by default.
HISTORY: Displays the last 15 messages sent to the OOC channel.
WHO: Displays a list of players connected to the OOC channel.

>ooc on
Output: You enable global OOC communication.

>ooc off
Output: You disable global OOC communication.

>ooc who
Output: The following 3 players have the out of character channel enabled:
Fred Relish Hughe Lakeland Jake Jerkson

>ooc My burrito exploded in my lap. Now I'm covered in cheese. *cries*
Output: [OOC] Victor Viccicini Veilencia says through tears, "My burrito exploded in my lap. Now I'm covered in cheese."

>ooc That's hilarious! Do you have photos?
Output: [OOC] Mitchell Morganivich Mihola says, "That's hilarious! Do you have photos?"

>ooc :sighs. "But the lettuce!"
Output: [OOC] Victor Viccicini Veilencia sighs. "But the lettuce!"

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