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Lore Computer

Lore computers are small devices that can be extraordinarily helpful. They feature a memo program for writing, reading, and transferring text files, optical character recognition for scanning signs into your computer, a scratch pad for quick notes, a unit converter, a calculator, a tracking system, a shopping guide, a news uplink, and a variety of other functions. Operating a Lore computer is extremely simple, and there are a number of options available. It's best to just use the computer and try the various functions for yourself. However, to get you started, here are some explanations of the available hardware and software.

Lore computers come with several hardware slots as well as hardware expansion cards. To load a card, you simply type LOAD [card name]. To remove a card, you merely UNLOAD [Lore Computer Name].

Translink - A TransLink expansion card will enable you to perform two additional functions with your Lore computer. First, it will enable you to enter the Lore ID of other Lore computers you'd like to let track the location of your Lore computer. Second, it will allow you to track Lore computers of people who have authorized you to do so. Please note this will only track the Lore computer and not it's owner so if the two should ever become separated, your results may not be what you expect. Furthermore, Loretech Industries bares no responsibility for anything that goes wrong as a result of tracking people.

Character Recognition - A Character Recognition expansion card will enable your Lore computer to scan a document and then allow you to import it as a file onto your lore computer. You will have the opportunity to give the file a name after the scan is completed.

Printer - A Printer expansion card will enable your Lore computer to make printed hard copies of documents saved in it's memory. Due to the wonders of Loretech technology, the printer is rated for over 1 trillion prints before needing replacement.

Biometric Scanner - A Biometric Scanner expansion card will provide additional security for your Lore computer. It will allow you to take biometric readings of anyone in the same location as you to provide them access to your lore computer should they become in possession of it. Anyone that is not in the biometric scanners database will be denied access to your system. If, for some reason, the biometric card should be removed without first clearing the stored identities, your Lore computer will be locked down until a biometric card is inserted again.

Speech Synthesis - A Speech Synthesis expansion card will enable you to command your Lore computer to output, in a synthesized voice, anything you write on the Lore computer's scratchpad. This output will be visible to anyone in the same location as you.

Holographic Imager - This card allows you to take detailed images of a room, an object, or a group of objects. When prompted for a target, type group to choose who to include in an image. Once an image has been taken, you can access it from your Lore's holographic image album. After loading blank discs, you can also copy the data to a disc that will function similarly to a standard photograph, with one important exception: You can look at the individual objects in every picture. Simply LOOK <object name> IN <picture name> to look at anything that was present at the time the picture was taken.

Image Data Extractor - An image extractor allows a Lore computer to download the data from an image disc and import it into their photo album.

The Lore computer also comes with several useful software programs which enable you to perform a variety of functions.

File Management (Memopad) - The file management function allows you to create and store text documents. The interface is fairly straightforward, allowing you to add files and folders as well as edit, delete, or transfer them from one person to another. Anything you scan with the OCR card will end up in the file management.

Sundial - The sundial simply displays the current date and time.

Scratch Pad - The scratch pad is a place to quickly jot down notes. Once you finish writing a note, you can show it to somebody else in the room, print it to a file, or, if available, output the text to your speech synthesizer card to have it read to everybody in the room.

Calculator - The calculator allows you to quickly and easily enter equations into your Lore computer and receive the result. If you wish to perform multiple related calculations, you may use the # character to substitute with the value from your last equation.

(5+5) * 8
The result of your equation, 80.0, briefly appears on the display.
5 + 5 * 8
The result of your equation, 45.0, briefly appears on the display.
35 + #
The result of your equation, 80.0, briefly appears on the display.

Unit Converter
The unit converter allows you to convert a number from one type to another. For detailed instructions on using the unit converter, select the option on your Lore menu and type HELP.

If you have a Translink card, your Lore computer is capable both of tracking and being tracked. Be aware, however, that you will be unable to track Lore computers that are travelling through wormholes or out of communications range.

Shopping Guide
The shopping guide is perhaps the most used function of the Lore computer. It automatically pulls data from stores in realtime to find the items you want. It can list every store category at once, list only upgrades, or it can search by string. There are a few limitations, especially with repeating items, but for the most part the shopping guide is an extremely valuable resource.

Galactic News
The news program allows you to see the most recent news, sorted newest to oldest.

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