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Laser Tag

Commands (basic game) [5-20 rooms]:

SHOOT <person> - Tags the person. After being tagged, their avatar is teleported to another room to prevent "tagbacks".
HIDE - Attempts to hide if the room supports it.
SEARCH (or FIND or LOCATE) - Searches the area for anybody hiding in the area.
SCORE [me] - If you specify "me", it shows how many players you have hit and how many times you've been hit. Otherwise, the current top scores are displayed.
GAG - Disables (or enables, depending on the current status) announcements of players who have been shot.

Commands (sniping game) [5-30 rooms]:
SHOOT <person or direction> - If direction is specified, you will be given roundtime and try to aim in <direction>. If you lock onto a person, it will fire. Otherwise you just wasted some time. If you fire at a person, the basic game rules apply.
<Basic Game Commands>

Commands (advanced game) [5-50 rooms]:
SHOOT <person> - This will give you four seconds of roundtime as you aim at the person. During this time, the person being fired at will not be able to leave the room. Realistically speaking, it's not taking all this time to aim and fire, but realistically you also don't have to type DODGE in order to dodge. The roundtime is to give your opponent a chance to dodge the shot. Otherwise the basic game rules apply.
DODGE - Attempts to dodge the incoming shot. Not always successful.
<Basic Game Commands>

Commands (free-for-all) [5-50 rooms]:
This is a combination of all three games. You can shoot, dodge, snipe, and hide. Additionally, just to make things different, you can equip yourself with either grenades or reflective armor. Grenades can be dropped in a room to tag multiple people or they can be thrown in a direction to tag everybody in that room, hidden or not. Reflective armor provides a small chance that the shot will be reflected back at the shooter and give you the tag.

GRENADE [direction] - Drops a grenade or throws it in [direction].


To begin a game, type BEGIN. You will be able to select either a basic, sniping, advanced, or free-for-all game. You then choose the number of rooms you wish to play in. Please keep in mind that 50 rooms is quite large, so if you decide to use that many make sure you have a large group.

At this point, people will be able to JOIN the game. Once you have two or more people, whoever began the game will be able to type START or BEGIN to actually begin the game. Assuming everybody is still in the room, they will be led to isolation booths where they will, if applicable, choose their starting equipment. The actual game begins one minute after being led to the isolation room. Everybody will be placed in a random room in the arena (with a holographic avatar rather than their physical body) and the game begins!

If you decide not to join the game before it begins, you can type JOIN again if you wish to remain in the room without playing, or you can just leave and the game can begin without you.

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