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Industrial Starship Bounties

The alliances offer a reward to pilots who destroy another pilot's ship if that ship was involved in the destruction of a privately owned industrial ship (cargo haulers, asteroid haulers, and freighters for now).

When you destroy another pilot's ship, the pilot will have the opportunity to file a claim against you. Once this occurs, there will be a bounty of 30% (as of writing) of your ship's total worth. As you destroy more ships and more pilots file claims against you, the bounty will rise until eventually it's 100% of your ship's worth. Now, when another pilot destroys you, they receive the bounty and you receive a debt of 80% of the bounty, in addition to your insurance claim being nullified. It's also worth noting that, if the bounty reaches 50% of your ship's worth, that ship will no longer be allowed to land on planets and stations with flight control. Additionally, if the bounty reaches 100% of your ship's worth, the long-range lasers that defend the capital sectors and sector 12 will fire on that ship. A brief example:

Person A destroys person B's asteroid hauler.
Person B files a claim with their alliance, putting a bounty on Person A's ship. The bounty starts at 30% of A's ship's total worth and goes up with each new pilots claim.
Person C destroys Person A's ship. C's crew receives the bounty (which is 30% of A's ship's worth).
A receives a debt of 80% of the 30% of his ship's worth. He also gets no insurance payout.

The bounty will not work, however, if you are the aggressor in a conflict. So if your cargo hauler fires on a battlecruiser first, you won't be able to file a claim against that battlecruiser. (This system isn't perfect, so there may be some iffy situations that come up. Please let us know about these.) It's also worth pointing out that any awake and unidle member of your crew will receive a portion of the bounty.


1.) Find your nearest security office.
2.) With your final service record in hand, type: SUBMIT SERVICE
3.) Kill the other guy.

You now may be asking yourself... SELF, however do I find bounties to collect?! Well, I'm glad you asked. There are three exciting methods.

1.) Use your message board reader and tune to General / Bounties.
2.) Use your Lore computer and select the bounties program.
3.) Visit your local security office and type BOUNTIES.

In order to prevent players from using industrial ships as shields, the following conditions must be met for the bounty to be valid:

* Asteroid haulers - Must be in uncharted space or within the same sector as an asteroid hauling station.
* Cargo haulers and freighters - Must have salvaged or purchased trading goods in the past ten minutes or have outbound atmospheric salvagers (freighters only of course).

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