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In your wanderings as a starship pilot, you may come across gadgets that you do not fully understand the workings of. This is an attempt at documenting some of those gadgets.

Destination Finder - USE this device to find semi-detailed information about a destination in space, such as a planet or space station.

Alliance Information Unit - USE this unit to learn more about alliances. The information displayed includes percentage of space controlled, interalliance relations, home planet, and owned sectors.

Point Lookup Unit - USE this device to see how many license points you currently have.

Flight Control Scanner - WEAR this and TURN it on to hear flight control reports. Flight control operators will announce things such as starships launching and landing, starships under attack, starships traveling through jumpgates and navigating out of sectors, incoming asteroids, and emergency alerts such as Praelor invasions. You can FILTER SCANNER to apply filters to ignore specific alerts. Scanner profiles can also be saved to quickly access different sets of filters. To save your current filter configuration, use the SAVE <scanner> command. To load a set of filters, use LOAD <scanner>. To delete a saved set, DELETE <scanner>.

Chronometer - This is a simple timer. START it, STOP it, or CLEAR it. You can look at it to see the current time.

Lore Computers - These devices allow you to store and transmit files as well as a host of other functions. They are also commonly used as tracking devices.

Message Board Reader - USE this to access the message board network, where pilots can leave messages for everybody else to see.

Communicator - Allows you to communicate with other people. See HELP COMMUNICATOR

Weapon Detector - USE DETECTOR ON person/drone/droid to learn if they are armed with stun weapons or pulse emitters. If it's a droid/drone, it will alert you if it's charged.

Charge Booster - These small devices will give your ship a five minute boost in charge. Simply type USE BOOSTER in your control room or engineering room to get the power boost. Please also type POLICY BLOAT to read about how you shouldn't hoard charge boosters or any other item.

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