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Welcome to the exciting world of funds! Funds are like savings accounts in real life in that they allow you to put credits away for later use. You can also add others to your fund to allow them to deposit or withdraw. If you'd like to access an existing fund or create your own fund, read on.

First, locate a fund center. Fund centers can be found on all capital planets and a few other places. It doesn't matter which fund center you use, as your fund will be accessible from any fund center in the game.

Your journey begins with the MENU command. From the menu you can access and create funds, as well as modify your fund options.

To create a new fund, choose the new fund option. After giving the fund a name, you will be asked if you want to make the fund available only to you. If you make the fund available only to you, it will be private and no one else will be able to withdraw from or deposit into it until you add other people to it or make it public. If, however, you choose not to make the fund available to only you, anyone will be able to withdraw from or deposit into it until you make it private. It's almost always a good idea to make the fund available to only you,then add trusted individuals to it.

Now that you have access to a fund, you have several options depending on your level of access. The deposit and withdraw options are exactly what they sound like. You can also choose do auto-deposit a percentage of your income into a fund similar to how you can with your insurance fund. If you're the owner of the fund, you can also add people to the allowed depositors and withdrawers list, change the fund's privacy settings, and see the fund's history of withdraws, deposits, and auto-deposits. Note that fund history only shows the last ten entries. If you no longer have use of the fund, you can delete it.

There are also a variety of options you can set within the fund center.

Configure how people are allowed to add you to deposit lists - This set of options lets you control who can add you to fund deposit lists. By default, anyone can add you to a fund's deposit list, but you can restrict who can add you based on a whitelist.

Remove yourself from a deposit list - This option will allow you to remove yourself from a fund's deposit list should you no longer wish to deposit into that fund. There's also an option for removing yourself from a fund's withdraw list as well.

Have fund!

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