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Frequently Rejected Suggestions and Ideas

Over the course of Miriani's lifetime, there have been hundreds of suggestions made to improve the game. While we appreciate all suggestions, there are several that we find come up often but don't fit into the game. This help file will attempt to detail those suggestions so that we can avoid them coming up again and again. If you have a suggestion for an often suggested suggestion, feel free to suggest its inclusion in this list by REPORTing it!

* Decreasing debris transfer time - Salvaging is an extremely easy and lucrative venture. Part of the balance of the activity, which is extremely easy, is that it takes a while to transfer all of the debris.

* Idle timer - We see no point in booting players when they've been idle for a certain amount of time. They aren't really hurting anybody. We compromised here and added @WHO UNIDLE.

* Engineering bonus - Engineering is a task so simple that, the majority of the time, the job entails sitting around doing nothing or typing a single command during a battle. It would prove to be excessive to reward people for doing nothing.

* List of active hosts - The hosts have several demands on their time, real life included. A list of active hosts would only prompt an excess in assists and special requests.

* Removing PvP - Player versus player combat is an integral part of Miriani. Removing it would be like tuning your television to a channel that plays the same infomercial on repeat all day every day. It may be a funny, entertaining infomercial at first, but eventually it's tedious and boring.

* Making PvP optional - Optional PvP is similar to removing it entirely. The majority of players would disable it, or enable it only when convenient, which would create enormous nonsensical disparities in the game. It not only doesn't make any in-character sense, but out of character it punishes the people who like PvP by essentially eliminating it.

* Ability to join unregistered alliance - An unregistered alliance would have no benefits of a typical alliance, such as colonized planets, High Guard protection (and missions), starships, a central currency, etc. It would essentially be like wishing you were homeless.

* Ability to join HG - While the High Guard is comprised of members from all of the alliances working together in joint cooperation, it's more of a way to facilitate in character events and missions. The High Guard develops and deploys advanced technologies that we don't wish players to have access to except for during special events.

* Removing stunning - Stunning, while not the best thing in the world, is part of the PvP of the game.

* Making it so someone can't hold you while stunned - This would eliminate stranding and doesn't make a lot of sense.

* Super ships that include everything - Starships are extremely complex pieces of machinery. The larger the ship, the more advanced the electronics, and the more room it takes. We're still relatively new to the ship building business, so we haven't quite gotten miniaturization down. And, OOCly, we don't want overpowered ships that can be manned by a single player. It's a multiplayer game and we like cooperation.

* Ability to mask who you are - This would be quite annoying and provide even more room for players to be cruel to other players with no consequences. We have enough ways for that as it is.

* Being able to beat people up without a weapon, causing injuries or stuntime - There is a massive thread on this topic that covers it better than I ever could. USE your message board reader and type: GOTO 183

* Drugs - Put simply, we don't want drugs in the game. There are, however, certain pharmaceuticals that can be illegally smuggled from trading centers.

* Artifact retrieval droids - Artifact retrieval is already one of the easiest and most rewarding activities in the game. Drones that automatically retrieve artifacts would make it an overwhelming activity, bringing in billions of credits and leaving everybody out of communications range all the time.

* Stun/injury grenades for player use - These would be seriously overpowered and have little or no defense, allowing a single player to incapacitate large groups of defenseless players.

* Voyagers getting medical bays - Not all ships are perfect. Sometimes an old design is made obsolete by new technology.

* Being able to add extra rooms to ships - Ships are ships! You can't really build on to them without compromising them.

* Portable starship registries - For security reasons, the ship registry is only accessible from approved terminals on protected planets. OOCly, we want you to get out and stretch your legs.

* Sending mail from a starship, apartment, or house - This falls in line with several other 'convenience suggestions' that would reduce travel. We feel that players should be required to fly around the game and explore. If everything can be done from an apartment, we have failed in our goal to get players out into the game interacting with others. Even the simple act of sending mail requires you to get out of your ship and hopefully encounter other people.

* Remove babies from the game - Not everybody enjoys the game in the same way. Miriani offers many things that may provide enjoyment to one group but not to another. If babies annoy you, you can all but remove them by typing: GAG-O BABIES

* Simulators for atmospheric combat - We prefer to keep atmospheric combat challenging for as long as possible.

* External camera upgrade for starships - This would devalue the uniqueness of current starship classes and there are ways to accomplish the same thing with droids.

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