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Personal Drones

Security Drone - These drones perform several functions. The first is to defend you when you are attacked. If somebody, or something, fires a stun shot at you, it will attempt to counter-attack. These drones also have the ability to guard rooms. The guard option will cause them to fire on anybody who enters the room and isn't on their friendly list. You can have up to three drones guarding any one room. These drones are capable of following you around.

Medical Drone - These are the opposite of security drones. If you are attacked, they will attempt to subtract stun time from you. These drones are capable of following you around.

Ship Drones

Sanitation Drones - These drones will clean up clutter aboard your ship or in your apartment. They also possess the ability to water plants. Anything that is not bolted down, filtered, or in the following list will be picked up. If something gets taken that you want to retrieve, simply type GET [ITEM] FROM SANITATION to get it back. The following items are automatically safe: ships, droids, ship keys, video cameras, players, anchors, lines, atms, NPCs, drones, mounts, stun traps, pets, cards, furniture, trash cans, fridges, plaques, droid remotes, drone remotes, salvage containers with contents, and plants. To add your own items, type USE SANITATION and select additional filters. Items in sanitation drones will be purged every hour.

Drone Remotes
Most drones, with the exception of sanitation drones, come with a remote. To access the functions, type USE REMOTE. In addition to this, you can store up to six remotes in a universal remote. The options available are fairly self-explanatory.

Adding somebody to a drone's friends list allows the drone to assist that person just as they would assist you. If a person on the friend's list is attacked, for example, your security drone will stun the attacker and your medical drone will try to heal your friend. In addition, security drones on guard duty will allow anybody on the friend's list to pass.

Disabling Drones
To disable a drone, you simply need to fire a pulse emitter at it.

Unlinked Drone Remotes
You can purchase replacement drone remotes should your remote get destroyed by a sanitation drone or otherwise destroyed. Once you buy the remote, type LINK REMOTE when you're in the room with your remoteless drone.

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