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Debris Salvaging

Salvaging debris is very simple and is usually the first thing a newbie learns how to do. You salvage debris into your hold so that you can later sell it at a spaceport that accepts debris.

To start salvaging, move to any sector with debris. For example, sector 16. Most sectors that aren't very populated are filled with debris. To get to that sector, just LAUNCH from whatever planet you are on and then FTL <sector number>. Once the jump has completed, you can begin your salvaging.

The first thing you have to do is MOVE to a piece of debris. When movement halts, you can SALVAGE the debris and then MOVE to the next piece. Sometimes there is more than one debris in range of your salvager, so when you try to move it might say you are already there. In that case, just SALVAGE again.
You can check your CARGO to see how much space you have left in your ship. Your storage hold will not let you salvage a piece of debris that is bigger than your remaining storage space. When debris begins to get too massive for your hold, you should return to a planet that accepts debris, such as your capital planet. Once the ship is securely landed, you can TRANSFER the debris and start again. Enjoy salvaging!

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