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To become a courier, you must first decide which courier company you'd like to work for. There are currently courier companies on Miriani, Outreach, Acrylon, Angelus, Pluto, Aquatimis, Narth Polus, Shadius, Io, Luna, Plump Paul's Partariryan Pizza, Quazicol and Alliance High Guard Command. Each courier company delivers different goods. This list could change, as new companies spring up from time to time, so be sure to explore!

To start couriering, you will need to REGISTER in the lobby of your courier company. After registering, go to the company's starship request center and REQUEST a ship. Once you have your ship, you will then need to locate your company's cargo request room and REQUEST cargo for delivery. There are two types of deliveries that you can make: one is regular, the other is high priority. You get less money, but more rating points for high priority deliveries.

Once you have your delivery, you need to enter the ship that you were lent by the courier company (it will be on the landing pad), and use it to fly to the delivery planet. If you forget where you need to go you can type DESTINATION in the courier ship. If you forget what company you work for, or what the ship number is that you were lent, you can find that information by typing INFO. When you land on the planet, you will need to DELIVER the cargo, and you will receive a message saying how long the delivery took.

The faster you are when you deliver goods, the more rating points you will receive. You will be paid every Friday for all courier work done during the week. To confirm payment, courier companies will send you a payment slip in the mail that will tell you the amount you made that week. If you'd prefer not to receive these payment slips, you can type OPTOUT in the lobby of your courier company. Should you ever change your mind, you can similarly OPTIN to opt back in.

Once you have enough rating points, you will be eligible for promotions in the company. Promotions will get you eligible for an upgraded courier ship. You can check out the specifics of different ships by checking the INFO in the starship acquisition center. You will be allowed to get other, previous ships that you earned besides the one you were recently promoted to for a fee.

If you decide you'd like to change courier companies, you have two options. The first, if your record is in good standing, is to go to another courier company's lobby and type TRANSFER. If all goes well, you should have your employment transferred to the new company. If not, you can try again another day. The second option is to go to the lobby of the courier company that you currently work for, and END or QUIT your position. You will then be able to REQUEST at a different company. ** NOTE ** When you change courier companies using this method, you will lose all rating points gained through previous employment.

If you are unable to complete a courier assignment then type QUIT or ABANDON in the courier cargo assignment room. You will lose rating points equal to two deliveries of the same kind, but you will be able to select a new cargo, which will hopefully be bound for a place that you can reach.

A few commands you'll want to know: courier, @courier, @courier-rating, @courier-speed

Also worth noting is that, if you destroy the courier starships of rival companies, your company will reward you with a decent amount of courier rating points and credits so long as they don't have the new courier status. Your reward will depend on the type of courier ship you destroy and how much cargo it's carrying (if any), which means you'll get a bigger reward for destroying ships that carry a large amount of cargo and have weapons verses a reward for destroying junkers. If you destroy a courier ship with multiple people aboard your ship, the reward will be divided by the number of people who are awake and alert at the time. However, be aware that destroying ships from your own company will get you nothing but trouble and heartache.

If you yourself lose a courier ship, you will be required to pay for the cost of the ship that you lost. This will put you in some debt that can be paid off at your nearest ATM. When you request a new courier ship from your company, you will also be required to pay THAT cost, as the company will not subsidize the cost of a new ship without a promotion. It's also worth noting that courier ship destructions will count against you should you attempt to transfer to a new company.

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