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Character Naming Guidelines

In order to help prevent out of character outbursts, names are not allowed to be the same as any currently well-known actor, author, character, or other fictional persona. If you want to be Harvey Robinson, that's fine. But don't be Will Robinson. Character names should also be unique enough so as to be distinguishable from current players. Naming yourself something similar to another player in order to confuse screen readers falls under this policy. Example: Chris Landry is an existing player and you name yourself Kris Landree. Likewise, taking on the last name of an existing player to mislead others into believing that you are related to them, married to them, or ARE them is a violation of this policy. Please use a unique name and don't try to mislead others.

Names must also make sense. If you've never met anybody named Ieat CheeseMmm and can't prove it's a valid name, you will be sent to the force renamer. Similarly, please avoid choosing fantasy sounding names. This includes, but isn't limited to, compound word last names that include animals, emotions, celestial objects, times of day, verbs, body parts, and weapons.

Names must also not be vulgar. That includes homophones such as "Mike Hunt". Speaking of homophones, don't use any homophone names.

We'll provide an example of why this is a bad thing. Let's say you named yourself Will Robinson. I connect and see it and I say, on the general communicator, MAN LOST IN SPACE WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER. I WATCHED IT WITH MY KIDS AND THEY LOVED IT TOO! That's out of character and would have never come up if your name wasn't Will Robinson.

Also, this is no longer the 21st century. I doubt anybody in the year 2353 is going to care about a television show created in the 1960's. Even if a record of it existing did survive, you probably wouldn't discover it or care about it or even know about it.

Please also consider that we are not an encyclopedia of literature and culture. If you see a name that disrupts the role-play value of the game, by all means, REPORT it. Please don't demand they be force renamed, though, as that's quite rude. A polite request to review their name is best. Thanks.

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