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Asteroid Hauling

Now that you've progressed a bit in the game, you may be looking into alternative sources of income and points. Asteroid hauling is one of those sources!

In this guide, commands that you type will be in italics. Variable parts of a command will be enclosed in <less-than and greater-than signs>. So, for example, if I write "move <coordinates>", you would type "move" and then a set of coordinates, such as "move 1, 1, 1".

What it is:
Asteroid hauling, or "'roid hauling", is the process of seeking asteroids and hauling them back to space stations for points and credits. This is accomplished by landing on the asteroid and attaching anchors to the north, south, east and west of the ship, and connecting the anchors with lines. Then re-entering the ship and deploying the ship's anchor, and choosing a space station to haul the asteroid back to.

What you need:
To haul asteroids, you will need a few pieces of equipment. You will need:
- An asteroid hauling ship. Purchase one at your local starship store. You'll need a minimum of 10 points and 10 million credits to purchase one.
- An asteroid hauling supply kit. This holds your anchors and lines. This will cost 5,000,000.0 credits.
- A spacesuit. You will need a spacesuit to survive while you attach the anchors and lines to the surface of the asteroid.
Remember to buy a full set, which includes a top, bottom, helmet, gloves and boots. This will cost 1,000,000.0 credits total.

How to haul:
Now that you have your supplies, you can find an asteroid to haul! You will need to go out into uncharted space to locate an asteroid. You could start your trip from any sector, but it would take an extremely long time to bring the asteroid back to a station that will accept it. Therefore, it is advisable to start from one of the sectors listed at the end of this file.

Take the jumpgates to the sector that you'll be starting from. Once in that sector, move to its edge by typing "move <coordinates>" (this can be shortened to "m"). It doesn't matter which edge you start from, but it is usually easier to start from 1, 1, 1.

At the edge of the sector, switch the ship into manual control by typing "manual" (this can be shortened to "man"). Now move out of the sector by pressing a number on the numpad that corresponds with the direction leading out of the sector. For example, at 1, 1, 1, to go north out of the sector, type "8". You are now in uncharted space.

First, switch the ship back into autopilot by typing "autopilot" (this can be shortened to "auto"). Scan the sector by typing "starmap" (this can be shortened to "sm"). If you do not see any asteroids in this sector, move on to the next sector the same way you exited your starting sector.

Keep moving from sector to sector and eventually, you should encounter an asteroid! At this point you'll want to SCAN the asteroid and make sure it's not enormous. Enormous asteroids cannot be hauled. Making sure the ship is in autopilot, move to the asteroid and land on it. Welcome to your first asteroid!

Make sure that your spacesuit is on and you have your hauling kit handy (you can wear that, by the way). Enter the airlock. Now type "cycle" to cycle the airlock's atmosphere to match the atmosphere on the asteroid. Exit the ship.

Your first task now that you're on the asteroid is to attach the anchors and lines to the surface. First, go north of your ship and type "get anchor from kit" and "get line from kit". Now type "use anchor" to attach the anchor to the asteroid. Once it has attached itself, type "use line" to attach the line to the anchor.

Return to the ship and go south of it. Type "get anchor from kit" again, and use it again. Use the same line again. You've now completed one set!

Repeat this for the east-west directions from the ship, and then enter your ship again. Once you are inside the control room, type "anchor" to drive the ship's anchor into the asteroid. Here comes the fun part!

If your ship does not let you anchor, you probably anchored the asteroid incorrectly. Leave the ship, and walk to all the anchors and type USE ANCHOR, this will cause the anchor and line to detach from the surface so you can set it up properly!

Now that the asteroid is secured, you can type "haul" to begin hauling the 'roid! It will bring up a list of sectors. Choose the one you started from, as it will be the closest.

WARNING: While on the asteroid, your starmap will be distorted and full of interference. This is normal.

The ship's computer will inform you of your distance to the space station. If you accidentally chose the wrong one, you can type "stop" to stop the ship, and choose a better sector to haul it to. Soon enough, you will reach the space station and will receive credits and points for all of your hard work! How much you make is variable depending on the asteroid.

DO NOT FORGET to retrieve your asteroid hauling equipment and put it back in your kit! Your anchors and lines will be on the landing pad of the station. Anyone can come along and steal them, so if you forget them, you may have to buy a whole new kit. There are two ways to do this. The first is to manually type GET ANCHOR, PUT ANCHOR IN KIT, GET LINE, PUT LINE IN KIT, etc. But the more convenient way is to simply type USE KIT. This will cause your asteroid hauling kit to attempt to refill itself using any anchors and lines that may be sitting on the ground. Note, however, that your kit will only take what it needs to fill itself. If you have spare lines and spare anchors, you should store them elsewhere, as they will complete your kit and it will not attempt to retrieve anything.

Happy hauling!

WARNING: If you are not inside your ship when the asteroid is hauled into the station, you will NOT be credited.

Hauling Destinations
Sector 1 (Drake Station)
Sector 9 (Leaf Station)
Sector 15 (Malacre)
Sector 30 (Outreach Asteroid Mining Outpost)
Remote outposts 4, 10, 12, 17, 22, 54, 58, and 70

Note: The coordinates of remote outposts are not widely available and will require in-character interactions to obtain.

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