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To start a game, you set the deck of cards on the ground, and type BEGIN. After the first player has shuffled the cards,
a second player may then type BEGIN to join the game.

Once there are two players, each player must type DRAW to draw their twenty playing cards. Immediately after drawing, you
will need to choose five cards to defend your space station. It is wise to put one good defense card for each of the four
attacks: Melee, Ranged, Psionic, and Siege. A word of caution however, if you put all of your best cards in your space
station, you won't have very good attacks to defend your hand. Once both players have drawn their cards, a random roll
will determine who attacks first. That person will then type PLAY to choose a card to attack with.


When it is your turn to attack, you will PLAY a card to attack your opponent with. You should choose a card that has a
high attack rate, as it will give you a better chance of winning the attack. Your actual attack will be a random number
from 0 to the attack rate of the card. Once you attack a player, they will get a chance to defend against the attack.


Once someone has attacked you, you must PLAY a card to defend against the attack. The type of attack will be shown to
you so you will know whether it is melee, ranged, psionic, or a siege attack, and will also know the maximum the attack
will be. You want to try and defend with a card that has a higher defense than the attack, but if you do not have a card
with a higher defense, it is best to choose whichever card has the highest defense for that attack, as both the attack
and defense will be a random dice roll of the numbers.


Once both players have selected their cards, the dice will roll numbers for the attack and defense, and the highest of
the numbers is decided to be the winner of that round. If the attack is successful, the card that was used to defend is
eliminated from the other player's hand, and the attacker may go again. If the attack is not successful, then the attacker's
turn is over, and the other player gets to choose a card to attack with.

Play continues like this until all 15 cards in either player's hand are eliminated.


Once all of the cards in one of the player's hands have been thrown out, the other player will start to attack that
person's space station. This is done using the same format as regular fighting, with the player choosing a card to
attack with, and the other player trying to defend. If an attack is successful, the card that was used to defend is
once again eliminated. If the attack is not successful then, once again, the defender gets a chance to attack.


Should a space station not lose any cards, and destroy the other players cards, then the game is considered a tie since
space stations cannot attack each other. However, should the space station lose cards, but still manage to destroy the
cards in the other player's hand, the other player will be declared the winner since their space station did not sustain
damage like the other did. And the final outcome, is if a player destroys all five cards in a space station while still
having cards in their hand, they are declared the winner.

(Thanks to Michael Bison for writing this so we didn't have to.)

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