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Apartments give you a private place to store your items, give you a place to hang out that's more interesting than a ship control room and allow you to be a little creative.

To get an apartment, you'll need to find an apartment complex. There's one on Rosario, one on Angelus, one on Aquatimis, one on Quazicol, one on Iclea, one on Acrylon, a few on Outreach, one on 51 Pegasi b, Desolo, Venus, and, for donators, one on Empanda. In an apartment complex, you can type MENU to get a list of apartments, buy a new apartment or pay overdue rent. You can only own one apartment at each apartment complex, and there is a limited number of apartments available at each one.

When you first buy an apartment, a foyer will be created automatically for you and you will be escorted there. A key to your apartment will also be placed on the ground. Don't forget to get your key and put it on your keyring. If you somehow manage to misplace your key and find yourself locked out of your apartment, you can create a new key through the "make key" option in the menu.

In the future, you'll enter your apartment by typing ENTER <apartment number>. You can also just type ENTER, which will match to the first apartment you have a key for and bring you there.

You will start with a total of four potential rooms. One of these potential rooms is used by the foyer, so you have three to work with. You can buy additional rooms through the "buy additional rooms" menu option when you type MENU or DESIGN in your apartment. The default cost is 10 million credits for each new room (5 million for donators).

You can only have one foyer, one living room, one kitchen, one dining room, one laundry room, one library and one hot tub room. You can have an unlimited amount of hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms, however. To build a new room, choose the "build new room" menu option and follow the prompts to choose a direction and room type.

In each room, you can set details such as floor type, wall type, wall colour and wallpaper. If you're a donator, you can also request a custom description by typing DESCRIBE, then entering a new description. These requests must be approved by a host before the room can be changed. Room titles changes can be requested by typing RENAME.

If you want to allow other people access to your apartments, you'll have to give them a key. Through the manage keys menu, you can get a list of who has every key in existence for that apartment, destroy a specific key or create a new one. If you want to allow others to modify your apartment, you can also add them as an owner from the "manage owners" menu.

Destruction and finalization:
You will not be able to drop any objects in your room before the design has been finalized. Once the design has been finalized, the cost of buying new rooms for your apartment doubles.

You can delete any room in your apartment at any time, unless it's the very last room in the apartment or the entrance. There are no consequences for doing this. Anyone and anything in the room at the time is moved to the nearest adjacent room. Items are also unbolted before they're moved.

At any point during the life of your apartment, you can elect to destroy it. Destroying it before it's finalized results in a refund of the cost of your rooms (though not the cost of rent), while destroying it after finalization results in no refund of any sort. Please think carefully about whether you really want to destroy your apartment.

Apartment complexes charge a monthly fee based on how many rooms your apartment has. The default cost is 1000 credits for every room you have. Typing MENU will tell you the rent at that specific facility. Donators pay no rent if they build their apartment on Empanda.

Rent is deducted automatically from the primary owner. If the primary owner does not have enough credits, it tries to deduct the rent from one of the additional owners instead. If nobody has enough credits to pay the rent, everyone is locked out of the apartment until overdue rent is paid.

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