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Miriani Changelogs

Miriani Daily Changelogs

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  • corrected an oversight that prevented the renaming of landing pads on private moons.
  • When importing room message sets, you will no longer be presented with the option to select all message sets from a room when you've already selected all available message sets. Also, you will no longer get a menu with no rooms to select once you've exhausted the menu of available rooms.


  • Selling atmospheric salvagers and combat vehicles no longer auto-deposits into insurance and other greedy funds.


  • Players can once again pilot atmospheric salvagers with upgrades they don't have the ranks for, assuming said upgrades have a passive effect such as additional storage. An example in policy 4 has been added to reflect this.


  • Bounty hunters will now no longer target ships indefinitely should they manage to make them angry. If a ship stays out of sight for a day, they'll forget about it. The time resets if the ship is spotted before then.


  • Beacon strength will now be generated dynamically based on how many other beacon-targeting ships are present in the sector, among other things.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow beacon defense missions to spawn more difficult-class (Onati, Onz and Onno) ships than expected.


  • Your number of successful beacon rescues will now appear under INFO achievements.


  • You will no longer continue to wander like a mindless zombie when stunned.


  • Planetary mines will no longer be considered out of local space.
  • Deep space artifacts (previously known as out of comms artifacts) will now appear passed 6,000 lightyears from known space. The Artifact Hunting help file has been updated with relevant details.
  • You can now ESTIMATE individual artifacts without putting them in an artifact storage container.
  • Riding a mount will now force you to emerge into the open if you're taking cover behind something.


  • Added long-range communication beacons to the NOTIFICATIONS command.


  • You can no longer take cover while riding a mount.


  • Confused internal sensors will no longer detect and include simulated crew, treating the simulated ship as if it was docked in the real one.


  • Added a WAKEUP-OPTION to make you aware when things were said in the room while you were dozing. (You can check what with the 'HISTORY SAY' command.)
  • Boarding a ferry on a private structure will no longer cause you to be out of communications range.


  • Added LABEL (or ENTITLE if you prefer) to artifact and archaeology storage containers. No label maker required. Yet...


  • Added generative AI support to the DESCRIBE command. Writer's block is a thing of the past! Simply type DESCRIBE and choose the second option from the menu.


  • After many, many years and much confusion, the issue of blast doors breaking when ships are restored has hopefully finally been solved.


  • Oxygen tank air compressors will now show how many slots remain for refilling tanks when you LOOK at them.


  • Added a new lore option: "Use paginated menus whenever possible". This will allow you to view certain huge menus, notably the shopping guide browse categories menu, in much smaller chunks. By default this option is off.
  • When viewing the lore shopping guide, you may jump directly to a category by name instead of just by number.
  • Your insurance funds will now cover destroyed atmospheric salvagers as well.


  • You can now (optionally) dump the entire menu of an Ultrabot(tm) when perusing the adoption listings.


  • HELP FREQUENTLY REJECTED SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS has been updated. Please review it at your earliest convenience.


  • You will no longer encounter interdicting enemy ships in uncharted space while the server is being debugged. You can check when this is the case by using the @LAG command.




  • Mail packages and envelopes can now be labeled with the ENTITLE <package> command.


  • Updated HELP TRADESMAN CERTIFICATES to reflect a previous change disallowing certificates being used while out of local space.


  • Simulated Ameliorators now have an unlimited supply of replacement components. They won't appear in the ship's cargo, but they're there!


  • Enjoy the newly added Super-Enhanced Power system upgrade for atmospheric salvagers. Assuming you qualify for it.
  • Using the rank command from an atmospheric salvager's cockpit while a card is inserted will now show the card's information without having to physically read it.


  • Ships that have been added to a private organization no longer get automatically removed if the owner decided not to tag them. Whoops!


  • Atmospheric salvager upgrade removal now has a confirmation prompt to prevent accidental upgrade uninstallations.


  • It's no longer possible to load refined bardenium into raw mineral marketplaces. That's what the bardenium shed is for.


  • Fixed some issues with @respond that got introduced when we gave players the ability to respond if they're idle or disconnected when a host sends them a message.


  • New players can now use the HOME command (in addition to homeplanet, homeworld, capitalplanet, recall, and a raft of other aliases that new players may type in a confused rage) to be reminded of their capital planet and its corresponding sector.


  • You may now store mined bardenium in a bardenium rearm shed. It is effectively a private rearm center, and it can be obtained by changing any room's parent in a private owned station, moon or planet. Help bardenium rearm shed should also introduce you to its basic commands.


  • Players that have completed the quest to obtain the small handheld radio receiver will now have their receivers restored along with their characters, provided that the receivers no longer exist.


  • You will now be placed into an escape pod should a component of your spacesuit be destroyed while you're in a starship room which has a hostile environment. Apparently some people are silly enough to make this happen.


  • You can now TRACE mining things in your hand to determine where the equipment they're connected to is located.


  • Asteroid rovers now enjoy the ABORT (or CANCEL) command, allowing you to abort an active cargo transfer. Or request it abort, anyway. It usually listens.


  • Updated the text of POLICY 2 (Harassment, Discrimination, and Threats) to explicitly mention humorous sexual commentary. Additionally, added three new relevant examples.
  • You will now be able to respond, as needed, to host correspondences sent while you are idle for 30 minutes or more or are disconnected.


  • After many years of being blissfully unaware that scents were not left on clothing being washed and dried with laundry soap pouches and fabric softener sheets respectively, your clothing will smell nice and clean now after being laundered.


  • You can now EMPTY (or eject or expel) people from asteroid rovers (assuming you own or are authorized on said rover).


  • Combat missions can no longer generate infinite hordes of angry Praelor. Relatedly, incursions from combat missions into numbered sectors have been capped at a slightly more sane amount, rather than 200 ships. The time of arrival for such invasions has also been increased; previously, invasions would arrive anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes after warnings on General Communication. Now, this is anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes to allow for more preparation, especially if fewer people are active.


  • The STATUS command in atmospheric salvagers now displays if a rank card is present or not.


  • Mined and or refined bardenium no longer requires a bardenium storage box to be transfered into a ship. Transfering it without the bardenium box will however not make it available to use by the ship's weapons.


  • Added the JAZZHANDS social. Jazzy!


  • A recent, minor change to moderate missions resulted in specialty starships not being able to embark on them anymore. This egregious error has been corrected and specialty starships have once again risen from the ashes in their moderate, mediocre glory to defeat the enemy--ahem. Moderate missions can once again be assigned to alliance specialty ships.


  • At long last, it is now possible to clear your personal dictionary in one fell swoop.


  • Related help topics in help files can now be displayed in a menu for easier navigation. This option can be toggled on in the general-options.


  • HELP SOOC has been updated to fall in line with the most recent change.
  • You can now use description aliases. Consult board post 99445 for more information.
  • Reorganized the Newbie Channel help file and added new content to the Policy Enforcement section.
  • Stun armor power packs are no longer able to be activated by players who lack the necessary license and combat points to purchase them.


  • Fixed an exploit in stores that could end up giving you credits upon aborting purchases.


  • The GC command will now report the region of space in which the ship is located, assuming the Enhanced Sensor Array is present.


  • Updated the text of Policy 6 with information about restoring characters from the login screen.


  • Added a RELOCATE command to passenger transport stations to move passengers from one ship to another.


  • Possibly fixed pets who refuse to wander back into a room they were last in under specific conditions.
  • Over a decade later, artifact containers containing only fuzzy corpses can now be researched by those with less than 300 points. For real this time.


  • You can now import ambience message sets from different rooms in the same structure when designing in an architectural simulator.


  • More toilet love. It is no longer possible for more than one person to plunge a clogged toilet. Thanks Brian for helping find this bug.


  • Years late here, but it should no longer be possible to double fill bathtubs.
  • You will no longer get taste messages after attempting to drink unopened bottles of liquids that have them.
  • It is now possible to purchase food/drink/paper resupplies from Empanda Station, for all of your food/drink/paper robot resupplying needs.
  • You can now set the default scooping range when using the scoop command through vehicle-o inside a salvager's cockpit.
  • Toilet use messages have been updated. We've finally entered modern times here, folks.


  • Fixed non-binary pluralization for a significant chunk of gender-aware messages. Please continue to REPORT oddities as they appear.
  • Starships in anomalies, much like nebulas, are now immune to long-range sensors.


  • Anomalies now reak havoc on long-range sensors in strange and mysterious ways.


  • 'MAKE ALL' in a ship store (or selecting 'All' from the menu) will now give you a box containing keys to every starship you own. For a modest fee.


  • Added AUTHORIZE and DEAUTHORIZE commands (or ALLOW and UNALLOW, if that's your thing) to private organization offices, which let you grant and revoke permission for people to enter, respectively.


  • HELP TRADESMAN ITEMS has been slightly revamped.


  • It is now possible to store food spreads in food storage rooms.


  • The MARK command now accepts 'off' as an argument to clear your marked room. (Similarly, MAP UNMARK will do it.) This can be handy if you want to, say, walk to a room named Mark but have previously marked a room. Which happens a lot.


  • It's no longer possible to bypass a Lore's biometrics and access the galactic news via the news command in a ship's control room.
  • It's also no longer possible to bypass a Lore's biometrics and access its device options via the lore-options command.
  • Letters and notes must now be unfolded before being scanned with a Lore computer.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed beacons to be checked while landed on an asteroid in a sector with an anomaly.


  • Hot tubs will no longer soak your clothing and other items in your inventory if they're empty.


  • Starship registries now allow you to look up any arbitrary part of a ship's name rather than insisting that it be the very beginning.


  • Specialty starship applications are no more. Now you're only required to fill out a simple agreement, which will be automatically approved or denied sometime within the hour. If you have an application in the queue, you'll need to fill out an agreement instead.


  • Parents can now INSPECT <child> to get a fairly extensive rundown of its capabilities and custom options.


  • For maximum convenience, Pax docking bays now provide a pneumatic pod network for rapidly transporting busy organization workers to their private organization meeting room. Simply type TUBE on a docking bay and marvel as miracles of modern technology effortlessly whisk you away to the comfort and privacy of your meeting place. Oh, one caveat, you have to pay a modest fee to have your organization linked to the network. You can find the installation option in the Pax private organization convenience center.
  • You can now VACATE private organization offices. Additionally, you can purchase more office space in the Pax private organization convenience center. All private organizations have one free office by default.


  • Being inside a private organization meeting room (or any rooms off of the meeting room) will no longer unambiguously report your location via the TransLink network. Instead, you'll show up as being on Pax.
  • Added offices for private organization admins. You can enter your new, snazzy office by typing OFFICE in your organization's meeting room.


  • Players can now choose their pronouns. Please see the message board post 99354 in OOC / Announcements for all of the relevant details.


  • The communicator spellchecking option no longer applies to / gets in the way of certain private link recipients. Namely: Combat Mission Notification Service and Auction Service.
  • Introducing the WALKING command. In case you have forgotten what the skip to your step actually is.


  • Landed ships will no longer receive surprise announcements about other ships being destroyed on the landing pad.


  • The SORT command now supports rearranging your walls. Don't delay, 'SORT WALL' today!


  • Pawn shops no longer pay into your various tithes and auto-deposits. Just your credit account.
  • Non-tradesman levitating transporters should no longer show up in the tradesman adoption list. They can still be purchased in the usual way, they just won't transfer across rerolls or be up for grabs.
  • Removing photos from picture frames on the wall now follows the same logic as unhanging the picture. That is to say now odd ducks can't steal your photos out of the frames on the walls.
  • You can now use SOOC anywhere on a private structure, regardless of whether it is in or out of doors.


  • Fix: The Jump Hub trading center now has a proper demands list for producing the spaceport infrastructure that it supplies.
  • Fix: The Kelen trading center now has proper demands for its production as well.


  • Sensor profilers now allow you the option to download select NIRP categories rather than all data.
  • Added a management interface to NIRP to allow for the rapidish deletion of points of interest that no longer point to points that interest you.


  • Reduced the likelihood of encountering interdicting Praelor in a sector with an anomaly. Still possible, but now with an extra roll of the ol' die for good measure.


  • Added mountable lockboxes to the tradesman adoption menus.


  • Possibly fixed the cost of repairing courier ships going through, even if the player does not have the funds on hand to complete the purchase.


  • Simulated building avatars should now stop following each other when their controllers disconnect from the simulator.


  • Added a tradesman lab to the Empanda Station Design Complex for the automation of character appearance requests.


  • You can now clear an auto-deposit at a credit registry by hitting enter or typing '0'.
  • Credit registry auto-deposits now show in the CASH INFO command.


  • Fixed a bug that caused upgrades on atmospheric salvagers to be removed when installing other upgrades.


  • Going forward, if your starship is force renamed, you will no longer be required to wait two weeks to try renaming it. If your ship has recently been force renamed and you wish to pay for a new name, please assist and we'll set it up.


  • You can now add gift boxes to stationery robots using the robotics lab.


  • SCANning an asteroid will now alert you if it detects a significant amount of mining junk on the surface. The amount of junk it needs to detect depends on how damaged your ship's sensors are.
  • Airlock descriptions now inform you of the various pertinent environmental conditions. Only 16 years late!
  • If your soundpack sadly gags everything, you can also LOOK PANEL inside the airlock to get similar information.


  • Anomalies no longer magically warp you to the coordinates you were occupying when pushing you into a new sector.


  • The atmospheric salvager scooper extension upgrade will now drain more or less power based on the units it's being extended to.


  • Updated the help topic about atmospheric salvaging to include information on the atmospheric salvaging program
  • A new atmospheric salvager upgrade has been added, High capacity Storage Containers.


  • It is now possible to ask for an atmospheric salvager rank record card replacement. Note that losing your current card will lose your whole progress to the next rank.


  • Flight Control Officers have been added in certain locations. These NPCs will now provide flight control messages concerning their sector as well as reporting enemy activity in long range scans. Incapacitating them will consequently interrupt flight control updates in the concerned sector.


  • Placing people on furniture now removes them from any group they may be in. No longer will you have to worry about dragging around unconscious dead weight. Like Victor.


  • Alcoholics no longer possess the rather unique ability of convincing starships to run multiple drives at the same time in a physics-defying, hull-rending show of strength.
  • When your legs are injured, you will no longer limp if you are riding a mount.
  • Splashing around in rivers (among other things) will no longer say that you're in a pool instead.


  • Simulated avatars can now use your character's custom socials, both of the regular and comm varieties.
  • You can no longer establish a commlink if the initiating ship or the target has begun undocking.


  • The applaud, golfclap, and slowclap socials now check for free hands in order to match the clap social.


  • Fixed a bug that caused droid remotes to be stuck in your inventory when trying to give them to droids with no free hands.


  • Added the BONUSES command to asteroid hauling station docking bays to see the number of bonuses remaining in a bonus cycle.


  • Updated the previously broken changelog/announcement Twitter auto-poster-thing(tm) to post to Mastodon instead of Twitter. (Thanks Elon!) Find Toastsoft on Mastodon at
  • Updated the developer changelog RSS feed to provide 50 entries instead of 25.


  • Battery storage rooms now allow you to check the starship CHARGE remaining without laboriously walking to the control or engineering rooms.


  • It is now possible to specify an argument when destroying objects launched by a ship, such as interdictors.


  • Fixed an issue where GATE would haunt drunk and / or brain-addled individuals with roundtime as the ship moves.


  • Fixed an issue with uncharted archaeology sites that could cause tracebacks instead of the production of sweet, sweet artifacts.


  • Pirates rejoice! Stunning someone will now prevent them from repairing a ship's hatch lock. Why this wasn't already the case we'll never know.


  • You can now view doors in a room's description. You can include doors in your look-options for the change to take effect. Biometric locks are also included.


  • The TAG command now detects contraband aboard ships that are docked within other ships. (This restores some balance to smuggling now that you can easily dock ships on the ground.)


  • You can now use ATSM or debris, shortened to deb, to view a list of directions to the debris pieces present in an atmospheric salvaging sector.


  • The battlecruiser test now checks to make sure someone has enough credits to retake the test instead of happily settling for whatever it can get.


  • You no longer have to remove the augmented scoop range before you can buy a greater one.
  • You can now use direction aliases such as "nw" or "se" when using the scoop command.


  • New atmospheric salvaging changes have been added. Refer to board post 99031 for more details.


  • Medical centers now remove all first aid treatments before healing injuries.


  • soundpack maintainers can now explicitly set a meta frequency channel users can refer to.


  • Added HELP INTRUDERS to condense some pieces of otherwise fragmented basic information.


  • Resolved some issues with the game getting confused when clipping a communicator to a belt and then trying to wear another. Also added a warning when removing a belt if your communicator is clipped to it.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom starmap symbol color for planets wouldn't apply properly.
  • Out of band soundpack social messages are now always sent to the player who performed the social, even if they have socials gagged. This way you will always see AND hear your own socials.
  • Caretakers are now able to load inventory into mineral marketplaces.
  • Droids should now properly stop following someone if they're deauthorized from the owners list.
  • The infant sequencing lab now lets you choose between a baby and older-than-baby. No more need to add it as an extra request. babies woo


  • You can now view information on different skills by providing a name as argument to the skills command.


  • The information about vacation mode in policy 6, help vacation mode, and vacation mode itself is now synchronized.


  • It's now possible to PLACE pets on furniture. As with babies, PULL them to remove them from the furniture.


  • It is now possible to transfer minerals out of mining factories.


  • Introducing the GOLFCLAP social. Victor held a gun to my head and made me write it. So if you don't like it, blame him.


  • Relocation requests can now be submitted for houses, except you will have to do so from the Interstellar Construction Agency's Public Office located on Aquatimis.


  • Added the SLOWCLAP social. For those times when your friends mess up so badly that you just have to show it.


  • The SHOW command now accepts two new arguments: First, 'all' or 'here' or 'room' will spam all players in the room with whatever you want to show people. Second, you can now use a list of names to show something to those people. (e.g. show pants to syndra, fred, grepthar) Friendly reminder that ITEM-O 3 exists to ignore things people show you.


  • Added two new stores from which to peddle sculptures. The usual rules apply. Nothing obscene, nothing riddled with typos or misspellings, no violence.
  • Parachute soldiers gotten from Christmas crackers now have a small chance of doing something new and possibly exciting. Thanks to Brian for the devious suggestion.


  • Added the BLUBBER social. You know, for all you crybabies out there.


  • Tradesman lab certificate requests now get returned to the lab when cancelling them with the @crequest command instead of seeming to disappear into the void.


  • If you USE a toilet, there is now a chance to clog up the works. Innovation!


  • Added the ability to TOSS things into toilets, FLUSH toilets and if the great random is in your favor, the toilet will clog, facilitating the need for a plunger. Plungers have also been added and can be purchased wherever fine toilets are sold. Only the most important changes around here, folks. We're changing the world, one porcelain throne at a time.
  • Starship bathrooms now come with toilet plungers.


  • Added the FLINCH social, as suggested by people who know who they are.
  • By popular demand, BLINK ME no longer causes players to flinch. You're welcome.


  • The Empanda robotics lab now knows all about programming robots to bake fortune cookies.


  • Message board options now show the current setting when available.


  • You may now transfer ownership of your lore computer to a person in your current location from the device's options.
  • A soundpack hook for weapon fires has been added. View help soundpack hooks for more information.
  • Internal stun turrets now take cover into account.


  • There is, at long last, a place to learn all about diving equipment! Simply locate your nearest diving gear store and talk to the possibly friendly sales clerk.


  • much like with plates, drink containers will now have their descriptions cleared when drinks are finished.


  • Updated the in-MOO spell checker to use the interactive spell checker found on ChatMUD. Added SPELL-O 10 (Use Invalid Input as a Manual Correction) and SPELL-O 11 if you hate everything and everyone. The interactive spell checker supports performing spell operations directly from the initial prompt, viewing a word within context, ignoring all instances of a word at once rather than choosing ignore on every single word, and more. Type "help" or "?" at a spell prompt for further details.


  • Soundpack hooks regarding atmospheric combat vehicles now properly show whether the vehicle is landed or in the atmosphere. Unlike atmosphere salvaging vehicles, the planet classification will not be shown.


  • Private station owners may now submit request to relocate the structure through their security center.


  • Purchasing starship avatars without first having RAVEN AI present will now fail.


  • You can no longer transfer ships to people if they don't have the necessary points to own the ship or buy any of the upgrades currently installed on it.


  • The soundpack hook responsible for socials will always return the full social name rather than possibly returning a partial one.


  • A new soundpack hook has been added to report the distance of the nearest ship while utilizing starmap shipcoords or (SMC) for short. Refer to help Soundpack Hooks for examples.


  • Changes to the starmap command have been added. Refer to board post 98703 for further details.


  • Moderators in a room using forum mode may now use @speaker-queue to view who wishes to speak.
  • Corrected an oversight that caused private structure observation rooms not to receive general sector communication. Whoops!


  • The VIEW / POINTS / MENU command in point centers now accepts a new argument: precise. This will display your point summary in all of its floating point glory.


  • Vehicles can now be painted in the same manner as starships. With... egg paint. Makes sense to me!


  • Asteroid mining cables, tubes and reactors can now be entitled.


  • Improved Bardenium refineries and enhanced excavation unit construction facilities are now available for purchase at Remote Outpost 3.
  • Produced mining equipment can now be sold in Upgrade Sales Facilities.


  • You may now entitle asteroid mining excavation units and asteroid mining storage towers.
  • The Vehicle Computer Interface now works with asteroid rovers as well.


  • Individuals that enjoy asteroid mining may now obtain chips to produce charge boosters 6 times more efficent than the standard at Outreach Mineral Processor.


  • Added a number of new deep space (out of comms) artifacts for discovery.


  • Addressed a few bugs that allowed babies to stay inside ships when main power was cut.


  • You can now have an asteroid mining warehouse in your private space station, moon, and planet. Read post 98562 for further details.


  • The WORTH command in starship stores now displays how many points and combat points the ship and its upgrades are worth.


  • When auctioning an item or property, entering a blank line as a minimum bid will now set the minimum bid to the default instead of causing a big, scary traceback.


  • Recharging a powered down ship via the recharge command when standing on a landing pad now powers it up.


  • When changing your gender on Syrgyria, you will now be warned if you can't change your name due to having done so less than six months before.


  • You can now LABEL oxygen tanks to give them exciting custom aliases and mildly snazzier descriptions.


  • The Pax real estate office now displays the owner of a private property. Sadly, due to the economy and all of that, they now charge a small fee for their services.


  • Added Armor Kit kiosks to all planetary mining facilities.


  • The LRSCAN command now accepts 'energy' (or 'ener') as an argument to only display energy signatures. This, of course, requires the existing energy scanning upgrade. Otherwise you just look, and surely feel, foolish.


  • Messages in history should now be properly filtered when viewed.


  • Freshly restored characters will now be moved to one of their owned ships if any were restored with them, rather than being placed on their capital planet's landing pad for the amusement of all.


  • Added @PENDING-DESCRIPTIONS (or @pending-d) to view, you know, pending descriptions.


  • Droids forcibly removed from private structure now go to their owner's alliance's capital planet's drone storage room rather than the random planet that nobody would ever think to go to look for them. Just so you know!
  • Private structure owners can now give loitering starships the boot from the convenience (or inconvenience) of the Aquatimis property office. See message board post 98258 for details.


  • Spaceport stun restrictions no longer apply if you have a valid smuggler ID scan somewhere in your inventory. Obviously you can only shoot the person identified by the scan.
  • Smuggler ID scans now plainly indicate whether or not they have expired when LOOKing at them. No more painful number crunching to figure it out.


  • Auctions with a deleted player as the high bidder will now fail and the item will be mailed to the owner.


  • The HEALTH command now shows when medical intervention is in play.
  • Added an upgrade for identifying artifacts with the SCAN command (assuming a research facility has encountered the artifact before).


  • Pax now offers private organization data access terminals (useful for accessing your organization menu from the comfort of your own organization meeting room). Additionally, knowing that you will no doubt be spending hours upon hours accessing those menus with all of your friends and family, it provides private organization restroom construction services.


  • Anomalies added to starship simulators now properly simulate sensor interference and other inconvenient effects. Existing simulators will need to remove and re-add any anomalies for this change to take effect.


  • Sick of asking a host to show you everything your baby can say? Introducing the BABYTALK command!


  • Added a new COLOR-OPTION for general sector communications.


  • You can, finally, buy furniture shipment crates for all your furniture shipment needs! Please note that once the crate is closed, opening it again results in its destruction, and the item inside being deposited into the room. Consult your nearest Lore computer to find out where to buy one.


  • Removing a ship's holographic avatar now removes the cost of a holographic avatar from the ship's worth.


  • It is now possible to use clothing <BabyName> to only inspect the clothing without looking at the whole description. Very innovative!


  • Updated HELP HOUSES because it was outdated. Just like the hosts.


  • Mirrors have gone back to school and no longer switch narratives when looked into.


  • When tracking sectors with the odometer, the ship will now stop once the number of sectors tracked has been reached, provided the ship has the GATE upgrade.


  • Sanitation drones can now go through out exits in houses so long as that exit doesn't lead to a room outside the house.


  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to fill an entire room with raven holograms by summoning and ejecting them from the comfort of a possibly warm shower.


  • Support for wandering messages has been added to the mount lab.
  • It's now possible to lead simulated mounts in the mount lab.


  • Support for lead, unlead, and unauthorized lead messages has been added to the mount lab.
  • GATE will now behave the same as autopilot in terms of wormhole prompts and autolanding when the destination is changed with the move command.


  • Scratch Pad input will now automatically be stored in export memory when set in the lore options.
  • Fixed a bug with auto pilot constantly resetting when gate is sent to a particular destination.


  • Rerolling with a tradesman communicator will now irradicate any pre-existing links to starship communication relays. Never wonder why random new players have gained access to the most secret of channels again!
  • Rerolling with a tradesman metafrequency communicator will now untune it from all frequencies.


  • Modifying the price of a certificate on the Tradesman Certificate Marketplace will no longer create tradesman certificates from thin air if certificates are purchased while you're in the process of confirming the price modification. Confused and overwhelmed? Me too.
  • The BEACON DISTANCE command now supports NIRP destinations for quickly referring to a set of saved galactic coordinates.


  • Private planets should no longer yield planetary survey scans.


  • The mount lab now supports the setting of custom ride messages.
  • Updated help Player-owned Space Stations, Moons, and Planets as well as the @SHOP verb to clearly indicate that setting up a store will cost 500,000,000 credits.


  • Mission-time tops lists are now in character. Thus, @mission-time has been disabled and you can view the leader boards in the respective mission assignment rooms.


  • It is now possible to build mounts through the use of a lab. Enjoy working at your awesome projects in the Mount Warehouse and Wholesale Club located at Empanda Station.
  • Medical facilities will now prevent the loss of precious cash if the person needing medical attention is already being healed or mounted.


  • Hangable picture frames now accept holographic imaging discs. I like to think they're a more primitive static projector, but you can think whatever you like!
  • In the spirit of making Christmas related changes after Christmas, Santa's Trees over at Narth Polus now has some fancy new tree options! No more colorless trees, hurray!


  • Christmas tree ornaments now save their tradesman item status when put on trees.


  • Failing a battlecruiser test will no longer require the filling out of a new battlecruiser application. The test can be retaken in two weeks for free or any time before that for a modest fee.


  • Your awesome contenders will now have interdictor launchers. Have an awesome combat day.


  • The baby, forcefield spacesuit, and gadget bot labs on Empanda now support the tags mentioned in board post 97853 in addition to the normal pronoun codes.


  • People in showers and tents can now hear people yelling outside.


  • Added the FINGERCROSS social. For those times you really hope something happens.


  • A new advanced combat mission has been added to Alliance High Guard Command. Be sure to read the mission briefing and have a ground crew ready before heading through the mission jumpgate.


  • Furniture created in architectural design simulators will no longer have the number of people able to sit on it repeated several times in the description.
  • Sanitation drones will now pick up rolling backpacks if left unattended on a ship for over an hour. If the bag is owned by the owner of the ship, the drone will ignore it. You can USE your sanitation drone to filter rolling bags if you don't want this behavior.


  • The Empanda Robotics lab now allows the creation of stationery robots. (Reports of oddities welcome!)
  • The Empanda Robotics lab now supports a number of shortcut commands to avoid going through the tedious main menu 3,000 times. Type SHORTCUT in the room to view the available commands.


  • The Empanda Robotics Lab now lets you specify the scent and taste of food, drink, and multislices.


  • Here by not-so-popular demand, we give you the BOO social.


  • Booting mounts no longer causes a traceback. Whoops!


  • Added INFO HALLOWEEN for sure to be delightful statistics on your yearly Halloween shenanigans.


  • Removed the menu of damaged components that would appear when you type REPAIR by itself in an engineering room.
  • Fixed a bug where Lore computers would purport to take a photograph of one thing and then, upon later inspection, reveal that it actually took a photo of something completely random. Note that existing photos are ruined forever, this only applies to new ones.
  • Removing clothing from someone's hand no longer rudely strips any clothing with the same layer they may be wearing and leaves it stuck in their inventory.


  • Pool lockers no longer shove pulse emitters up the noses of unfortunate players when retrieving their clothing.


  • Added a notification option to announce when the laser overdrive capacitors have been fully charged. Presuming, of course, that your ship has such an accoutrement.


  • Renaming funds should now properly update the fund lists of those who have access to them. Have fund!


  • Recoded stun armor power pack recharging stations to behave more like diving air compressor stations. Now they shouldn't get stuck when powering down a ship while they charge power packs.


  • Fixed a bug in stores that caused extra spaces to appear in some things when none was chosen as an option.
  • Asteroid mining drill bits no longer save their loose status when detached, since attaching them should also make sure they're nice and tight. Why they did in the first place we will never know.


  • Architectural design simulator avatars can now use the ALL-ROOM-MESSAGES command to spam themselves with every room message in the simulator.


  • Added LONK as an alternative to LOCK or AIM in order to help people who type one-handed.


  • Added the 'all' argument to the NOTES command for architectural design avatars to view all notes for the blueprint, regardless of room.
  • Added the DELNOTE command to architectural design avatars for deleting notes from within the simulation. Arguments can be partial text of a note, a note number as shown in the NOTES ALL command, or "all" to delete everything.


  • Added blockades, proximity weapons, and interdictors to the list of possible notifications given by the Galactic Map Unit upgrade.


  • It is now possible to remove things from sleeping people's possession if they trust you enough to do so while they are awake.


  • After many, many years, security centers now tell you how much money you get when arresting someone for smuggling illegal trading commodities.


  • Updated the text and examples of POLICY 3. Please review at your earliest convenience.


  • Putting an already blackened hotdog or marshmallow on a campfire will now tell you that said hotdog or marshmallow has already been roasted instead of trying to render it inedible.


  • Curious who trusts you enough to remove clothing and items from you? Now introducing the TRUSTED command. Enjoy!


  • You can now spray perfume in the room with the syntax: SPRAY HERE WITH <perfume>
  • Added the TRUST command. When trusted, another player can freely remove your clothing or items from your hands without asking. Use with care.


  • Added a CHECK verb to oxygen tanks for the lazy among us.


  • At long last, you can PLACE sleeping people into chairs. Strap their lifeless body in quickly or it's apt to fall right out!
  • The WALK command is now slightly smarter about hiding destinations that you can't actually walk to when there are 5 matches or less. This should greatly help with commands like 'WALK LAND' on planets with multiple landing sites.


  • Added a debris isolation compartment upgrade. Potential buyers may want to utilize the VIEW command in the store to read about the upgrade before gleefully installing it on every ship they own.


  • ITPN flights now allow you to buy tickets for those in your group. See message board post 97188 for a slighty wordier explanation.
  • You can now discard unwanted ITPN tickets with the DISCARD command wherever ITPN tickets are sold.


  • The DRAW command now accepts a weapon name as an argument. Standard matching disambiguation rules apply if multiple weapons of the same name are holstered. (e.g. draw 2.tur)


  • Added '@TRADING-PROFIT TOTAL' to show the top 10 players in terms of total lifetime trading profits.


  • Destination finders now include an asterisk next to sector names that are within FTL range of your ship. Assuming you're in a ship.
  • Added a PASSENGERS (or PASS for short) command to quickly and conveniently display a list of passengers on your ship, where they're going, and how long you have to take them there.


  • The SCAN ALL command now accepts an additional argument to filter the results by label. e.g. 'SCAN ALL DEBRIS' to only show debris.


  • Owners of rooms equipped with forum mode can now use '@SPEAKER BAN <person>' to prevent <person> from requesting the ability to speak. Repeating the command will reverse the ban.


  • Fixed a bug where unfilled oxygen tanks on air compressors would be invisible if the ship was powered down.
  • Quality of life improvements to trading: 1. If you only have one commodity to sell, it's automatically selected. 2. Hitting enter at the unit selection prompt will select the maximum number of units. 3. If you only have a single ship on the landing pad, it's automatically selected when buying or selling.
  • The BUY command in trading centers now accepts a commodity name as an argument. e.g. 'BUY TEA LEAVES'
  • Added @TRADING-PROFIT as a new tops list to track the most profitable trades.
  • ITPN stations now categorize private properties under a separate menu header from intrasector and galactic destinations.
  • ITPN stations now conceal private destinations that you don't have access to from appearing in the main menu.
  • Fixed a horrific error that would occur if you requested a list of categories from NIRP and had no other destinations added yet.


  • The POINTS command in starship stores now shows a 0-9 numeric rating for industry eligibility, similar to how industrial dispensation is displayed in upgrade stores. Additionally, fixed a bug where every ship after the freight carrier would show the industry warning despite not requiring it.
  • Fixed an issue with trading production where certain base commodities weren't regenerated in a timely manner.


  • Corrected some oversights in the infant genetic sequencing lab that could result in it thinking that you added actions and phrases when you hadn't.


  • Forget where you just came from? Yeah, me too. Introducing FLIGHTLOG (or FL or LOG or LOGS)! This handy command will show the last 20 or so places your ship happened to be and when it was there. From this point forward, since the data was unavailable prior to the implementation of the command.


  • Minor injuries will now gradually heal over time without medical intervention.
  • First aid kits are now available for assisting in the healing of some types of injury. They can be found in any standard supply store. Either USE <kit> to use it on yourself or USE <kit> ON <person> to use it on somebody else. You can CHECK <kit> to see how many supplies are remaining and purchase replacement supplies wherever first aid kits are sold.
  • All starships now come standard with an emergency first aid kit. To retrieve it, use the FIRSTAID command in a control room near you. To put it back, use the FIRSTAID command again.


  • Fixed a bug that existed between May 18 and May 20 that would allow anyone to dock with private space stations, regardless of flight control configuration.
  • Updated the builder host application with some new questions and deleted some less relevant content. Old applications that were filled out have not been retroactively updated, and will still be considered valid.


  • Private structure owners can now assign access groups to secondary landing sites from the horribly convoluted FLIGHT menu.


  • Back by popular demand, we proudly reintroduce. Wait for it. CROSSBOWS! They can be found at some place or other. Go forth and hunt!


  • Added BAWL social and communicator social.
  • The TRANSFER command will now prompt you for how many pieces of debris you want to transfer (if the condense option is enabled).


  • Starship simulator stores now sell highly reflective data discs to facilitate the transfer of settings from one device to another.


  • Owners of stations, moons, and planets can now change the clearance level of secondary landing pads from the Security Center. This option exists in the FLIGHT menu if you are an owner and the structure has one or more compatible secondary landing pads.


  • That one guy that retrieves tradesman items will no longer become stuck and confused after boarding ferries.


  • OOC, ROOC, and SOOC now support soundpack emote out-of-band messages when using a colon to emote.


  • Unwanted droids and drones can now be destroyed on Zander. Just look for the scary door at the back of the inventory return center and access the MENU.
  • When struck by a surge of energy from an anomaly, there is now a small chance that the ship's internal structure will be distorted for several minutes.


  • It should now be possible to dump archaeological artifacts from normal containers into archaeological artifact containers.


  • Changing the scent in a sauna while it's running will now change the scent of everyone inside it.


  • Cleaning a private structure now unregisters everyone from any mailboxes.


  • Darkened rooms may now receive slivers of light from adjacent rooms.
  • Added the COUNT SEATS on <furniture> command to quickly count how many people can sit or lie upon it. This may not work for sittable surfaces, such as tables or desks.


  • Added a LIGHTSWITCH command to indoor house and apartment rooms that lets you toggle the room's lighting at will.
  • The LIGHTSWITCH command (or LIGHTS for short) can now also toggle room lighting in ship staterooms.


  • Ship owners can now configure who is allowed to BOLT things on a ship-to-ship basis. You can choose between owner only, keyholder only, or everyone. You can find the setting in the PILOT-O command of the ship in question.
  • Removed armored spacesuits from Luna. There will likely be no takebacks this time.


  • Sorting NIRP destinations alphabetically should work once again. Please REPORT any oddities.


  • Due to unforseen circumstances and poor planning, nutri-paste is back! It can now be found in a store connected to the robotics lab on Empanda Station. The store also offers conversion of old food robots to the newer model, so no more assisting to get them converted.


  • Mounts will no longer half-dismount you if you have a single group member and he, she, or it gets left behind.
  • Nutri-paste has been removed from all supply stores. If you still have a food robot that uses it, please assist to have it converted to the new style bots.


  • It's no longer possible to add blank entries in journals and books.
  • Hapless travelers will now leave your ship upon landing if you take more than three days to rescue them and bring them home.


  • Fastidiously hand-written tradesman requests (options 1 and 2 in the REQUEST or @CREQUEST menus) will now be subject to the same naming limitations found in tradesman labs.


  • The MISSIONFIX command will now forcefully abort a pending mission if the target mission sector or companion jumpgate have been unceremoniously recycled.
  • NIRP points of interest can now be categorized from either the 'Add Destination' menu or from the menu presented when viewing an existing destination.


  • Passengers will no longer remain trapped in landed ships after the time to transport them has expired.


  • item-creating robots should now use better logic to determine whether or not they have enough supplies to produce certain items.


  • Added remote passenger transports. See HELP PASSENGER TRANSPORTS for more information.


  • Added an option to the event schedule to ignore notifications for specific events.


  • It's now possible to use the SIMULATE command if your simulated starship is docked inside another simulated starship.
  • Simulated ships docked inside simulated ships will now be destroyed when a simulator resets.
  • The INFO command in trading centers now supports partial matches instead of tricking you into thinking a commodity doesn't exist.
  • The Lore shopping guide will now display the price as 'Unavailable' if you're occupying a ship that a displayed upgrade can't be installed in.


  • In light of recent events, HELP TERRORISTS has been updated with a new contact if you find yourself flagged a terrorist.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed ameliorators to replace two or more solar panels at once if conditions were just right.
  • Updated POLICY 3 (Roleplay) with an example that discusses references to room names in character.


  • Fixed an oversight where certain actions performed by spacewalkers could be announced to every ship and structure in the sector.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in you being unable to buy a starship upgrade even if you met the license and combat point requirements, but simultaneously weren't eligible for industrial dispensation.
  • Removed industrial dispensation values from starship stores and point units and disabled the @TOP-INDUSTRY and INDUSTRY-GOAL commands, to bring the game further in line with what is described in the Industrial Dispensation help file.


  • Discharging a stun weapon now actually clears its ammunition along with ejecting the magazine. Whoops!


  • Praelor-lethal grenades now get transferred when dumping ammunition from one ammunition container into another.
  • LOOKing at an ammunition container will now show grenades inside it if there are no other types of ammunition stored.
  • Resolved a bug where the BEACON NEAREST command would refuse to accept any galactic coordinates that were negative.


  • Per the previous baby change, disabling main power will no longer rip unsuspecting children from the clutches of safe, oxygen-filled starships that are docked.


  • Jamming from Praelor Onatoznalk now effects the starmap.


  • Added INFO PROPERTIES to view private properties that you own.
  • Added a DISCHARGE command to stun guns. This will deplete the ammunition cartridge and cause it to vanish, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • Improved the baby-sensing capabilities of certain things (like mission jumpgates) to detect babies hidden away in docked starships, vehicles, or starships docked within other starships that happened to be docked in yet another starship Inception-style.


  • Fixed a bug where TR LINKS could, in very specific circumstances, incorrectly show players as out of locals.


  • Having more than one thing strapped to your back no longer makes you appear to have more than one back.


  • Fixed a bug where architectural design simulators would fail to remember that a room was a raw materials marketplace node when expanding a previously compressed blueprint. In other news, marketplace nodes will no longer be quietly merged with the current room's parent. Selling raw minerals from your pool is assuredly a bad idea.


  • Praelor drop pods should no longer slam into your ship if you happen to land right after they've been launched.


  • Droids no longer lovingly hug the air in response to being hugged.


  • Raven is now up-to-date on all active Praelor classes, minus the Urmunati.


  • Moved eye and lip makeup into the base description near their appropriate body parts. Minor rearranging of player descriptions is ongoing and it's unlikely every little change will be logged. Keep an eye out!
  • Jewelry and select other "miscellaneous" articles of clothing now appear above the normal clothing line in player descriptions and indicate, however vaguely, where they're being worn.


  • Vanities now support painting the keratinous plates at the tips of your feet.


  • Fixed an oversight that meant manual movements were overriding push pulses of all kinds, including Onatoznalk and anomalies.
  • Jump Hub Station now has a starship hangar.


  • Fixed an oversight in the laser overdrive capacitors upgrade that caused it to not turn an empty room into a laser capacitance chamber when installing. It can also now be removed.


  • It is now possible for a ship with charge transfer couplings to DOCK with a Praelor dampening device and TRANSFER charge to it.


  • Have you ever wanted to include all of your friends in a massive group hug? Well now you can! Simply separate their names with commas when you use the familiar HUG social. You might even catch a random whiff of a random person in the group!
  • Following up on the most recent very useful changes, you can now also WAVE and SMILE at groups of objects. Furthermore, commas are no longer needed to separate objects. Spaces will suffice!
  • Added Praelor dampening devices. Consult the good ol' HELP command and the Lore shopping guide for more details.
  • You can now LOOK <parent> IN <container> to only look for specific types of objects inside of containers. Currently supported parents are: clothes, drinks, food, letters, notes, and remotes. (Suggestions for useful parents welcome.)
  • You can now SEARCH <container> FOR <string> to look for objects in <container> that match to <string>.


  • The grabfriendandshrieklikegirls social now accepts multiple people, separated by commas, as an argument. (e.g. gfaslg fred, mitchell, merugle) Top-notch innovation.


  • Addressed an ancient bug that caused some objects from multislice containers to have incorrect determiner.


  • Bumped the maximum RAGELOCKOUT time to six weeks. It was a month prior to this change.
  • Praelor Natoznalk are now known as Praelor Onatoznalk, to better conform to the Praelor language.


  • Fuzzy creatures, like Praelor, can now be shot in spaceports.
  • Escape pods from NPC ships that carry no player characters will from now on be redirected to a host-only planet, in order to prevent immersion from being shattered when an empty escape pod arrives at a capital planet.


  • It's no longer possible to transport a ship to a garage while launching, resulting in the poor ship being stuck moving forever.
  • Praelor troops will no longer exit ships that are landed on asteroids.


  • There is now a significant chance that Praelor troops will enter unlocked ships if they stumble upon ships that have a broken or unlocked hatch. They can also exit ships if the ship is landed, although that chance is much smaller.


  • An anomaly may now push your ship off course if you are only one unit away from the anomaly when unusual activity is detected at its coordinates.
  • Added a soundpack hook to video feed messages from video cameras and entertainment centers. It is a replacement for the greater than sign that prepends video feed messages for those who don't use a registered soundpack. See HELP SOUNDPACK HOOKS for more details.
  • Tired of waiting for the next frame when watching a video? We hear you loud and clear! Entertainment centers now have an option that lets you specify a maximum number of seconds between each frame. You can set it (and other options) by typing CONFIG <entertainment center>.


  • Looking at a Lore computer will now indicate whether or not files, photos, or photo albums are waiting to be imported.


  • Escape pods can now be redirected to supercarrier class ships.


  • Service records for destroyed ships can now be printed up to six months after the ship's destruction. Some restrictions apply. See board post 38943 for details (replacing seven days with six months).


  • Empanda Station now has a lab for creating custom closets with compartments.
  • It should, probably, no longer be possible to pitch tents in showers.


  • Praelor troops are no longer able to scurry through locked biodoors.


  • It is now possible, for a modest fee, to transfer tuned frequencies on a metafrequency communicator to another.


  • Drones, being the unsophisticated dolts that they are, no longer recognize rocks as threats. (More advanced droids, however, still heroically help.) (Also rocks now smartly support the THROW verb. And pronouns.)


  • Drones and droids will now react to rocks being thrown at people.


  • Mounting a mount that has riders in your group will now remove said riders from your group instead of telling you that you need to disband.
  • Added a soundpack hook for flight control announcements. This should make it easier for soundpack makers to add sound support for custom flight control scanners.
  • The auction list (TR AUCTION LIST) is now sorted by expiry date.


  • Rebalanced the way collision damage is applied when hit by a push pulse or Praelor Natoznalk, as it pertains to one starship impacting another.


  • Because documentation is hard work and I didn't post this sooner, Christmas crackers now have the ability to be used properly. By which, I mean, you can either do it yourself, or ask a friend to participate with you.


  • The PACT and BACT commands will now respect spell-o 3 (Spellcheck Emotes).


  • Added more context-aware parsing to the ARMOR command. If the ship has no ablative armor and you are wearing at least one piece of armored clothing, the game will opt with checking your armor if you provide no arguments, instead of checking the ablative armor status for the ship. If the ship has ablative armor, you can still use the 'me' argument to bypass the ship's armor command as normal.


  • Hopefully fixed the chicken game in pools.
  • Added the who symbol for out of local space (^) to tr links.


  • Freistadt will now deaquify stun weapons for a hefty premium.
  • Hopefully fixed an oversight that caused architectural design simulators to set the worth of private structures higher than it normally would be. Consequently, all structures have had their base worth set to default since total worth is dynamic.


  • Santa's lumps of coal for naughty boys and girls should no longer be able to be dropped. Merry Christmas!


  • Updated the limited edition Christmas tree ornaments. Only the most important changes around here, folks.


  • Because people are naughty jerks, Santa will now kepe track of ships that manage to escape after firing upon his sleigh. Should he find them later, they will be punished most severely.
  • Added the ADD <destination finder> command to destination finders to add destinations to destination finders.


  • The BEACONS NEAREST command will now accept NIRP destination labels.


  • Added the SANTABOX command for ease of disconnecting your thousands of Santa boxes.
  • You can now change metafrequency frequencies without first having to untune and lose the existing label.
  • Added HELP CHRISTMAS to explain... stuff. Mostly pertaining to Christmas.
  • Updated HELP CHRISTMAS slightly.
  • Bardenium refineries are now only capable of refining Enhanced and Super-Refined bardenium. On the bright side, it now does so twice as fast.


  • Being drunk will now make you smell like alcohol.


  • Santa, having finished his YouTube tutorial series on rudimentary starship operating system hacking, is now giving away 2020 Santa Boxes. He hopes a little part of him will always be with your ship.
  • Santa's hardworking elves have learned some basic engineering skills. If your ship is damaged and Santa is feeling particular disdain for his eager helpers, he will deploy them to your hull to repair some component damage.


  • Candles (and more importantly, cakes with lit candles) are now considered valid light sources.


  • Added a few more goodies to Christmas crackers. As usual, please report any oddities.


  • Added a collection mission, of sorts, that you can do every three days in exchange for 3-4 artifacts (with a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting one or more fancy out of comms artifacts). Just look for the sad, harried looking woman on Acrylon and TALK to her to learn more. [Note that if it takes you longer than three days to complete the mission, you get nothing but shame and embarrassment.]
  • NPCs can now be detected with the NPCS command and/or by setting the 'Color NPC Names' COLOR-OPTION.


  • It should now be theoretically possible to store drink mixes in food storage rooms.


  • Children no longer wander off when following someone.
  • You can now type HELP SEARCH <keywords> to search for help files containing <keywords>.


  • Upgrade stores now support the VIEW command for viewing an oh-so-brief blurb about menu items.


  • Inanimate objects such as starships no longer smell a player's scent when they are hugged.


  • Updated HELP TERRORISTS slightly.
  • Fixed DEMOLISH-GO thinking avatars needed money. As an apology, you can now DEMOLISH-GO with no arguments to get a list of the go exits in the room instead of all of that ghastly name typing.


  • Made it so that @CREQUEST no longer works while not in local space.


  • The DIG-GO and DEMOLISH-GO commands are now available to non-avatars.


  • The RECHARGE command no longer causes ships to power up when main power is disabled.


  • It's no longer possible to exit a tent while sitting or lying down.


  • Fixed an oversight that allowed the slip and subwarp drive optimization upgrades to be installed more than once on certain ships.
  • Typing RECHARGE in a ship's control room no longer recharges the overdrive capacitors if the ship isn't simulated.


  • Boxes of pancake/waffle mix no longer rot in food storage rooms since they don't rot outside of them.
  • Spacesuit navigation computers now remember the last known galactic coordinates of the ship when you exit the airlock.
  • GMU notifications (e.g. a planet, an artifact, and a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater have been detected in the sector) now rely on having operational sensors. Otherwise you get nothing.


  • Aliens now have a small chance of depositing an artifact or two upon leaving a sector (assuming you didn't fire at them or offend them). What fun!


  • droids can no longer pick up food robots,vanities, or locked compartment closets unless the player issuing the command is the owner of that object.


  • The reverse room and area option once again works with locating ships.


  • Corrected an oversight in the Empanda robotics lab that caused cloned food robots not to inherit the ability to accept food or drink for resupplying.


  • Mounts now have their being led status cleared when the player they're following enters a ship's ducts.
  • Pets will now stop following when chasing after thrown toys.


  • Added the INVITE command to architectural design avatars, allowing them to invite people in the room to be visitors (not builders) in the simulation.


  • Added ITEM-OPTION 'Paginate Long Store Options Menus' to paginate long store options menus. It will allow you to paginate long store options menus by paginating long store options menus.
  • Added the PPD command to point centers, allowing you to view the number of points you've made in each category today. Or the last day you made points.


  • Valkyries will now face significant resistance (up to 30 ships) from the Ontanka when out of locals. Beware!


  • Escape pods now cause people to dismount properly.
  • Droids can no longer wear things that people shouldn't be able to wear.
  • Separated ears and shoulders into left and right ear and shoulder.


  • Added a LOCATE command to universal drone remotes for those of us who have trouble keeping track of what remotes go to what drones that share the same name. This only finds drones on your person and in your location.


  • Pets will no longer wander away if they're following someone.


  • The BEACONS command now lets you sort the list of beacons by x, y, or z coordinates using the BY argument. For example: beacons by x


  • Sleeping players no longer show up in rooc who.


  • Updated HELP BEACONS with information about how to sort the list of beacons by sector number, sector name, or distance.
  • Dishes will no longer automatically drop into closed trash cans when dropped.


  • Private organization administrators now have access to a log of actions taken by members of that organization. (e.g. changing settings, making keys, adding ships, etc.)
  • Boxes of waffle/pancake mix now recycle immediately when used up.


  • Updated HELP BUILDING COMMANDS with information about the LP and GARAGES commands.


  • Fixed a bug in grills that caused foods with spreads on them to have the bit about spreads duplicated in their names.


  • Landing on a planet that has atmospheric invasion may now result in serious damage or possibly even destruction of the ship. The damage will be relative to the amount of hostile entities in the atmosphere. A confirmation prompt will be displayed if you attempt to land on such a planet.


  • Fixed an exploit that made it possible to watch droids in local space from out of local space by inserting the droid remote into an entertainment center.
  • Structural weakness scanners for the advanced station mission are now able to account for the circular nature of the grids. For example, a weak point at 10 10 would be in the immediate area if the grid is 10 by 10 and you are scanning at 1 1.
  • Readaloud no longer allows you to read folded letters and notes.


  • Fixed an oversight that let donators use their garages to enter their apartments when their donator status was inactive.


  • Information gleaned by the @WHERE command will now be delayed for up to 15-30 minutes to curb potential abuse.
  • Resolved a bug that resulted in many ship classes sharing the same manufactured on date.


  • The OCCUPANTS command now lets you filter the output by category. See HELP Advanced Internal Sensors for more details.


  • Updated the first section of the DEFENSE handbook with some information about the importance of a secret AUTH code.


  • Added @TOP-PATRONS as a companion to @TOP-SALES for the sheer excitement and bliss of knowing what stores are the most popular vs most profitable.


  • The REPAIR command in Fighter Repair centers now supports matching of ship names. It also lets you choose a fighter that can be repaired by typing the command without arguments.


  • Made some minor changes to the advanced mission named Destroy a Praelor Troops' Training Facility, including randomly sized station and random number of explosives. Muzatini is now also a part of the mission.


  • Added NAVI-OPTIONS to starship control rooms. NAVI unit is required for this command to work.
  • Added a help file for the NAVI OPTIONS.


  • Added a print option to the menu for managing private organization member applications.


  • To offset the changes to damage dispersion, long-range lasers on the Valkyrie are now more powerful, and require less time to recharge.
  • Added a NIRP option to display destination names in long-range scans.
  • Added the ability to alter the coordinates of saved NIRP destinations from the points of interest menu.


  • A new courier company has opened on Alliance High Guard Command.
  • Updated HELP COURIERING to reflect the addition of a new company.
  • Added @TOP-SALES to rank the most profitable stores.


  • The HELP command now allows you to specify the name of a header with the syntax: HELP <topic> | <header>. This makes it easier to share specific snippets of a help file with people who would otherwise balk at a huge onslaught of text. e.g. help communicators | private


  • It is now technically possible to launch an ACV into any planet that has atmosphere. Beware that hitting the surface with bombs or detonators may result in the planet activating defense mechanisms similar to what happens when a starship fires at a planet. The exception is if the planet's atmosphere is already invaded by Praelor.
  • Added a REVERSE argument to the NAVI and GATE commands. Respective help files have been updated.


  • ODOMETER readout now also includes the current status of odometer tracking.


  • The GATE upgrade now allows you to use the MOVE command (or M for short) to move to a specific target in a sector without stopping NAVI / GATE first.
  • The WALK command now supports the MARK argument, similar to how the MAP command has always worked with the MARK command.
  • The Spatial Anomaly Scanner is now operational and available for purchase at a relatively reasonable price, at least in terms of credits.
  • Added Anomaly to starship notification options. This option will only appear if the ship has both Galactic Map Unit and Spatial Anomaly Scanner installed.


  • Added the GATE Unit upgrade.


  • It is now possible for NAVI to alter course without stopping the ship first by using the NAVI command.


  • A complete set of body armor should now (in theory) protect a dress or other types of full body clothing.
  • Improved the Starship Drive Engagement Matrix upgrade and updated its help file.
  • Added a tops list for radio transmissions, which you can access by typing @radios.


  • The DRONE command for launching combat drones now support arguments. Possible arguments include ALL, NONE, an item from the DRONE main menu, or anything that matches a valid target.
  • The LRL command (for auto-locking long-range laser) now lets you specify a target by providing the name as an argument.
  • Improved the Move feature of droid remotes. It now supports directional abbreviations such as nw, sw, e, s, n, etc.


  • It is now possible to follow somebody into space when they launch from the outer hull of a Praelor station.
  • Increased the storage capacity of the three-person antagonizer by 1500 units.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't send organization notifications to the primary owner of an organization if that notification is sent to admins only.


  • Fixed a bug in the fecho command that caused the filtered text to be repeated for the number of lines entered.
  • Fixed a rather nasty exploit that allowed players to enter any ship without a key. Big thanks goes to Devante McKenzie for finding and reporting it quickly.


  • Updated the help file about Planetary Mining.


  • The MAP and WALK commands now accept index-based matching, such as 1.stateroom, 2.corridor, and so on. You can also use just an integer followed by a dot to match with whichever room in your area that has that index.
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents in mining sites. Sorry, you should be enjoying nature, not trying to camp in a dangerous tunnel.


  • Pilot NPCS no longer respond to possible challenges from a ship that indicates that it wasn't issuing a challenge for up to an hour.


  • Added the @tunnel-rats tops list and added exterminated tunnel rats to achievements.
  • Another advanced mission has been added, named Destroy a Praelor troops' training facility. more information can be found in the advanced mission assignment room on High Guard Command.


  • 10 different types of mining sites have been added to planetary mining, each with its own reward and point requirement.
  • Added an unstability factor to planetary mining sites (starting at level gold). The greater the reward the greater the risk of rocks falling down and impacting your body in unpleasant ways. Armor is recommended for these levels.
  • Added tunnel rats of various shapes and sizes to planetary mining sites (starting at level cobalt). Higher levels have greater chance of spawning more vicious rats.
  • Mining drones now know that an area has been scanned when all minerals have been exhausted, and thus won't scan it again when activated.


  • The mission briefing for the sabotage mission has been updated with some hints about how special missions can be triggered.


  • Fixed a bug where channel history could be viewed, even if a player's communicator was turned off.


  • Armor now cuts the stun time received from a Praelor attack in half. There's also a chance of being thrown to the ground by the force of the attack as well, possibly causing normal injuries. Watch your team carefully!
  • It is now possible to read books, letters and other such printed things out loud. READALOUD <item>.


  • The new advanced mission (named Sabotaging a Praelor hive world) is now ready. The Special Mission Assignment room on High Guard Command is also operational now, and will automatically spring to life when it's needed.


  • Increased the charge of vanguards to 12 hours.


  • Added an option to the Navigational Information Retention Program (NIRP) that will allow you to sort all saved points of interest alphabetically.


  • Fixed a bug in the robotics lab that would count menu headers as items that go against the item limit when creating a new robot from a dump file.


  • Fixed various problems with advanced mission failsafes. They should actually work now, although there may still be issues that haven't been caught.
  • Ships owned by hosts no longer appear on the @mission-time list.


  • Added Offline Mode to LORE-OPTIONS. This option is only available when a TransLink card is installed, and it has the same effect as unloading the TransLink card.
  • Message board reader menus now support literal matching.
  • Corrected an oversight in HELP ATMOSPHERIC SALVAGING that misdirects intrepid would-be salvagers to go the wrong way to redock with the main ship.


  • Mission sectors are now considered out of local space. Not to be confused with out of comms range.


  • Added Red Alert Auto Initiation to PILOT-OPTIONS.


  • Owners of private planets can now use the PARENT command to create rivers, lakes, and oceans. Lakes and rivers are also permitted for private moons.


  • For soundpack developers, we've added room types to environment messages. HELP SOUNDPACK HOOKS has been updated to reflect this change.


  • Increased the chance of stun time chances on poor unsuspecting targets having rocks thrown at their heads.


  • Chalkboards purchased from Angelus and elsewhere should now be hangable.


  • Private organization admins can now configure the automatic posting of applications to an organization board category.


  • The nearby command no longer causes an error inside ships without airlocks.


  • The spacesuit command no longer shows other people as wearing your forcefield spacesuit as their spacesuit.


  • Tradesman items that are auctioned or transferred are now removed from the player's hand. Whoops!


  • Fixed a slight oversight in ship room theme modification that caused the aliases of a renamed room not to be updated to match the new name.


  • Seatbeltscan now be installed on sittable tables, if that's your thing.


  • Pool lockers now take shoes that change walk styles into account.


  • Removing shoes that change a person's walk style from someone will now restore their normal walk style.


  • added jumpgates to the inhabited planets, moons and space stations prompt when locking on to coordinates.


  • Fixed a logic error that wouldn't allow the claiming of docked ships if the player would be at the ship ownership limit after claiming.


  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to hide individual debris groups and instead display 'you see x pieces of debris here'.


  • The Orelor Znalkgana Outpost should now be fully tagged as within communications range to fall in line with the recent line adjustment.


  • Ordering large items from stores on private structures with multiple landing pads no longer breaks spectacularly. In fact, it shouldn't break at all!


  • Galagtic coordinates no longer appear on starmaps in simulators.


  • Fixed a bug that caused people to be both sitting and lying when lying in a sleeping bag while sitting on something else.


  • Added the @TOP-INDUSTRY tops list, to see top players in terms of points gained from industrial activities.


  • Fixed a bug that caused you to be able to spacewalk without a spacesuit thruster after using a pool locker to remove said thruster.


  • Tired of the responsibility of defending alliance space? Is the High Guard bullying you or your loved ones? You can now voluntarily surrender your battlecruiser license. Simply use the battlecruiser license shredder in the battlecruiser testing area.


  • Lag servers that have not sent latency metrics within the last 15 minutes will now be automatically suppressed from the @LAG MORE listing.


  • Diving equipment bags will now remove weight belts if you're wearing one.


  • The Lore scratch pad now aborts if you exit the editor without entering any text.


  • Added the @EVENTS command to see a current in character event schedule. See board post 94578 for more information.
  • Added an 'All' option to vehicle rearm and repair, which will automatically check for and load all available options into the specified atmospheric combat vehicle.
  • Typing MAP ITPN will now make an attempt to find any ITPN stations in your current vicinity, even if ITPN is not in the name of the room.


  • Fixed a bug that caused secondary owners of apartments to be selected for charging rent before the primary owner.


  • Fixed a bug that caused vacuum-safe containers to be unsalvageable.


  • Buoys are now available for purchase on Pax in Sector 15.


  • Added a Praelor Scanner upgrade for detecting Praelor troops on planets, moons, and stations. The upgrade can also detect the presence of Praelor lifesigns aboard regular starships.
  • Added moons and warning buoys to starship notification options.
  • Added Experimental Weapon Sales to High Guard Command in Sector 12.
  • Uncharted sectors designated as Praelor Space will now be properly labelled as Praelor Space on starmap displays. Travelling through uncharted space in these regions will increase the max number of spawned Praelor ships to 30.


  • Fixed a dynamic room pathfinding issue that could cause asteroid rovers to move to the wrong coordinates or the TRACE command on asteroid lines to give bogus directions.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to duplicate the contents of their archaeology storage containers endlessly. Anyone who abused said bug instead of reporting it is hereby cursed for life, simply because I say so.


  • You will no longer magically snatch planetary survey scans from the console in the control room if you happen to scan the planet from another room.


  • Finally fixed a very old bug in pool lockers that caused them to not deactivate forcefield spacesuits if they were clipped to belts, which caused players to believe that their forcefields were protecting them after putting their belts back on when they actually weren't. Thanks goes to Jaque Schnee for helping to track this down.


  • Pilot NPCs should no longer go after ships that aren't Praelor during an invasion.


  • You can now launch interdictors in simulated starships.
  • Removed the limitation that wouldn't let you launch proximity weapons if there were ships less than 6 units away.


  • It is now possible to pay to have droids removed from a private structure that is not a house. Sorry, house owners.


  • Deep fryers will no longer accept foods covered in spreads.


  • Fixed a bug that caused stun weapons not to lose shots when shooting someone with stun armor.


  • Added a TRANSFER command to washing machines to dump laundry into a nearby dryer.


  • Gunning NPCs should no longer fire on ships on combat missions or ships coming from combat missions.
  • HELP APPLICATION RESPONSE CODING has been updated to fall more in line with actual response codes.
  • Added another response code to application rejections.


  • Reverted the no food and drinks in containers change. It was more trouble than it was worth.


  • Added a cooldown for modifying the price of tradesman item certificates on the certificate market.
  • New characters (including rerolls) are now subject to having existed for 3 months instead of 30 days prior to selling tradesman item certificates. Also made the same restrictions apply to the @CGIVE command.


  • When restoring ships, authorization codes will be unset for the forgetful among us.


  • Due to false alarms and honest mistakes, the specialty starship scanner will now send a warning to the owner of a ship instead of fining them the very first time they're caught.


  • Updated POLICY 3 to reflect the stance on disabilities in roleplay.


  • The Jump Hub Station Starship Enhancement Center now, for a slightly increased but still modest fee, offers starship overhead lighting adjustments to fit all styles and budgets.


  • You can now uninstall diving modules from diving suits using their module names if you don't remember the name of the object.


  • You can now LRSCAN for points of interest by name if you have them saved in the Navigational Information Retention Program (NIRP) logbook and also have the long-range galactic coordinate scanner(tm).


  • It's no longer possible to dance with someone if they're not standing.


  • Fixed ship renaming so that a ship's last rename time won't interfere with the ability to rename support fighters.


  • Changed the RESEARCH command for artifact containers to display the names of everybody who will be a part of the split when asking if you want to split the reward.


  • It is no longer possible to put drinks or food items into containers that are not packages to send in the mail.


  • Added support for connecting via IPv6. You can explicitly connect with the host '' on the TLS port (1443) or standard port (1234). To check your connection was successful, you can use the 'INFO ACCOUNT' command.


  • Pilot NPCs can now be challenged to a fight via general sector communications. Simply transmit a warning of hostile intentions or demand surrender of all enemy ships.


  • Updated some of the industrial bounty code so it works properly with the freight carrier and bulk freighter. Also fixed some issues regarding the asteroid hauler.




  • You should now be able to import images to your Lore's photo album when you don't have any images in your album.


  • Fixed a bug where the starmap always claimed a sector was explored even when it was, in fact, not.


  • Created a new upgrade store on Amalthea in Sector 2 that sells Advanced Internal Sensors. A help file has also been added for this upgrade.


  • Picking up lockboxes no longer requires authorization.


  • Temporary hair dyeing has been added to Surgyria. The dye will override permanent hair color and last for about 30days.


  • The Starship Enhancement Center on Jump Hub Station now offers room renames by choosing from predefined lists of names.


  • Hit reports after combat missions will now include your average number of hits per minute.
  • Destination finders are now able to find flythru stations, such as Plump Paul's Partariryan Pizzeria.


  • Increased the accuracy of the COURSE command. Precision is still limited to whatever time it takes for the relativity drive to traverse one unit, which is 5 seconds for enhanced relativity drive and 7 seconds for standard relativity drive.
  • Corrected an oversight that caused medical drones and droids to be unable to heal in spaceports due to the stun jamming field.


  • The INVENTORY [item name] command now works with various 'compressed' containers (closets, wardrobes, ammunition containers, etc).


  • Fixed a bug where temporary OOC channel boots would be not so temporary after all.


  • Increased the refire time of proximity turrets from 10 to 20 seconds in order to give ships time to land or jump out after launching into a full blockade of turrets.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused proximity turrets to always hit with full damage instead of the damage being somewhat random.


  • The task that cleans up proximity weapons and blockades no longer cleans up simulated proximity weapons and blockades instantly.
  • Automated turrets no longer continue to fire at a ship when scan show that they're two units away.


  • Added a help file for whittling.


  • Updated Policy 6 to include information about the purging of private funds of deleted players.


  • Added a DOCKED command to starship control rooms that tells you if the ship is currently docked to another ship.
  • The SLOCATE command now accepts 'mine' as an additional argument to only show ships that you own. e.g. SLOCATE ALL MINE, SLOCATE HERE MINE, etc.


  • Updated the section of the couriering help file about destroying courier ships of rival companies.


  • When disowning tradesman items, you can now choose to remove them from the game permanently instead of allowing others to adopt them. Please understand that this means they will be recycled and you won't be refunded a certificate or donator time. Do this at your own risk.
  • The Empanda Station security checkpoint will now check for active donators that are following for you and allow them to pass as well, rather than disbanding the whole group.


  • Added a game-wide OOC channel. See the OOC Channel help file or board post 93252 for more information on its usage.


  • Your character's options will now be used when using the Flexible Editor as a simulated avatar.


  • Hopefully fixed it so that more than one ship can't be assigned to the same ACV mission.


  • When using SCAN / FOCUS / MOVE, you can now use a number followed by a period to refer to items in the menu. For example, "focus 1." will focus the first starship in the sector.


  • Corrected a years old oversight in asteroid mining that caused dull drill bits to have no effect on an excavation unit's speed. Now there's a reason to replace those dull drill bits before they become critically dull!


  • You can now request a list of available replacement components from your friendly neighborhood aliens. (Note that this list will depend on the specific damage to your ship. No damage? Empty list.)


  • Added a SIMULATE command inside starship simulators to access the main menu without exiting first.


  • Owners of houses, stations, moons, and planets can now use the REVIEWS command to peruse approvals and rejections related to room renames, room descriptions, and door requests. The command is available in security centers, or any house room in the case of houses.


  • Addressed an oversight that allowed people to dig exits inside lifts.


  • You can now remove carpeting from your ship's rooms on Jump Hub.


  • Friendly alien starships now accept certain gas giant and aquatic atmospheric debris types in payment for services rendered.
  • Increased the payout for aquatic atmospheric debris slightly.
  • Lowered the cost to purchase and upgrade aquatic salvagers. But sorry, no refunds on existing models.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed courier ships to be upgraded.


  • It's no longer possible to request tradesman certificates when controlling a simulated avatar. Sorry! Not really.


  • Staterooms now have a BATHROOM command that, similarly to the DUCT command, will transport you to magical lands of wonder and mystery.
  • You can no longer use a toilet while someone else is sitting on it.


  • The tradesman item retrieval NPC no longer grabs items that are currently being auctioned.


  • Moved the pet lounge on Empanda to directly south of the checkpoint, allowing players who lack donator status to still retrieve their pets.


  • Added ROOM-OPTION 16, allowing you to see a condensed list of droid names in the room rather than their full superfluous titles.


  • Odometer distance alerts will now obey your computer piping preferences.


  • The tradesman item retrieval NPC no longer allows you to request a retrieval while a retrieval is already in progress.


  • Updated the text on battlecruiser applications to refer to the Rolukssica base, rather than including sector 24 as well.


  • You can now enable GENERAL-OPTION 17 if you prefer that confirmation prompts repeat until you explicitly answer Yes (Y) or No (N).


  • Added information about cash discard to the cash help topic.


  • A drone remote is now provided when simulating a gadget bot design in the lab.


  • The WALK command is now compatible with escalators and ferries.


  • Owners of houses, stations, moons, and planets can now use the LP command in private garages to connect and disconnect landing pads if multiple landing pads are available.
  • Garage-option 3 has been modified to work better with access groups for garages. Now it enables you to simply ignore garages instead of removing yourself from authorization lists.


  • Owners of houses, stations, moons, and planets can now add access groups to their private garages.
  • Added a GARAGES command to landing pads. Owners of stations, moons, and planets can use this command to toggle the availability of garages for each landing pad.


  • Added access groups to the ASSIGN command for rooms in private structures.


  • Sittable objects (such as sofas and chairs) can now be sorted using the SORT command. You can also put almost anything in various positions on sittable objects now, including pets and babies.


  • Added a few more examples to Policy 3 regarding the treatment of rerolls.


  • Added an INDUSTRY-GOAL (IGOAL for the lazy or short of hand) command that will, much like the other point goal commands, give you a summary of what you must complete prior to achieving a certain industry point level.


  • The REQUEST and RETRIEVE commands on keyrings have been merged. Now you can use either one for public or private garages.
  • Fixed requesting ships from keyrings that were clipped to belts.


  • Fixed a slight oversight with bulk freighters that allowed them to dock ships with docking bay masses larger than the available docking bay capacity shown in status. No more docking bulk freighters in bulk freighters.


  • The gadget bot creation lab now asks if the gadget bot should be wearable or not when creating a new one.


  • September now offers three levels of temporary protection against salvage lifeforms to protect even the fanciest of clothing.


  • Atmospheric salvagers (and friends) now announce to the control room when another starship enters the sector with the mothership (assuming its sensors are intact).


  • The tradesman adoption menu is now sorted into categories to make it easier to find a specific type of item.
  • Fixed the @WHERE command to no longer work if you're trying to use it outside of communications range.


  • Fixed some bugs that caused debris effects not to go off, which caused bardenium not to explode and stopped fuzzy creature encounters entirely.


  • You can now unload unsellable trade commodities on Shadius. It's unlikely you will profit but you'll make more than expelling!


  • Added two new industrial-focused starships to parallel the progression of the combat-focused starships.


  • Fixed an issue where incorrectly configured trading centers would hoard goods instead of consuming them, creating a stale market.
  • Added COLOR-OPTIONs for ship destructions and 'this ship has been hit' messages.


  • Very important, pivotal new additions to Miriani: You can now thumbwrestle, armwrestle, and toewrestle.
  • Updated the welcome message that is shown to a player when they connect to the MOO for the first time.


  • Adding a door to a go exit will now attempt to match to the first go exit available on the other side if an out exit can't be found.


  • Metafrequency communicator labels now work again when you have roundtime.


  • Changing the parent of a room in a private structure no longer kills the PA in that room.


  • NIRP now supports partial matching for arguments. Destination name is also included in the output when an argument is provided.


  • Rewrote the BROADCAST command to be significantly less laggy. Please REPORT oddities!


  • the FIND command on mineral scanners should work once again.


  • Fixed an oversight where the Angelus landing pad wasn't considered a spaceport room as far as stun jamming technology was concerned.
  • Fixed an exploit with security drones where it was possible to stun people in stun jammed rooms by moving in a peculiar way.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that would result in archaeology sites not regenerating properly.
  • Fixed (we hope) a bug that would occasionally cause tracebacks when walking through archaeology rooms, particularly if you were really hoofing it.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in long-range broadcasts causing an endless slurry of tracebacks.


  • Planets and space stations will now show the status of hostile military occupation, if any, in their SCAN readouts.


  • Increased the chance of receiving alien radio transmissions while out of comms slightly.


  • Praelor Muzano will no longer spawn out of comms unless you're in a battlecruiser.
  • The amount of Praelor ships one can receive out of comms is now directly proportional to the distance from local space. For every 5,000 lightyears, one ship will be added to the base amount (either 1 or 2). This means that, if you were 25,000 lightyears from known space, you could receive up to 7 Praelor ships in a single sector if random number generation isn't on your side.
  • The chance of an out of comms artifact being generated will now increase the further from local space you go.


  • The specialty scanners no longer fine stunned people when they're in a ship they're not authorized to fly, since they can't exactly fly when stunned.


  • Added headlights to levitating transporters(tm).
  • FTL jumps will no longer throw you off winged mounts, like hoverboards, hover chairs, levitating transporters, etc.


  • Add a 24-hour style option to COMM-O 10.


  • Expelling drones on Zander now unsets their guarding status.


  • Fixed an embarrassing bug where players who had an OOC identity set could upvote their own message board posts.


  • Fixed a bug in the auction terminal that would generate an error when trying to auction off a property.


  • Fixed a bug where amorphous alien constructs might not leave your storage room when undocking.


  • Babies no longer act as if they're being stuffed into an escape pod when main power is turned off and the ship isn't in a hostile environment.


  • Food storage rooms can now store glasses and plates.


  • The base damage of proximity mines and turrets has been cut in half.


  • Fixed a years-old bug with the Flexible Editor where seemingly capricious lines would be mysteriously removed from the working text when performing a delete operation.


  • It should no longer be possible to dock a ship in the docking bay of another ship after the other ship has been destroyed, resulting in the first ship being recycled. Oops!


  • To prevent fraudulent claims, bounty claims now require the person submitting them to give the details of the claim. Liars will have their ability to submit bounties revoked.


  • Fixed a bug in ammunition transfer that could cause one ship to get stuck if it undocked mid-transfer.


  • Added the ability to save and restore different GAG-OPTION configurations.


  • Added the @RC alias to @REQUEST-CERT for ease of use. Or because I'm lazy. Your decision.
  • Fixed a bug where the HISTORY / CHISTORY command didn't work as expected with new metafrequency communicators.


  • Fixed a bug that caused objects to be unable to be unbolted from rooms on uncharted planets.


  • Metafrequency communicators now support multiple frequencies. See message board post 91491.


  • The ARMOR command is now slightly more intelligent about deciding whether you want to view ship armor or another player's armor.


  • You can no longer transport a ship to a garage while docking another ship.
  • It's no longer possible to cut power to the docking bay while docking or expelling another ship.
  • Cutting power to the docking bay door just before a ship launches from the docking bay will cause the launch to be aborted.
  • The salesman in the Lore store now knows about image data extractor expansion cards.


  • the ragequit command no longer bypasses the reroll cooldown.


  • You can now provide a numeric argument to the ODOMETER command, which will cause your ship to notify you once it has traversed that many sectors and how long it took. Using 0 will reset the counter.


  • using hardlinks without using the transmit command now properly makes use of custom communicator transmit messages.
  • You will now no longer see a Praelor NPC slipping from your grasp in the third person.


  • Good news! After many long and painful months, the Toastsoft MOO-Twitter bridge once again works. This was due to a missing file on an external server, not anything to do with the Twitter API changes.


  • Auction comm history no longer grows infinitely large.


  • The HISTORY command now works appropriately out of communication range.


  • Added text that is printed to the room when somebody uses the VEHICLES command in a starship control room or vehicle docking bay.


  • Pilot NPCs now understand the concepts of accidental and friendly fire and will no longer consider you a target unless you attack them persistently.
  • Typing status in an imported simulated ship with solar panels no longer causes a traceback.


  • Removed text printed to the room when people sniff/smell.


  • Atmospheric salvagers should no longer get stuck transferring if the ship is out of storage space in mid-transfer.


  • Added the AMINAUGHTY command to see if you are naughty or nice. This command is subject to removal.


  • The walk command should now work in simulators.


  • Increased the sale worth of salvagers to 50% instead of 15.


  • Pilot NPCs will now try to avoid proximity weapons when chasing people. The key word here is try. Have fun!
  • Pilot NPCs will now circle the place where their current target lands for a while if another enemy can't be found. No more launching and hoping to escape their wrath because they're some distance away.


  • Corrected a slight oversight that caused support fighters to be destroyed over and over again.


  • Pilot NPCs such as bounty hunters will now target ships if they are hit by proximity weapons launched by those ships. Be mindful of just leaving weapons around when NPCs are flying about.
  • Fixed a slight bug that would cause service records not to have valid bounties when they should.


  • Removed PA-CHECK/OOC-PA, and updated the warning displayed upon first using a ship or structure intercom.
  • Added a new ship/structure-wide OOC communication command, SOOC, and updated POLICY 3 with pertinent information. More details in board post 91202.


  • Updated the 'Treatment of Hosts' section and added a 'Treatment of Players' paragraph to POLICY 8 (Hosts). Announcement pending.
  • Added a few more examples to Policy 8 (Hosts).


  • Unknown starships no longer flee from Krenelia, and Krenelia no longer go after them.


  • Removed the purchase cooldown for battlecruiser-class starships.


  • Babies no longer get dragged to drone storage if they have an owner (uh, parent) in the room, awake, and idle for less than three hours.


  • You can now establish an OOC identity to use on the OOC message boards. To do so, either try to post on the OOC board (you will receive a one-time prompt) or access your message board options and choose 'Set OOC Identity'.
  • It's no longer possible to launch a ship while an escape pod sequence is in progress.


  • Fixed a bug where disabling ANSI would just laugh and do nothing at all.


  • Added a check to private structures to only permit the primary owner to submit stores. Sorry about that.


  • Mineral scanners can now share everything they know with other mineral scanners using the TRANSFER command.


  • Auction history has been split from private communication history. You can now find a new 'Auction Service' menu item in the HISTORY (or CHI for some reason) command, or use 'HISTORY AUCTION' to display auction history going forward.


  • Priests galaxy-wide have been re-ordained and can once again perform wedding ceremonies. Also Elvis.


  • Added per-component ablative armor. Engineers may find the ARMOR command useful after purchase.


  • Fixed a bug where the UNCLIP command didn't respect matching aliases.
  • Video probes in uncharted sectors will now persist for up to one month after launch.
  • Lowered the chances of a mining excavator suffering a catastrophic engine failure.


  • The tradesmanfix command will now retrieve donator items in the Empanda Daycare Center and Pet Lounge if you don't have donator status to go get them yourself.


  • It's no longer possible to hold host characters and drag them around if they have the proper group options set. The Skeleton on Deneii, for example.


  • Fixed a bug introduced with the implementation of directional scanning that wouldn't allow objects starting with certain letters to be scanned by name if a ship had advanced sensors.
  • Fixed some bugs in the hatch lifeform discriminator.


  • Blocking a Lore ID in device options now stops unauthorized tracking alerts from that ID. Like file transfers, the tracker won't be given any indication that they've been blocked.


  • Priests should hopefully no longer traceback when marrying people.


  • At long last, ship observation rooms will: Spam you with sector announcements, have a built-in starmap viewer, and allow you to use the SCAN command. If your ship isn't doing these things, please REPORT it!


  • Added a 'Retired' status to the @STAFF command and include old hosts that continue to be recognized as contributors to Miriani but are no longer involved in the project.


  • Fixed a bug where expanded drones could not be included in custom poses.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to remove an oxygen tank that you weren't wearing would cause your current oxygen tank to become displaced, resulting in copious amounts of stun time if you were underwater.


  • Minor updates to the privacy policy: wording and formatting changes, mention TLS/SSL connections, mention e-mail being used to send purge notices and how to opt-out, and mention changes being posted to the changelog. Like this one.


  • Probationally added the @WHERE command to raise awareness of the bestish spots to go to engage in quality improvisational roleplay. See HELP @WHERE for what are bound to be plentiful and exciting details.


  • Added the @HOSTS (or @STAFF) command, which displays the current host team, along with small blurbs and statistics about each.


  • Updated HELP HOUSE again with more disallowed locations.
  • Updated HELP LIFTS to reflect that lifts are no longer requestable via tradesman request and where to obtain them.


  • Pool lockers will no longer rip activated forcefield spacesuits or vacuum-hardened apparel from your soon to be lifeless corpse if you use them in a hostile environment.
  • Solar panels and laser reflectors will no longer say that they're functional in a starship STATUS report if they've been destroyed.


  • Blueprint touring avatars can now unlock doors in simulated structures.


  • HELP HOUSE has been updated with a couple new locations that are not accepting properties.


  • Solar panels and laser reflectors will no longer appear under the DAMAGE TURRETS command, and will properly be categorized under DAMAGE OTHER.
  • Fixed a bug where solar panels would engage but never get around to the charging process.


  • Fixed an oversight discovered in the midst of code cleanup where automatically locking long-range lasers would not trigger subsequent laser reflections if objects were nearby.
  • Laser reflectors and solar panels can now be damaged.


  • Fixed a bug with the Decker Trisolar Catapult Array that could, if you were crafty enough, allow you to transit to top secret host sectors.


  • Babies should no longer wander away while being fed like rude little jerks.


  • Added a potential fix for NAVI randomly getting interrupted for no good reason. Please REPORT oddities!


  • Babies requested through the genetics lab can now be added to existing pregnancies.


  • Added the FILTER-OPTIONS command to toggle between full and basic filtration for communicators, metafrequencies, says, and intercoms.
  • TR FILTERS now works while out of comms.
  • Metafrequency channel 500.0 (the unofficial OOC channel) is now subject to your filter options for metafrequencies, rather than automatically falling back to basic filtration regardless.
  • Point units now show inter-organization cooperation points.


  • Enhanced sensor arrays can now scan via vectors to examine what exactly is adjacent to the ship in <direction>. For example, to see what's directly north, you can type SCAN 8, or to see what's down and south, SCAN -2.


  • Testing something with changelogs. Ignore it.
  • Made it so that unbolting a running sink is no longer possible.


  • Added a refresh option to message board message listings (to show new posts) and to individuals threads (to show a potentially missing 'next in thread' option).
  • The prompt to overwrite or append to a Lore file when editing it will no longer appear if you use the flexible editor.


  • Fixed a massive oversight with the catapult in sector 32 to no longer allow ships to leave the sector if interdiction is present.
  • Specialty starship scanners now count anyone in outbound atmospheric salvagers as occupants since they have access to the ship.


  • Sensor profilers should no longer overwrite a ship's galactic destination database when told not to.


  • Bounties can now be filed against ships that destroy freighters with outbound atmospheric salvagers. Please note that this is for freighters only, so you're out of luck if you're atmospheric salvaging in anything else but a freighter.


  • Yelling in a tent will now be audible to anyone outside the tent.
  • Laser reflectors have received a slight change. See board post 90126 for details.


  • Modified the wording of the COURSE command to be more in line with the reality of the situation of nonsensical Miriani space travel.


  • Female players who request babies via the genetic sequencing lab will now have the option of having the baby delivered via pregnancy if they're not already pregnant. This will place the item in a storage area until the pregnancy ends, at which time the baby will be placed in their current location.


  • Added a privacy help file. (Really, it's a mirror of the privacy policy on the website, but SHHH.)


  • The @ISITWORTHIT command will once again properly reflect the items that are included in your worth total.


  • Attempting to place someone on furniture that isn't bolted will now tell you what needs to be bolted instead of simply "that."
  • Fixed an oversight that caused people to walk normally when exiting airlocks with injured legs instead of limping.
  • You can no longer enter vehicles such as atmospheric salvagers if you are not standing up.
  • It's now possible to look at blast doors that occupy 'up' exits.
  • You can now LOOK BLAST DOOR (or LOOK BLAST, if you prefer) to peruse a fine menu of available blast doors for the lookin'.
  • The /pass command should work once again when editing text in the flexible editor.


  • Posts on the OOC message boards will now display the real life year instead of game year.


  • Modified the disclaimer when transmitting to the newbie channel.


  • Scanning a ship will now show how many outbound atmospheric salvagers and atmospheric combat vehicles it has.


  • In theory, fixed an oversight with emoting children that allowed them to perform their emote even if they've wandered elsewhere.


  • POLICY 2 has been updated. Please read it at your earliest convenience.


  • Fixed a bug where an orgless person trying to file a bounty against another orgless person would report that those two people are in the same private organization and the claim would fail. Hogwash!


  • Fixed a bug where AI ships (simulated or otherwise) could mistakenly appear in your INFO list and/or affect your net worth.


  • Fixed a logic error that caused players flagged as terrorists and their ships to be unable to land on private structures.


  • Fixed a bug that would misleadingly show players that were banned from purchasing a battlecruiser as having a battlecruiser license.


  • A section on server restarts has been added to POLICY 9: Server, along with complementary examples.
  • Made @worth snappy.


  • Private structure STATUS reports have gotten a facelift. Sorry houses, no makeover for you.
  • The housecleaner maid service should now ignore security cameras. For real this time, guys. Really. Believe me.
  • Fixed some of the apartment complexses on Venus. They will no longer say they are full when they have no apartments.


  • The FREEPOINTS command no longer works while the starship is unpowered.


  • The GROUP-POSE (GPOSE) command now allows you to change the order of pose groups in the room.


  • Zander can now detail drones inside your ships for a modest convenience fee. Also, to make it less annoying, detailing now takes place in an infinite menu so you can slightly more easily detail billions of drones at once.


  • Custom objects in simulators can now be given sure to be exciting and definitely appropriate names.


  • Throwable rocks now give the target and player random stun time instead of a flat three seconds for the target and one for the player.


  • The AUTHORIZE command in salvager bays now provides a more helpful message when a vehicle computer interface upgrade is not present.


  • Added a COMM-OPTION allowing you to prefix droid camera feeds with the remote title instead of the room name.


  • added a new example to the cheating policy regarding allowing people to use ships they don't have the points for.


  • You should now be able to unbolt things you own and bolted down in rooms you don't own.
  • Removed communicator ignoring.
  • The control room can once again use the PA even when it's disabled ship-wide.


  • Private organization meeting rooms can no longer sneakily be revealed by using the MAP Command to match to multiple targets on Pax.
  • Fixed hyperlinks on the 'Policy', 'Help', and 'Help2' pages on the webserver to point to the subdomain instead of, which is now defunct.


  • Hits attained with pulse weapons no longer count towards your cumulative enemy kill bounty.
  • Rejiggered login to make it so traditional client auto-login (CONNECT <username> <password>) will now accept passwords with underscores.


  • You will no longer awkwardly receive a spell check prompt when courier receptionists transmit if you have spell checking enabled.
  • It's no longer possible to sort items in shopping bags.


  • Added 24-bit color selection to ANSI-OPTIONS. Enable it with ANSI-O 2 and afterward, when you change a color option, 'RGB Value' will be an option in the color list. Client support is required. Rainbow should not be ingested.


  • Hitting enter without providing an option at the 'Multiple landing sites' prompt when landing on Angelus will now default to the primary landing pad.


  • Tradesman design labs now require that an item is simulated before it can be submitted for approval. Changing an item in any way will unset its simulated status.


  • Fixed a 118 year old bug where being intoxicated would allow you to fire starship weapons twice in quick succession under very specific circumstances.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused unfinished tradesman items created in the tradesman labs to be recycled soon after being simulated.


  • Updated the code that handles the distinction of whether a sector allows firing or not. It is much more dynamic now, which should cut down on situations where hosts need to directly involve themselves to allow firing. Sectors with active enemies will always allow firing and, once all enemies have been dispatched, you will no longer be able to fire. A distinction is also made between weapons and video probes now; sectors that allow you to fire weapons simply because of enemies being present will no longer permit you to circumvent existing restrictions to launch video probes. (This change only really applies to the Central Jumpgate Hub, but I felt like being wordy.)


  • Planetary discoveries are now properly added to your achievements sheet. Consequently, @TOP-SURVEYED will now display slightly more useful data.


  • You can no longer access the TransLink network if you are aboard a cloaked ship. Similarly, people outside of the cloaked ship can no longer track people who are aboard a cloaked ship.
  • Fixed a bug where empty strollers being present wouldn't allow you to cycle an airlock.


  • It should no longer be possible to dump containers into earrings and communicators.


  • Removing doors from out and go exits will no longer cause horrific errors and leave the door in the next room intact.
  • Removed the dig out restriction from private stations.
  • Adding exits to existing rooms in a blueprint no longer adds the worth of those exits to the worth of the room. All rooms with a worth of over 10000000.0 credits have been set to 10000000.0 credits. Digging exits to an existing room still costs 5000000.0 credits if done outside of a blueprint.


  • Corrected the message you get when trying to request structural damage repairs from an unknown starship when you have no structural damage to repair.


  • The baby lab on Empanda Station will now ask you for a first name and append your surname when creating a baby or changing its appearance.


  • @TOP-POSTS and @TOP-IDEAS now show the post reference beside the title.


  • Announcements will now be syndicated to the Toastsoft Twitter feed via the @toastsoft Twitter account.


  • Fixed a logic error that made it impossible for private planet blueprints to be expanded.


  • Made a few back end changes to battlecruiser/eviscerator licenses.
  • Fixed a logic error where custom items in blueprints would be destroyed irrevocably if the blueprint compression task ran while you were carrying the simulator (either in your hands or otherwise). Thanks goes to Mitchell for tracking this down.


  • The secho command can now be used with roundtime and stun time.
  • Corrected an oversight that caused ships to complete a self-destruct after being destroyed by other means if conditions were right.


  • Added a spell check option for newbie channel messages.
  • You can now SORT the contents of closets.


  • Added 'Paranoid Reply Mode' (COMM-O 21), which will give you a confirmation prompt if using the REPLY command up to 3 seconds after someone has sent you a private transmission.


  • Passengers will no longer request to go to aquatic planets.


  • Giving a pulsed droid its remote no longer disables remote mode.


  • Fixed a bug that caused archaeology site rooms to be flagged as indoors.


  • The task that lands empty newbie ships will now ignore newbie ships with outbound atmospheric salvagers.


  • Vanity mirror things will now display how your hair will appear prior to going through with the styling.
  • Metafrequency communicators will now apply default filters prior to parsing for socials, instead of after. This means that sending something like "LOL" or "Laughs" will now translate properly into its social equivalent. (Except on channel 500.0.)


  • It's sadly no longer possible to WALK WANDER with leg injuries and accumulate infinite roundtime.


  • Coffee and tea discs can now be unloaded from coffee makers.


  • Food storage rooms can now store pancake/waffle mix.


  • Fixed a bug with the WALK command that would cause players following you to never see full room descriptions as you moved.
  • You can no longer HAUL asteroids while an escape sequence is in progress.
  • Point units now remember the last value they saw when you USE them and will display that to you outside of communications range.


  • Added refrigerated shipping boxs for all your food shipping needs.


  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to remain powered on green status if a weapons room's weapons were damaged beyond repair.


  • The newbie channel no longer shows you as a hologram if you use it while in a simulator.
  • Added a few more complexions to the master list. Because it's 2018 and time to be PC.


  • Tattoos have been completely redesigned from the ground up. See message board post 89064 for more information.


  • Fixed an oversight that would move the pilot of a destroyed salvager to the mothership's storage room, even if the mothership had since left the sector.


  • Updated the 'Frequently Rejected Suggestions and Ideas' help file with an entry for external camera upgrades.


  • Restoring a character now gives that character a keyring, communicator, and message board reader if they don't already have one.
  • Ships that are restored along with a character now have the key placed on their keyring.
  • Accounts that have been locked out are no longer eligible to activate vacation mode until the lockout duration expires.


  • Fixed a bug where loading ten packs of pulse emitter clips would not stack correctly in ammunition storage containers, creating a very spammy list.
  • The private property PA has been rewritten as a room module. As such, it should now work in all room types. Please REPORT any odd behavior or room types I forgot to add the module to!
  • The house cleaning service no longer stuffs ships in packing crates.


  • Added face shape modification to Surgyria.


  • Character descriptions will now show an approximate age range instead of their precise age.
  • Added a face shape option to character generation. If you've already set your character's appearance, use the NEWAPPEARANCE command to set this.
  • The Toastsoft Twitter auto-poster(tm) now supports 280 characters. Better late than never!


  • A new maid service has been added to the private property transferral office. See message board post 88846 for details.


  • The exit airlock on Tusckilium now actually checks to see if you and everyone in your group is wearing a spacesuit.
  • Asteroid haulers can now haul in not one, not two, but THREE dimensions simultaneously.


  • Fixed an issue where buying from raw materials marketplaces could produce a traceback after a tremendously successful sale.
  • Fixed an issue where objects would lose their room pose when you tried to SORT them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the BROADCAST command to fail spectacularly.
  • Room poses applied to objects hanging on the wall now display properly in the room description.


  • Added a MATCH-OPTION to disable multislice content matching.
  • You now get the full profits from a raw materials marketplace instead of them applying to your tithes and autodeposits.
  • The LIST command in raw materials marketplaces now works again.
  • Added proper sales history to raw materials marketplaces.
  • The BUY command in raw materials marketplaces now accepts a search term instead of all numeric input.


  • A few new ornaments have been added to Santa's Trees. See if you can spot which they are!


  • The text of POLICY 2 has been updated to explicitly include doxing as an out of character threat. If you're unfamiliar with the term, please review POLICY 2 for a definition.


  • You should actually be able to send letters to Santa now. Sorry about the trouble!
  • Fixed a bug where the landing pad for a simulated private structure would become improperly set when it was compressed.


  • Fixed a bug where followers might not follow you if you're following another player.
  • You can now refer to baby feeders (bottles, spoons, etc) and multislices (pizzas, cakes, paper wrapped pork chops, etc) by the kind of food or drink they contain. For example: 'get pork' instead of 'get wrapper' or 'get peas' instead of 'get spoon'. Dreams really DO come true! Also if this is annoying, please REPORT and I can make it optional.


  • Asteroid surface rooms will now always be flagged as outdoors.


  • Modified how matching works in the MAP and WALK commands to return better results when multiple potential matches are found.


  • The WALK command for setting your walk style has been renamed to WALK-STYLE.
  • Added a WALK <destination> command to walk to a mappable location. See message board post 88590 in OOC / Announcements for more details.


  • Added a Distance Format' option to the Navigational Information Retention Program that will toggle between showing distances in sectors or lightyears.


  • Removed the roundtime that happens if you try to enter a ship too quickly after exiting another one.
  • Assists can now be voluntarily paused by typing ASSIST PAUSE. Similarly, ASSIST RESUME will put you back at the end of the queue.


  • Fixed a bug where ROOM-OPTIONS 22 (Display Outdoors Status in Room Title) would occasionally report incorrect information.
  • Uncharted planet rooms will now always be flagged as outdoors.
  • Fixed a bug where spaceport weapon jamming would mysteriously stop droids from firing in starships that were in the vicinity of the spaceport.
  • Spaceport weapon jamming no longer stops droids or drones from firing healing shots.
  • You can no longer finish making or duplicating starship keys if you are moved away from the starship store or stunned.
  • Increased the charge of fighters to 9 hours and runabouts to 12 hours.
  • Lore computers will now notify you that there's no one in the room to show images to instead of angrily spitting out a horrific error.


  • Fixed a bug where one-time walkstyles would refuse to work when attempting to move into an airlock from the ship if the connecting room wasn't a control room. (I.e. battlecruisers, expeditioners, and others).


  • Fixed more ammunition storage container bugs: Loading pulse energy packs now stacks correctly, unloading and reloading different shots goes to the appropriate stack now, the DUMP command is now aware of stacking, and only one person can unload a container at a time now.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to remove a spacesuit thruster in space would fail with an error message but still leave you unable to move in space.
  • Potentially fixed NAVI being interrupted for seemingly no good reason. Please continue to REPORT if that's a lie!
  • Added a soundpack hook for emotes with stripped quoted substrings. See board post 88355 and HELP SOUNDPACK HOOKS if you're an interested developer.


  • Fixed a bug in ammunition storage containers that allowed you to reset the shot count of nearly depleted ammunition. Similarly, UNLOAD <container> now shows the shot count and how many are loaded in the container.


  • Added SAY history under the HISTORY command. This will show the last 10 says your character has heard, and will be cleared on disconnection.
  • Added a few more rooms to Desolo to facilitate the erection of housing.


  • Filling a drink container that isn't disposable should no longer make the container disposable when the drink is emptied. If you find cases in which this still occurs, REPORT it so it can be fixed.


  • Changing a room to a food storage room in an architectural design simulator no longer ttries to charge your building avatar.
  • Architectural design simulators should now properly take food storage rooms into account when calculating the worth of a blueprint.
  • Pausing a starship simulator should now pause any non-AI starship movement.
  • Fixed a calculation error that would result in changelog entries longer than a certain length not being posted to Twitter. Now they truncate properly!


  • Checking to see when you can request a donator item will now inform you if your donator status will expire before you can request your next donator item.


  • Added a 'Last updated' field to @SOUNDPACKS. Currently, this value is set to the date your soundpack was first created with @REGISTER-SOUNDPACK. For soundpack maintainers, altering the version of your soundpack will automatically update this.
  • Updated soundpack environment hooks to display whether a room is indoors or outdoors. The HELP file for soundpack hooks has subsequently been changed to detail this.


  • You can no longer access MOO-generated content on the web (web boards, channel history, etc) if your account has been locked out.
  • Updated the RAGELOCKOUT warning to include not being able to access features of the website that require an account.
  • Renaming centers should now allow you to rename back to a previous name ,as long as it isn't the name of a previous character.


  • Added GROUP-OPTIONS to control who can HOLD or JOIN you.
  • Added ROOM-O 22 to show whether a room is inside or outdoors in the title.
  • Abolished stunning in populated spaceports. See board post 88340 for more information.
  • Added the @OUTSIDE command to see if your current room is indoors or outside.


  • Fixed some bugs related to setting room passwords via a private structure security center.
  • Fixed it so people assigned to rooms in private structures can unhang and unbolt things. Woops!


  • To prevent confusion, added a check on the CASH command to see if you're an avatar. Get it? Check? Cash? Aren't we just the cleverest?


  • The wavewarp drive will now be used by the FTL command when accessing the jumpgate network for travel.


  • Fans no longer throw phantom messages at players who are no longer in a room with them when being turned on and off.
  • Updated HELP DONATING to reflect the times. We're going to join 2017 eventually. We promise.


  • The Tethys decontamination chamber no longer teleports you from two or more rooms away should you move before it allows you to enter.


  • Reinstated in-MOO Twitter support. Game changes and other important information will once again be posted to our Twitter, which is viewable at


  • Removed an unnecessary comma from stun weapon unloading. Sorry, all you soundpack users out there.


  • You can now set a NOTIFICATION for when the starship arrives at the border of local space (50 LY).


  • For all you fancy Michael Buble wannabes out there, you can now CROON. Thank us later.


  • The time it takes for tradesman items to appear on the Empanda adoption menu has been changed from one hour to six months.


  • You can now specify a menu number or option name to the MENU command in the Pax Private Organization Center. (e.g. MENU TITHE or MENU 20)


  • The auction terminal now asks you to confirm the information you enter before starting an auction.


  • Fixed a bug where trading centers would allow you to purchase more than their supply.
  • Buying things with no supply in trading centers now fails outright instead of trying to buy 0 units.
  • Added appropriate supply and demand to produce relativity drives in trading centers.
  • Similarly, droid components also have what they need to be constructed.
  • Grouped room poses now support object matching (similar in syntax to normal room poses). Couple of caveats in board post 88151.
  • Fixed a bug where ferries would sometimes get stuck forever.


  • Simulated avatars now inherit the walk style of the controlling player.
  • You can no longer pitch tents in salvager cockpits.
  • It's also no longer possible to tackle or pounce objects in salvager cockpits.


  • Fixed a bug where destroyed ships wouldn't produce a debris cloud if destroyed by a Praelor ship.
  • Droids, drones, tradesman items ,and other important things should no longer be recycled and spit out when a ship with a lot of objects it in is destroyed.


  • You can now get information about a soundpack by supplying an argument to the @soundpacks command. For example, @soundpacks 1 will pull up the information about the Not Real soundpack.
  • To one up Mitchell, @soundpacks now also accepts a string argument to search names.
  • Added the ability to ignore blank lines with GENERAL-OPTION 16. Test it with our theme of the day, @soundpacks!
  • Nanny bots now have the ability to care for babies in cribs and strollers.
  • It's now possible to add babies in cribs and strollers to nanny bots.


  • Added a pronoun practice option to the forcefield lab on Empanda, which can be found in the options for changing forcefield messages. This allows players to practice using the various pronoun codes that can be used in forcefield messages without having to go through the process of changing them on their forcefields.


  • Babies should no longer be yanked ruthlessly out of daycare by spaceport workers.
  • Notes and letters can now be FOLDed or UNFOLDed. You must FOLD a letter before putting it into an envelope, and both notes and letters must be unfolded (or opened) to be written on and read.
  • Fixed a bug where one-time walkstyles (e.g. MOONWALK NORTH) didn't work in dynamic rooms (asteroids, digsites, etc).
  • Fixed an issue that caused 'Pinpoint Point of Purchase' to lag for up to a second. Also (unrelatedly) made it skip the menu if you only have one object in your hand.


  • Fixed a bug where saying text directly to someone (` or -) would duplicate messages in forum logs.


  • The food robot lab now accepts hand-written menu dumps. See the 'Robotics Lab Menu Dumps' help file for more information on the format. This feature is considered experimental, so please keep backups of your dumps and REPORT issues.


  • Added the TRADESMAN-OPTIONS command to allow more control over creative works. Please see the 'Tradesman Object Permissions' help file for more sure-to-be-helpful information.


  • Sector numbers can now be provided as arguments to the NIRP Command to retrieve the distance for the corresponding sector's coordinates.
  • Because I forgot to log it yesterday when I actually fixed it, the roller coaster on Venus that takes tokens will no longer greedily snatch one from your hand and refuse to let you on if the ride is already going.


  • Removed the anyone command from the new food robot type, because they don't follow and also because allowing anyone to pick them up is probably a horrible idea. If people really want it back it can be done.
  • Reinstated the anyone command for food robots and removed the reference to following.


  • The genetics lab now lets you add several annoying (erm, cute) pronoun-subbed messages that get announced to the room at random.
  • Added a SECHO command for people using soundpack negotiation. This will be pretty useless to everyone else. Someone somewhere may find it useful though.
  • Draining a drink with a taste message will now display said message.
  • Ever wanted to create your own gadget robot thing but don't want to wait 16 years for us to complete it? Mosey on down to Empanda today and craft your own fine contraption! (Added a gadget bot creation room to Empanda.)


  • Room lighting in blueprints should now be saved when blueprints are compressed.


  • Fixed a bug in the shopping guide where items with the same name but different types (e.g. Slip Drive repair vs Slip Drive the drive) wouldn't group properly, causing all but the first entry to show up multiple times and not get grouped together.


  • Help file updates: SHIP-DOCK added to 'Ship Commands' help file. Mention SHIP-DOCK and SHIP-EXPEL in the 'Docking' help file. Added a 'Wormhole Tracer' help file and removed the alias from the 'Gadgets' help file. Added an 'Alert Statuses' file. Added a 'Readily Available Very Educational Network (RAVEN)' help file. In the 'Ship Commands' help file, corrected several 'see x help file' references, corrected some aliases, and added the following commands: 'Starships, maintenance, panel, modulate, wavewarp, status, timer, mail, navi, self-destruct, dock, undock'. Removed 'barrier' and 'pellet'.
  • Fixed matching in the private property lookup menu.
  • Fixed a bug where simulators wouldn't let you join ships docked inside of other ships.


  • Other players no longer need to be standing in the same room to be deauthorized from vehicles if using a vehicle computer interface.
  • The game will no longer send a keep alive message if you have recently sent a #$#soundpack_ping out of band command.
  • Keep alive messages now act as #$#soundpack_pong responses, which means clients can immediately respond to a keep alive with a #$#soundpack_ping_reply to obtain calculated command latency.
  • The MAIL command in starship control rooms no longer works when landed on uncharted planets.
  • Values of 0.0 or less are no longer averaged into the current or daily lag metrics.
  • Using the ms argument with the #$#soundpack_ping_reply out of band command will now respond with an integer rather than a float.
  • Simulating a food robot design will now create a cork remover and empty glass if you have drink bottles on your menu.
  • Added a dump menu option to the food robot lab on Empanda.


  • Fixed a docked cargo transfer bug that could allow ship storage to go into negatives.


  • The LIST (or TOGGLE) command in atmospheric salvagers is now a character option (meaning you only have to set it once and it applies to all salvagers).
  • Added the #$#soundpack_ping soundpack hook. See HELP soundpack hooks for usage information.


  • Added a LOCATE (or LOC) command to mineral scanners to quickly search for previously identified minerals by name.


  • Updated the crew NPCs help file slightly.
  • Simulated anomalies now behave normally when scanned.


  • It is no longer possible to access the NIRP upgrade on a starship while the starship is unpowered. Take that, you pesky bug, you!


  • Hopefully fixed the Empanda Station request area's adoption menu's ability to work with certificates.


  • Fixed a few cargo transfer bugs related to asteroid mining materials.


  • Trying to bow while sitting or lying down will now have rather painful results.


  • You can now HANG shelves on walls.
  • CARGO <name> now allows you to filter your gigantic cargo list by name (say, canister). This won't affect the total / remaining weight display at the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring atmospheric debris to a docked ship would result in the transfer appearing to 'freeze'. Now atmospheric debris moves in visible chunks (and twice as fast as before).
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents on Charon while floating down the river. For that matter, it's also no longer possible to pitch tents in rooms flagged as pools.
  • Rejiggered airlock cycle messages because of this and that. Be aware that we may just revert back to the original messages.
  • Post voting has been enabled on alliance message board subcategories.


  • Possibly fixed deep fryers so they won't announce to the person who started them heating if they are no longer in the room.
  • Fixed a security loophole where accounts could be registered under an already in use address by appending a plus sign followed by text, such as


  • Hopefully fixed it so that purged players don't end up with courier debt and courier ship destructions when their courier ships are purged.
  • Old-style circuit transport pods no longer take you into black holes or inside planetary atmospheres. Only pod stations now!


  • To avoid confusion, stabbers will no longer be transferred to the winner of an auction if their sheathes are auctioned without the stabbers inside of them. Stabber sheathes will also not be transferred if their stabbers have been auctioned as a separate item. If you want to sell a stabber and its sheath together, put the stabber in the sheath and auction the sheath.


  • Fixed a bug where under very specific circumstances newly created starships that reused old object numbers could appear as viable candidates to add to your private organization, even if you didn't own them or have a key.


  • Fixed a logic error with design duplication that resulted in the real lift counterpart being used inside of a simulated copy.
  • Fixed a bug where your first ten rooms would not be counted as free in an architectural design simulator when evaluating worth.
  • Fixed a slight oversight in passenger transport that wouldn't allow you to request passengers from the place you just dropped your last passenger off without landing again.


  • You can no longer exit scooper control rooms if the ship is cycled to an aquatic environment and you lack diving gear.


  • You can no longer alter your character's age or birthday when getting a sex reassignment surgery.


  • Apartment complexes that are out of local space will no longer make their occupants appear as if they are in local space.


  • Fixed a bug with removing spacesuit thrusters that failed to unset the appropriate property on the player, thus rendering them permanently thrustered.


  • Made destination finders less horrible (maybe). You can now simply 'FIND <destination>'. Destination can be the name of a planet, moon, space station, sector name, or sector number.
  • You can now import navigational data from your NIRP into your destination finder for use with the FIND command. Simply type IMPORT <destination finder> in the ship of your choice. You can manage your saved data with the OPTIONS <destination finder> command.


  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to propose a treaty for a military alliance, even if there were no active hostilities between the three alliances.
  • Alliances that are on hostile terms with any other alliances (either full war or declaration of hostility) will now have their capital planet's long-range laser disabled. This means that capital sectors can be interdicted, blockaded, or otherwise disrupted if any sort of hostility is in effect.


  • Viewing information about a forcefield spacesuit in an auction now shows its messages.


  • Autopilot will now fail if your sensors are destroyed in the midst of moving to a destination.


  • Using asteroid hauling kits has been reverted to its old functionality and no longer provides the option of stealing every single piece of nearby equipment in one fell swoop.


  • Fixed an oversight that allowed players to adopt tradesman items using a donator item without having donator status via the @crequest command.
  • Added pistol holsters to the High Guard Command armory, because putting a pistol in a rifle holster is silly.


  • TR AUCTION SHOW <id> will now display detailed information about tradesman items akin to what is displayed on the Empanda Station adoption menu.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to separate sections of the LOOK command with a blank line.
  • Added a COLOR-OPTION to change the color of room descriptions.
  • You must now be in space to atmospheric salvage. See the updated help file and board post 87455 for more detailed information.


  • Added a new example to the roleplaying policy regarding out of theme roleplay.


  • Certain upgrade stores will now more readily respect your set active ship when you're prompted to choose a ship to install the upgrade on.


  • You can now vote on message board posts that are less than 6 months old. Previously, this limit was 30 days.


  • Added an option to restore personal dictionary entries from past characters in the 'Restore options from a previous character' menu.
  • Added how much profit you've made from trading (beginning at some arbitrary date that I can't remember, sorry) to INFO ACHIEVEMENTS.
  • Fixed a bug where trading centers would sit on manufactured components forever, never driving up demand after an initial influx. Now they will slowly but surely lose stock of components, increasing their demand for more.


  • Fixed a bug where attempting to walk after removing specialized gait-modifying shoes would cause a traceback.


  • Fixed a bug where demand for a commodity wouldn't rise as that commodity was consumed in the production of goods.
  • Select trading centers will now consume certain vital goods, driving up demand on a regular basis.


  • Added an exciting 'Communicator Private Link Services' help file to raise awareness of link services. Also updated the auction help file to include selling items. (Also feel free to REPORT your favorite missing help file!)
  • Added the ability to flag inaccurate soundpacks in @soundpacks.
  • Added more help files: 'Blast Door Tripwires', 'Starship Drive Engagement Matrix', and 'Proprietary Sensor Blob'.
  • Corrected an oversight that allowed the transfer of specialty starships to people who were unable to purchase them due to the time limit after having a specialty starship destroyed. Doing this does count as cheating, folks.
  • Auctions started by players no longer kill the task scheduler. Woops!


  • It is no longer possible to bid on your own items.
  • The antiscripter will now be twice as forgiving if the game detects critical amounts of server lag.


  • Added an auction terminal to Pax that allows you to sell your old, worthless properties and tradesman items to the highest bidder. See message board post 87234 for more information.
  • Abandoned properties are now automatically auctioned off on the courthouse steps (or the auction service) once a week.
  • All auctioned properties now show up in the blueprint simulator in the Pax real estate office for your holographic touring pleasure.
  • Corrected an oversight in the show all ships on enter option that allowed players to bypass stun time and enter ships from the menu.


  • The A, X, and C commands will now be acknowledged properly by the alternative navigation option while spacewalking.


  • Added a new example to the roleplay policy.
  • Revised the 'Your Obligation' section of the cheating policy.


  • It should no longer be possible to throw piercings without first removing them. Make the pain stop.


  • Courier companies can now repair your courier ship for a modest fee. To request a repair, type REPAIR in your company's starship requisition center.
  • Couriers destroyed with proximity weapons will now only issue a reward to the hunter if the mothership that placed the weapons is launched and in the same sector.


  • Proximity weapons now display how much damage they have taken when scanning them.
  • Automated laser turrets now show how much charge is remaining in scans. This information is only visible to the ship that initially launched it.
  • Added the @TOP-TRADERS tops list to see players ranked by trades completed.
  • Automated laser turrets will now gradually lose charge over time.
  • FTL jumps will no longer make you invisible to proximity-based weaponry until you next move the ship.


  • Automated laser turrets will now cause laser reflectors to engage with a small chance of imparting damage on the turret itself.


  • The presence of alien transmissions will now be announced after entering a sector, rather than immediately before the transition.


  • Added MUTE <communicator> and UNMUTE <communicator> to make it easier to, you know, mute and unmute channels.


  • Fixed a calculation error that caused automated laser turrets to not fire if you weren't directly north, south, east, west, up, or down from them but were still in proximity.
  • Updated NAVI in a myriad of ways that will more than likely not be noticed by many. REPORT if NAVI does something unexpected or unintended, such as causing your ship to do eager backflips throughout the sector for its own entertainment.
  • Assuming its previous functionality, the STOP-command when executed while transitioning to another sector will now wait until the starship has moved to the new sector and then stop, rather than not allowing you to stop at all.


  • Fixed a strange inconsistency that could cause objects in a dynamic room that were visible on the MAP to be invisible in reality when you traversed to the room in question.
  • Fixed a bug where entering certain sectors that were in communications range could spuriously cause your computer to announce that the starship had left communications range.


  • Fixed a flaw where aborting while getting a survey scan from an artifact container would go ahead and do it anyway.
  • Fixed a bug where the DUMP command on artifact containers would lose classification data.
  • Added classification counts when you COUNT SCAN IN <artifact container>
  • Objects that surround a launching ship's coordinates will now be notified that an object has entered proximity. This means that proximity mines will now be triggered if you launch within one coordinate of them, automated laser turrets will begin to fire, and other starships will receive a notification that you're in range of them.
  • There is now a 20 second grace period before proximity mines activate if you launch within proximity of them. Your computer will consequently notify you that the starship has launched into an armed minefield.


  • Handheld radio receivers now permit you to CONFIG <receiver> to set an ANSI color for transmission notifications.


  • Natural wormholes will no longer miraculously bring you back in local space while transiting through if the wormhole is found out of local space.


  • Droids will no longer transmit camera feed video to people out of local space if the droid is in local space.
  • Planetary mining rooms will now mark you as out of local space instead of out of communications range.


  • Added the @HOST-CORRESPONDENCES command to view a log of your correspondences with the hosts via the admin message system. Only messages from this point onward are shown.
  • Adopting and transferring babies will now give the baby the surname of the new parent.


  • Handheld radio receivers will now notify you of transmissions while attached to a belt.
  • The baby renaming center has been made a bit more strict about proper baby names.
  • You can now 'look door <direction>' to view a blast door if you're unfortunate enough to have clothing that matches <direction> and prevents you from seeing blast doors.


  • Added the @TOP-POSTERS tops list to show the highest ranked board posters by cumulative vote score.


  • Reverted a previously undocumented change to starship movement that could cause AI ships to stack precariously upon one another in a single set of coordinates.


  • Added the OIC social. INNOVATION!


  • Added the @TOP-POSTS tops list to see the best OOC board posts by overall vote score.


  • Asteroid kits once again default to only picking up what they need when you USE them. If you want / need more, you can CONFIG KIT to change that behavior. (Sorry buddy haulers! I forgot you existed.)


  • Added the HELP-SEARCH command to search for arbitrary words or phrases in all of the help file texts.
  • Asteroid kits no longer care or limit how many anchors and lines are inside when you USE them. Go nuts! Steal them all. (And also other behind-the-scenes kit changes that may require REPORTing if things get weird.)


  • Select alien ships will now accept planetary survey scans (of their choosing) in exchange for one service. See post 86696 for slightly more information.
  • Friendly alien ships will now make a best effort to run away from Praelor instead of sitting around waiting to die.


  • Information about starship's that a player has will now be preserved in the database after character deletion or purging. This allows us to restore ships and their upgrades along with your character. Ship restoration does not apply for couriers, and anyone using this feature to obtain ships that were made unobtainable prior to deleting will more than likely be banned from ever restoring again, as well as lose the ship in question. Furthermore, this information is only saved going forward, which means old characters will not have such a luxury.
  • Activated voting for the General/General message board subcategory.


  • High Guard Command has now decreed that most missioning starships can no longer carry vessels greater than 1.0 in mass into Praelor space if they are not on a difficult or advanced combat mission.


  • Friendly aliens now persist after you leave the sector. (But they won't stay there forever!)
  • Fixed several hundred marine planets that were very dry.
  • Added voting support to the web board.


  • Added the @TOP-IDEAS command.


  • POLICY 3 has been updated to reiterate that sex with minors is illegal.
  • Galactic coordinate tracking will now properly pipe announcements throughout the entire ship if you have PIPE mode enabled.


  • You can now exit ships any time during the launch sequence before the ship actually starts moving.


  • Private organization admins can now toggle message board voting on a by-category basis from the admin options menu. See post 86609 for more details regarding board voting.


  • added message board voting. See post 86609 for the juicy details.
  • Transferring a tradesman item to someone will now move the item to their hand unless it's something normally unmoveable like a mount.


  • The IGNORE <entertainment center> command has been removed. In lieu of this, you should now WATCH <entertainment center> if you wish to see what's being displayed on it. Unwatching it will cause you to stop seeing the output once again.
  • You can now LOAD a droid remote into an entertainment center to play the video feed on the screen to everyone in the room who's watching it. If you're holding a remote in your hand while watching the live feed on the center, you won't be able to see it. Stow your own remotes first!
  • Added a printer to the battlecruiser testing room that allows both new and old battlecruiser pilots to print off their very own license. Your first license printing will be free; after which, further copies will cost a nominal fee. Physical licenses are required when visiting the battlecruiser store as well.


  • Fixed the player renaming and sex change code to make it painfully clear that there is a six month cooldown on performing either action.


  • Changed the YELL verb slightly. There is now a HOLLAR alias and it behaves just a bit differently.


  • Added a 'Detailed Tracking' option to the NIRP upgrade that will show precisely how many sectors lie between your ship and the destination, akin to the calculate to coordinates function.


  • Fixed an oversight in HELP COURIERING that excluded Pluto from the list of available planets with courier companies.


  • Added the Navigational Information Retention Program (NIRP) upgrade for the GMU to store galactic points of interest or calculate distance and direction to specific galactic coordinates. See HELP NIRP for more details.


  • Added a TREMBLE social.


  • Fixed a bug where aliens who repair structural damage would leave behind miniscule amounts that would show as 0% in the DAMAGE report.


  • Planetary scans will now reveal how many vehicles are cloistered away in the atmosphere.


  • Added time of last processed donation to the INFO command.


  • Added a COLOR-OPTION for direct private messages from hosts.


  • Implemented a system that allows for private communication between hosts and players to preserve immersion, rather than having people awkwardly talk to themselves in potentially populated rooms while being creepily watched.
  • Pilot NPCs now leave combat drones alone unless they fire upon them, and ignore combat drones that fire upon them if the combat drones aren't targeting them.


  • The CHICKEN command in pools is now more aware of when people aren't, in fact, in the pool. It also shows some stuff in the room description now.


  • Testing! Feel free to ignore this.
  • The game now serves RSS feeds to the web for people that want to keep up to date. You can subscribe to these in any RSS reader on a computer or mobile device, or view them from the website. A list of our currently available feeds can be found at


  • You can now print fund history from your neighborhood fund center.


  • Fixed a comical oversight that could cause intelligence officers announcing incoming invasions to adopt the name of a Praelor starship if the fleet happened to pick up more ships on its way to known space.
  • Pilot NPCs will now make an effort to use the subwarp drive if present to escape from situations where they might be completely surrounded on all sides by spacial objects, such as ships, rather than happily sitting still.


  • Fixed a bug where authorization groups set to always be denied landing would sometimes be allowed to land anyways.


  • You can now use preexisting channel labels when tuning metafrequency communicators. Example: Say you have frequency 0.1 labeled as 'jerks' and frequency 500.0 labeled as 'OOC'. You could then type TUNE METAF TO JERKS and, seeing your 'jerks' label, your communicator would then be tuned to frequency 0.1. Once you were sick of the jerks on frequency 0.1, you could then type TUNE METAF TO OOC to enjoy the significantly better conversation there.
  • For your pre-connection convenience, @soundpacks can now be viewed from the comfort of your web browser:
  • The NOTIFICATIONS command now allows you to temporarily mute all object notifications. Running the command again will restore your old settings.
  • Fixed a bug that could, under very annoyingly specific circumstances, cause a ship transitioning between sectors to freeze for the duration of a checkpoint.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from issuing an 'Exit Ship' command to a droid in remote mode if you had started moving it from another room other than the airlock.


  • Potentially fixed an egregious bug with NAVI that would cause it to delay several seconds during sector transitions or after drives had been utilized. Please REPORT if your NAVI still randomly stops or unexpectedly pauses, including what direction you were moving, your galactic coordinates, and other vital information such as what drive had been in use prior to NAVI pausing.


  • Fixed a bug where non-combat day ships could fire pulse weapons at combat day ships.
  • It should now be a bit more difficult to steal Combat Day kills. You won't get credit for destroying the ship unless you have the majority of the hits.
  • Reverted the previous change because it can actually cause more problems than it intends to fix. Please don't cheat. Thanks.


  • Corrected an oversight where planets selling specialty ships didn't allow ship expulsion / docking.
  • Added HELP ROLEPLAY COMMANDS to give a brief description to the various roleplay enhancing commands that exist but we all forget about because they were never enumerated anywhere.


  • Fixed a bug where GET stopped working with multislices that were in your hand.


  • Upgraded the REQUESTCHECK-command to indicate precisely how much time remains until you're able to make a tradesman item request, including tradesman item certificates.
  • Christmas gift rejection letters will now be unceremoniously flung at rejectees if they are outside communications range.


  • The COMMANDS command will now make a best effort to report on verbal commands that a tradesman object probably responds to.


  • Fixed a traceback when trying to authorize somebody from an asteroid rover control room.


  • Pets can now be room posed without the cruelty associated with bolting them to the floor. And babies, I guess. If you're into that sort of thing.


  • Tweaked the cost of gunships and expeditioners in a minute, but hopefully noticeable way.


  • 2016 Santa boxes will no longer spam out internal stun turrets.


  • You can now ROOM-POSE objects in apartments if you're an owner of the apartment in question.
  • Grouped room poses now look slightly different. Each group is its own separate sentence to avoid clobbering other groups. As such, you may have to alter your poses ever so slightly to make them sound sensical with the new structure.
  • The fighter CALLBACK and RESCUE commands now accept fighter names as well as numbers.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause freshly generated sectors out of communications range to get marked as in communications range.


  • Fixed a bug with sector generation that caused a secondary star to be created 50% of the time if an asteroid was present.


  • Added oh-so-experimental support for room-posing objects. ROOM-POSE will use the same permission checks as the BOLT command. So if you can bolt something, you can also room-pose it. The syntax is ROOM-POSE <object name>. Please pose responsibly.
  • Added support for numeral matching to ROOM-POSE. e.g. to match the fourth apple in the room.
  • Added extra experimental grouped room poses. This means you can group a collection of bolted objects under a single room pose. For example: 'You see a chair, a stool, and a fence sitting atop a rather sizable garbage pile here.' The command to try it out is GROUP-POSE.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to separate the output of grouped objects from not-grouped objects when LOOKing.
  • Fund centers now sell credit transfer cards. These are physical objects that can be mailed, given away, lost, stolen, hoarded, whatever. From a fund center, you can LOAD them with credits, REDEEM credits from them, or CHECK the balance.
  • Credit transfer cards can be PUT in holiday cards for ultimate enjoyment and amusement for all! Opening cards with a credit transfer card hidden inside will cause it to either fall on the ground or be deftly caught in your waiting hand, depending on how many hands you have free and some plain old luck.


  • Added a vehicle computer interface upgrade that will allow lazy people with lots of vehicles to quickly and easily manage authorization lists from the comfort of their own vehicle bay using the AUTHORIZE and DEAUTHORIZE commands.


  • You can now enter ships from the outside using temporary walk styles. e.g. 'perambulate ballet' to enter your ship called Butterknife Ballet.
  • Santa, being the generous soul he is, will now mail random gifts to people if he misses them in space.


  • Santa, being the innovator that he is, is now handing out Santa Box 7's! These boxes are familiar, but different. They will excite you with their new revolutionary color and the ease of interface that you've come to know and love. Nobody can do what Santa does.


  • Santa should no longer subwarp into the exact same coordinates as a ship or planet.


  • Forcefield spacesuits can now be removed in aquatic environments.


  • Falling objects in underwater rooms now have a random chance of hitting intrepid divers on the head. Hard.


  • Droids now properly exit remote mode if you hand them their remote rather than invoking the verbal remote command.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE. You can now HOLD a CAMPFIRE to initiate (or join) a handholding circle of friendship and love. Around the campfire. Preferably while singing songs of camaraderie.
  • Updated the "What is a ban? How long does it last?" section of POLICY 10. TL;DR don't assist on behalf of other players asking about their bans. They will be force canceled.
  • Emergency propulsion devices will now pull you to the top level of water before depositing you in your ship. Weight belts will be negated mostly, but not entirely, during this process. Try it today!
  • Fixed a physics-defying bug where you could put a belt inside of a belt pouch that was attached to that belt by using matching aliases.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed you to transmit with metafrequency communicators that weren't on your person or clipped to a worn belt.


  • Added temporary submersible shelters that can be EXPANDed underwater to offer safety and respite to weary divers. These structures come with a certain amount of oxygen and will break apart after several minutes, dumping you back into the water.
  • Diving suits will now have a random chance to move up or down if they lack neutral buoyancy. Neutral buoyancy can be enforced with an integrated buoyancy compensator module.
  • Increased the time one falls unconscious due to drowning to 10 minutes.
  • Divers can now wear weight belts to keep themselves from rising from the bottom due to buoyancy changes.
  • Buoyancy compensators are now required to move up and down in aquatic environments.
  • The blind map for three-dimensional dynamic rooms will now only detect objects that are on the same level as you.


  • Unconscious divers without any source of oxygen will now randomly drift through the water against their will.
  • With no major red flags after observing its usage, character microdetails have exited from beta testing and are now available for general use. What are microdetails, you ask? These are temporary lines of text that you can add to your description for a preset amount of time from anywhere between an hour to a week. To set your microdetails, type MICRODETAILS (or MICRO for the lazy). Please review the rules before completing your microdetails; this command is not meant to replace coded systems like clothing, makeup, or custom hair styles. You can quickly view other player's microdetail additions by typing MICROS [person] or EXTRA [person]. Help file coming soon.
  • Drone and droid descriptions now indicate if they have amphibious enhancements present.


  • Fixed the couriering help file to correct a company location being on Miriani rather than Pax.
  • Added two new levels of improved diving oxygen tanks, high capacity (1.5 hours) and super capacity (2.0 hours).
  • Included oxygen tank refilling in the 5 second water pulse that handles everything else having to do with diving. Consequently, this fixes a few oddities, including but not limited to tanks not being refilled if your ship was powered down for an extended period of time.


  • Fixed a bug related to trolley pushing detection that caused holographic images of players to only display "You see nothing special" in their descriptions.


  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause a sector to recycle just as a ship was coming into it, plunging said ship into the depths of purgatory instead.


  • Objects left in aquatic rooms will now gradually drift downwards if possible. (This excludes droids and drones.)
  • Fixed a back end issue that prevented hosts from keeping track of Christmas gift items for later gathering in case of loss or destruction. This will only work on items created this year.


  • LOOKing at diving helmets while worn will now display your underwater depth.
  • Remaining oxygen is now displayed when LOOKing at a diving helmet underwater rather than being shown on the tank itself. Looking at a tank while in a non-aquatic environment acts as it did previously.
  • Sighted players will now see a colored meter detailing how much oxygen is left while diving.


  • You can no longer push furniture trolleys underwater.
  • Programmatically updated archaeological artifact generation to take three-dimensional dynamic rooms into account. Artifacts can optionally be generated everywhere on the Z-axis or only on the bottom.


  • Decreased the chances of hydrophobic coating damage while digging by approximately 33%.
  • Gadget bots and cases can now store hatch bombs.
  • Added yet more safety checks for falling unconscious while diving.
  • Fixed a bug where 'View Upgrade Configurations' in starship simulators did nothing at all.
  • Fixed a miniscule chance that multiple ships going through a jumpgate at the same time could end up at the same coordinates on the other side.
  • Implemented three-dimensional dynamic rooms for new dig sites and other places that would realistically allow one to maneuver up or down.


  • Implemented more sanity checks for diving to prevent being blasted by an hour of stun time while switching oxygen tanks.
  • Armed emergency propulsion devices will now engage if you're underwater and manage to somehow lack a piece of your diving suit. This only applies if you are not in a ship.


  • Added GAG-OPTIONS 24 to suppress text from holographic avatars in starship computer announcements.
  • Added a new COLOR-OPTION to customize the color used for starship computer announcements.


  • De-old-ified dynamic rooms (asteroids, dig sites) to give consistent walking messages for leaving and arriving similar to normal rooms.
  • Bored and lonely people can now type @CHANGES RANDOM to view a random day from the changelog.
  • Answering questions on application forms with the ANSWER <question number> on <application> command will now load your old answer into the editor if you wish to correct or delete parts of it.
  • Added stores to the PARENT-command for host approved blueprints that are designed for the game's public geography.
  • Added the (slightly limited and crippled) @ADD and @REMOVE commands for adding and removing items from blueprint shops. As noted in the previous change, this is only for areas intended for the game's public geography that have been specifically approved by a host.
  • Added the ability to create sets of timed ambient messages for blueprint rooms with the ROOM-MESSAGES command.
  • Temporary walk style adjustments now work when entering and exiting airlocks. (e.g. 'waddle in', 'perambulate out')


  • Throwing water balloons at people no longer adds two similar lines about being drenched in water to their description.


  • Boxes of dental floss are no longer stun armor battery packs.


  • Typing MOVE or M by itself in an asteroid rover will now present you with a list of objects to move to.


  • Landing beacons should now be able to be deployed in the same location as solar-powered recharging platforms.


  • Increased the speed of asteroid rover autopilot.


  • Enormous asteroids now come with a 50% chance of also generating a star in the sector.


  • Added solar panel and recharging platform construction facilities for your asteroid recharging needs. See HELP SOLAR PANELS for the gist.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in asteroid rovers getting stuck nowhere when launched from a starship without a vehicle ramp.


  • Added information to the STATUS of select factories to warn you about why the factory is sitting there doing nothing. (It only shows if needed.)


  • Added the MASSRENAME-command to simulated blueprint avatars to facilitate quickly replacing a specific term in all room names with a new one.
  • Added open and close message confirmation prompts to the dooradd command to let people see what their messages will look like before submitting doors.


  • Aborting out of the prompt that asks whether you wish to build a returning go exit or an out exit with the DIG-GO command in architectural design simulators no longer creates an unusual deathtrap out of your destination room.
  • Armor storage bags will no longer report that you put your combat suit in them when, in fact, nothing happens.


  • A letter will now automatically be sent when a property rename is rejected. Consequently, hosts are now required to give a reason for rejection, which will be shown in the letter for your and our convenience.
  • Lazy (erm, uh, busy) engineers can now substitute 'lrl' for 'long-range laser'.


  • Wake up notifications will no longer excitedly proclaim that you're only wearing a bra if the undergarment (or undershirt!) isn't really a bra. Awkward.
  • Added literal matching support to the main menu in Lore computers.


  • Ship selection menus now support standard menu things, like typing your selection in by name (instead of number) or using $ to select the last option. And stuff.


  • Players with a newbie tag who fire on planets and stations will no longer be automatically flagged as terrorists and be fined.


  • The SORT and AUTOSORT commands now work on keyrings. You must have them on your person and not on a belt for this to work.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause errant mission failure notifications at seemingly random times.


  • Fixed a cagey bug that would allow destroyed simulated starships to wipe real world ship names from the ship registry, allowing multiple real ships to have the same name. Consequently, due to another bug, this would skew a poorly crafted index in the ENTER code that would cause the matched ship name to not correspond with the correct ship (fixed earlier but I didn't know how it happened and now I do!).


  • Fixed a matching issue when trying to ENTER ships that would cause the lookup to fail in interesting ways and send you to a seemingly random ship in the area.
  • Renamed the 'FTL Drive' option in repair centers to 'Wormhole Drive' for sake of consistency.


  • Added the ACTIVE command as a shortcut to SHIP-O 19. No arguments in a ship room will assume you want to use the ship you're standing in. No arguments everywhere else will present the existing SHIP-O 19 menu. Arguments are assumed to be a ship name that you have a key to.


  • Added the pirate social. Have fun.


  • Cardenium reactors now ship disabled to minimize the loss of their factory charge.


  • Added a LIGHTING-command to blueprint avatars that allows one to toggle whether the room is lit or not. Unlit rooms mask the room description and contents from view when LOOKing.


  • Specialty ships that have been locked down can no longer be SHIP-DOCKed into another ship.


  • You can no longer enter a starship that's in the middle of a launching sequence.


  • Fixed a bug where private upgrade facilities would cut off handheld upgrade names if there were not also starship upgrades for sale.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple people could install replacement locks at the same time, wasting replacements.


  • The handhold social now requires at least one free hand.
  • The simulator in the Office of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax now automatically updates itself. Oops!


  • You can now HANG corkboards on the wall.


  • Simulated avatars can now input information into a flexible editor prompt with 67% more success.
  • Added a third section to the private organization information menu that will show administrators how many message board categories and org renames they have left.
  • Added a note about the specialty starship scanners to specialty starship applications that will show up when the applications are read.


  • Worth in the info command should really match the worth breakdown in point centers now. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully!


  • Fixed a number of bugs with food storage rooms that would cause the menu to appear strangely or include spurious '0' characters. Multislice containers will no longer sometimes appear awkwardly under the menu (a bowl containing a gallon bucket of vanilla ice cream is the best example that springs to mind). Finally, you can now store regular drinks that have the word 'bottle' in the name.
  • You can no longer glance down at a watch while stunned.
  • Removing apartment owners will now automatically unregister them with the apartment mailbox if one is present.


  • Fixed it so the new types of food robots can be claimed like the old types are when someone deletes and doesn't reroll or restore within an hour.
  • Like pets, babies, and food robots orphaned by their owners, vanities can now be claimed.


  • It is no longer possible to take cover behind ships that are launching, being expelled, being docked, or otherwise moving.


  • Added a GAG-OPTION to suppress starship repair messages.


  • Claiming ships docked inside other ships should now add to the count in INFO ACHIEVEMENTS.


  • You can no longer transmit to alliance channels if you have them muted.


  • It is now possible to track down those pesky missing vanities at your local pet tracking facility.
  • Video probe launches are now announced sector-wide.


  • Added an 'Adopt' option to the @CREQUEST command to allow non-donators to magically request orphaned pets using a tradesman item certificate.


  • Retrieving a ship from a private garage on a private structure with multiple landing pads will now send the ship to the landing pad you're standing on instead of the main landing pad.


  • Speaking into your communicator while in space is no longer visible to video probes that might be present.


  • Added a TRADESMANFIX command that will retrieve tradesman items that have moseyed off into the unknown land of #-1.


  • Fixed a horrifying bug that would cause you to emote your last command entered if you had an automatic custom social enabled after waking up from a doze.


  • Claiming starships will now transfer ownership of on-board mining equipment to the claimee.
  • It is no longer possible to claim a ship if doing so would put you over the starship ownership limit. This doesn't affect claiming specialty ships or battlecruisers for cash.
  • Fixed ancient bugs in hand handling (ho ho) that had two undesired effects: First, it would make you 'drop' things that were on your person but not necessarily in your hand. Useless. Second, it would never execute the original request to add something to your hand, so you'd end up with phantom objects inside of you instead of in your hands, which is always hard to explain in the ER.


  • You (yeah you, Wilhelm) can now match private comm recipients using regular expressions and use subsequent capture groups in your message. Your expression should begin with ^ to make the MOO aware of the fact that you're not intending to match another way. It might even work!


  • Fixed a bug where organization joining cooldowns would not be respected if the joinee was invited by an administrator, rather than applying and being accepted later.
  • Added oh-so-experimental support for fuzzy searching private link names. There is a COMM-OPTION to enable it. You can also mess with the internals of how it works with FUZZY-MATCH-O and test them against your private links with FUZZYTEST [name], depending on how bored you get.
  • Added wily and experimental fuzzy matching support to MATCH-OPTIONS.


  • Fixed a bug in lockbox menus that caused added owners not to be recognized as owners.


  • Added a WAKEUP-OPTION to be notified of new changes and announcements when waking up from a doze.


  • @changelog now displays all of your unread changes at once (when you have unread changes). If not, it displays a smattering of the last changes without having to select individual dates. It also accepts a numeric argument indicating how many changes to view. (e.g. @changes 50 to view 50 changes)
  • Added a GEN-OPTION to reverse the order of the changelog for those who prefer the newest changes at the bottom.
  • Added a WAKEUP-OPTION to perform a custom social upon waking from a deep, dark doze.
  • You can now type OPTIN or OPTOUT in apartment lobbies to choose whether you are sent monthly rent slips upon rent being deducted.
  • Expanded the GEN-OPTION for login changelog notification (option 4) to allow you to display the full text of all new changes upon login.
  • Added the ability to search the changelog by date. If that's your thing. Example: @changes 3-3-13
  • The auction service (TR LINK AUCTION) will now announce when newly abandoned properties become available to purchase at the Shared Offices of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax.
  • You can now choose to use a tradesman item certificate to obtain an item from the adoption menu on Empanda Station if you're a donator. Standard timing restrictions apply.


  • Tired of the arduous, Herculean effort required to type '1' after connecting to log into your character? Tire no more! You can now send 'connect [username] [password] [menu option]' as your username (or, you know, just put '[password] 1' in your client's auto-login password field) to avoid all of that uncomfortable typing.


  • Disconnecting in the middle of manually correcting a word in spell check will no longer replace the word with type mismatch.


  • Added WAKEUP-OPTIONS that add exciting spam to your login experience! Quickly take stock of what matters to you the most, like how you're standing in your underwear (or naked) and what's in your hands. Maybe the two are unrelated, maybe not. We don't judge. Publicly.
  • Added health awareness to WAKEUP-OPTIONS.
  • Added a WAKEUP-OPTION to show an awareness report when you become active again after dozing.
  • Removed Trajrrks from combat missions.
  • The TALK <npc> command will now only match to NPCs rather than matching to anything in the room. For example, if you had a spectacular bar in the room first, followed by a bartender, previously it would match to the bar when you typed TALK BAR. Now it will match to the bartender.


  • Paginated menus in Lore photo albums now go back to the correct page after viewing or deleting a photo.


  • Fixed a permissions oversight that would result in vacation mode not being unset upon connecting if you weren't a wizard.
  • Innocent, harmless NPCs will no longer be thrown into a vicious if not slightly amusing infinite loop of switching work shifts if the next shift isn't on the same date as the prior one.
  • Ownership of toothbrushes no longer matters. They now take into account the first person to use them.


  • Updated Policy 6 with information about vacation mode.


  • Like battlecruiser applications, org applications can now have a preface. The preface will be displayed before any questions when the application is read.
  • After many years of wondering why this wasn't a thing, applications of all kinds can now be trashed like letters and notes.
  • Updated the tradesman rules help file to include rules about proper item descriptions.


  • Made a couple changes to private organization applications. 1. Your organization no longer has to be private to enable applications. 2. Since you can now mass-print applications, private private organizations have to mail applications out to potential candidates, re-establishing the security and privacy that private private orgs once enjoyed. Or something.
  • Fixed org applications to, you know, work if you print them yourself and hand them out to other people. Also added a helpful error message when the application belongs to somebody else instead of it saying nothing at all.
  • Org applications now use the description of the org as their description.


  • Private organizations not set to public can now enable membership applications. Org owners will find a slew of new options in the MENU on Pax for configuring questions, letters, and approvals.
  • Added the ability to print semi-large quantities of organization applications. For a modest convenience fee, of course.
  • Fixed an oversight where one couldn't BOOT people from a starship if the ship was expelling another ship from its docking bay.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause NPC work shifts to be sped up rather dramatically if it was midnight.
  • Improved support for piped commands in custom socials. Relatedly, added a ROOM-OPTION to always or never show standard command output with piped emotes / socials.


  • You can now IGNORE <hangman> to filter out some of the spammier elements of hangman games.
  • The SCENT command now accepts scent names (or 'none') as arguments.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION for confirming emotes before they get sent to the room.


  • Sanitation drones now clean up puddles of vomit.
  • Added streaming to message board threads. When toggled on for an individual thread, the new message notification will include the full text of the reply without you having to enter the message board interface.
  • Added a message board option to stream all threads as they come in.
  • Added an entry to the message board options to see and delete streamed threads all in one place.


  • The my <thing> match keyword should now work with approximately 178 more commands than it worked with before.
  • Per the descriptions, stairways have been added to all levels of Medraska's. Thanks to those of you who suggested, reported and harassed us about these. We love you all.


  • Stalkers can now utilize the dazzling TR WHO ORG command to see who is tuned to your private organization channel at any given moment.
  • NPC bartenders will now periodically clean empty plates and glasses off of their bars.
  • You can no longer delete your character if you have rerolled previously within the last two weeks. If you have a solid reason for needing to circumvent this rule, please ASSIST.
  • Select spaceports (the ones that let you SHIP-EXPEL) will now assist you in docking one ship within another. Simply call them forth with the SHIP-DOCK command while inside the ship with the docking bay. This requires that you own the ship you're trying to take into your docking bay or that you know the authorization code of the ship in question. Ships that you do not own and have no authorization code set can't be transferred at all.
  • Added a PILOT-OPTION to allow you to disable the ability for anybody to SHIP-DOCK your ship into their docking bay regardless of what magic codes they happen to know. And also the owner (presumably you) won't be able to ship-dock it either.
  • Spaceport security will no longer BOOT moving starships. Not since the lawsuits.
  • Added brute force protection to the SHIP-DOCK command.


  • Mail will no longer be put in bundles if you only have a single item in your mail.
  • Fixed a bug where being moved out of the room while in a ship name confirmation prompt would still allow you to purchase the ship.


  • Added industrial dispensation as an alternative to combat points for certain purchases. See message board post 84469 for all of the long-winded and potentially nonsensical details.
  • Added an 'upgrade' to scan Praelor Trajrrks for the easiest money you'll ever make. See the Galactic News for details.
  • Raised the combat point cutoff for training mission assignment to 20 combat points instead of 6 to be more friendly for new players.


  • The POINTS command has been rewritten to be slightly more helpful. It now displays a column indicating whether or not you have enough points for the item, it adapts to your set linelength instead of being needlessly huge, and it accepts arguments. The argument can be a search string (e.g. POINTS DRIVE) to narrow the list down or you can add eligible (e.g. POINTS ELIGIBLE) to only display what you have enough points for. This, of course, excludes items that require no points and assumes you know you're eligible for those.
  • Added the /CHANGELINE <line-number> <new-text> command (shorthand /change) to the flexible editor to replace an existing line in the text with something else.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause piloting NPCs to stop flying if there was a space station in the sector and the NPC was attempting to land to recharge the ship.
  • You will no longer receive messages regarding blast doors being sealed or unsealed if you leave the ship in the middle of the opening/closing process.


  • Distance recorded on the starship ODOMETER is now 66.67% more accurate. Traversing on more than one axis at a time will now accurately calculate distance, rather than always assuming 0.5 lightyears between each sector.
  • Updated the text of POLICY 4. Previously, people were allowed to communicate with other players outside of the game as long as their characters could communicate inside of the game, regardless of being logged in or not. It is now illegal to communicate information to other players if they aren't logged in and active. Telling someone to unidle or connect to the game based on IC occurrences is a policy violation.
  • Lore albums now have the option to search photos by name.
  • Added the ability to reverse the sort order of photos in your Lore album.
  • Added an ALBUM command as a shortcut to jump directly to the Lore photo album.
  • The flexible editor is now enabled by default. No clue what this is? A help file has been added to explain things and offer a way out if you hate it, accessible via HELP EDITOR. You can alter options by typing EDIT-OPTIONS (or EDIT-O for the chronically lazy).
  • Cloaked jumpgates will no longer always appear as a rock fragment to debris scanners.


  • Simulated starships can now use the same names as real life starships without one affecting the other.
  • Added the CLEAR <message board reader> command to mark all pending messages as read without having to enter the menu.


  • You can now PRINT a list of your ship approvals (battlecruiser, specialty) in point centers to prove that you're not a liar. Or for other sure to be interesting reasons.
  • Laser reflectors can now be disabled via the SYSTEMS command.
  • Added dump chutes to litter space. Use the CHUTE command in engineering with a vacuum-safe container.
  • The SCAN command now displays labels ahead of the huge list of output. If this is undesirable to you, a new SHIP-OPTION has also been added to revert to the old behavior.


  • Fixed an information leak where that starmap symbol of a focused (but now cloaked) ship would remain green.
  • Fixed an oddity where mimicking a ship that cloaked after the mimick would make the mimicker show as 'Debris (Starship)' in the SCAN list as well as showing half-cloaked information in the detailed scan output. Now it appears as the uncloaked ship in both locations.
  • Fixed yet another (embarrassing) information leak where a cloaked object's actual name was used in the autopilot selection messages.
  • Added a small story-relevant random occurance to certain combat missions.


  • Added food storage rooms to the parent list on houses and spaceborne structures. These rooms allow you to STORE food, drink bottles, and multislices that contain food, drinks, cups, napkins, or plates. To retrieve an item, you can UNSTORE [item], and to view everything that's been stored you can type LIST or MENU. If the list is too long for your liking, you can narrow things down by typing LIST [search term] to only show items that match to that term. These rooms also compress items for the people that enjoy hording such things.


  • Airlocks are now much better about detecting that baby that's in a backpack in a stroller in a shower on a furniture trolley when cycling.
  • Babies created using the genetic sequencing lab will now properly article themselves when using the term "infant" in their type. You might or might not need to have yours fixed if it has already been created. Assist if there are any problems I failed to see.
  • Going forward, INFO ACHIEVEMENTS will show you how many ships you've claimed, uncharted sectors you were a part of charting, planets discovered while you happened to be standing around on the ship, and profitable trades you made when you accidentally bought something at a trading center and had to unload it somewhere because you forgot about expel.
  • Rejiggered mission assignment rooms a great deal, mostly to modernize and organize things in a more streamlined fashion. No outward-facing changes should be apparent, but if you encounter something that isn't working as it should, please REPORT it.
  • Training missions are now categorized properly as training missions instead of 'other'.


  • Alastor 'Mad-Eye FOCUS Command' Moody can no longer penetrate cloaking devices.
  • Fixed a bug where cloaked starships would give a specific debris title instead of just 'Debris' when scanning their coordinates.
  • Fixed a bug where scanning debris that was, in fact, a cloaked starship would show the coordinates as 0, 0, 0.
  • Fixed a bug where cloaked proximity weapons would say OH HEY I'M A CLOAKED PROXIMITY WEAPON when you typed SCAN with no arguments.
  • Fixed a bug where the LOCK command would reveal a cloaked proximity weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the LOCKED command would reveal cloaked things.
  • Fixed an information leak where FOCUS DEBRIS would give a different message if debris matched to a cloaked thing.
  • Station observation rooms now share in the glory of the relevant cloaking fixes above.
  • Cloaked starships and proximity weapons now choose a random piece of common debris to fool debris scanners.


  • For those of you who request babies through the tradesman labs, the approval letters will now be sent by an actual merchant rather than by nobody at all. Only the most important changes here, right? Right.
  • Droids now respond correctly to commands when using the ] alias for whisper.
  • Removed the confusing and mostly useless feature that allowed multiple people to submit different names for a single room.


  • Disowning specialty starships and battlecruisers will now destroy ALL ships that happen to be docked inside at the time of the final reckoning.
  • The specialty ship purchase time limit once again applies for destructions. You can no longer purchase a specialty ship of the same class as the one that got destroyed up to two weeks after the ship's demise. Example: Albori's Hale runabout is destroyed. He wouldn't be able to buy another Hale runabout until two weeks have elapsed since the initial destruction.
  • Much like cargo haulers, you can now only own 5 flitter-class starships. (This change is not retroactive and will not effect people that are already above the limit.)
  • Claiming specialty ships will now destroy any ships that might be docked inside rather than spontaneously ejecting them onto the landing pad. The claimee, of course, will be paid handsomely based on how much the ship's are worth.
  • For an extra fee and some time, you can now claim docked ships that reside in a freshly claimed ship. You will receive a prompt asking you if you wish to do so after claiming the first ship if any such ships are present.
  • Photo collections are now copied over when cloning data to another Lore device.
  • Amphibious stun weapons and pulse emitters are now referred to as aquatic. All current weapons in existence have been renamed.
  • It's now possible to add a self-updating list of your private organization members to authentication groups if you're an administrator of the org in question. When adding a member, simply use the keyword "org" or "organization" and your private organization will be added to the authorized members.
  • Droids have suddenly and completely spontaneously gained the ability to move through any biometrically locked exit that their owner is authenticated to pass through. Exciting times!
  • To aid with testing and quality assurance, you will now see messages as they would appear to everyone else when simulating a design in a tradesman lab.


  • Exciting as it was, it should no longer be possible (or desirable) to dodge counter-stun pulses. Do REPORT if you notice it happening!


  • Droids that are out of comms will no longer transmit camera feed activity back to the remote if they aren't in the same sector. (This was always the intention, but you know, 8 years later...)


  • House lifts will now remove any demolished rooms upon accessing the menu.


  • Much like unbolting, you can no longer unhang items from the wall if you don't own the item itself and aren't an owner on the property or ship where the item is hung.
  • For the drunks among us, expressive speech will now make you appear 10 times more inebriated than you really are by adding "drunkenly" on to the beginning of any socials. True innovation.
  • You can now read notes and letters that have been placed in display cases.


  • Since locking yourself out of the game is meant to be an alternative to deleting your character, it is no longer possible to delete your character while your account is locked out.
  • Station biographies (if available) can now be accessed with the LOOKUP command in the real estate office or by asking your RAVEN a question about a property name.


  • Destroying couriers with combat drones will now distribute the reward to the occupants of the ship who launched the drone instead of casting it off into oblivion, never to be seen again.
  • Diving suit modules can now be stored in diving gear bags.
  • Disbanding your group in architectural design simulators now works correctly. By which I mean it actually disbands other avatars now.


  • Majorly rewrote the way network lag is calculated in the @LAG command, thanks to Albori. Metrics are now pulled from multiple sources, making the results more accurate than ever. Also added the more/summary/detailed argument to view a 22.2% useless graph of how much lag each location is receiving.
  • Fixed a bug where trading centers would neglect to charge you at all if you were buying a commodity that already existed in your storage room.
  • To prevent people from going to sleep to avoid the wrath of the infamous space cat, players that have been disconnected for 20 minutes or less are now vulnerable to attack.


  • Rejiggered the INFO command in ship stores to show proper upgrade names instead of behind-the-scenes upgrade designations. (Excitement level 0.3)
  • Room poses are now sort of supported during spacewalks. If that's what you're into.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to condense the drone list in the room into a single 'you see 199 drones' statement instead of a full list. LOOK DRONES or LOOK DRONE LIST will show the full list.


  • Babies created with the genetic sequencing lab will no longer have a bunch of garbage objects in their trust lists.
  • Fixed an age-old exploit that allowed salvage lifeforms to attack (and destroy the clothes of) defenseless sleeping players.
  • Tradesman items should now give much more informational information to administrators upon being destroyed in case they need to be restored later.


  • Fixed a bug where trading centers didn't apply bardenium weight modifiers, resulting in the ability to vastly overstuff your storage with bardenium and resulting in a negative remaining weight capacity.


  • Loosened automatic emote abuse flagging quite a great deal. Using somewhat common phrases should no longer flag you as abusive in most cases.


  • Standard shops will now include ships from all landing sites when trying to deliver items if they're on a planet that has them.


  • Escape pods that have been redirected to another ship will now make a few somewhat necessary course corrections to go to the owner's home planet instead of depositing passengers in the recycling plant if the target ship is destroyed mid-flight.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent transporting a ship to a private garage if the planet lacked a public garage.
  • You will now always receive a confirmation prompt regardless of ship-options 13 (auto-confirm landing and Jumpgate prompts) being active if you move to the destination via manual navigation.


  • Fixed a bug with floor to ceiling blast doors where failing to maneuver over an opening door would incorrectly say that it was closing.


  • Floor to ceiling blast doors will no longer say that you hop/leap under the blast door. Ceiling to floor blast doors will now properly denote whether the door is opening or closing when you're unable to venture forth beneath them. Finally, to aid with extraneous output, the blast door control activation message will now only appear for the room and won't be shown to the person activating it.
  • Fixed an oversight that would result in no output when trying to move through a moving blast door going up or down.


  • Wandering babies should now be able to wander on private stations, moons, and planets. Please REPORT or ASSIST if you notice any weirdness beyond how weird babies are in the first place.


  • Fixed an issue where a whole group of people and objects would follow you if you succeeded in dramatically crossing the threshold of a closing blast door.


  • Airlocks will now refuse to cycle if a baby is present but inside a stroller.


  • Droids can now be booted from private property. If on a station, moon, or planet, the droid will be booted to the landing pad. If in a house, the droid will be booted to the same place other players are booted to. Ways to forcefully drag droids off of space-born private property entirely coming soon!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the BOOT command in observation rooms to not work on a small subset of private structures.


  • It is no longer possible to clap if you don't have both hands free. Yes, this is how bored we are.


  • Simulating a food robot design will now automatically create baby spoons and baby bottles if you have babyish things of that nature on your menu to facilitate testing messages.


  • You can no longer trash tradesman envelopes if they have a certificate wafer inside, to prevent accidentally forfeiting your replacement certificate.
  • Fixed a bug where security centers in newly minted properties created from a simulated blueprint would not receive camera announcements.


  • The SITTING command will now show who might be sitting to your left and right on furniture, to facilitate the jerks that enjoy not-so-discreetly elbowing each other in the ribs.
  • Added the 'RESET' argument to the TUR command in starship control rooms for ship owners to reset all installed internal stun turret labels to the default.
  • Added options to purchase starmap viewing terminals and independent damage monitoring consoles for all compatible rooms in your ship. Also rejiggered the store menu where they're sold slightly to be less cluttery.


  • The HITS command now shows a total at the bottom.


  • The DOORRESET-command will now work on custom apartment doors. Also added it to the 'Building Commands' and 'Doors' help files.


  • Added number of landing pads/docking bays and date of property registration to the STATUS command in private structure security centers.
  • The Office of Private Property Information Services on pax will now show the date of registration for any properties you own.


  • Added internal turret camera profiles. You can access the configuration menu by typing TUR PROFILES (profile, config, conf, prof, or other variations also work). Adding rooms to a profile will result in their cameras being activated upon loading the configuration. For quickness, you can also add a profile name after the command (e.g. tur profile mission). The full profile name isn't required either, so you could, in theory, do TUR profile MIS to activate the mission profile if you had nothing else that matched.


  • You can no longer create a custom social command that begins with an at (@) sign.


  • Added the REORDER-BLASTDOOR command for ship owner blast door reordering shenanigans.
  • Friendly alien starships, forever grateful for assistance, will now offer one free service if you happen to destroy all of the Praelor in the sector before they attack the unknown ship.
  • Stores now offer the option to use the same options when purchasing multiples of the same item.


  • Installed tripwires will now show under the SECURITY-command next to the corresponding blast door.
  • Cutting torches and handheld metallurgical scanners now count towards your overall worth.


  • Blast doors can now be cut with torches to gain entry. Battlecruisers can now have two blast doors. Players can now choose where to place blast doors in the ship. More information available in board post 83862.
  • Added blast door tripwires. More information available in board post 83864.
  • Added current / maximum installable blast doors to the STATUS command for those fanatics.
  • Battlecruisers can now be DISOWNed to prevent conditions where a player would be unable to purchase another one ever again.
  • It should now be possible to duck under or leap over blast doors that are in the process of opening if you time things right.
  • In order to prevent nasty accidents, it is no longer possible to launch an atmospheric salvager when landed on a planet with a hostile environment without a spacesuit.
  • You can now TRANSFER ALL in an atmospheric salvager control room to avoid seeing the transfer menu.


  • Updated HELP TRADESMAN RULES to include some of the stuff from announcements that never made it into the help file. Most people are already aware, but it's nice to have it all in one place. Feel free to REPORT your favorite missing rules!


  • Updated the examples listed in POLICY 3.


  • Updated the enforcement section of POLICY 4 to clarify the distinction between scripting and other forms of cheating. The primary clarification is that cases of bug and loophole abuse carry different penalties from scripting. (Previously this distinction was made by an initial paragraph that was easy to miss or misinterpret due to formatting.)


  • Notifications of Praelor locks are now controlled on an individual basis. If you previously had NOLOCK enabled on your ship, you'll now want to enable GAG-OPTIONS 22. Or type NOLOCK again, which is now a shortcut for the gag option for backward compatibility.


  • Fixed a longstanding bug in character creation where you wouldn't receive your tradesman items (or penalties!) if you disconnected in the middle of appearance generation.


  • Stores on player-owned structures in uncharted space are no longer eligible to appear in the Lore shopping guide.
  • Added a NOGUIDE command to private stores that allows the primary owner of a structure to redact a shop's listing from the Lore shopping guide. Typing it again will re-add the shop. Loretech Industries, of course, charges a small fee for such requests.


  • Fixed an exploit that permitted people to read letters that weren't addressed to them if they put them in picture frames.


  • Certain apartment rooms now come with basic doors. See board post 83816 for details.


  • You can now use the equals (=) sign instead of a plus when inputting directions to NAVI. Other small corrections have also been made, such as being able to use +5 and -5 to go up or down if you're verbose.


  • Closets, duffel bags and other containers that facilitate clothing compression now obey ITEM-O 10 (display container contents as list).


  • Fixed an issue where the Lore shopping guide was too stupid to recognize when a price was worthy of adding commas to according to the cash comma option.
  • Fixed a traceback condition in the Lore shopping guide for variably priced items like starship upgrades.


  • Spacesuit forcefields will finally show in your description if you clip them to belts.


  • Fixed an oversight in GAG-OPTIONS 21 (control room 'fired at' messages) that would cause observation rooms to not see when ships were firing at one another.


  • During host-noted events, the PA-CHECK command will now indicate that out of character communication via the intercom is not permitted, regardless of the preferences of people aboard.
  • Our long national nightmare is finally over! GAG-OPTIONS now includes an option to gag 'fired at' messages from other starships.


  • Escape pods launched from support fighters out of communications range will no longer temporarily put you back in communications range.
  • Escape pods launched from starships out of comms will now remain out of comms until they have traversed through the wormhole back home.


  • The POINTS command in ship stores now accepts search arguments. (e.g. POINTS DART or POINTS ONE)
  • Added a ROOMFIX command to building avatars that allows people to destroy rooms that lack any exits and seemingly exist in limbo.


  • Atmospheric combat vehicles now count toward your worth.


  • Fixed a small oversight that allowed people to END card games even if they weren't playing. You can still end a game if none of the players are left in the room where the game is taking place.


  • Fixed a bug where PEEK would show objects that should be invisible.


  • Added the LAG FORMAT command to toggle whether lag is shown in milliseconds or seconds.


  • Private properties put up for auction will now automatically have their door passwords and garage access lists cleared.


  • Added a note when activating GENRAL-OPTIONS 9 that warns people about the visibility of tuned metafrequency communicators or other private information that might be perusable by less-than-savory individuals.
  • Contrary to the last change, made it so metafrequency channel labels and frequencies will not show up at all when the communicator is not on your character in some fashion or in your location.


  • Fixed an exploit that would allow starships to launch more than one interdictor every three seconds if multiple people initiated the launching process at the same time.
  • Added a note to the text of policy 6 that details specifically what characters might not be eligible for restoration.
  • Blazon rockets (also known as twink weapons of doom) have once again received a rebalance. They will no longer target weapons, and instead, will target all components on the ship. Damage incurred on components has been decreased. Time to fire rockets has been increased, based on how many rockets are loaded. You will now receive roundtime when firing rockets. The firing message has been moved to display after rockets hit, not before. Prices for rockets have also been increased. Any assists requesting to discuss these balance changes will be force canceled. We (mostly I) am sick of trying to keep up with people that can't be responsible, so this is what happens. More changes may come in the future.


  • Hang and unhang will no longer show in commands if the object isn't hangable.


  • The tradesman adoption menu on Empanda Station now allows you to peruse all available items as well as view attributes on particular items even if you cannot request a donator item at that very moment.


  • Added a new GAG-OPTION (gag-o 20) for candle burning messages.


  • Fixed a seemingly inconsequential exploit where one could join another player on a landing pad and then hold them while the other player was prompted, resulting in both players following one another.
  • Archaeological artifacts that aren't empty can no longer be put it archaeological artifact containers.
  • You can no longer wear pieces of stun armor over combat suits.
  • You can no longer wear combat suits on top of or beneath standard armor to create a double layer of protection.


  • Trading centers now explicitly tell you when they're maxed out on a commodity (no current need) instead of just not wanting it ever (no demand at all).


  • Fixed an oversight that caused Outreach and Acrylon to utilize very old style pre-2010 flight control when ship's were launching.
  • You can now only transport ships you have keys to from garages on capital planets. Thank spammers.
  • Made a few more slight changes to blazon rockets. 6 rockets are fired instead of 12. Fixed it so you can't choose a target in the menu if they're no longer in range. Rockets will no longer hit a target if they move out of range similar to long-range lasers, giving people a chance to evade them if they know how.
  • Ducts now allow you to PEEK to catch glimpses of objects in the room beyond. There is a 50% chance (per-person) that people in the room will notice the duct panel moving, so spies beware.
  • Blazon rocket salvo size has been restored to 12, although the distance fixes remain.
  • Trading centers now indulge in monthly cheats where they will reset their supply and demand levels to factory defaults for... reasons...
  • Magnesium is now in demand instead of being sold for no reason whatsoever.
  • In order to fix an exploit, guarding security drones will no longer stun someone if they're already stunned.


  • Fixed starship communication relays so you can unlink them with the TR SHIP UNLINK command, even if your communicator is not in range. Also added the more natural command TR UNLINK SHIP (or starship) and made TR UNLINK not count against your communication flood limit.
  • Letters and notes in your hands will now always match before notes tacked to corkboards in the room.
  • You will now be notified if you have any pending IQMN messages upon connecting to the game or activating a RAVEN holographic interface.
  • Added a new spell option (SPELL-O 6) "Don't Engage Spell Checker On Certain Metafrequency Channels". This allows one to exclude certain metafrequencies from ever being spell checked if you have transmission spell check enabled.


  • It should no longer be possible to load or unload gadget bots if they're not on your person or on the ground.
  • You can now UNLOAD <ammunition name> from <ammo storage container> to quickly unload weapon ammunition without having to deal with a menu.


  • The robotics lab will no longer prevent you from adding additional menu headers if you've added the maximum amount of menu items.
  • Lockboxey-like containers now support item-options 10 (Display Container Contents as List).
  • Evaluating the worth of a compressed blueprint will no longer fail. (This was an artifact of switching blueprint compression to use text files instead of in-database monkey business.)
  • Fixed a bug where your coordinates would be updated after following somebody into a dynamic room from a regular one, instead of before. In turn this would usually result in incorrect coordinates being displayed upon following somebody, but LOOKing later would show the correct ones. No more unpredictable confusion!
  • Editing book pages with the flexible editor should now work 100% more successfully.
  • Since it is entirely out of character, the tradesman certificate marketplace can now be accessed out of communications range.
  • Private property can no longer be transferred to someone if their previous character has owned the property in the past. Thank people that thought they weren't getting noticed.


  • The timeline now details (or briefly mentions, whichever) the events of unlucky 2127.


  • Babies now lose all their clothing upon their parent's deletion. This means that rerolls won't get penalized for graverobbing their baby's clothing anymore. In theory.
  • Gadget bots, both conventional as well as the wearable types, along with those mounts with the ability to contain things now follow the lead of babies and expel their guts into the recycler when their owner deletes. Take that, graverobbing fees!


  • The nearby-o command will now notify you if you enter an invalid option when changing your nearby order.


  • Strollers can now be added to the filters of sanitation drones. Sanitation drones will also no longer steal strollers that are following someone.
  • Detailing drones on Zander now looks 100% less stupid when choosing colors beginning with vowels.


  • Planets and space stations out of communications range will no longer sentence you to time behind bars for firing on them. This doesn't mean other, less than desirable things might not happen, however. If you know what I mean.
  • Looking at earrings and other piercings will now tell you what part of your body they're meant to go in.
  • Added the RAGELOCKOUT command.


  • Transmitting using communicator hardlinks now announces to the room like normal.
  • Jumpgates now show up on long-range scans.


  • Books and journals now allow you to edit the current page inside the flexible editor by typing WRITE <book> again while turned to the offending page.
  • You now need at least one free hand to PULL people to their feet.
  • Added a PASTE command to the flexible editor which allows one to insert the contents of notes or letters into a working body of text. You must be able to read the letter or note that you wish to paste.


  • Throwing wood into a fireplace while there's already a fire going will now refresh the fire.


  • Looking at baby food and drinks will now tell you how many servings they have left. This should also help with testing baby food and drinks in food robots when creating them in the robotics lab.


  • I don't see that here? YOU don't see that here!


  • The SILENT-command can now be typed anywhere, regardless of whether you're standing in a starship control room or not.


  • You can no longer transfer leadership status of a group to somebody else while standing on a landing pad.
  • Entering a blank label in the LABEL <multifrequency communicator> command now clears any existing label for that frequency. Also removed a silly reminder to enable the label matching option and instead enable the option automatically.


  • Fixed a bug where checking the worth of a blueprint that had been compressed into a file would cause a horrific error.
  • Added the LEADER <player> command to transfer leadership of your current group over to somebody else in the group.


  • Added the NAMES <object> command to give you a best guess as to what names an object will respond to if it accepts verbal commands.
  • ... now with 100% less admin checking. By which I mean fixed an issue where the NAMES command would never work for anybody.


  • Trying to register with a courier company you're already registered with will now tell you that you're registered with it, instead of telling you that you should quit your job first.


  • Baby food an drinks can now be added to food robots using the robotics lab.


  • Yelling in a shower will now be audible to people in the same room as the shower.
  • Fixed a bug where starships with on board asteroid rovers would cause a traceback when ownership was transferred.


  • In an attempt to make doing laundry a bit less tedious, washing machines and dryers now have a maximum capacity of 30 objects.


  • To avoid finishing that last Christmas gift request, I made packages of stationery show the type of stationery contained within.


  • Fixed a bug (I guess?) where multiple types of filth wouldn't show in your description at the same time. Now one type of slime or snowball or whatever won't take precedence over another and cause it to be hidden.
  • Stamps can now be used on letters, notes, and packages. Excitement abounds.
  • Added a docking bay/landing pad parent for structures designed inside of architectural design simulators. The new parent will show up under the PARENT command, and will not appear for players outside of a simulated environment.
  • Fixed a bug in wind instruments that wouldn't allow you to play a specific tune.


  • Updated the enforcement section of policy 4 with information about client scripts.


  • Communicator hardlinks can now be used while you have roundtime.
  • Private property transferrals on Aquatimis should work once again. (The reason for them being broken has to do with something that will be revealed in an announcement in the coming hours. Or days. Nobody can predict these things!)
  • Flight control scanners that have the CHRISTMAS alliance filtered will no longer announce Santa's space sleigh launching.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the 2014 Santa Box(tm) to not function properly if you didn't have a pre-existing laser color modification in place.


  • Clay storage cabinets should actually prevent clay from rotting out when closed now.
  • Fixed a bug that would strip the last period from an ellipsis, making you look like a fool. Sorry.


  • You can no longer bid on auctions if you are already the high bidder.


  • Fixed an error with the communication loopback recipient that would rear its ugly head if you were transmitting via a communicator hardlink.
  • Fixed a bug with store-bought multislices that would result in the number of slices being saved to the description upon being purchased. This would in turn result in the enumeration of slices at purchase time plus the current number of slices remaining being shown. (For example: You see 12 slices of delicious pineapple pizza remaining. You see six slices of delicious pineapple pizza remaining.)
  • Pilot NPCs will no longer attempt to get repairs or charge from privately owned structures.
  • Christmas trees will no longer fit into backpacks or other probably-maybe-quite-possibly-too-small containers.


  • Added experimental support for Lore regular expression searches. From the memo menu, you can type a forward slash (/) followed by a regular expression and see what happens! Hopefully not bad things.
  • Managing organization membership requests will now clear the list of any non-player objects.


  • Introducing the XMAS command. Just type it to see if you're a Scrooge or if you're on the naughty list.
  • Added communicator hardlinks, which have nothing to do with filesystem hardlinks. Hardlinks are basically forced aliases used to refer to a private link, but they also function like metafrequency labels in that you can use a hardlink name as a command name to communicate with that individual. A quick example. TR HARDLINK SANTA. It asks for the link name, you type 'fatty'. From now on you can type 'FATTY OH HELLO.' or 'TR FATTY OH HELLO.' to communicate with Santa. When that gets old, TR HARDLINK REMOVE.


  • Added a NOTES command to building avatars to list all notes written for the room you're standing in.


  • You can now force whole-word matching by adding a plus sign (+) in front of a matching term. e.g. 'look +bar' or 'look' will look only at the first and second things that have bar in the name and not a part of other words in the name. That is to say in a room with barbed wire, a gold bar, Barry Allen, and a bar of soap, typing 'look +bar' will match to the gold bar and 'look' will match the bar of soap. Perfect sense!


  • Fixed another oversight that would show the object number of your target (along with other miscellaneous goodies) if you used a 0 when referencing an object name in an extended emote. For example -Mitchell0.


  • Added the ability to overwrite a design stored on a blueprint data disc with a different design.
  • Also added a few more items to the list of items creatable inside architectural design simulators (this was actually 3 days ago, but I'm terrible at this changelog thing). Suggestions for more custom item types are always accepted!
  • Fixed a bug where communicator socials marked as 'don't work singularly' would, in fact, work singularly. This resulted in infortunate situations where, for example, you couldn't transmit 'Quiet.' to tell a group of miscreants to shut up.


  • Fixed a bug with the emote command that would result in object numbers appearing if you capitalized another player's name when matching to them.
  • Linking a new drone remote will now automatically transfer ownership of the remote to you if you didn't own it previously to prevent baffling circumstances such as owning the drone but not owning the remote it was linked to. 9 times out of 10 this would also result in not being able to control your own drone. No longer!


  • You can now set how many uses food spreads and drink mixes will have in the robotics lab on Empanda Station.


  • Fixed a number of bugs with blueprint data discs: you can no longer start an import or copy operation if there is already one in progress and importing discs now checks to see if the blueprint name is already being used, and if so, the name will automatically be changed so you can differentiate. Also fixed a much more obscure bug where structures imported from discs would allow you to install biometric locks on the wrong side of an exit.
  • Are you vain? If so, you probably think this changelog's about you. If not, be aware that Empanda now offers a vanity workshop where one can build, you know, a custom vanity. Beware, it has a lot of options. And I barely understand them all. Oh, and for this one, you can type GENDER in the simulator to swap your gender-defining parts.
  • Storage containers have been added to hold your unsculpted clay. Please consider using them if you do not wish for your clay to dry out and disappear.


  • Fixed a bug with new message board posts that would result in the confirmation menu being repeated infinitely if you chose to edit your post and conditions were appropriate enough.
  • Introduced clay sculpting. Please report if you encounter any oddities.
  • It is now possible to ENTITLE your clay things prior to firing. It isn't required, but it is recommended.
  • Also changed the wording on the name of sculptures. This only applies to new creations, not old ones.
  • Added the ability to set custom exit messages in architectural design simulators. To set the messages on an exit, type EXIT-MESSAGES <exit name> (EXITMSG is the shortened version of this, for the lazy). You can use various substitutions and pronouns in exit messages as well, which are detailed in the PRONOUNS command when connected to your design.
  • Simulated avatars will now be notified when they cause tracebacks.


  • You can now add multislices to food robots created in the robotics lab on Empanda Station.
  • Have you ever wanted to design your very own forcefield spacesuit, only to be so frustrated because you weren't able to design one to your exact specifications due to not knowing how they're made that you wanted to slam your head into a wall until you fell unconscious? Your troubles are over! Introducing the personal forcefield research and development lab on Empanda Station!
  • Tradesman labs now check if it's Christmas time before denying you access. (This means that non-donators and people without tradesman certificates can make their requests now.)
  • Droids now respect your options in regards to silent and quiet ship modes.
  • You can now force an E2 object match to be capitalized by capitalizing your match string. e.g. Lowercase: -toast. Uppercase: -Toast. YOU GET IT I'M SURE.
  • Rejiggered the way new food and drink items are generated in the robotics lab in a quite meaningful way. This won't mean anything for players, but it does make adding new item types considerably more streamlined for us. Relatedly, added drink bottles to the robotics lab and made food robots parse options in item descriptions (A %size cookie looks quite scrumptious becomes a giant cookie looks quite scrumptious). New food robots(tm) likewise support drink bottles now. The number of drink supplies taken from the robot upon ordering a bottle is dependent on how many servings are in the bottle itself.
  • Implemented blueprint data discs to copy designs from one simulator to another. To use them, INSERT <disc> into <architectural design simulator>, copy your design to the disc, and then EJECT it. Once your disc has a design written to it, INSERT it into the destination simulator and import the design from the menu. You can also LABEL or ENTITLE <disc> to give it a fancy name.
  • Biometric locks can now be installed on go exits with the BIOADD <go exit name> command.
  • You can now use your first or last name in E2 by adding a 1 or a 2, respectively, to the asterisk. e.g. *1 will be replaced with your first name and *2 will be replaced with your last name. * is your full name.
  • Added drink mixes and food spreads to the ever-growing options in the Empanda Station robotics lab.


  • Lore memos now allow you to jump to menu selections by typing a partial name instead of searching for a number in the menu. (You can also use matching, so if you have 50 documents called 'Secret Popsi Formula' you can do '30.popsi' or 'third popsi' etc)
  • Added a COMM-OPTION to exclude link recipients (auctions, missions, loopback, reminders, etc) from cluttering your private communication history (HISTORY PRIVATE).
  • Tracked down and fixed a bug that let people land on private moons and stations even if their alliance was denied landing.
  • Added ITEM-OPTION 13 (set default Lore device) to choose a Lore computer that your shortcut commands will always match to if you're in the habit of wearing more than one.
  • It is now possible to purchase abandoned property from the real estate offices on Pax without having to go through a (sometimes lengthy) process of assisting to have a host transfer it manually. To do so, Wander on over to the Shared Offices of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax and type BUY. Pick the property that you're interested in, confirm the transaction, and you're golden. Of course, this means that assists requesting to purchase property for sale will be furiously force canceled with fervor.


  • Do you like makin' babies? *CREEPY WINK* We don't either. So we're cutting costs by making you do all the work! I mean uh, we're providing you the opportunity to customize your babies like never before without (much) host intervention! Interested parties should mosey on down to the infant genetic sequencing lab on Empanda to create awful, unnatural, filthy vat-grown babies today!
  • The daycare center on Empanda has been moved to facilitate the retrieval of infantile life forms for donators and non-donators alike requesting from the genetic sequencing lab.
  • Introducing sticky notes! Stick them to your friends! The walls! People's babies! Dogs, cats, camels, 'gators, starships, even space itself! The possibilities are both endless AND spammy! (Commands: stick note to <thing>, unstick note from <thing>)
  • Auctioneers (by which I mean hosts) now have the ability to provide summaries for an item that goes up for auction. Item summaries will appear under the TR AUCTION SHOW <ID> command if there is one available.
  • The robotics lab (and future Santa-approved labs / workshops) now allow you to submit your request as a Santa request if it's that time of year.
  • Added a reset option to the menu on architectural design simulators to delete all blueprints if you are the owner. This will work regardless of designs being password-protected.
  • Are you forgetful like me? Worry no longer! Introducing the DOORRESET command to clear the passwords on any doors in a private structure that you own. Who needs privacy, anyways?
  • Fixed a bug where sticky notes wouldn't budge from walls. Also, you can now use WALL or HERE to refer to the room.
  • LOOK FOR NOTES now presents you with a fine menu of all the notes you can find in the room to help disambiguate.
  • Improved Lore photo album pagination so you (probably) always get the option to import or close the album regardless of which page you're on.
  • Added HELP LOOK COMMAND to remind you of the smattering of ridiculously exciting special options available to look at.
  • You can now (experimentally, of course) configure custom match ordering on a per-command basis. You can find this in MATCH-ORDER! Beware that it might have unexpected consequences or not work at all depending on the command. Be sure to REPORT where it doesn't work and we'll see what we can do.


  • Fixed a bug where doors that lead through go exits would be deleted when importing an existing design into an architectural design simulator.


  • Fixed a bug where modifying existing robots would end up cloning them instead.
  • Improved parsing of communicator socials when using a custom delimiter.


  • Fixed a bug in the robotics lab where you could only add three options before it kicked you out and claimed you'd added five.
  • Fixed a small bug where reviewing booze in the robotics lab could cause a traceback if there wasn't a high enough alcohol content (generally only affecting older, converted robots).


  • Quiet running mode (aka pointless spammy message mode) is now an individual SHIP-OPTION instead of a per-ship option.
  • Silent mode is also now an individualized ship-option instead of applying for the whole ship. Typing SILENT (or the less known SILENTSHIP command) will still toggle the option for backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed a bug where the new silent/quiet mode alterations caused simulated avatars to never see ship movement messages, regardless of their settings.
  • Cigarettes and cigars now tell you if they are lit when LOOKing at them.
  • Moved all of the options related to spell checking into their own subset of options, accessible under the OPTIONS command or SPELL-O. Also added options for spell checking messages sent via ROOC and over PA systems.


  • The Empanda robotics lab (and future things of that nature) now accepts tradesman certificates in exchange for its exciting wares. It's also been relocated to a more convenient location for non-donators who may have certificates to burn.
  • You can now clone existing food robots into the lab to duplicate them (instead of modifying the existing one). Relatedly, completed robots now get mailed to you instead of going to the pet lounge.


  • NAVI will no longer randomly fail to announce the presence of an anomaly if the omnidirectional software patch is in use.
  • NAVI will no longer be interrupted by inferior debris that stands in its path, and instead, will plow right through it like the animal it really is. This of course means that your ship will sustain some damage. How much damage, you ask. The same amount of damage you would receive if you receive the message about feeling a mighty shaking as something seemingly large impacts the hull.


  • Masked people are no longer eligible to change their names. (Also, you can now @abort during a rename! No more embarrassing people named @abort @abort)
  • Introducing the NEARBY command! Ever wondered exactly how many droids are spying in the adjacent room? Have you ever wanted to know how many ships lie dormant in your favorite garage? Or maybe you wanted to know who exactly is about to sneak up on you from another room. The NEARBy command does all of that and more! Typing it reveals the following data about the rooms around you: players (asleep and awake), drones, droids, and ships. Information on drones, droids, and ships is only in amounts, whereas info on players will give you exact names (unless there are many sleeping players, in which it will fall back to amounts). For flexibility, you can also provide arguments. Typing NEARBY <exit name> will only pinpoint the specific room through that exit, and typing NEARBY <people | starships | drones | droids> will offer information only pertaining to the specific type of object you're interested in. Finally, if you don't like how this information is delivered, you can type NEARBY-OPTIONS (shortened to nearby-o for the lazy) to configure it down to a tee. Good luck!


  • You can now OFFER multislices to other players, allowing them to get a piece of the action without the multislice being on the floor or a table. What in the game is a multislice? You know. Those things you GET <thing name> and it gets a thing from the thing.


  • Fixed a bug where you could buy more than the maximum amount of holographic imaging discs for a Lore computer if you had inbetween 41-50 discs already available prior to purchasing.
  • Auction listings (and any future new things that display in columns) no longer attempt to truncate columns to fit within your linelength by default. If you want to bring that behavior back, there's now a GEN-OPTION for it.


  • Made the walk antiscripter more lenient when typing similar directions (south south south south south, for example).


  • Added the 'atmospheric' argument to the INFO command to see how many pieces of atmospheric debris you've salvaged.


  • Ships landing on asteroids should no longer end up in the recycling plant if the asteroid is recycled during landing.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused auctioned drones to be stuck in their shipping boxes.


  • Fixed a bug where firing a pulse emitter at a ship's PA multiple times would result in the PA reactivating multiple times instead of only once. Also fixed a traceback condition if your pulse emitter had a specific kind of custom message and fired at the wall.


  • Fixed a bug where sector 0 wasn't considered a sector to the Lore 'shop by planet' search.


  • Added a CONFIRM command to the auction service that will toggle bid confirmation prompts.
  • Fixed a bug where divers would incur debilitating amounts of stun time if their oxygen tanks were contaminated and they ran out of oxygen at the same time.
  • Food robot designs can now change the message players receive when ordering.
  • Removed the limitation on turning main power on and off. As with the previous changes related to this, we can and will make it limited if you think spamming it is a cool thing to do, because trust me, folks, it isn't.


  • Added a robotics lab to Empanda for designing, testing, and holographically gorging on the products of food robots.


  • Removed the global limitation on POWERing up and down in rapid succession. If somebody spams powering up and down, please REPORT them and they will have the limitation placed back on their character.
  • You can now use an equals sign (=) in place of the + to navigate up when using the omnidirectional NAVI software patch.
  • Similarly to the earlier power throttle removal, TRANSPORTing ships from inside the control room is no longer limited either. We can, however, make it limited if you feel that spamming it is a great idea.


  • You can now SORT PIERCINGS to reorder any various items stuck in punctures in your body that you may be sporting.
  • Added (experimental) support for typing option choices into menus instead of using numbers.
  • You can now LABEL equipment racks. LABEL EQUIP AS [exciting label goes here]


  • Added ferries to pathfinding. This should help with various things like MAP EXIT and DEMOLISHing doodads and whizbangs.
  • Removed some code that was causing the specialty starship purchase time limit to not be enforced.


  • Transmitting BID <ID> without a value will now assume you want to bid the minimum amount to be the high bidder and will handle the details for you.
  • Auctions that receive bids within the last 10 seconds will now be extended by 5 seconds to facilitate fierce and brutal bidding wars.
  • You can now TR AUCTION WATCH (or UNWATCH) all to automatically begin watching auctions as soon as they're posted.
  • Added TR AUCTION HISTORY to show you which auctions you've won. (From this point on.)


  • Added a watching feature to the auction service to let people observe auctions as they unfold. Use the TR AUCTION WATCH/UNWATCH <auction ID> commands to begin or stop watching an auction and TR AUCTION WATCHING to see a list of the auctions that you have under close scrutiny.
  • Oh, added escrow to auctions. See HELP AUCTION for some vague details about what that means for you.


  • Added an auction private link recipient. TR LINK AUCTION and TR AUCTION HELP for more information and to participate in thrilling auctions!


  • Fixed a bug where the starship computer would falsely claim that line stability had been compromised on an asteroid if someone removed an anchor that was not adjacent to the hauling ship itself.


  • Since people are seemingly incapable of picking up after themselves, strollers and baby vehicles can now be taken by anyone regardless of location if they're empty and haven't moved for more than a day. Sanitation drones will also pick up empty strollers, because this plague of random empty strollers everywhere needs to stop.
  • Added gas detonators as atmospheric combat vehicle weapons. See HELP ATMOSPHERIC COMBAT for what is sure to be an exciting read.


  • Fixed a bug where you would always get partial hits on a ship if it was in the midst of a self destruction sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where it would be possible to unbolt lamps and other lightish things of that nature, even if you didn't own the object or have ownership status for the place it was bolted.


  • Using Lore shortcut commands will now prompt you to pick a device if you have more than one in your inventory.


  • Private station, moon, or planet blueprints are now automatically set to deny landing from anyone except for the owner when initially created. This should hopefully cut down on those awkward situations where your completed design is approved by a host, moved into the sector you requested, and a random stranger stumbles upon the structure before you even have a chance to close things up.
  • Fixed an issue where human defenses in an atmospheric combat sector would turn on their human masters and serve their Praelor overlords. Relatedly, human defenses no longer count as viable objectives in an atmospheric combat mission, meaning you now get an ACV reward if you didn't (rightly so) destroy the human structures.


  • You can now cancel description submissions by typing DESCRIBE again in the room it was submitted for.


  • Added a PILOT-OPTION to select which axis the slip drive will utilize when spurred on by the omnidirectional NAVI drive patch.
  • The omnidirectional NAVI software patch will now use autopilot much more efficiently after the slip drive has engaged. Don't know what I mean? That one person that reported it does, and that's all that matters.


  • The bias drive will now automatically adjust your trajectory if the destination coordinates are occupied.
  • Added a long-desired omnidirectional software enhancement for NAVI that will allow it to traverse three-dimensionally. To use it, add a plus or dash (+ or -) in front of the direction, such as NAVI +north for up and north. See the HELP file for more details!
  • Fixed various bugs in the creation of atmospheric combat missions. As a result, quantum vacuum accelerators should work at least 50% of the time, which is a 49% increase in functionality!


  • Fixed a bug where droid remotes couldn't communicate with the linked droid if you were in a launched gas or aquatic salvager out of communications range.
  • Transferring a ship with support fighters equipped will now transfer the fighters to the new owner if they have the points for them.
  • It should now be possible for people assigned to a store, docking bay/landing pad, and ITPN station on a private structure to bolt objects.
  • Simulators now allow you to duplicate any existing simulated ship's upgrade configuration. Just in case you object to saving upgrade profiles. Or forgot. Or maybe /I/ forgot.
  • Simulators no longer count drones against your total starship limit. Relatedly, drones are no longer options for duplication in simulators.
  • Fixed an issue where importing ships did not import repair upgrades.
  • The simulator RECHARGE command now fills up the overdrive capacitor if a ship is such-equipped.


  • The DOORAUTHORIZE command now indicates who is already authorized instead of making you wildly guess what's going on.
  • You can no longer TRANSPORT ships to a private garage while standing on a landing pad if you don't own the ship in question. This is to prevent people from sneakily transporting somebody else's ship into their own private garage for safe keeping.
  • The TRANSPORT command in starship control rooms now has an accompanying announcement to indicate who's moving your ship around.
  • Improved the odds of a ship launching from a docking bay NOT ending up in the same coordinates as an incoming AI ship.
  • Fixed a bug where USE TELESCOPE would not work without arguments. Now it does!
  • Dryers are now better able to mercilessly extract all semblances of moisture from anything unfortunate enough to be caught inside of them, now including things attached to belts or shoved in pockets. NOWHERE TO HIDE.
  • NAVI can now resume after a wider variety of failures, including after stopping for an interdiction field.
  • You can now DUMP/EMPTY archaeological artifact containers into one another.
  • Communicator socials now count towards the @TOP-SOCIALS list.
  • Internal stun turret cameras will no longer cut off trailing quotation marks from text they see.
  • Droids that share names with socials should now be much more obedient when instructed to do those socials (e.g. Slap the droid wouldn't be able to slap people).
  • Added yet more sanity checks to short-range rockets on CTN Blazons to prevent firing on a ship that has since left the sector.
  • Improved support for MATCH-OPTION 4. It should now fail in a lot more places, including the ENTER command.
  • Matching in rooms with hundreds of thousands of objects (like, say, garages) is now up to 66% faster and that much less destructive to the game's overall resource usage.
  • Fixed a bug where planets, stations, or moons that lack flight control would fail to give a message about being unable to find a launch trajectory if launching was unsuccessful.
  • Fixed a bug where space stations checked the flight control status of the sector rather than the structure when deciding whether or not to announce landings.


  • Climbing ropes can no longer be bolted and now you must HANG them.
  • Fixed a bug where image discs containing ANSI colors would not match correctly.
  • It is no longer possible to change a starship's authorization code if said starship lacks power.
  • Added an option to Lore computers to allow anyone to track the position of the device via the TransLink network, regardless of tracking authorization (also known as 'stalker mode', or less colloquially, masochism). Use at your own risk! For hopefully obvious reasons, it's set to off by default.
  • Deauthorizing somebody from a droid that is following them will now cause it to stop following.
  • Going on a planetary mining expedition will now result in you being out of comms until you return on the transport.
  • Praelor freighters will now automatically leave the active mission sector if there is no debris to be had.
  • Fixed a bug where docking with the docking ring would still work if the ship that was trying to dock lost main power.


  • Sitting in bathtubs or hot tubs will now make you smell delicious if there is scented bubble bath present.
  • Blockading using English directions (blockade up south, blockade e) now works 100% of the time instead of saying 'invalid direction' in response to perfectly valid input.


  • Shooting the wall (or speaker) in a ship, house, or other private structure with a pulse emitter will now result in the intercom being disabled for that room for a short time. Never be tormented by the constantly droning voices of your mentally deranged comrades again.
  • Fixed a bug where handheld electronics manufacturing facilities would complete their work at 10% rather than 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where you could open a wormhole even if you didn't have enough power to do so.
  • Fixed an ever so small oversight that made it so people couldn't KNOCK on doors.
  • Per the Starship Room Naming Guidelines enacted in 2352, all weapon rooms in current and future three-person cruisers have been renamed to 'Weapons Room'.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to LOCK <ship name> or UNLOCK <ship name> would fail without a message in certain locations.
  • Interplanetary transport pods will no longer open a wormhole if their destination is in the same sector as the place they launched from.
  • TR LINKS no longer counts against your communicator flood / spam limit.
  • Fixed a bug where match aliases wouldn't work when trying to GET things from standard containers.


  • Apartment doorbell settings can now be changed by ANY owner and not just the primary owner.
  • Communicator socials now work properly if your message is entirely numeric (e.g. tr bob 4000 *laughs*). Also fixed a bug where the aforementioned number fix would break 'lazy invocation' (e.g. tr bob 8laughs8).
  • As HOTLY REQUESTED, you can now COUNT WALL to count how many things are hanging on the wall.
  • Booze can no longer be opened with any old object (say, a Lore printout or a book) that has 'cork remover' in the name.
  • Simulators no longer duplicate damage when importing real ships.
  • You can now PRESS/PUSH <level number> in a lift to quickly commence movement to the corresponding floor number.
  • Added a COMM-OPTION to change the character used to indicate a word is a comm social. (e.g. change 8laughs8 to zlaughsz or whatever you're into)
  • Ever vigilant starship computers now announce when gigantic rocks (asteroids, my friends) fly into and out of the sector.
  • You can now prefix lines in the flexible editor with a back slash (\) character to make sure they don't get parsed. For example typing '\/help' would allow you to write '/help' in to the working text.
  • Fixed a bug where typing SHOOT WALL in a room by yourself would result in shooting yourself in the head instead.
  • Hardcoded morality now prevents you from shoving babies into diaper bags.


  • Lore tracking now tries harder to find rooms instead of reporting the names of random unhelpful bags.
  • Fixed a bug where drones added to a paused simulator would not move after unpausing.
  • The EMPTY command on tents now includes typically unmovable objects, allowing the tent to be collapsed.
  • Transmitting static over private communicators no longer shows as an empty message to the transmitter.
  • Fixed a bug where the ENTER command in space would show all ships you had keys to in the sector regardless of what coordinates they were occupying.
  • Fixed a bug where the SLOCK/SUNLOCK commands in space would show all of the ships in the sector that you had keys to, allowing you to lock or unlock ships you werent sharing coordinates with.
  • Fixed a (possible) issue that could cause unknown friendly starships to remain in the sector after announcing their departure.


  • Combat drones should now be considerably more vocal about their demise.
  • Fixed a bug where lifts in structures that were imported into an architectural design simulator would connect themselves to the structure in the real game, resulting in your holographic avatar existing for a blink of an eye inside of the real place that the design was imported from.


  • Added a 'Starship Destruction Bounty' help file to help clarify the new(ish) way kills are tallied.
  • Tables and other miscellaneous table-like furniture will now show who is sitting at them when you look at them.


  • Lore photos can now be transmitted to up to six IDs at one time.
  • Combat drones have been optimize to be much less resource intensive. The ship will now store which drones have been launched, rather than looping through the entire contents of the sector every time they're recalled. Succinctly, checks were also added to prevent drones from duplicating out of nowhere. Finally, you can no longer recall combat drones immediately after launching them. Thank the people that thought it would be great fun to spam everybody with this over and over.


  • Fixed about 71 different verbs to not cause unwelcome matching ambiguities.
  • Typing @ABORT inside the flexible editor will now always abort regardless of your command prefix.


  • Added a help file for lag. Please read this instead of asking if everyone else is dealing with horrible bouts of lag and unresponsiveness.
  • The MAP EXIT command will now detect go exits leading out of a house.


  • Added an ANYONE command to mounts to configure trust options.
  • Added an @LAG command (or just LAG) that will print estimated server and network latency.


  • Starship drive engagement matrices will now display in the ship's STATUS report.


  • It is no longer possible to submit an untitled video disc to sell to the public.
  • When finishing video discs, if left untitled, you will be harassed to ENTITLE prior to finalizing.
  • Added the 'destroyed' argument to the DAMAGE command to display only destroyed components.


  • Implemented the ability to edit the text of an already written letter if you're using the flexible editor.
  • Added a FIND command to the flexible editor interface.
  • Added an upgrade that allows one to reconfigure the drive order that's used by NAVI. Access with DRIVE-ORDER from a starship control room, or DRIVE-O for short.
  • Simulated building avatars now have the ability to DEMOLISH enter exits.
  • The repairall command in starship simulators now repairs structural damage.
  • You can now change the door type for biometric entrances in simulated houses by typing DOORTYPE <door name>.


  • Implemented a highly experimental editing interface that allows one to change and manipulate bodies of text prior to submitting it, without having to erase the whole thing and redo. You can opt in to the beta test by typing EDIT-OPTIONS. The editor will automatically appear when you receive a multiple line prompt, such as a new message board post or writing a Lore file.
  • Flexible editor(tm) will now interface with Lore files correctly. This means if you are using the editor, your Lore computer will now allow you to list, delete, or insert into already written files without having to overwrite or append.


  • Passenger transport has been added to Outreach to fall in line with the other capital planets.


  • Gadget bots can no longer carry more than 250 items.


  • Private organization admins now have the ability to alter the organization's description that appears when someone examines the public information available.
  • Implemented a somewhat experimental comm social blacklist feature to ignore specific communicator socials. Available under COMM-OPTIONS.


  • Observation rooms have been added to Acrylon and Angelus.
  • Updated the examples and enforcement sections of the cheating policy.
  • Fixed a matching issue where matching would fail if you tried to PUT ART IN ART (or otherwise used the same name referencing different objects) while spacewalking.


  • Removed ancient (and pretty terrible) pre-artifact container container code from the ESTIMATE command that made it possible to estimate things you shouldn't, like people or ships.
  • Severe arm injuries now affect how long it takes you to dig with manual tools. Broken arms prevent digging altogether. Powered tools are unaffected.
  • Fixed a bug where asteroid kits would retrieve anchors if they had been deployed but not tied.
  • Fixed several matching issues with the LOOK command during spacewalks. Please REPORT if you suddenly see anything you shouldn't see.


  • Fixed support fighters and their whacked out charge. Now new purchases should have a full battery and all existing ones have had their batteries refilled.
  • Added a new difficult combat mission primarily directed toward gunships and other smaller combative ships. Balance pending.


  • Fixed a bug where new closets(tm) would not compress baby clothing properly, resulting in clothing not going into the right slot when PUT on a baby if you had stored it in a closet.
  • I finally got tired of people being dirty spies, so you can no longer do @tops 1-567843 to see every player in the game. This applies for every tops list.


  • Combat announcements pertaining to CTN ships via flight control now enjoy the same spam capping as Praelor ships.


  • Added SLOCATE HERE (or LOCATE HERE ON KEYRING) to list the ships that track to your current planet or space station.


  • Penalties such as OOC warnings and policy violations will no longer appear when viewing your point summary to preserve immersion. They will, however, now appear under the SCORE-command. You can use the arguments 'penalty' or 'penalties' to quickly list them.


  • Fixed a bug where if you had spell check say messages (ROOM-O 15) enabled and were moved in the midst of correcting errors, your message would show up in the room you started speaking in instead of the one you were moved to.


  • Fixed a bug where droids would mysteriously respond to socials if the first part of the arguments provided matched to the droid, but the rest did not. For example, typing 'punch the world' would result in the first droid in the room responding, even though the social failed to match.


  • Disabled the procedure that would prevent ships from doing anything meaningful if they were sharing coordinates with another ship. Please find more creative ways to destroy people other than placing them into no-win scenarios where they would never have a chance of getting away.


  • Requesting a new courier ship without a promotion will no longer steal all of your money and put you in debt.


  • Fixed a bug where getting sex reassignment surgery and choosing to keep your current name would cause a horrific implosion.
  • Ships should no longer get stuck launching if the ship they launch from is destroyed in mid-launch. Try saying that three times fast.


  • Fixed a bug where the Central Jumpgate Hub cleanup task would consider Praelor starships eligible for being moved back to Jump Hub Station if they had lingered too long.
  • Couriers are no longer immune to super special awesome Praelor interdiction.
  • Added a DEAUTHORIZE command to atmospheric combat vehicles to remove any previously added users.


  • Demolishing rooms or exits will now remove accompanying doors and biometric locks.
  • Praelor ground troops should now be much less synchronistic in their attacks. Also fixed a bug where they would randomly scurry away while in the middle of attacking people, and added some automated protection against those situations where Praelor NPCs could hold people trapped indefinitely. As usual, please REPORT if things go disturbingly awry.
  • Fixed a bug where private station owners could not SORT the room's contents.


  • Fixed a rare bug where someone could MAKE a key to a ship they didn't actually own if a recyclable had snuck into their ownership list, and then had been reused to make a new ship for somebody else. Perplexed? Me too!
  • You can now reference internal stun turrets via their assigned labels when operating them via the TURRET-command.


  • Pilot NPCs will now intelligently choose from a list of sectors in range if there are any, rather than always being random. If there are no sectors in range, they will fall back to using jumpgates for transit.
  • Fixed a bug where pilot NPCs would randomly tell their crew to harass courier ships for no good reason.


  • Added the ability to dig or demolish go exits inside of an architectural design simulator. To add a custom exit, type DIG-GO <exit name> to <room name>. To demolish an already built go exit, type DEMOLISH-GO <exit name>. Be aware that these two commands will not work in real structures and are only available in a simulated environment.
  • Added the ENVIRONMENT-command to architectural design simulators to alter the environment of the room you're standing in.


  • Modified the message you get when trying to dock an asteroid rover when there are no ships that can be docked with to include a hint about needing keys.
  • Added the EMOTETEST <action> command to calibrate your emotes without subjecting the entire room to seeing them.


  • Fixed a bug where the synchronized modulated laser pulse firing sequence could not be started in ships that lacked weapons in the control room.


  • Lore computers will now endlessly nag you about pending photos or photo collections waiting for import, similarly to pending files.
  • Fixed a bug with starship relay channels where a communicator could still be linked with a ship that was in the recycling plant.
  • You can no longer transmit images to a Lore device that lacks a holographic imaging card.


  • Fixed a bug with alternative manual navigation commands that would result in the inability to navigate west.
  • Fixed an oversight with combat AI that would result in various aggressive ships not making any attempt to evade incoming fire.


  • Purchasing a new starship will now prompt you to confirm its name. A new option to turn this prompt off has also been implemented, just in case people get sick of it and feel like smashing their heads open on their desks.


  • The odometer command now requires the ship to be powered.


  • You can now DRY various wet items with towels. Primarily used for wet electronics.


  • Fixed a private organization bug that automatically promoted members when someone left the organization.


  • Removed crossbows and all associated things from the game because people weren't able to handle having them.
  • Updated the 'Donating' help file with information regarding refunds.


  • Praelor AI has been reverted to its state prior to May 27, which means they should be a lot less bouncy and will still lock, even if they lack weapons. Furthermore, a number of Praelor ship classes will no longer trigger laser reflectors on opposing ships.
  • Droids can no longer enter or exit airlocks on remote mode if the internal environment does not match the external one.


  • Fixed a bug with pilot NPCs that would cause them to unceremoniously give up on following a wormhole trace if the sector they were trying to jump to was out of range.


  • Food and drinks now show the number of bites and sips left respectively.


  • Weapon detectors will now take note of the presence of tradesman wearable pulse emitters.


  • Implemented some remedial infinite loop detection code into AI bounty hunters and piloting NPCs that should hopefully automatically stop endless FTL jumps to the same two sectors.
  • Added the option to PRINT a ship's damage report.


  • The GMU upgrade can no longer detect cloaked starships.
  • Since designs are now automatically compressed after not being accessed for several hours, simulated blueprints will no longer be deleted after two months of not being connected to.
  • Blueprints will no longer hang around in the database indefinitely if an architectural design simulator gets recycled.


  • Ships belonging to terrorists or that have terrorists aboard can no longer be expelled on planets with flight control.


  • Added 'droids' as an argument to the PEER-command to specifically look at a group of droids in the adjacent room.
  • You can no longer propose a full military alliance if no alliances are hostile with one another. This does not apply for alliances that cannot be played, such as the CTN.
  • You now must provide valid reasoning for proposing an alliance treaty and have it approved by your alliance leaders.


  • You can now peruse a list of known TERRORISTS in any security center.
  • Updated the terrorists help file to make it a bit more clear about what it would take to be manually flagged as a terrorist.
  • Video probes deployed out of comms will now transmit to a linked ship if the ship shares the same sector with the probe.
  • Anomalies now have a random chance of disrupting a video probe feed.


  • The INV [search] command now pluralizes objects with the same name in the same location.
  • Since certain people seem to lack even an ounce of maturity, it is now impossible to fire at planets, moons, stations and jumpgates.
  • Reversed the previous change and made it so if you fire on a planet, moon, or space station that has flight control, you will automatically be flagged as a terrorist. This will result in your inability to land anywhere with flight control, as well as NPC ships attacking you on sight and planetary long-range lasers targeting any of your ships.
  • Terrorists can no longer receive insurance on any of their ships, regardless of the circumstances surrounding its demise.
  • Players flagged as terrorists can no longer reroll until a host unsets the flag.
  • Firing on planets, moons, or stations with flight control while you are flagged as a terrorist will now result in the inability to operate a starship until a host manually unsets the status.
  • Capital planets now have the ability to scan the occupants of a ship to see if a known terrorist is aboard. If so, that ship will now be targeted by the long-range laser until the terrorist has been removed from the ship in question.
  • Players can now be flagged as terrorists. Please see board post 80966 or HELP TERRORISTS for more details.


  • You can no longer view metafrequency 500.0 history on the website if your character is out of communications range.


  • Implemented code to find the most direct FTL path to reach a sector, primarily used by pilot NPCs.


  • After copious turmoil, apartments out of communications range should no longer magically make you appear as if you were in comms. As usual, REPORT any idiosyncrasies.


  • Identifiable power sources in scan readouts for planets, space stations and moons will now reflect the correct amount of powered up ships if there are multiple landing areas available.


  • Fixed a bug that could result in gruesome amounts of stun time if you tried wearing an oxygen tank when you already had one equipped.
  • You will no longer successfully unbolt items if you become stunned during the unbolting process.
  • Removed the confirmation prompt on bolting items down since they no longer break upon being unbolted.
  • You will no longer foolishly walk face first into a door if you attempt moving in the direction of the door and it happens to be closed.
  • Gadgets CLIPped to belts are now vulnerable to being soaked by pools, showers, or hot tubs like all other clothing.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to show other player's room poses in parentheses.


  • Destroyed starships now create minor debris fields (depending on ship size) with a composition that varies based on the ship's pre-death configuration.
  • Fixed a bug that all but made salvage lifeforms extinct inside communications range.
  • Droid remotes will no longer indicate that a droid has been deactivated if you could otherwise not communicate with them via the remote.
  • E2 has been exported to the EMOTE-command and any references to E2 have been changed to 'extended emoting'. E2 still lives on as an alias for the EMOTE-command to stimulate backwards compatibility.


  • You will no longer board an ITPN flight if you become stunned before the pod arrives.
  • NPC gunners no longer respond if a ship's sensors are destroyed.
  • A new example has been added to POLICY 3. Please review it at your earliest convenience.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to ignore droid names in room descriptions. (e.g. 'thirty-six droids' instead of 'Jim, Bob, Roy, Telford, Grim, Pebbles, Yokel, Grepthar, etc')
  • Similarly, you can now LOOK DROIDS to see the full droid list if you care about such things.
  • Sanitation drones now dispose of stun traps that have not been assigned a target.
  • Fireplaces now burn 67% longer than ever before!!!


  • Classic photos and image discs will now show your room pose in the object name, if any. For example: a picture of Victor E_DIV Veilencia balancing on his head.
  • To exercise our utterly inhumane methods, babies will no longer continue to wander around a planet if they have been deposited in drone storage.


  • Private structure owners now have the ability to boot someone from the premises while standing on any landing pad inside the structure itself.
  • It is now possible to use the intercom from a private space station docking bay.


  • Multislice containers will now show how much of their contents they have remaining in the description. This mostly applies for boxes of food.
  • Fixed a bug with the Commonwealth precision wormhole drive that would allow one to wait at the coordinates prompt and then type in coordinates eons later, resulting in inexplicably strange occurrences if the ship had since moved.


  • Support fighters will no longer cause their mothership to be stuck docking with them if they are destroyed in mid-dock.
  • Updated POLICY 3 and the Communicator Rules help file to reflect that the long-range broadcast channel should remain IC at all times.


  • Firing on a jumpgate will now result in your inability to use that jumpgate, permanently. You will also be sent to jail if you fire on a jumpgate in a capital sector.
  • You can no longer delete your character while in IC prison.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause Praelor destruction messages to sporadically not be announced while in an advanced combat mission sector.
  • Fixed an oversight that would teleport a destroyed starship back into a jumpgate, even if it had been recycled just as it was entering.


  • Added the STARSHIPS-command to starship control rooms to review a list of any ships that might be docked.


  • Implemented rudimentary code to detect who primarily engineered on a ship. This will be used later in an upcoming system for new combat missions.


  • It is no longer possible to show objects to themselves.


  • Fixed a bug with bounty collection board posts that would cause them to not be seen if you were the one that fired the killing shot.
  • Fixed a bug with courier destructions that could cause them to be destroyed multiple times in succession if they took enough damage to the hull in an extremely short period of time. This could in turn cause several oddities, such as phantom courier payments or multiple courier destructions appearing on your scoresheet.


  • Fixed a loophole with precision proximity weapon launchers that would allow a ship to continue launching proximity weapons even if a ship was less than 6 units away.
  • Handheld gadgets (Lore computers, communicators, metafrequency transmitters, destination finders, point units, others) will now experience strange symptoms if used while wet. Effects range from doing nothing at all to being rendered entirely inoperative if too soaked. Experiment at your own risk!
  • Automated long-range lasers will now announce if the target has been destroyed after firing.


  • Private structure flight history will no longer append logs regarding a ship launching if the launch was unsuccessful.
  • You can now bellow if you feel so inclined. Yes, this is what happens when we are bored.


  • Hopefully fixed a timeout with the E2-command that would cause an error if you were in a room with a bajillion objects.


  • Eviscerators will now show heavy support fighters under the ARSENAL-command.
  • If you destroy an industrial starship that has a bounty on it with another industrial starship, you can no longer have a bounty claim filed against your ship.
  • Fixed a bug with the Lore computer upgrade estimator that would cause it to exclude the battlecruiser if you had a battlecruiser license.


  • Rejiggered some flight control things. Planets and stations that might not have had it enabled in past do now, and conversely, some that did now do not. Confused yet? Good so are we.


  • Updated HELP FAQ to no longer list port 5190 as an alternative port and added information on the @SOUNDPACKS-command. A few other tidbits about checkpoint times and outdated information regarding game OPTIONS were also modernized.
  • The reference to POLICY 4 in HELP FAQ has been changed to reflect the new policy.


  • Due to stock restraints, it is no longer possible to purchase a battlecruiser if you have bought one within the last 7 days.
  • You can now type STOCK in the battlecruiser store to view the number of remaining battlecruiser supply. Once that number hits zero, battlecruisers will most definitely be a thing of the past.
  • Proximity weapons will no longer activate in proximity to a newbie's ship.
  • Updated the examples for POLICY 1.
  • Battlecruiser stock will now periodically decrease to emulate NPC pilots purchasing them.


  • Added a cooldown to the TRANSPORT-command inside starships, similarly to power limitations. This means that you can no longer transport your ship back and forth repeatedly within a set period of time to minimize unnecessary landing pad spam.
  • Ships that are hit by proximity mine shrapnel should now take a bit less damage than before.


  • You can no longer view a scan for a ship if it cloaks while you wait in the SCAN menu.


  • Added a help topic for the BETA channel.
  • Fixed a bug with black holes that would cause them to stop working if an asteroid was present in the sector.


  • Fixed an exploit that would allow people to assign missions to ships they didn't own if they had set another person's ship as their active starship.


  • Blockades and interdictors now have a preemptive knowledge of where autopilot will move the ship next, preventing tactics that would allow people to conveniently share coordinates with them when launched.
  • Tweaked space combat AI to only lock on you if they have operational weapons. REPORT any strangeness, such as Praelor lying down and letting themselves get destroyed with minimal effort on your part.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a starship to share the same coordinates with an interdictor if it was moving and the timing was opportune.


  • Fixed a bug with the spell checker that would cause it to say contracted words were spelled incorrectly.
  • Added a GENERAL-OPTION to show connection statistics at the bottom of the @WHO listing. It defaults to off for brevity.
  • Added the TEXT argument (can be shortened to 'T') to the @WHO-STATS command to see textual connection metrics instead of a graph.


  • High Guard couriers in moderate missions are now actually carrying cargo.
  • Added the ability to emote with ROOC :<yourtext>. You should use any out of character gestures or socials on this, rather than doing them in the room globally.
  • Made it so private structure owners can DESCRIBE their landing pads/docking bays.


  • Water guns can no longer be used in hostile or aquatic environments. For realism's sake they also must be FILLed with water before soaking someone. The FILL <water gun> command will automatically detect sources of water in your general area and use them accordingly to fill the soaker.
  • Realism fixes: You can no longer throw confetti in space or in aquatic environments. You can no longer light or smoke cigarettes in aquatic environments. You can no longer toss frisbees in space or underwater. You can no longer set off party poppers or fireworks in hostile or aquatic environments. You also must be holding party poppers before they can be set off.
  • Fixed a bug where it would be possible to add players who had since moved out of the room to a drone's friend list.
  • Slip drive, subwarp drive, wavewarp drive, starship communication channels, solar panels and salvage lines will now reflect appropriately in the starship's status report if they have been deactivated.
  • You can now PEER through doors with passwords if they are left open.
  • The MAIL-command, similarly to the landing notification for mail, no longer works in uncharted space.
  • Dynamic rooms (asteroids, dig sites, etc) now check to see if you're wearing the proper environmental equipment before letting you walk around freely.
  • Wrote mission briefings for the Praelor Onno, Onz, Otona, and Potateoton class starships.
  • Fixed a problem with blockade obstacle checking that would cause an error if you're last manual movement was on the Z-axis.
  • Sitting down in hot tubs/bathtubs or swimming in pools, rivers, or lakes will now actually make your clothes soaking wet.
  • It's been this way for a number of weeks, but it seems it was never noted. Galactic coordinates are now visible with the GALCOORDS-command, regardless of whether you have a galactic map unit installed. You still need the GMU for sector notifications and the bonus of galactic coordinates appearing overhead on the starmap, however. The reason for this change is that starships presumably have a vague knowledge of galactic positioning, since navigational beacon information is attainable without a GMU.


  • Emergency propulsion devices will no longer activate if the player using the diving suit lacks the points for such a module.
  • You can no longer YELL in aquatic environments.
  • You can no longer REMOVE diving gear from other players while in an aquatic environment.


  • You will now automatically stop dancing with a player if they get deleted. Dancing with dead corpses can't be that healthy.


  • Fixed a bug with oxygen tanks that would cause the switching process to never be completed.
  • You will no longer begin drowning while in the process of switching oxygen tanks. You also will take a breath from a tank in use before disconnecting the regulator if it has oxygen, which will deplete the tank's supply up to 30 seconds. Oxygen tanks that have been disconnected due to being switched will subsequently no longer lose oxygen, since you aren't breathing from them. Finally, you can no longer wear a second oxygen tank or cylinder if the tank you are wearing has no remaining oxygen.
  • Stopping a ship while the self-destruct sequence is active is no longer possible. Typing STOP will now abort the sequence instead.


  • You can no longer finish switching oxygen tanks if you become stunned halfway through, and can no longer wear an oxygen tank if it is on the ground. Also adjusted the messages so it doesn't say that you're holding your breath when you switch a tank inside of an oxygen-filled environment.


  • Added the ability to ZAP [person name] inside architectural design simulators to automatically teleport you to the location of that person's avatar.


  • Fixed an annoying-to-track-down bug where moving droids in dynamic rooms would cause the droid to use the exits for the location of the player controlling the droid rather than referencing the droid's location itself.
  • You can now UNINSTALL unwanted modules from diving suits.
  • Added a RESET command to emergency propulsion devices to unlink them from a ship.
  • The adoption MENU on Empanda Station will now list the items that newer(tm) robots can produce.


  • You can now remove independent damage monitoring terminals.
  • You can now remove standalone starmap viewers.


  • Added starship lighting customizations. for sale on THAT PLANET somewhere.


  • Updated flight control announcements to primarily use sector titles instead of numbers. Sector numbers will still be used if the sector shares a name with the planet that is making the announcement. The Central Jumpgate Hub will also always use numbers, to prevent mystifying confusion.


  • Droids can now be instructed to exit the ship via remote in aquatic environments if they possess an amphibious enhancement.


  • You can no longer JOIN players on landing pads while they are reading input to prevent people from inundating each other with yes/no prompts.
  • You can no longer DUMP containers into lockets.
  • You can no longer DUMP containers into empty plates or glasses. Whoever tried this has far too much time on their hands.
  • Added an ODOMETER command to track how far your ship has travelled since you last remembered to push the button to reset it.


  • Sabotage devices purchased from private structures should now use the correct article in the beginning of the title. All existing ones with such a defect have been renamed. If I missed one please ASSIST!
  • It is no longer possible to launch blockades directly in the manual pilot trajectory of the ship. This also applies for east, west, or full blockade shields.


  • Updated the examples in POLICY 4.


  • Fixed a bug where moving a ship to a private garage with the TRANSPORT-command would result in the game telling you that there was no garage available, even though the ship was moved.
  • Reinstated joining other players in garages or private garages. Also introduced a prompt to request joining someone's group on landing pads.
  • Enhanced SHIP-OPTIONS 16 to allow a much greater degree of flexibility.
  • You can now LABEL (or ENTITLE) file folders.
  • Pausing the recording of a video and resuming it hours later no longer causes the playback to hang for a billion hours.


  • Pending upcoming ground combat changes, you can no longer JOIN someone's group in garages or private garages.
  • Added a new example to Policy 8.


  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where the message board main menu would always show an organization board as [1] regardless of where it actually was in the menu.
  • Added the DOS command to auto-configure keep-alives to settings players report seem to help.
  • Claiming a ship now checks to see if you're stunned after the confirmation prompt.


  • Split the FINISH command on video discs into two commands. You can now ENTITLE <disc> to give it a title but maintain writability. To sell the disc or make it write protected, you will still need to FINISH or FINALIZE <disc>. Also made it so droids can't write to finalized video discs.
  • Updated the examples in POLICY 5.
  • TransLink hardware will now lock you out for 30 minutes if you spam tracking. Please, I know it's hard, but try to not be obnoxious. Thanks.


  • Updated the arsenal command to include eviscerators when checking for support fighters. Also made it say support fighters for battlecruisers and heavy support fighters for eviscerators.
  • Shooting someone with an empty pulse emitter will no longer cause following droids or drones to retaliate or heal the target when no damage was inflicted.
  • Starship destruction bounties are now split between everybody who fired at the ship. The more times you hit, the more of the bounty you get. Also the 'killer' of the ship is now determined by who achieved the most hits rather than who hit last.
  • added two new sabotage devices, the autopilot scrambler and manual navigation scrambler. See HELP SABOTAGE DEVICES for details.


  • Fixed a bug with mailboxes that would allow you to REGISTER with them while they were bolted in a starship.


  • INVALIDATE in ship stores now accepts ship names as arguments.
  • Simulators can now add asteroids to their sectors.
  • People disconnecting from simulators now display an exciting message to the room.
  • Added a SHIP-OPTION to set an active starship. An active starship will, when possible, be used as the default option in most ship prompts. See HELP ACTIVE STARSHIP.
  • Added an image zoom feature to the Lore camera that let's you zoom in on specific objects without having to wastefully make an imaging disc every time.
  • Added a MAKE command to courier starship requisition rooms that let's you recreate a key to your courier ship if you managed to lose the old one.
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow one to expedite healing in a medical center if they stood up from the medical bed and typed HEAL again immediately after.
  • Introducing image data extraction hardware for Lore computers! These cards, as one might probably presume, allow you to extract the data from a holographic image disc and save it to memory. You can then import the image from the holographic imager menu if you have that card installed.


  • Added the ability to adjust the total number of custom items available in a structure in architectural simulators. This is not available for people who aren't hosts, but allows us to increase the number upon request if you are building an area for public consumption.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from disbanding a holographic avatar following you in an architectural simulator.
  • Added a plethora of tiny secondary help files for previously undocumented options.
  • You are now given the option to keep your current name when receiving sex reassignment surgery.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow one to speak after being incapacitated if they had ROOM-O 15 enabled and waited at the spell check prompt.
  • Added an EMPTY (or eject) command to tents to bodily haul people out. No longer are these fine places a sanctuary against unrelenting day to day evils.
  • Fixed a bug with communicator socials that would prevent one from transmitting numbers alone with a social. For example, "tr chat 30 *chortles*" would return "[Chatter] Albori chortles." erasing the provided number from existence.
  • Fixed a bug where directing speech at someone could result in text being spell checked twice if you were using expressive dialogue.
  • You can no longer wait at the SHIP-EXPEL menu and expel a ship after someone else has commenced a launching sequence. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me.
  • Expressive dialogue now appropriately makes you transmit instead of speak normally if you are in an unforgiving hostile environment.
  • Toilets now must be BOLTed before being used. Awkward indeed.
  • You can now organize Lore images into named collections.
  • You can now transmit Lore image collections to other Lorefolk.


  • The owner and caretaker lists on private properties will now be cleared upon being transferred to a new owner.


  • Control rooms with no actual weapons will no longer alert you to weapons powering up or down during alert status changes.
  • Weapon rooms with no viable weapons no longer hear weapons powering up.
  • You can now CLIP metafrequency communicators to belts or belly chain waistish things. This does not apply for pins, earpieces or anything else that is not a standard communicator.
  • Updated the policy quiz to be in line with the new set of policies. As always, if you notice any glaring inconsistencies or errors, please REPORT them. Enjoy!


  • Fixed a bug in trivia rooms that caused players to be removed from the game if they removed objects from the room.
  • Converted all existing pocket knives from that store in the mall there to an updated version that can be used for top secret things.


  • Added a new example to POLICY 4.
  • Added the personal dictionary blacklist, for words that you always want to be marked wrong while spell checking even if they're in the main dictionary. Good for common typos!
  • Possibly fixed another bug that could cause many people to buy tradesman certificates on the tradesman certificate market after supply had been exhausted.


  • Added two new ROOM-OPTIONS to provide spell checking for emotes or speech sent with the SAY-command.
  • Stage talking (directed say) now optionally uses expressive speech. For example, if you are not ignoring expressive speech, you are no longer required to type "say -Jude Hello." Instead, you can simply do "-Jude Hello." and it will respect your settings. The old syntax is still available for those who preferred it.
  • Added the SPELLCHECK command to spell check text via the menu-driven spell checker. You can use a single line as an argument or type it by itself for a multiple line prompt.


  • Updated a number of the newbie tips with the new policy numbers.
  • Moved the text from the old policy 25 to HELP NEWBIE.
  • Updated POLICY 7 to reference the tradesman certificate and donator markets.
  • Updated POLICY 5 to detail the two hour stranding cooldown referenced in the examples.
  • Updated POLICY 3 and HELP FAQ to not mention the ACCEPT-POLICIES command.


  • Added an OOC / Development Ramblings message board category.
  • Updated any new point summary printouts to not show point penalties since most of those are blatantly out of character. You'll still see them if you type SUMMARY in a point center without making a printout!


  • Reduced the POLICY set down to 10, added examples, added how enforcement will work for each, and changed some information around. Please re-familiarize yourself!


  • Perfume can no longer be sprayed in hostile or aquatic environments.


  • Full military alliances will now be automatically dissolved if there is no present declaration of hostility or war between any of the three alliances.
  • Blueprints will now be compressed to save database space if they haven't been accessed in several hours.


  • Fixed a mysterious bug that could cause pending Lore images to be spuriously deleted.


  • Simulated blueprints will now maintain passwords and notes if their parent is changed.
  • Added an option to DOCKING-OPTIONS that allows you to protect players aboard certain docked ships from being flagged as intruders.
  • Added PETDUMP to salvage containers for those pesky pets and babies and whatevers that you own but just can't GET out of a salvage container.
  • Jayden, in her infinite boredom, now provides written transcripts of your favorite video discs.
  • You can now load video discs into your droids with the verbal DISC command. See HELP DROID for certain restrictions and limitations.
  • Jayden now produces 500 frame video discs. She needs a hobby or a friend.
  • Private station, moon, and planet owners can now PARENT rooms to a trivia room for a 100,000,000 credit fee.
  • Diving gear can no longer be removed while an airlock is cycling.
  • You can now DIG ENTER TO <room> in a house to create a biometrically protected ENTER exit. You must be outside before digging it.
  • You will now receive roundtime upon trying to move underwater without any remaining oxygen.


  • Added a description for oxygen tanks.
  • Private comms displayed under HISTORY PRIVATE ALL will no longer display single comm socials as a blank message.
  • Fixed a bug with the Miriani HUD that would cause other players aboard a ship with a HUD user to be spammed needlessly with the room title.
  • Fixed a long-lived bug that involved people being improperly tagged as intruders if they walked into a docking bay directly from the ship's airlock and lacked a key.


  • Connecting exits with the DIG-command is now counted in blueprint worth. (This does not apply for rooms connected to before this change.)
  • Added an option to import an already existing structure into an architectural simulator as a new design.
  • Fixed a bug where layout duplication would include doors and GO-exits that went out of a design into nowhere.


  • Added architectural design simulators. See post 79867 or read the HELP file for more information.
  • You can now HOLD or JOIN other avatars in architectural design simulators.
  • By popular demand, limits on number of default stores for private moons and planets has been increased. Subsequently, help Player-owned Space Stations, Moons, and Planets has been updated to reflect this.
  • Architectural blueprints will now be purged from the database if they have not been accessed in two months or longer.


  • Fixed a bug when scanning galactic coordinates that happened to be negative in the middle.


  • Added a description for diving suits.
  • Enhanced the KISS social for the lovebirds out there to accept specific body parts to kiss someone on. The syntax is KISS <person> on <location>.


  • Since I've been neglecting the changelog, you can now use the ESTIMATE-command on archaeology containers similarly to artifact containers if you don't feel like surfing through a potentially spammy list of artifacts. You still need 50% skill or higher to do so.
  • Added a new GENERAL-OPTION to hide login ASCII.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a starship store to become stuck transferring a ship forever if the conditions for the transfer were not met.
  • Reinstated the restriction that forbid people from putting Easter eggs in baskets they don't own. If you want to win the hunt, you need to go through the agonizing process of putting eggs in your own basket.


  • Droids can no longer exit the airlock into space in remote mode.
  • Uncle Shady no longer deals in courier ships.
  • Disabled the fill command on Easter baskets to discourage people sharing eggs. If you want to win the hunt, get your own.


  • Simulated engineers will now be generated in starship simulators when you use crew NPCs if a room doubles as an engineering room and weapon room. (Like vanguards.)
  • Diving air compressors no longer work if a ship lacks power.


  • Droids no longer see themselves through their cameras.
  • The sector announcement for ships launching from an asteroid now sounds slightly less stupid.
  • Logic fix: Disabling main power in the SYSTEMS-command now looks for diving gear if your ship is in an aquatic environment, rather than relying on a spacesuit like before. Take heed that this means you will be sent in an escape pod if you do disable main power while the ship is in an aquatic environment and you lack underwater equipment.


  • Fixed a bug where non-customized wanderers could be buckled into seats and still wander away, leaving them in a state of perma-buckle. Now they won't wander at all when sitting (or while buckled) and, for any previously broken ones, will automatically unset their buckled status.


  • To prevent grievous injury, you can no longer USE a diving gear bag to wear or remove a diving suit while the airlock is cycling.


  • You can now COUNT <artifact name> in <ARTIFACT CONTAINER> to see how many of an artifact you have. This works for both normal artifacts and archaeological finds. Using the old syntax (count container) will still show the number of artifacts overall in a container.
  • Fixed an earlier fix to dynamic room maps. Players with SIGHT enabled now also see people who are alone in dynamic rooms.


  • Sanitation drones should no longer, uh, pick up tents with players inside. Awkward.
  • Archaeologists can now estimate the overall point value for archaeology containers if their skill in archaeology is 75% or higher.
  • Mattress Massacre no longer falsely advertises sleeping bags as holding two people when they couldn't do so in the first place. Now they can!


  • Fixed a bug where diving bags would not let you stow your diving suit if the bag also contained extra oxygen tanks.
  • The CARGO-command will now give a more sensible message if your ship lacks a storage room.
  • The menu for adding mutually owned starships to a private organization will no longer show starships that have already been added.
  • Increased the likelihood of finding an archaeology site when surveying a planet outside of known space.
  • Fixed a bug in the dynamic room MAP command that would hide players if they were alone in a room.
  • Added a Lore option to alert you when an unauthorized user attempts to track your device. It's off by default.


  • Added diving gear bags to contain diving suit components and extra oxygen tanks. They can also be USEd similarly to armor storage bags to quickly remove or wear available gear.


  • Added an option for private space station, moon and planet owners to adjust the list of people assigned to rooms on the structure from the security center.
  • Diving suits and other associated components now count toward your overall worth.


  • Droids will now respond appropriately if you include communication socials in your message.
  • Added a CONFIG <oxygen tank> command to allow changing of when it will start alerting you of low oxygen levels. You can also now alter how oxygen is displayed when looking at the tank.
  • People who lack the necessary points can no longer equip diving gear.
  • The DESCRIBE command now accepts a 'clear' argument to reset a description to default.
  • You can now PEER out in tents.
  • Added an option to make internal stun turret cameras or external cameras ignore expressive speech. Toggle it by putting 'SAY' as an argument to the turret or camera command. Droids being watched via remotes will now also make an effort to respect the speech options of the person holding the remote.


  • After a minor reconsideration, decreased the archaeology point requirement on diving equipment to allow slightly lower level archaeologists to indulge themselves and to bring it in line with other supplies available.
  • You can now use E2-style matching with baby and pet emotes to directly reference an object in the room or in the child's inventory. Just use -(object/player) to match to an object. For example: spits up all over -Albori's freshly pressed suit.


  • Fixed a bug that caused awkward object numbers to show up in your pose under the RPOSE command.


  • Docking using a docking bay should now make a concerted effort to send the request to the least idle player that is awake in the control room of the main ship, rather than being entirely random.
  • You can now type ETA in a support fighter repair room to see the estimated time till completion of the (probably) short-lived repair process.
  • Updated the description for mutated space cats to be more grammatically correct.
  • The 'Sectors Travelled' number now only goes up when you enter a new sector, not every time you happen to launch into a sector.


  • You can no longer redock support fighters if they lack the charge to do so.


  • Added a 'Trading' category to the General message board to facilitate any friendly trading of everyday goods or potentially disreputable bartering.


  • HISTORY PRIVATE ALL will now show you your full correspondence with a given individual for the day.


  • Added a new COLOR-OPTION to apply different colors to different metafrequencies.


  • To alleviate certain tradesman advantages, wearable pulse emitters (pulse gloves and otherwise) as well as pulse emitters attached to combat suits now require at least one free hand to fire.
  • Added some checks to prevent starships from destroying multiple times after damage is added numerous times in quick succession. This should (maybe) address several lingering bugs, like proximity weapons being able to destroy a ship 5 or 6 times giving the owner many times the amount of insurance they should have received, destruction by a black hole printing several destruction messages to the sector, destroyed ships being duplicated on service records, and a varied array of other issues.


  • The FOCUS-command will now check if a focused ship has moved out of sensor range prior to giving you coordinates that you should not otherwise have been able to see.
  • Using a handheld planetary surveyor should no longer perpetually mark the room as already surveyed if the scan fails.
  • Mines have been raised in price slightly, and their damage has been modified again. They now do less damage to drives and hull, but full damage plus a little random damage to everything else.


  • Added sector-wide announcements for proximity mine's detonating and automated laser turrets firing at other ships. To aid in spam reduction, messages will only be announced if it has been two minutes or more since the last announcement, similar to blockades being launched.
  • Fixed a number of docking bugs: the SYSTEMS-command will no longer always indicate the docking bay doors being on if they aren't. You can no longer request to dock into a ship if it has no docking bays that can accommodate the size of your ship. Eviscerator docking bays have also been adjusted to not hold 10.0 worth of mass in each one. The primary docking bay can hold up to 10.0 mass, whereas the secondary docking bay can now contain up to 5.9.
  • Starship weapons can no longer miss blockades if you are less than two units away.
  • Babies can no longer start following you if they are sitting or lying down.


  • Added an option to the AUTOCONTRIB-command that allows one to toggle whether they automatically contribute or not without erasing any existing contribution preferences. Especially for those times where you despise the owner of the ship with every part of your being and don't feel they deserve your credits.
  • You can once again launch blockades while the ship is moving. Go forth and bully once again, you crazy pirates.
  • Made some balance modifications to proximity weapons. Mines do more damage, will damage other ships one unit away when they explode, and proximity weapons can no longer be launched if there are other ships less than six units away from you.


  • Ships will now alert you when you enter and exit a nebula. You can toggle this functionality from within the NOTIFICATIONS if you hate information.
  • Interdiction, natural or otherwise, is no longer functional inside a nebula.
  • Fixed a bug where things inside a nebula DID show up on long-range scans when, in fact, they should not have.
  • Added the hotly anticipated nebula help file.
  • The SAY-command has received a facelift, making way for much more emotive conversation. See @ANNOUNCEMENTS or board post 79416 for the details.
  • Throwing objects at stunned people and/or people busying themselves with a task now has the effect one might expect.


  • Intrusive sanitation drones should no longer take trolleys if they are being pushed by someone that happens to still be standing in the room.
  • Private structure owners with stores can now set sale prices. See message board post 79396 for details.


  • Fixed an oversight that caused High Guard to be greedier than normal when taking debris for acid dispersive hull plating, recycling all Praelor debris in the cargo hold instead of stopping at the required amount.


  • Fixed a horrific bug with message boards that allowed out of comms players to gain access to in character boards if they were crafty enough.


  • Flight control scanners should no longer intermittently stop working if you remove and wear a belt that they might be attached to.


  • Starship stores now take the liberty of transferring asteroid rovers to the new ship owner.


  • Rejiggered the credit and point reward for eviscerators successfully completing missions of the difficult variety.


  • Fixed a bug where damage footnotes such as indications of the structural integrity of the hull being compromised would not show up if there was no other damage. I'm sure at least one person understands this. You know who you are.


  • Fixed some formatting issues with metafrequency history under the page and added a link to the beta channel history for those that don't want to take the time to remember the direct link, like me.
  • People out of comms now have a minuscule chance of encountering Praelor Krenelia starships. You can now also get up to 3 hostile Ontanka starships if you are beyond 5,000 lightyears away from the communication beacons.


  • You can no longer transfer eviscerators to non-licensed pilots or pilots who already own one, whether via more elicit means or from a ship store. Similarly, you can no longer purchase more than one.
  • Starship armor can now be repaired at a repair center. It will no longer be removed from the components list as well, making it a permanent fixture until removed at an armor vendor.


  • Advanced missions in an eviscerator will now encounter marginally more enemy ships that must be disposed of.
  • Ablative hull armor will now show in starship description's if it is present!


  • Planetary long-range lasers positioned on capital planets and Alliance High Guard Command will no longer take pent up aggression out on innocent Praelor Krenelia starships.


  • You can no longer change the parent of a private garage if it has ships stored in it.
  • The power drain on eviscerator laser turrets and bardenium cannons has been increased. It was never intended to be one second for all weapons.


  • Viewing a Lore photo that was transmitted from another Lore device will now show the ID it was sent from. This does not apply for photos sent before this change.


  • You now receive appropriate roundtime for walking into a starship airlock from inside the ship if your legs are injured.
  • Eviscerators will now encounter fleets of Praelor beyond communications range. These fleets are markedly larger than fleets encountered by the battlecruiser, but consist of the same ship classes.


  • Gunning NPCs now take into account the range of the weapons they're using instead of assuming all starship weapons can only fire one unit away.
  • You can now type REPAIR-ALL inside of a simulated starship control room to reset all damage that may be present. Sorry cheaters, this won't work on the eviscerator test or any other such examination.


  • BC fighters have been renamed to support fighters in favor of a universal design shared between the battlecruiser and eviscerator.
  • Added heavy support fighters for eviscerators, purchasable in the same store that sells fighters for battlecruisers.
  • Rearm centers can now load bardenium storage boxes onto heavy support fighters to facilitate TRANSFERing small amounts of bardenium from an eviscerator directly into the fighter for later skirmishes. Balance pending.
  • The Miriani HUD will no longer display damage to starship components if you wouldn't be able to see them via the game itself (i.e. mundane rooms without damage terminals).
  • The twelve-person eviscerator will now appear in starship simulators.
  • If your ship has multiple docking bays, you can now disable each bay door independently of the others via the SYSTEMS-command.


  • Like all other starship applications, you can now print pending or approved eviscerator APPLICATIONS in a point center.


  • You can once again simulate battlecruisers in a starship simulator.
  • Engineering NPCs now respond to the command 'Start repairing' to restart repairs if they were told to stop. They should also be much more obedient when asked to stop repairs.


  • Fixed a slight oversight that allowed insurance payouts for bountied starships if they get destroyed by a Praelor starship.


  • Engineering NPCs will no longer fruitlessly and repeatedly try repairing ablative hull armor after it has been destroyed.


  • Entry biometrics on houses that are put up for auction will now automatically be set to public without host intervention.
  • Updated starship authorization codes and door passwords to no longer use regular MOO-crypt(). Codes will now be checked past the first eight characters and rehashed upon the first validation to be compliant with the new algorithm. WARNING: This means that if you were using a shortened version of your code before, you should use the full code to ensure it rehashes properly. Using a shortened version will replace your existing code with the one you entered. For example, if your code is 'abcdefghijkl', entering just 'abcdefghi' to validate will change your new code to 'abcdefghi' instead of the full string. If this whole idea is confusing, you probably have nothing to worry about!


  • You can no longer use the ROOC channel to circumvent simulators by communicating with people outside of the simulation when that would otherwise not be possible.
  • Fixed an ancient bug that caused people to get doubled destruction bounty pay and small amounts of extra combat points from missions if they were the only one to fire on a Praelor ship.
  • Rejiggered base mission payment and combat points for the second easy mission, disrupt Praelor salvaging operations. It should now be more in line with the difficulty of completing it.
  • You can now use PIPE as an argument for the CHIME-command to pipe your airlock entrance chime throughout the entire ship. For convenience, this toggle is also available under PILOT-OPTIONS.
  • The Office of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax will now display the price for any properties that are available for auction.
  • Disambiguating private link recipients (COMM-O 8) should now be much more intelligent with who it matches to. For example, before, typing 'tr red Hello!' would have the potential to match to people named Fred and Red. Now, it will only match to Red.


  • Interdictors have been weakened roughly 60%, resulting in significantly less hits to destroy them. Additionally, the price for interdictors has been lowered from 3,000,000.0 credits to 2,000,000.0. To offset this change, starships can now hold 12 interdictors at one given time rather than 6.


  • Classic difficult combat missions (stop an invasion fleet) will now trigger invasions if they go uncompleted or a crew is forced to abort one. High Guard officers will give a brief warning over general communication, informing you of an ETA on the Praelor fleet and what sector to expect them in. Assigning missions for the sole purpose of causing incursions of Praelor will be met with harsh penalties, not limited to being permanently banned from going on missions or landing on Alliance High Guard Command.


  • Fixed some bugs that would cause engineering NPC's to ignore various commands if conditions were right.
  • Crew NPC's should no longer be sent in an escape pod home if a starship loses power in a hostile environment.


  • You can no longer TRANSPORT starships from a landing pad if they are in the process of launching.


  • Fixed an oversight with player renaming that would allow someone to assume the previous name of a past character. For example, Joe Bob renames to Bob Joeson. He then deletes, rerolling as Jack Jerkson. Jack Jerkson can now take up the name Joe Bob via a renaming center, since that wasn't the name of his character when he deleted. Confused? Me too.


  • Pawn shops now obey ITEM-O 6, the automatically confirm store purchases option. Buying an item with this toggled off will prompt you before following through with the transaction.
  • Added a 'Submit Word For Inclusion In Main Dictionary' option to the DICTIONARY-command. Similarly, it now appears when spell checking board posts or communicator transmissions as well.


  • You can now follow the beta discussion on the website here:
  • Added the option to hide timestamps and/or the prefix in @beta-logs.
  • Transmission Spell Check (COMM-O 12) should now smartly identify when a word is a comm social and ignore it when appropriate.


  • Fixed an issue where trying to GET something from certain closed containers would over-inform you that the container is closed.
  • You can now choose how skilled (fast) simulated gunners are when creating a new ship in a simulator.


  • Because it bugged the heck out of me (Mitchell), private links should now be restored when a character is restored, in theory. Note that this is only so for characters who delete starting today. A link won't be restored if the other character is at the private link limit or is deleted.
  • You can now type CREW in a simulated ship to manage simulated crew. This allows you to retire certain crew members or switch them with other ones. For whatever reason.


  • The UNBOLT command can now be issued with total impunity. Things will no longer shatter, although we reserve the right to reinstate shattering for things that may be particularly fragile.
  • Simulators now allow you to configure various aspects of the combat drones and save their configurations for future simulations.
  • You can now select teams for your simulator drones. Fight with them, fight against them, make them fight each other! POSSIBILITIES.
  • Simulators now have an OBSERVER command that will cause drones to ignore that ship. (Only newly added drones will respect the observer alliance.)
  • You will no longer receive out of band soundpack messages for socials if you have socials gagged under GAG-OPTIONS.
  • Combat drones will no longer move or fire if they are added while the simulation is paused.


  • Added INFO HISTORY to get a glimpse of who you once were with death dates accurate to within two months. ENJOY CATO.
  • Private structures no longer care about bounties and will happily allow you to land and dock.
  • Planets, moons, and stations with flight control no longer allow the expelling of starships with bounties of 50% or more of their worth.
  • You can now type URL or LINK inside of a board post to retrieve a link to the post on the web board.


  • Poor, unfortunate souls outside of communications range now stand a miniscule risk of flying into a nebula.
  • The courier command now displays your courier company's location.
  • Repair centers can now repair structural damage caused by corrosive nebular gasses. (Under complete repairs.)
  • Friendly aliens outside of communications range now take pity on those with structural damage and will offer to repair part, or all, of it. FOR A PRICE.
  • Fixed a bug where completed combat missions were being added to the service record for the last Praelor ship in the sector instead of the ship completing the mission itself.
  • Simulators now allow you to configure the sector to be a big fat disgusting nebula.
  • The STATUS command now shows how your standard sensor range is being affected in any old sector. Similarly, being landed now reduces your sensor range anywhere from 70 to 90%.
  • Added custom structure requests to facilitate making custom additions to private structures. See board post 78382 for details.


  • Updated the way completed combat missions are logged on starship service records. This shouldn't mean anything for you as a player for the most part, but please REPORT if strange and bizarre things happen! Examples include certain missions not adding to a ship's overall completed missions, strange output from the RECORDS-command, and a varied range of other terrible things.
  • Out of band soundpack messages should no longer appear when socials fail to match to a target.
  • Failed matches should no longer count against your social spamming count.


  • The wavewarp drive can no longer instantly destroy interdictors. Instead, damage is distributed much more randomly.
  • It is now not possible to buy storage upgrades for your supercarriers.


  • Altered the text output on pulsed ships to be less presumptuous about your assumptions.
  • You can now PLACE stuffed animals on furniture. We love you Merugle.
  • Modernized Outreach pods to be not-so-2008ish. Consequently, disbanding a group inside them will no longer strand the members of the previously dissolved group inside the pod forever.


  • Added a GAG-OPTION to suppress starship drive messages.
  • Fixed that pesky landing bug where starships would announce themselves landing to the sector after having been destroyed.


  • Added an option in slime dispensers to allow for anybody to be able to use them without specifically adding trusted persons. This is accessed in the TRUST menu of the dispenser.
  • Starship pulses are now covered by gagging starship weapons (GAG-O 11).


  • You will no longer be sent to IC prison for firing on space stations and planets in uncharted space.
  • Ahem. Space stations, moons and planets with flight control will now automatically deny landing from any people who attack them, along with the ship they're in for a week. This does not apply for private structures.


  • EXCITING NEWS. You can now PLACE babies on to furniture and PULL them away from furniture. Standard GET checks apply to PULL. May not work if your baby is heavily customized, but probably will. Maybe. Guess you'll find out!
  • Babies now enjoy the same status as players, droids, drones, pets, and mounts when it comes to riding in the escape pod instead of the salvage container.
  • You can now CARGO PRINT to print your ship's cargo manifest. For whatever reason...
  • The BABIES-command now displays if a baby is sitting up, lying down, or buckled into furniture.
  • Added a message that is piped to the sector when a combat drone redocks to the main ship.
  • Combat drones now display 'Unmanned' rather than 'Filled' in the occupancy section of a scan.
  • Combat drones should return to the main ship more or less much faster now, rather than continuing to chase a target and then realizing once it arrives to head all the way back.


  • Fixed an oversight with the D <item> alias that would allow you to bypass special drop verbs, such as salvage containers and empty glasses shattering after being dropped.
  • Fixed a bug with the WHY social that would leave you awkwardly buckled into the ground. Important changes here only.


  • E2 now supports dot-style matching. e.g. 'E2 * expertly juggles -apple with and'
  • E2 now supports ~ for stripping a or an off the beginning of a matched object name. e.g. 'E2 * proudly displays his ~toaster.'


  • By popular demand, sensor profilers can now memorize scan ordering configurations set with the SCAN-ORDER command.
  • Private comms are now subject to any profanity filters that you may have enabled.
  • Most (if not all) channel history will now censor any profanity if you have profanity filters enabled.
  • The BETA-channel now has spectacular timestamps and can be accessed using the HISTORY-command. It will not show up on the menu to prevent OOC distraction. Instead, use the channel name as an argument.
  • You now require at least one free hand before you can successfully USE a spacesuit or armor storage bag.
  • I forgot to document this, but D <item> can now be used as a shortened version of DROP, similar to the G <item> and T <item> aliases for picking items up. Let the laziness commence.
  • Stun batons can now be used on stun targets.
  • Contextual matching (MATCH-O 3) will now SIT you down into the first empty chair that matches your command rather than forcing you to play the match game.
  • Similarly, those with contextual matching enabled can now type SIT ANYWHERE to sit in a random available seat. And it'll probably work!
  • Added a new MATCH-OPTION that will cause a failed match if you specify a number greater than the amount of matching objects. e.g. If there are three apples in the room and you try to 'get', it will tell you you don't see that here.
  • Dot matching now accepts $ as an argument to return the last possible match. e.g. 'get $.apple' will get the last apple in the room without any of that pesky counting business.


  • Modernized the intruder detection code in debris salvaging in order to prevent innocent people getting salvaged with a key from getting flagged as intruders.
  • Added confirmation prompts to combat drone bay removal and other such things.


  • Fixed a minor oversight with occupancy that would allow a player to not be counted in the occupants of a ship if they were inside a shower.
  • If you become incapacitated whilst using an asteroid anchor or attaching a line, you will no longer finish the job successfully.
  • Fixed a bug with metafrequency transmissions that caused messages sent from 12/23/2014 to 01/05/2015 to be formatted strangely on the website.
  • Added a <total> argument to the CARGO-command in scooper control rooms to print a short summary of how many units reside in the cargo hold, similar to starships.


  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with submitting bounties for destroyed cargo haulers and freighters. They should now actually be valid.
  • You can no longer change the parent of a pool room if players are swimming, or a hot tub room if players are soaking.
  • Added the EVERYONE command to food robots. When toggled on, everyone will be able to use them whether authorized or not.
  • In order to put a stop to future abuse of the industrial bounty system, your alliance must now approve a bounty before it is put into effect. Similarly, fixed a few grammatical errors in board posts after a bounty is approved or updated.
  • Battlecruisers and eviscerators will no longer see themselves transmitting over the external loudspeaker via the external camera.


  • Fixed a bug with the tradesman certificate marketplace that would allow two people to purchase the same tradesman certificate if timing was ideal.
  • Advanced combat mission changes! Since advanced missions were being completed in such a short time in recent months, base mission pay out has been decreased 1,500,000 credits to create more balance appropriate to the difficulty. To combat this, the bonus for killing all Praelor ships and Praelor NPCs has been increased exponentially.


  • Fixed a bug with the FOCUS-command that would allow one to retrieve coordinates for a starship that had since left the sector.


  • Normal (unmutated) fuzzy creatures are now much less rare in places that aren't 15.0 lightyears from known space or in sector 14. Previously, you had a one in one-hundred chance of receiving a fuzzy creature along with your debris. No longer!
  • I don't know how we overlooked this, but you can now type DANCING to see with whom you are shaking your groove thing.


  • It is no longer possible to activate subwarp, slip, or wavewarp drives while another ship is docking via the docking bay.


  • Added the @SOUNDPACK-STATS command (or @SOUNDPACK-STATISTICS for the verbose) to allow soundpack maintainers to see statistics regarding their soundpack(s). For any meaningful statistics, the soundpack must support out of band negotiation.
  • You can no longer revoke your status of consenting to OOC communication over an intercom if someone has spoken over the PA in the past two minutes.


  • It is no longer possible to AACT your wearable remote holder things. Sorry kids.
  • To prevent abuse, simulated starships can no longer be created that assume the name of a recently destroyed starship. If you want to steal someone's starship name, you'll have to be slightly more creative, friends!


  • To facilitate the expedient removal of users from biometric locks, a clear users option has been added to biometric lock menus.


  • BC fighters will now initiate an automatic destruction sequence if they are not in range of the mothership (same sector or fighter bay), as they always should have.
  • Added a GAG-OPTION to suppress people taking pictures with a Lore Computer or camera.


  • Mutant salvage lifeforms will now only appear in sector 14 or more than 500 lightyears from known space.
  • Droids in remote mode no longer move silently through dynamic rooms.
  • Being booted from a ship now disconnects you from any simulations you may be simulating in a simulator.
  • BEACONS NEAREST and BEACONS DISTANCE no longer accept coordinates that would be outside of the galaxy.


  • Communicator socials should now display themselves correctly in private communication history. Note that this doesn't apply for any older transmissions that were received before this.
  • Metafrequency communicators now show comm socials in the channel history. Please REPORT any strange behavior if things go wild!
  • Services (loopback, combat mission notification, reminder, etc) no longer count toward the private link limit.


  • You can now DUMP clothing pockets into other containers.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in private link limits where one could bypass the 250 link limit by having other people ask them for a link instead of requesting it themselves. HOORAY LINKS!
  • Reinstated the flavorful and slightly humorous Praelor destruction messages sent to flight control. Furthermore, Krenelia now have their own messages so one can differentiate between the two factions. Also added tasteful randomized flight control announcements for planets, stations and moons being attacked.


  • Probably fixed the issue where typing CARGO while salvaging would corrupt your cargo listing and, if you're devious, allow you to fill your ship with more cargo than it should hold. Feel free to REPORT if I'm wildly incorrect!
  • Supercarriers can no longer partake in easy missions.
  • In line with the Diplomacy help file, requesting to land or dock with a space station, moon or planet should no longer deny starships that are hostile with the alliance that maintains it if the structure lacks flight control.


  • You will now be targeted by the planetary long-range laser if you fire on a capital planet.
  • Automatically guided projectiles launched by planets under fire will no longer strike your ship if you manage to leave the sector just in time.
  • Fixed a number of exploits involving the 'Confirm Sector Exit' option that would allow one to move to a new sector after the ship had since been moved by another party, lost power, started moving, or a range of other things that would otherwise make it impossible to exit the current sector.
  • Docking in docking bays should once again work as intended, and not just for supercarriers.
  • You no longer require a key to enter a simulated starship.
  • All followers should once again be properly moved after you are booted from a ship.
  • Starship transfers are now 98.7% less apt to become frozen for no good reason.
  • The Decker Trisolar Catapult Array will now charge a greater fee for alliances that The Hale Collective is hostile with. Similarly, shooting the array will result in the inability to use it for a week.
  • Booting everybody now follows suit with the previous change and no longer leaves people's followers behind to rot in a ship forever.


  • Fixed a bug with KNOCK <starship> while spacewalking that would allow you to knock on any hull in the sector, even if it wasn't sharing your coordinates.
  • Trying to match to dead players while engraving statues from The Gift Garage on Miriani should no longer result in a horrific error.
  • You should no longer be sent to jail if you fire on a planet, moon, or space station that is controlled by an alliance that your alliance is hostile or at war with. Similarly, firing on private structures will no longer give you a fine and sentence either.
  • Bugfix: Starship weapons should no longer show as powered on scans if a ship somehow manages to maintain it's red alert but lacks any charge.


  • Removed the 'Confirm Weapon Firing' combat option, as nobody in the history of ever has used it and waiting at the prompt would enable some pretty amusing exploits anyway.
  • Fixed an oversight with flight control scanners where filtering the CHRISTMAS alliance would prove ineffective. Scroogedom prevails.
  • Added a place on Shadius to facilitate the immoral transferral of starships. For use when a mundane starship branch just doesn't want to cooperate with your demands.
  • Confirmation for firing on an inhabited station, planet, moon, etc has been moved from the firing commands (LAS, CAN) to the LOCK command to address an exploit as well as make it more convenient by not having a constant prompt should you go on a rampage.


  • Flight control scanners will now announce the alliance of starships navigating into or out of local sectors.
  • Fixed a bug with the DOORLOCK and DOORUNLOCK commands that would cause it to give no output if the arguments provided matched to an object in your inventory or in the room. For example, typing DOORLOCK S would often return nothing because it was matching to a keyring or other object.
  • Starship stores now expressly forbid the transfer of ships if both parties are members of alliances that are hostile with one another. Take that, treasonous and treacherous friends.


  • Your starship computer will no longer permit you to expel a ship that is registered to an enemy alliance if diplomatic relations have descended to a declaration of hostility or war.
  • NAVI will no longer automatically and mysteriously teleport you to a new sector if autopilot fails to find a route to the destination coordinates.
  • Santa, not wanting people to become complacent with his common wares, now offers a supplemental version of the Santa Box. Since nobody was around to stop him, he named it the Extra Boxy Santa Box.


  • Introducing notifications for most major events occurring in your private organizations today! You can now receive alerts for members joining, members leaving, members being promoted or demoted, fund deposits and withdrawals, and key creation. To be eligible to receive such alerts, your communicator must be enabled and organization channel active. Additionally, organization admins now have a much finer control over which notifications go to who. Simply mosey on over to the Private Organization Center on Pax, and under the MENU, go to Set Admin Options -> Configure Notifications. Notifications can be set up to be piped to all active members, only administrators, or nobody.
  • Custom profanity filters should once again apply for metafrequency communicators.


  • People who are stunned will no longer be asked to approve or deny a docking request.
  • Scented candles now count towards a rooms overall smell, even if they're in a candle holder on a table-like surface.
  • You can no longer STAMP <person> with <stamp>, wait at the menu, get stunned, and then finish stamping your target after being incapacitated. True misery at its finest.
  • Fixed a bug where new closets(tm) wouldn't save the color for compressed pieces of LED clothing.


  • Fixed a bug with mountable lockboxes where one couldn't remove them from containers under certain and rare conditions.
  • Video probes that are in the same sector as a black hole will no longer transmit back to the mothership. Blame the inevitable interference that black holes reek upon a starship's systems.


  • Demolishing exits should now remove any accompanying biometric lock attached to that exit.
  • You can now disable and re-enable biometric locks from the BIOLOCK-command under 'Toggle Access'. Disabling a biometric lock will let anyone pass, without having to remove the lock from the exit,, similar to the PUBLIC command in houses. Users of the biometric are kept intact for when you wish to re-enable it.
  • You can now PEER through exits containing a disabled biometric lock.
  • About six-and-a-half years late, but @WHO OUT OF LOCAL (and all associated abbreviations) is now synonymous with @WHO OUT OF COMMS, since being out of locals while still remaining in communications range is an impossibility.


  • Asteroid mining drill bits and antenna arrays should no longer end up in salvage containers when ships are destroyed.
  • Closets have received an overhaul, allowing compressed clothing to be stored in a much more convenient format. This should not affect anything for you as a player, but please do REPORT if anything strange happens like jeans randomly losing pockets or tradesman clothing no longer being considered a tradesman item when you remove it from a closet.
  • The point of purchase should now be set properly on a piece of clothing that has been freshly removed from a closet.
  • Added yet another positively thrilling COMM-OPTION! This one allows you to ignore custom communicator socials from specific players.
  • You may now configure biometric identities for individual exits in a room, rather than the list of users being shared for all biolocks in the vicinity.
  • Santa will now take more...drastic measures against people who shoot his space sleigh repeatedly.


  • Santa should no longer ignorantly wander into local sectors that are filled to the brim with AI ships.
  • Ground Praelor NPCs now ignore newbies that are less than an hour old. If anyone is caught abusing this to use a brand new player as a shield, they will receive a penalty.
  • Shooting at Santa's space sleigh will no longer result in the immediate destruction of your starship.
  • Added a new COMM-OPTION for ignoring out-of-band messages for player created communicator socials.


  • You can now cancel any tradesman certificate requests that you have submitted to the queue by typing @CREQUEST again. This means that assists to get certificates removed will be force canceled. With FORCE.


  • New-style food robots can now be loaded with sheets of wrapping paper, rolls of same, food spreads and drink mixes. They also now properly count jars of food spreads toward energy use when ordered. No more free rides!
  • Sorry for the confusion, but the ability to load ultrabots [TM] with single sheets of wrapping paper has been redacted owing to the fact that single sheets are not purchaseable anywhere.
  • It seems I neglected to add this to the changelog! The @CERT-MARKET command now accepts a <history> argument to see the last recorded messages on the channel. The time of last activity on a sale is now also displayed so you can gauge when a sale is about to expire.
  • Comm socials once again work without asterisks if the entire transmission is meant to be a social. (e.g. tr org snort)
  • The BOOT list is once again ordered with players first and everything else second instead of all mixed together.
  • You can now define your own comm socials using the @custom-socials command. Please read the, frankly unprofessional but nonetheless true, disclaimer that pops up before adding your social. This feature should be considered a TRIAL RUN. Please use it responsibly or I will, in fact, cut you.
  • You can now TR LINK LOOP to link with a friendly communication loopback recipient that will parrot back everything you say to it. This has the advantage of allowing you to test comm socials without making everybody hate you and remove links with you.
  • Need to remember to do something? TR LINK REMIND and tell it! See HELP REMINDER SERVICE for some examples and bask in the triviality of this change.


  • You can now remove custom doors that you have submitted by typing DOORADD [exit] again.
  • Use of proper punctuation and capitalization is now a requirement with submitting newly written door messages in a private structure. Failing to use punctuation and capitalization where it is necessary will notify you what you need to fix and no longer add it to the queue.


  • You will now be required to reread POLICY 4 if you receive more than five OOC warnings.


  • Improved the responsiveness of the BOOT command. It should now detect things more or less instantaneously.
  • Matching in the GIVE command is now slightly smarter. If you're holding something with the same or similar name to who you want to give it to, it will no longer assume you mean to give the item to itself. e.g Carrying a Will Carter action figure. Typing 'give will to will' will now actually work instead of trying to give the action figure to the action figure.
  • Removing clothing from other players should no longer mysteriously break any spacesuit forcefield that they might be using at the time.


  • Added a help file for the laser overdrive capacitor.
  • Channel 500 history is now always available regardless of when you tuned in.


  • Praelor Frnalk are now differentiated from Ontanka and Krenelia on starmaps, scans, and flight control, since they're technically not a member of either faction.
  • The 'ignore thread notifications' option can now be toggled from the web board when viewing, you know, a thread. That you want to ignore.


  • Room environments have been updated to be more dynamic for future programming. Probably none of you know what this means, but this isn't technically a changelog for you to follow. You just can if you want.
  • Life support is now (mostly) independent of main power. Unless you have main power disabled, in which it won't have any power to function in the first place. Removed the power environment throttle on the SYSTEMS-command.


  • You can no longer use names containing dashes in character generation or renaming prompts. If you strongly feel that you should be allowed to have a hyphenated name, ASSIST to speak to us about it.
  • @COMM-SOCIALS is now sorted alphabetically! I know at least one of you cares about this.


  • By popular demand, engineering NPCs now respond to REP <component> as well as a more natural sounding REPAIR.
  • Disabling and reenabling life support in hostile environments is now a gradual process, rather than automagically changing every room's environment faster than a single airlock can cycle. The wait time is dependent on starship size.


  • A help file detailing crew NPCs has been added.
  • The PA command in houses now supports comm socials and the speech color option.


  • The EXTERNAL loudspeaker now more or less supports comm socials.
  • Simulated engineering NPCs have had a massive overhaul. They can now accept commands via the intercom. Furthermore, they now follow much better routines of repair prioritizing. Documentation coming soon!
  • Fixed some pretty glaring bugs in the engineer NPC code where repairing the hull when it was at critical levels would be considered less important than, say, a nearly destroyed laser turret.


  • Simulators now allow you to save and restore upgrade configurations. You can now also change your mind in the menu and remove standard upgrades. Also added a full upgrade option to skip ahead to the good part...
  • Simulators now also offer the fantastic ability to delete upgrade configurations from the main menu.
  • The SITTING command now recognizes mounts as a thing.
  • The scientist on Humuhumunukunukuapua'a will no longer shun you for life if you happen to have an empty credit account when you try to exchange containers of junk for useful items.
  • Pets have had their AACT verb overhauled. You can still AACT <PET> to bring up a prompt, or you can AACT <PET> WITH <ACTION> to skip the prompt and get right into the aactin'.


  • Tired of that pesky spacewalk prompt? Me too! Introducing a new SHIP-OPTION that suppresses any confirmation prior to embarking into the dark reaches of space.
  • You can now tell simulated gunnery NPCs to "FOCUS <ship name>" over the intercom. For example, "focus third drone" or "focus 123456."
  • Fixed a bug where gunnery NPCs would cause a task timeout after a simulated starship was destroyed.
  • You can no longer abuse pre-programmed communicator filters to get around the enforced blank message limitation.
  • Removing a custom social now prompts you to ensure that you really want to delete the selected social.


  • Spacesuit bags can now carry handheld planetary surveyors or handheld radio receivers. To prevent confusion and outcry, the option is not on by default. You can enable it by typing CONFIG <spacesuit bag> and picking the corresponding item from the menu.
  • Added the seemingly obscure spacesuit configuration menu to the OPTIONS-command.
  • Fixed a bug with communicator socials that would result in you transmitting a zero. Probably.
  • Communicator socials can now be used over the ship's PA.
  • The STARMAP command no longer shows information on objects one unit away when the sensors are destroyed.
  • Numbers (like, say, coordinates) should no longer be screamed over the PA or communicators.
  • Tradesman certificate marketplace sales will now expire if they haven't received any activity in more than two weeks. (Activity can be defined as updates to the sale itself or people purchasing certificates.)
  • You can now add simulated crew to simulated starships in starship simulators. Have fun with your simulicious simulated simulations of simulation.


  • It is no longer possible for sleeping players to catch frisbees that have been tossed to them.
  • Archaeology containers now respect the display container contents as list ITEM-OPTION.


  • Fixed a bug allowing people to continue milking cows even after having been removed from said cow's location. Probably.
  • Also fixed it so that stunned players and players who fall asleep on the job can't keep milking cows. Maybe.
  • Fixed a bug where scanning anomalies in rooms other than the control room would pipe output to the starship's control room rather than displaying it in the room that it was scanned from.


  • Rooms in laser tag arenas and starship simulators now send out of band soundpack messages.
  • Color options will now carry over to simulated laser tag avatars. (Amongst a number of other options.)


  • Your status of consenting to out of character communication via the intercom will now carry over to simulated avatars.
  • You can now type TURN COMM INTERALLIANCE to mute or unmute the interalliance channel, rather than the awkward syntax that was being used before.


  • Once more, POLICY 4 has been updated.
  • Pulse emitter bug fixes: Wearable pulse emitters work once again when used on targets. Gadgets that can be pulsed (such as stun detectors) will no longer show as being deactivated when they already are. You will now get a message upon the reactivation of an EM pulsed gadget.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in house owner transferral where the old owners list would not be cleared, subsequently making it so the new owner couldn't do crucial things like booting people off of the property.


  • you can now type @SPEAKER QUEUE (or list) to see a list of people who have requested to speak in a forum-enabled room. The queue will clear once forum mode is disabled once again.


  • Babies will now be violently thrown into an escape pod if a starship's main power is disabled in a hostile environment.
  • The SECURITY-command in starships now accepts arguments to display specific elements of information. For example, SECURITY internal will display all installed internal stun turrets.


  • stunned players can now disable OOC room communication (ROOC) if they so desire via the ROOC OFF command. Once it has been disabled, it's gone FOR GOOD until you become unstunned.
  • Policy 4 has been updated. Again.
  • Added the OOC-PA command to indicate whether you are consenting to out of character talk over the PA.
  • Added the PA-CHECK command to starship rooms to see if everyone aboard is okay with OOC talk over the PA.
  • Sleeping crew members are now excluded from the PA-CHECK command.
  • People who are stunned now automatically count as nonconsenting for OOC PA communication, regardless of their options. If you're going to hold someone, please don't pepper them with your flagrant out of character speech.
  • Fixed a bug with aquatic salvagers where landing on prospective debris after getting hit by a massive wave would not activate the scooper.


  • Instead of counting twice, atmospheric, gas and aquatic salvagers now only count towards your individual worth. This required modifying the worth of hundreds of ships actively being used in the game, so please REPORT if your ship suddenly ends up being worth far less than it should or something similarly wonky.
  • Atmospheric combat vehicles now count towards worth.
  • Asteroid rovers now count towards overall worth.


  • You can now use E2-style object matching in your room poses. Simply prefix part of an object's name with a dash (-) and go to town. Example: rpose with his fist firmly entrenched in -victor's teeth. Note that your room pose will dissolve once the object leaves the room.
  • You can now RPOSE <player name> to force them to dissolve their room pose if they have matched to your name inappropriately. (Note that this won't work if they type your name in manually, sorry!)
  • Fixed a bug where room pose matching only worked for hosts because I never remember to remove admin checks.
  • Transferring canisters of atmospheric debris is no longer instant. Sorry, no more transferring 820,300 canisters in less than a second.
  • It is now possible to rename your private properties in the Transferral Office on Aquatimis. No more having to assist to rename! Be warned, this comes at a small fee.


  • Drawing weapons now does a check to see if you're trying to draw it using a broken arm.
  • Added an @GROUND-KILLS tops list for ground Praelor killed.
  • NAVI should no longer sneakily activate drives that would otherwise be unable to be used if a black hole was present.
  • Fixed a spurious bug with using an intercom in a private structure observation room.
  • You can no longer use the PA on private structures in rooms that are outside.
  • It is no longer possible to enter houses while in a position other than standing.
  • Fixed a bug where a host's colors could override those set by the player for the 'color player list in rooms' color option.
  • Arguments to the NOTIFICATIONS command no longer require you to exactly type the name of the option you want. e.g. NOTIF RECHARGE rather than NOTIF DRIVE RECHARGE NOTIFICATIONS.
  • Tradesman items will now get sent to your capital planet upon the successful disowning of a specialty starship rather than disappearing into oblivion.
  • OPTION-SEARCH [part of option name] is now available for those who, like me, can't remember where in the world a particular option is housed in the tangled web of options commands.
  • Removed the new SHIP-OPTION and rejiggered starship scans to fix the bug that listed mining equipment by name in the first place. (Sorry Victor!)
  • You can no longer expel starships while landed in an aquatic environment.


  • WHO -ooc now displays percentages, similar to WHO ooc.
  • You can no longer disable main power seconds before activating a jumpgate or while the ship is transiting via the trisolar catapult in sector 32.
  • You can no longer disable main power if the ship is in the process of expelling another ship. Conversely, other ships that are being expelled are under the same restriction.
  • Fixed a bug where you could board or depart lifts if you weren't standing.
  • Rejoice, for you may now retrieve items from gadget bots using the syntax UNLOAD <item name> from <bot>. The menu is still there for those who like organization and hate change.
  • You can no longer communicate over a starship relay channel if the paired ship is unpowered.
  • You will no longer get trapped forever if you're in the shower when a ship is destroyed.
  • Bounty hunters, unknown starships, and anything else that responds to being shot should now respond to EM pulse weapons.
  • Stores that sell starship pulses will no longer harass you to pick a placement location when there is only one eligible room to pick from.
  • Wavewarp drives will no longer be activated by NAVI if the ship is in sector 0.
  • Droids with personality enhancements will no longer respond to socials if they happen to be disabled after the social is invoked.
  • Babies should no longer wander into rooms with a hostile environment.
  • Added Praelor troops to INFO KILLS, for those who care about how many praelor NPCs they've heartlessly murdered.
  • Fixed the ever elusive traceback that some people would get if they attempted to REPLY to someone who had since removed their communicator.
  • People can no longre catch tossed frisbees if they leave the room.


  • Your walking style will now be altered while in an aquatic environment.
  • Forum logs will now be moved to an archival folder upon a room recycling rather than sticking around indeterminately. This addresses a very rare hole where people could view disassociated forum logs if the room they were in shared the object number of an older forum room.
  • You will now receive a kindly warning after using the ROOC-command if a host is present and assisting another player in the room. Hosts are out of character, you don't need to be using ROOC redundantly! Or do you?
  • Fixed the (reported by little) bug where anyone could write on a varied amount of signs that were placed in public areas before June of 2009.
  • Rearming Blazon rockets will now charge you with an amount that scales with how many rockets are being purchased. Consequently, you also have the option to select how many you wish to load, rather than being forced to refill the ship to capacity every time.
  • You can no longer launch a BC fighter from the mothership while it is being repaired.
  • You can now use 'STOP' as an argument to the repair command in fighter repair to abort a repair in progress.
  • BC fighters no longer prematurely show themselves docking 5 seconds before they actually redock.
  • Rescuing or calling back a BC fighter will now cancel any pending escape pod launches or self-destruction sequences in progress.
  • You can no longer check history for your private organization channel if you have the organization channel muted.
  • You can no longer link a droid to a new remote while it's following to prevent the awkward situation of having it on remote mode while it innocently tags along in your wake.
  • Fixed a tragic bug with docking where one could, given the proper circumstances, request docking entry and then move away but still dock successfully after the request was accepted.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get a traceback upon attempting to publish a journal at Raul's Retail.
  • Claiming starships on Shadius now transfers atmospheric combat vehicles to the new owner, similarly to atmospheric/gas/aquatic salvagers.
  • People who use the auto-confirm landing and jumpgate prompts SHIP-OPTION will no longer confirm anything if they disconnect before reaching the target.
  • Starship relay channels will now send soundpack negotiation messages to soundpack users, similarly to all other channels.
  • Booting from house rooms, starships and private space stations/moons/planets should now do a sitting check. For real this time.
  • Player-owned store rejection letters are now postmarked.
  • Lore Computer's will no longer traceback if they encounter a floating-point arithmetic error.


  • Fixed a bug in E2 that would cause a traceback if you tried to use %he1 with only one person referenced.
  • Fixed an oversight with the PREDICT-command that caused it to give inaccurate predictions when no arguments were provided.
  • Most, if not all costumes have been converted to work as normal clothing. If your costume doesn't cover the proper location, please assist to get everything sorted. Keep in mind that this is for costume objects that change one's name during Halloween. Normal items are not affected.
  • New costumes(tm) will now preserve their unique name and descriptions if you put them in a closet.
  • Buying a single item multiple times in a short span of time will now alert you to the fact that you can buy multiple items at a time with a single command.
  • The @FORUM-LOGS command now provides an option to set a custom title for your meetings. You can use several different formatters for sake of ease. The different formatters are detailed in the command.
  • Updated the tradesman certificates help file to be more in line with the recent modifications to how they work.


  • Owners of rooms equipped with forum mode now have an option to retrieve any relevant logs from past meetings. Type @FORUM-LOGS while standing in the room to begin. Be certain to report any bewildering occurrences, such as being able to see host-only logs or other top secret meetings regarding impending doom.
  • You can no longer reroll to get around the tradesman certificate cooldown period. Any new characters will have the old time carried over.


  • Introduced a tradesman certificate marketplace for purely OOC trading of tradesman item certificates. To access it, type @CERT-MARKET (shortened down to @cm). Help file coming soon.
  • Added a tradesman market channel. You can connect or disconnect using @CM <on | off> respectively. New and closing sales will be announced here, for now. There will be more to come soon!
  • Skeeball machines will no longer announce how many points were achieved if you rudely walk out on them in the midst of a throw.


  • Tradesman certificates will now properly transfer over to new characters after rerolling.
  • The contents of tradesman items that hold things(tm) (mountable lockboxes, gadget bots, etc) will no longer be transferred to new characters after rerolling. Take that, evil and moralless thieves.


  • The HELP command will now provide a list of topics it thinks you might be interested in when it fails to find an exact match. Similarly, the @HELP-SEARCH command is available to do the same thing but without the title matching getting in your way.
  • Similar to starships, private structure owners can now pick up empty untouchable strollers to destroy them in the most grippingly gruesome method at their disposal.
  • You can now hang costumes in closets and other various clothing compression containers.


  • Fixed a bug with player-owned store rejection where the store would be removed from the queue, but you could never resubmit a store for that room. EVER. No longer!
  • You can no longer leave blank messages for other people using the Intraship Quick Messaging Network.
  • You can no longer speak underwater in pools, hot tubs, or other random bodies of water if you lack the proper protective equipment, which is to say a spacesuit forcefield or a spacesuit helmet. Though why anyone would go underwater recreationally with a bulky spacesuit helmet on is beyond reasonable explanation.


  • You can now type PILOT-OPTIONS (shortened to pilot-o) in a starship control room to alter various starship settings. Similarly, you can also type WEAPON-OPTIONS (or weapon-o) in a weapon room to change combat related options.


  • Skeeball machines now no longer fit in bags, clothing, etc. Thanks to the person who so bluntly pointed out that it made no sense.


  • Fixed an outstanding bug with skeeball machines where one could reset the machine mid-throw, causing it to have negative one balls left.


  • You can now type TIME format in a control room near you (or time mode for the lazy) to toggle your starship's clock format between 12-hour or 24-hour.
  • You can now toggle whether your Lore computer uses 12-hour or 24-hour format on the sundial via the device options menu.


  • Have you ever wondered what the highest skeeball score is on all of the machines in Miriani? Now you can find out with the @SKEEBALL command. important stuff. Just remember it's out of character info, just like @TOPS lists.


  • You will now receive a letter in the mail if you find yourself suddenly banned from participating in combat missions. Subsequently, if you are able to go on them again, you will receive a snazzy new personalized letter.
  • You can now PEER out of ferries while they're docked.
  • The PROBE-command in starship control rooms has been altered as to not implicate that you can launch multiple video probes simultaneously.


  • The SECURITY command in lifts now has the alias of SEC, or any amount of the command beyond that. Laziness triumphs over all!


  • You will now receive a letter immediately upon losing battlecruiser/specialty technology rights. You will also receive one once your rights are reinstated.
  • It is no longer possible to place people on furniture if you don't have both hands free.
  • Alliance High Guard Command has updated their prison policies: you will now be given a quite fashionable prison jumpsuit upon being detained. Anything you're wearing or carrying, save for a message board reader, will be hospitably put into a container until you are released. You may not access in character boards while detained. Similarly, they now provide you with resplendent pieces of paper to write home on. The one letter per prisoner restriction still applies.


  • The specialty starship scanner will now count occupants as unqualified if they lack sufficient points for the vessel in question, regardless of specialty rights.


  • Groups now disband in the hustle and bustle of a starship breaking apart around you as it's destroyed.
  • Cracking starship door locks on Shadius will no longer give you the miraculous ability to lock your staterooms from the inside.


  • @exploration-statistics has been altered to reflect the true number of active natural wormholes, rather than counting each entry and exit point.


  • Hopefully fixed the crazy @top-socials bug. The command is now enabled.
  • Using the hug social with wacky arguments such as hugmybigfurrycat now counts as a plain old hug in the social tops list.
  • You can no longer PITCH tents in an aquatic environment.
  • You can now use the MAIL command in your starship's control room to check to see if you have mail. Note that you must be landed and in communications range for this to work.
  • You can now use plural arguments with the NOTIFICATIONS-command in starships. E.g. NOTIFICATIONS asteroids.


  • Combat suits will now properly recycle any companion pulse emitters if the suit itself is destroyed.
  • Hooray! You can now transmit text directly from the scratchpad on your Lore Computer to another Lore(tm) device. Earth-shattering, I know.
  • It is now possible for private space station, moon and planet owners to globally disable/enable the PA system from security centers. For the moment, this does not effect individual room toggles, rather, it overrides the PA system altogether.
  • The @top-socials command has been disabled due to a bug that shows use of custom socials. It will be enabled again once this issue has been fixed.


  • Digging to rooms without providing a name will no longer submit 'New Room' to the rename queue. Who knew it had to do with the probably not-so-recent code to enforce room renaming bans? Not me! Until now.


  • Fixed a bug where lying on furniture in a hot tub room would spuriously make you sit instead.


  • Similar to organization meeting rooms, alliances now have meeting rooms on Pax. Right now they're not described, but that will probably change.


  • Destroyed starship pulses should no longer show up as being 'available' under the WEAPONS-command.
  • Planets, stations and moons located in uncharted space will no longer give you a payout for 'defense of known space' if they get invaded. Ahem.


  • Starships should no longer indicate that they have a paint job upon landing if their hull is damaged.
  • To alleviate confusion, hostile Praelor now show up as Ontanka on both flight control and sector scans.


  • Similarly to most if not all other Praelor, out of comms Praelor now utilize much shorter names.


  • Changed the output in storage rooms for salvaged aquatic debris. Now everything's not just gas, even on taco night.


  • Hot tub rooms on player-owned structures will now check if you're trying to sit on a piece of furniture rather than soak in the hot tub.
  • You can now PUSH (or SHOVE) <person> OFF <furniture> to violently remove them from the offending object.
  • To prevent excess confusion, you will now automatically be removed from any mailbox located in a donator apartment that is locked down.
  • Updated the expiry warning letter issued by apartment complexes to detail mailbox pruning.
  • Reading certain letters if they're not addressed to you (namely apartment complex warning letters) should no longer result in an immersion shattering traceback.


  • The MENU command in stores now takes @linelength into account more obsessively.
  • Fixed a tragic bug with skeeball machines where you could lose your hard-earned score if someone STARTed it the very second before the game ended.
  • This is probably the most important change to date: If you shake a tent with people in it, the people inside will feel your thunder.


  • Salvager bay ramps now count toward total ship worth. (Retroactively.)


  • Have you ever wanted to restrict access to certain levels of your structure from within your lift? Owners can now do so by using the SECURITY command from inside the lift. Start turning away your best friends today.
  • Never fear what horrific things may await you. You can now PEER out of lifts while they're not in motion.
  • HELP LIFTS has been updated to include the new SECURITY command.


  • Do you utterly despise your combat drones? Are they marring your otherwise beautiful ship with their imperfection and utter lack of personality? You can fix this grievous problem! Combat drone bays can now be removed on Varoshna. Don't wait, annihilate your combat drone bay today!


  • Alternate navigation commands 'C' and 'X' once again work properly in atmospheric salvage / combat vehicles.
  • The game will now warn you when it detects that your soundpack is the reason you got booted for input spamming. (Well. Sometimes.)


  • @update-soundpack is now account based for those who maintain a soundpack but love to reroll.


  • Overzealous workers should no longer feel the burning desire to break into landed starships and gleefully steal any babies on the ground.
  • Sensor profilers now check if you were moved from the room during an upload sequence, rather than blindly assuming that you never moved and failing to abort the upload regardless.


  • Most babies are now too terrified to wander around alone on a planet or space station. Additionally, planets and space stations with drone storage rooms will now send helpful, friendly workers out to collect lonely babies and bring them back to the safety of the room containing piles of heavy, inert machines.
  • Refinery bonuses now show under the INFO-command.


  • You can no longer disable main power if you are suddenly and unexpectedly incapacitated while in the yes/no prompt for jerks lacking a spacesuit.


  • Scanning from an observation room on a private structure will no longer show the structure you're scanning from.
  • You can now execute the BOOT-command in observation rooms on player-owned structures.


  • If you're removed from a private organization without standing in the private organization center, you will now be mailed keys to previously tagged ships rather than having a random package mysteriously appear in your hands.
  • At long last, owners of private stations, moons, and planets can now bolt and unbolt on their docking bays and landing pads. Bolt your favorite things to the floor today!
  • Other rooms (e.g. atmospheric vehicle control rooms, archaeology sites) now feature a C alias for coordinates, similar to starship rooms.


  • Your soundpacks already did it anyway, but for non-soundpack users, C is now an alias for COORDS. Let freedom ring!
  • Changing room parents in private space stations no longer prompts you to choose if the room is indoors or outdoors.


  • When requesting a tradesman certificate using @REQUEST-CERTIFICATE, you are now informed as to how many certificates you have once the transaction completes.
  • Bashing your head into a starship will now give you a head injury.


  • You can now transfer ownership of private property without host intervention. See post 76456 for the intricacies of doing so. Jig for joy! I know I am.
  • Similar to moving houses, privately-owned space stations now come with a moving fee. See message board post 76455 for all the dirt.
  • Empanda has gotten a facelift. Please act as though it has always been that way.


  • Joined Team Internet for the September 10th 'Internet Slowdown' with a little reminder message the first time you execute a command after connecting. More information here:


  • Communicator socials are ENHANCED! They can now be used at the beginning or the end of a transmission, you can use asterisks or the number 8 to surround them, you can use singular or plural, and they're a million times easier to add new ones of. Don't delay, communicate today!
  • Added COMM-O 15 to ignore communicator socials. (Currently does not apply to metafrequency communicators.)
  • COMM-O 15 now also applies to metafrequency communicators.
  • @comm-socials now accepts an argument to see details on each social. e.g. '@comm-socials whisper'


  • Added @ISITWORTHIT for those times when you just have no idea whether or not something contributes to your worth or not.
  • You can now courier to various planets equipped with flight control that reside in sector 31 and further.
  • Desolo now has flight control and you can courier there as well.


  • The newbie channel now features exciting timestamps. It also works with the HISTORY command, but won't show up on the menu because it's separate from the comm system and could prove distracting for people who loathe everything about it.


  • Disappointment abounds. You can no longer quickly rebuckle yourself into a chair as you're standing up, only to be in the awkward position of being restrained by a seatbelt while standing.


  • Zander now has an automated service that cleans the planet of old and lonely drones every so often. Go and visit them sometime in the abandoned merchandise room. You know you want to.
  • Reclamation sites on Kentos now have their own fabulous and unique digging messages.
  • Rejiggered booting from private structures so you won't see yourself being dragged away via security cameras anymore.
  • Booting from houses and other various private structures now forces people lying or sitting on you to stand, similarly to ship booting.
  • You can no longer transfer an apartment to someone if they already have an apartment at that complex. Similarly, you can no longer transfer an apartment to someone if the apartment is on Empanda and they are not a donator.


  • Ammunition storage containers and belts that hold ammo now respect the display container contents as list item-option.
  • Pulsing someone now takes containers and belts into account. No more being sneaky jerks and clipping your stun reader(s) to a belt to avoid them being deactivated.
  • Made it so archaeology sites have custom ambient messages, usually based on what environment or planet it's located at. It will take a bit for us to go through each dig site to update messages. REPORT if you see any inconsistencies!


  • You can no longer USE a toilet multiple times. Incidentally, neither can you swirly 3.14 people at once if you're into that kind of thing. Never worry about bathroom woes again!
  • Speaking into a metafrequency communicator now respects the hide communicator names room-option.
  • You can no longer install cameras while standing in a private structure's security center.
  • If your starship somehow finds itself on top of another player, your systems will no longer be unavailable due to the ship's proximity with that terrible person.
  • People who are sitting or lying on someone who gets booted from a ship will now be brutally forced to stand up.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed normal atmospheric salvagers to operate on planets with an aquatic environment.
  • Hidden things, such as security cameras on private stations, should no longer show up when taking pictures of rooms using normal cameras.


  • Water guns no longer soak your clothing and gadgets if you're wearing a full spacesuit.


  • Uncontrollable rage issues? Don't turn to violence against your fellow man! FLIP a table instead! (Added a very necessary FLIP command to tables and table-like surfaces.)


  • You can no longer download and upload sensor profiles while the ship is powered down.
  • If a player reaches 60 policy reminders, they will be sent to a nice, quiet reading room. They will stay there until they accept the policies. Or die of starvation and dehydration. Whichever comes first.


  • Sensor profilers are now available! These spectacular gadgets allow one to save SCAN-FILTERS or LRSCAN configurations and move them from ship to ship. You must have a key to load sensor configurations onto another person's starship.


  • You should no longer be able to use spacesuit storage bags if you have an active forcefield spacesuit on.
  • Added ITEM-OPTION 12. Never again will you have to roll the dice to know if you'll be standing in that store for 13 years choosing between 862,001 different customization options!
  • Or, for those who hate menu spam, you can achieve the same result without enabling ITEM-O 12 by typing SUMMARIZE <menu option>. Or SUMM.


  • Firing upon a new courier ship that won't reward you for its destruction will now print a warning message similar to a newbie ship warning message.


  • Various store menus will no longer show shoes and other feety-type things as having seats.


  • Installation of hatch replacement locks will now fail if you're unceremoniously moved from the airlock.
  • Water guns now soak all clothing on your target. Have fun!


  • Because the other kiss socials are this way, you can no longer cheekkiss people while they are stunned.
  • Added a help file for tradesman certificates.


  • Pulse emitters can now be DISCHARGEd (or UNLOADed if that's your thing) to get rid of that pesky extra useful charge.


  • Fixed punching bags so they no longer get stuck being used if they or the person punching or kicking them changes locations.


  • Edited the insurance help file to include a note about self-destructing ships.
  • After many, many, many, many years of wondering why such a thing was happening, the infamous chicken bug has been put to rest.


  • It is no longer possible to dump ammunition containers into themselves, sending all of the ammunition into a dark and empty place of no return.


  • The TURN command on books and such now accepts next and previous as arguments, and previous can be shortened to prev. Relatedly, the OPEN command will now put you on the first page if the book has never been opened instead of forcing you to turn to page 1 like a jerk.
  • Choosing to wipe a Lore computer of its data no longer resets its hardware slots and image discs.


  • You can no longer put pets in pockets.
  • Babies can also no longer be put in pockets.
  • The MAP command now works from inside an airlock!


  • The force renamer now prompts you to confirm your new name.
  • Communicator and Lore tracking timestamps now use the game year rather than the real out of character year.


  • POLICY 4 has been updated.


  • Policy reminders are now tracked. People who get a certain amount of reminders or more will be booted for about 30 seconds when they're reminded.


  • Lore computers now have a track history that can be viewed under the tracking menu.


  • The INSULT social is back and better than ever.


  • Fixed a bug where the FTL map would display truncated values (often including ANSI sequences) to players with small linelengths.
  • Added a new COLOR-OPTION to display dark gray alliance symbols with a white background for users who have a background the same color as ANSI gray.


  • Typing IGNORING will now clean dead players out of your comm ignore list.
  • Those special drink bottles that have to be poured into glasses now rot like normal drinks. Mostly because there are around 6350 of them as of this change.
  • Added a purchase limit for baby food and drink since they don't rot.
  • Baby food, baby drinks, and food spreads now rot. However, because baby food and drinks are used often, they should take a week or so to rot outside of a fridge.


  • It's now possible to turn off a stun armor battery pack when nothing is connected to it.
  • Stun armor battery packs are now smarter about checking for things that shouldn't be connected to them.


  • Lowly townspeople (aka not caretakers or owners of the station) can now view a STATUS report in private upgrade sales facilities to view the progress of their particular retrofits.


  • Matching once again works with GETting punching bags instead of telling you that 'other punch' (or whatever) isn't on the punching bag.


  • Improved handling of shortened versions of airlock and enter (air, ent, etc) when using the PEER command to view objects.
  • Fixed a precision error in the CASH command when you have ITEM-O 11 (show commas) disabled.
  • ATMs now obey ITEM-O 11. Relatedly, adding to the insurance fund no longer shows one number with commas and one without.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the MAP legend to either display room types that were not on the map or not display room types that were on the map.
  • Fixed a bugsploit(tm) that would allow one to hover in a menu for SLIP, FTL, MOVE, or NAVI and then continue to control the ship after they had been removed from the control room.
  • Added a TIMER help file due to extraordinarily popular demand.
  • You can now fire pulse emitters at players to temporarily disable weaker forms of technology that they're wearing, such as pesky stun detectors. And by 'such as' I mean 'that's all that they disable right now'.
  • Speaking of that PEER thing from earlier... the 'objects' part can now be lazied all the way down to 'ob' if you prefer. e.g. 'peer air ob'
  • People with grievously injured legs now limp in and out of the airlock.
  • The room is now notified when people fall to the ground in their haste to walk 500 rooms per second.


  • Because people seem to like to do this for fun, getting 0% on a policy quiz now boots you for 10 minutes unless you're a newbie.


  • Added an optional policy quiz. See board post 75704 or the policy-quiz help file for details.
  • A policy quiz notification channel now exists. Use POLICY-QUIZ <on> to enable it and POLICY-QUIZ <off> to disable it. Your results will not be announce to those with notifications enabled if you yourself have them disabled.
  • Multiple choice answers on the policy quiz now randomly permute.
  • Fixed a policy quiz bug that caused the correct answer for a multiple choice question to be incorrect after the answers were randomized.
  • Fixed priests a bit to ask each person getting married in turn if they want to change their last name, hopefully to avoid any confusion in future.
  • Droid remotes now give you the unparalleled power to examine grouped objects in the room.
  • Message board options now appear in the conglomeration that is the OPTIONS command.
  • Taking the policy quiz as a simulated avatar now reroutes the quiz to you instead of giving the avatar a reward for passing.
  • Simulated avatars can no longer use the ACCEPT-POLICY command, because, well, acceptance would be simulated too.


  • Droids no longer stink up the room when they fart, because, you know, they're machines and all.
  • Courier ship destructions now check to see if the people who destroyed the ship are eligible for promotions.
  • Ships powering up or down in private garages will now be seen doing so.


  • Because we've got the maturity level of a three year old, farts now affect room smells.


  • POLICY 20 has been updated. Everybody should have a look at it as soon as possible.
  • Added a check to prevent multiple transfers of the same starship once the transfer process has begun.
  • Updated the Getting Started, FAQ, and Rules help files with information about accepting the policies. Also updated the NPC in the alliance information center where new characters start.
  • Accepting policies is now account based instead of character based.


  • The landing message on Keyton has been reworked so as not to force roleplay.
  • Typing who ooc no longer hints at how many hosts may be connected.
  • Asteroid rovers now have a STOP command to abort autopilot, if they have the upgrade.


  • Changed the reference to MESSAGES TO THE STAFF to GAMEPLAY CONCERNS in POLICY 16.
  • To make the whole policy acception concept less heavy-handed, alliance choosing no longer checks to see if new characters have accepted the policies, and the reminder is now on a one hour interval and doesn't send to newbies. You should still read them all and accept them when you have time, of course.


  • A new step has been added to character creation. Please read board post 75555 for the details.


  • Droids with keys can now enter apartments in remote mode. Probably.


  • New-style food robots are now BOOTable from starships.


  • Owners and caretakers of private moons and planets should now be able to take ITPN pods to them if they have been set to deny all landing. This required a small reworking of how landing is checked, so please report any weirdness.


  • Those fancy pen things that people like to use on each other now display the current picture and color when LOOKing at them.
  • You know those pen things that you people love so very very much? They now require ink supplies to work. Ink can be purchased wherever stamps are sold. Just REFILL <pen name> WITH INK and off you go!


  • Fixed a bug that allowed every drone in the room (minus 3) to defend you if you're on their friends list.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow courier ships to navigate out of an interdicted sector.


  • Bounty hunters now use interdictors. They follow the same rules for them as players.
  • Bounty hunters also now subwarp to their targets if they can. This only happens if they're around 6 units away or more.
  • Bounty hunters no longer spawn thousands upon thousands of tasks when they fight. Their firing patterns are now hopefully a bit more natural as well.


  • Added an ITEM-OPTION to remove commas from the output of CASH, Lore shop searches, and store menus.


  • It is no longer possible to request tradesman certificates while a request is in the tradesman queue.


  • Refunds from destroying an apartment that isn't finalized should no longer bleed into organization tithes, private funds, or insurance.


  • Removing members from an organization now prompts you to make sure you really wish to remove them.
  • Private upgrade sales facilities can now change the prices of portable devices as well as starship upgrades.


  • Tradesman certificates have been removed from Empanda's request menu. Now just type @REQUEST-CERT and if eligible, you will receive your certificate.
  • You can now REQUESTCHECK from out of communications range again.
  • Courier ships that won't give you a reward for destroying them will now have a new courier status in scans. Not to be confused with the new pilot status.
  • Courier ships should now be able to fire upon other courier ships, just in case you want to hunt rival couriers in your courier ship.


  • It is now possible to load new food robots with freeze-dried foods. But they must still be in their wrapper in order to work.
  • Fishing now pays off as well. You can load any newly caught fish into your food robots. Sorry, old manky fish won't work. We only like the fresh ones.


  • You will no longer get a reward for destroying a courier ship if said courier ship is less than 4 hours old. Please do try to give people something resembling a chance to recover after destroying them.
  • to prevent abuse, the courier destruction reward limitation now only applies if the victim isn't eligible for a courier ship with weapons on it.


  • Hopefully fixed mineral scanners so that they display the proper coordinates and other information when used inside of an asteroid rover.


  • Improved the archaeology brush! It's now much less reliant on skill and much more likely to produce intact artifacts. (Assuming the artifact was intact in the ground, which is not always the case.)
  • It's now possible to DUMP a regular container full of artifacts (which I hope nobody actually has!) into an artifact storage container.
  • It is no longer possible to submit unsigned books and paintings to sell, and books and paintings must be signed by the submitter in order to submit.


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in planets, moons, and stations getting so upset when they were shot that they gave credits instead of taking them away.
  • The REPORT command now displays the contents of your report before sending confirmation.


  • Players are now notified when they are banned from using a channel, as well as when the ban expires.
  • Keyrings now obey ITEM-O 10 (containers as lists).


  • Added ITEM-OPTION 10 to display container contents as vertical lists.


  • Bounty hunters will now trace wormhole jumps in an attempt to seek and locate targets. Hopefully.


  • You can now track new-style food robots on Pax and Empanda at the pet tracking facilities.


  • Vastly decreased the likelihood of a salvage lifeform being a mutant. Over hunting, you know. Just kills those local wildlife populations.
  • Droids can now go through GO exits via their remotes. Beware that the exit names will probably look really stupid.
  • UPDATE! Mutant salvage lifeforms are now much more common in sector 14 or 15 or more lightyears outside of known space.


  • Doors that can't be locked should no longer let you set a code anyway.
  • The FIGHTERS-ORDER command now physically reorders BC fighters in the bay rather than only reordering them in menus.
  • Added INFO TRADESMAN for a beyond thrilling list of objects flagged as tradesman items.


  • It should now be possible for new-style food bots to act the same way as old-style ones in regard to getting.


  • New-style food robots now get considerably more supplies when reloaded, however the restock items need to be purchased rather than obtained from the intended restock bot.
  • You can now load new-style food robots with multi-packs of food and drinks.


  • Interceptors no longer show salvaging-related information in status.


  • Added a HISTORY <channel> (or COMM-H for users of That One Soundpack) verb for convenient and mis-communication free history viewing. HISTORY with no arguments gives you a STUNNING menu of historic choices.
  • You now have a chance of evading salvage lifeform attacks if you're lucky, standing, awake, and unstunned. Your stance will affect how lucky you are.


  • Test changelog entry.


  • Powered BC's in private garages will no longer see themselves being transported to landing pads through the external camera.


  • Fixed the display of cannon salvo size and optimal cannon damage in the WEAPONS command.


  • Fixed a bug where food in refrigerators never rotted. Now it does! (After two months, so significantly more time than food outside of a refrigerator.)


  • Video probes destroyed by wavewarp drives now transmit their final report to the mothership instead of just keeling over silently.


  • Purged a few thousand uncharted planets to prepare for the clearing of the survey database. Planets that survived are gas giants, marine worlds, and planets containing more than notes and/or pictures. Sorry!


  • People who are banned from participating in combat missions should no longer receive combat mission rewards if they manage to sneak around their combat mission ban.


  • Quantum vacuum accelerators (should) no longer fling you in completely the wrong direction when colony sectors get reused in atmospheric combat invasions.
  • Atmospheric combat vehicles will no longer gleefully fire machine guns at themselves when you move around while firing.
  • Atmospheric combat vehicles that return to the vehicle bay with guns flailing will no longer shoot up your vehicle bay or get stuck firing.
  • Atmospheric combat vehicles now do proper bounds checking on the z-axis. It's no longer possible to fire into invalid coordinates.
  • Firing in an ACV no longer shows you a coordinate list every time. (That was uh, meant for debugging. Awkward.)
  • Alternate navigation commands and z-axis combinators(tm) now work in atmospheric combat vehicles.
  • Made a small adjustment to POLICY 23 to clarify the restoration process as it applies to new vs old characters.


  • You will now occasionally receive notification and a reason for assists being force canceled.
  • Disabling a ship's main power in an aquatic environment will now behave as if you disabled it in a hostile environment.


  • Added nipple piercinggs and nipple rings to the piercing store. Enjoy!


  • Added an 'eventspam' help file since, for some reason, the command is getting a lot of action lately with no arguments. Which makes it do nothing.


  • The @AUC-CHECK command for live auctions has received a serious makeover. Now you have the option to check bidding activity or item information all from one command.


  • It is now possible to send a letter from IC prison. Only one letter, and it has to be an actual letter. Sorry guys, Lore printouts won't work. So use your letter wisely.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug that resulted in people getting roundtime every time NAVI would switch sectors while they were drunk.


  • balls of slime and slime launchers now check to see if your target is in cover.


  • Added a SHIP-OPTION to remove destroyed components from the DAMAGE report. You can temporarily bypass this option by adding an 'ALL' argument. e.g. DAMAGE TURRETS ALL or DAMAGE ALL.
  • Disabling holographic avatars from the SYSTEMS panel (what a stupid place for it...) will now deactivate any active holograms.
  • Fixed a bug where the new ship option conflicted with the 'only show damaged components' option and made things randomly disappear.
  • Remotes for sabotaging starships are now included in gadget robots.


  • You should now be disconnected from starship simulator avatars when they end up in the recycling plant.


  • Planets and stations in starship simulators no longer have flight control.


  • Vehicle owners can now EMPTY (or EJECT or EXPEL) their vehicles to drag layabouts out.


  • Firing on inhabited planets and stations will now result in an automatic fine as well as a prison sentence.


  • The planetary defense lasers should now shoot down pieces of expelled debris as if they were blockades.


  • Armor and stun armor bags no longer work if closed.


  • Long-range scanners no longer function when the ship's sensors have been destroyed.
  • Being open is now a prerequisite for all holsters using the HOLSTER, DRAW, PDRAW, and PHOLSTER commands.


  • Added DAMAGE AVERAGE for gaining an appreciation for just how much damage your components have taken. You know, on average.
  • It's no longer possible to read notes over people or droid's shoulders.
  • Signing is now restricted to notes and letters. (No more vandalizing public signs, sorry.)
  • Interceptors no longer accept storage upgrades on account of not having storage rooms. Refunds have been issued to those who already did it.


  • Future quivers of crossbow bolts should be immune to rotting. Sorry for the oversight.


  • It is no longer possible for droids to pick up pitched tents or tents that are in the process of being pitched.
  • Installed sabotage devices will now be mercilessly destroyed with the ship.


  • You never knew you wanted it, but @TOP-SOCIALS now exists. Now try to imagine life without it. How did you ever survive?
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents in transport pods. Whoever thought doing that was a good idea should have their head examined.


  • You can no longer throw balls of slime or those scent ball things at themselves.


  • Droids can no longer exit ships via remote if the ship is in an aquatic environment. Sorry, cheaters.
  • Drones can no longer be expanded in aquatic environments.
  • Stun batons can no longer be used in aquatic environments for obvious reasons.
  • Players should no longer be able to follow other players into an aquatic environment without a spacesuit.
  • Aquatic rooms now show as aquatic when looking.


  • Fixed a bug where transferring all contaminated material out of a storage tower wouldn't remove that tower's contamination status.
  • Fixed a bug in archaeology scanners where extremely miniscule depths would report as vastly larger depths.
  • Added an experimental new MATCH-OPTION to use contextual clues to refine object matches. (Right now only useful in dig sites and asteroids.) See HELP CONTEXTUAL MATCHING for an example.


  • Archaeological artifacts for Mercury and that other place, you know the one, they've had their values increased hopefully enough to balance out.


  • Automatic shovels now count toward your overall worth.
  • Archaeology scanners now properly count toward overall worth.


  • Catch up on the latest OOC comm history for the day:
  • You can no longer beat people with objects that have been bolted down. You'll have to find something else instead.
  • Added automatic shovels to archaeology stores.
  • Added a level 11 scanner to archaeology stores.
  • Added a handheld electronics factory to the mining station. See HELP HANDHELD ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING FACILITY.
  • Added a number of new devices for conducting sabotage. See HELP SABOTAGE and HELP SABOTAGE DEVICES.
  • Added four new archaeology sites. Best of luck finding them.
  • Archaeology scanners now report in feet, not meters. (Sorry soundpacks. But c'mon, meters?)
  • Archaeology scanners no longer present you with 900,000 decimal places.


  • Fixed a rather embarrassing bug where drones never checked their own power and would happily shoot things with negative power.


  • Implemented a new ship option that sorts your ship list shown by the INFO command by worth.
  • In theory it is no longer possible to put unrolled sleeping bags in other containers, such as backpacks and belt pouches.


  • Announcements of complete retrofits should no longer spam security centers with the same message from every room.
  • Ralph once again accepts your hard earned money if you use shortened versions of the give command, such as GI. Give generously.
  • Digging tools no longer get stuck if you are forcibly removed from the room mid-dig.
  • Fixed an issue where stores were using the OLD pluralization verb and making your innocent purchases sound extra stupid when you buy in bulk. (You buy ten can of wormses, for instance.)


  • Courier ships now try their hardest to use four digit numbers instead of a billion digits.
  • Droids can now be remotely commanded to move around in dynamic rooms (asteroids, dig sites, etc).


  • Not a tops list, but added @EXPLORATION-STATISTICS (@explor) for those quasi-interested in that sort of thing.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in natural wormholes never collapsing.


  • You will now be notified over your courier channel when new employees join your courier company.
  • You will also be notified over your courier channel when new employees leave your courier company, whether that be quitting or transferring.
  • Promotions are now also announced over the courier channel.


  • Added a funds help file.


  • Trying to withdraw more than 2147483647 credits from a raw materials marketplace will no longer withdraw an error instead.
  • @comm-socials will return a programmatically generated list of available comm socials. Never read help files again.


  • Ducts now enjoy the same sense of security as a locked door.
  • Communication stores now sell helpful literature regarding the rules of the road.


  • ETAs of extremely minor repairs no longer claim to take 0 seconds to complete.
  • The SYSTEMS command will now fail if you get moved from the room while in the prompt.


  • Split the administrative options for private upgrade stores. Caretakers can load/view inventory and view retrofit status, owners can do these things plus change prices and withdraw profits. Please REPORT if this causes any problems.


  • Combat suits will now properly remove pulse emitters from your person when you remove them. You need to WEAR then REMOVE or REM the suit for this to work because that's how we roll.


  • Fixed a bug where the message board would report the bounty collected per-person rather than the total bounty of the ship. (Bounty hunting, yo.)


  • Due to someone feeling that this was important enough to report, punching bags now check to see if you're in the same room just before you punch and kick them.
  • The rooc command can now be used with roundtime.


  • Ships with a bounty greater than or equal to 50 of their worth will be denied landing on planets and stations with flight control.
  • Ships with a bounty equal to 100 of their worth will be automatically targeted by the long-range lasers that defend capital sectors and sector 12.


  • Video conference tables are now working like they should. Thank Mitchell.


  • The fishing help file now contains information about fishing.


  • The help file regarding private stations, moons and planets has been updated slightly.


  • You can now EMPTY drinks if you don't feel like drinking them.


  • Fixed a minor typo in asteroid mining diagnostic devices. The correction will only affect new devices.


  • It should no longer be possible to take medical and security drones out of containers while in a duct, mining site, or when in space.


  • Pax is proud to open the Office of Private Property Information Services, which would be happy to list for you all of the private doohickeys you own or are a caretaker of.


  • Exciting news. The FLIRT social has been added to.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to spam vomit if you alternated between vomit and puke. Very rude.
  • You can now PAUSE or UNPAUSE from within a simulated starship to pause or unpause the simulation.


  • Recoded the way items get added to house menus. It won't mean much playerside, but it makes life easier for the hosts!


  • Wine bottles now tell you if they have been opened.
  • You can no longer RAGETHROW dishes at themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where book signatures used a player's room title, which included their current up to date sitting pose. Things got awkward.


  • The tops commands now all (except @tops-all, @alliances, and @mission-time) accept three exciting arguments: me, a number, or a range. See the bottom of HELP TOPS if you're not sure what those arguments might do.
  • Also added two BEYOND THRILLING commands: @TOP-TOPS to see the top tops commands (yo dawg) and @TOPS-LIST to get an always up-to-date listing of the commands.
  • Added a new GAG-OPTION for vehicle-to-ship transfer messages.
  • Walls will now make their best effort to condense similarly named items into one instead of listing them 80,000 times.
  • Miscellaneous clothing now also makes a best effort to group things of the same name to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Added @FUZZIES to the tops list repertoire.


  • Added @TOPS-EXCLUDE to semi-permanently exclude yourself from tops lists. No idea why you had to assist about this to begin with.


  • At long last, you can have your mutant fuzzy corpses stuffed and mounted.


  • Research centers now understand that mutated fuzzy corpses are not artifacts and will allow their research with less than 300 points.


  • Couch potato? Exploration got you down? The Lore shopping guide, eager to please, now allows you to search for stores by name to learn where they hail from. Never again will you have to interact with people or visit pesky planets.


  • Fixed the times on the web announcements.
  • Sanitation drones will no longer eat vanity mirror things.


  • Fixed a bug that could affect sector recognition of individuals in Outreach pods.
  • You can no longer DUMP cargo from an asteroid rover anywhere other than the surface of an asteroid.
  • The DIG command now follows the same naming restrictions as the RENAME command.
  • It's no longer possible to establish private links with people whose communicators are not turned on.
  • Added the SOUNDPACK HOOKS help file for those users who wish to create slightly more interesting soundpacks. Let me know if I forgot any!
  • It is no longer possible to beat an object with itself.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to READ notes in other player's hands. Awkward.
  • The starship museum, ever your servants, now ensure that their display models have a hospitable atmosphere every day.
  • Fixed a pesky typo on skeeball machines.
  • Made the SHIPYARD command actually do what the help file says it's supposed to do.
  • The primary owner of a private structure can now reset any door's password from the security center without knowing the existing password.
  • Fixed an issue that might cause the manufacture date of newer ships to be several years in the past. The ISC may be cheap and corrupt, but not that much.
  • The RECORDS command now removes the gigantic row of periods for users of the SIGHT command. I'm told they were annoying. Sorry!
  • The TRASH command now gives you feedback on what it's matching to, as false matches are responsible for many people thinking it superceded the regular TRASH commands on existing objects. woo
  • Fixed some issues with the website's announcement viewer, namely horrible ANSI bleed and multi-line announcement weirdocity.
  • Buying multiple things from stores will now condense your items rather than repeating the same list. (So 'You buy eight defense handbooks.' instead of listing a defense handbook eight times.)
  • If you buy an item in bulk that has no options (and you have the purchase confirmation option enabled), it will no longer spam you with identical 'Your final purchase will be XXX.' lines.
  • Added a new GEN-OPTION to display the various @who lists as a single column rather than three.
  • Added the BEACONS NEAREST command, which will compare arbitrary galactic coordinates that you supply against the database of known sector beacons to tell you which is closest.
  • The MISSION command in the control room will now display the ship's last mission's completion time, if available. (Only applies to missions that occur after the change.)
  • You can now rename private funds for profit and pleasure.
  • You can now overwrite existing flight control scanner configurations if you SAVE under the same name.
  • Alliance information computers now calculate pilot worth by actual worth rather than simply their cash on hand. Enjoy the brief lag as it grinds away at everybody's assets!


  • updated POLICY 4, adding that ship relay channels are to remain IC at all times.
  • Entertainment centers should in theory no longer fit in bags, droid storage compartments, etc.
  • Updated HELP APARTMENTS to reflect the complexes on Acrylon and Venus.
  • Drawing pens no longer write on people if they say anything other than NO or YES to the prompt. There's all of three of you who this will make sense to.
  • It is no longer possible to fire crossbows in space.
  • People with communicators already paired with another ship will now be asked before pairing with another ship's relay channel.


  • Fixed a bug that would let you sell a starship that is no longer on a landing pad after you start the selling process.


  • Candle holder things now condense their titles and subsequent humongous lists of candles being held.
  • Fixed a bug where things hanging on walls would stop matching quite spontaneously.
  • Hangable candle holders are now available for purchase. REPORT if there are issues.


  • Mutant salvage lifeforms now have a chance of being injured by conventional stun weaponry, making them less invincible to newbies and less-traveled players alike.
  • Donators can now change apartment rooms into private garages.
  • Private station, moon, and/or planet owners can now build a store that will sell their hard-earned mined minerals at a price of their choosing. Similar to the upgrade store, you can find it in the PARENT menu and any owner (NOT caretaker) can access the MENU to change options and withdraw from the till.


  • You can now TRANSFER a specific quantity of a mined mineral to another ship rather than being forced to transfer the entire batch at once.
  • The FINGERSHAKE social has been added. I know this makes at least two of you happy.


  • The AIRGUITAR social has been added. Use it wisely.
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents in apartments.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sale of atmospheric salvagers back to the store.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow droids to enter ships or vehicles while carrying attached anchors, lines, cables, or tubes.


  • Fixed a bug the caused private upgrade stores to become stuck retrofitting if they were on a private moon or planet.
  • The social flirt has been vastly improved. You're welcome.
  • The social ssmile has been added for your suggestive smiling needs.


  • Private station, moon, and/or planet owners can now build a store to sell their homemade asteroid mining upgrades. You can find it in the PARENT command. Any owner (not caretaker) can access the MENU to change options and withdraw from the till, so watch who you trust!


  • You can now TRASH most objects if there's a trash can nearby. Merry Christmas, this changes EVERYTHING!
  • Courier ships no longer get stuck delivering if there is cargo other than their intended delivery in the ship's storage.
  • Couriers can once again deliver to the fine stations of sector 19. The message they receive upon launching will also not be the rude DON'T COME BACK one either!
  • The INFO command in the courier starship request center now displays the starter courier ship (the infamous junker) to avoid confusing people.


  • You can now use toasters to toast bagels and waffles, not just bread. You're welcome!


  • All pets now have the ability to be AACTed with similar to babies. Merry Christmas.


  • Salvagers can now be seen launching and docking from the outside of their motherships. Enjoy.


  • Debt no longer prevents you from buying an eviscerator.
  • Bardenium storage boxes should now be free for eviscerators. Maybe.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a traceback during certain message board searches.
  • Eviscerators are no longer allowed to be transferrd between players.


  • HELP HOUSES has been updated for your viewing pleasure.


  • Droids can no longer give things to Santa.
  • santa's NUCLEAR snowballs should no longer hit ships that are no longer in the sector. Test at your own risk, and only if you don't mind being marked as a naughty child who deserves nothing for Christmas.
  • Santa will now show in the people command, even when asleep.


  • A blank entitlement on gift boxes now removes the label instead of making it blank and durpy.
  • The firewood from Caranza will now actually look burny when it's burning and not burny when it's not.


  • Doubled the speed at which super-refined bardenium is refined. Also increased the speed of enhanced and ultra-refined.
  • You can now AUTHORIZE <person> TO <sanitation drone> and DEAUTHORIZE <person> FROM <sanitation drone> to allow them to change and/or not change settings on said drone. Exciting.
  • Unpowered ships no longer receive general sector communications or proximity notifications.
  • Similarly, unpowered ships no longer receive lock notifications.
  • Fixed a bug in the visual mapper that would cause a traceback in certain strange areas. Looking at you, Penske.


  • Mail boxes will now reset your total mail notifications when you check your mail. Why they didn't I have no idea. Blame the universe, quantum physics, alternate realities, something. Whatever flies your starship into a star late at night.
  • It's probably possible to expel starships on landing pads of private moons and planets now.


  • You must now put sleeping bags on the ground before trying to lie on them. No more crawling into sleeping bags you're holding! Probably.
  • Loading food robots with nutri paste now displays proper messages.
  • Transfer messages have been added to atmospheric salvagers.


  • In the name of science, doubled the base damage of proximity mines and turrets.
  • Combat drone turrets are now upgraded and hull strength doubled.
  • Private space stations, moons, and planets that are in sectors with flight control will no longer announce landings over flight control.
  • Standard camera photos now properly include silly things like tattoos and earrings. (For new photos.)


  • It is no longer possible for private planet owners to add people with less than the required points as owners.


  • As an experiment, interdictors now take five hits to be destroyed instead of one.


  • The CONTAINERS command now excitingly takes belts into account.
  • Fixed a bug in alternative navigation for salvagers where they would be triggered by unrelated commands, such as furrow.


  • The @CERTS command has been added to see how many tradesman certificates you have without having to check through INFO.


  • Santa now knows who launches combat drones at him, and the player who launched them will be considered naughty if they shoot his ship. Be warned!


  • Added the COMM-DENY command to toggle between automatic acceptance/denial of communication links. The OFF argument will disable it entirely. (Shortcut to COMM-O 11)
  • Droids no longer allow non-owners to invalidate their remotes.
  • You can now put canvases into holographic photo replicators. You can also enjoy several new color schemes.


  • It was previously possible to buy a negative number of rooms in an apartment. This has been fixed.


  • The RENAME command will now allow you to re-rename pending renames if you've already submitted a rename for the room you're in. If you catch my drift.


  • Droids no longer have the ability to kneal.


  • When using an object to draw on your friends, they will now be prompted unless they are sleeping or idle.


  • Toilets no longer make you sit on them if you're already sitting on them.


  • POLICY 29 has been added.


  • The scan time of handheld proximity weapon scanners now matches the roundtime.
  • You can no longer drop furniture trolleys while pushing them.


  • Added a help file on OOC Warnings.


  • Card machines now refuse to work if you can't afford to use them and prompt you telling you the cost and asking if you still want to use them.


  • Formerly, if you could not afford the price to lookup starships at the registry you could still look them up. That has been fixed.


  • Fixed an E2 bug where piping the SIT command with pose arguments did not work.
  • Fixed a MAP error that would cause tracebacks in certain areas, notably Shadius.
  • It is now possible to shoot down your fine china dishes with your crossbows. To the three people who will actually use this, enjoy.


  • Added the ROOM-POSE command and, relatedly, a new ROOM-OPTION. See message board post 72064 for more information.
  • The PEOPLE command will now include you in the list if you pass it any random argument. Now you can see your own beautiful room poses in this manner.
  • The SIT command now accepts a new, awkward argument: SIT [FURNITURE] AS [POSE]. The SIT command also now accepts HERE as an argument to facilitate exciting ways of sitting on the ground.


  • Multi-line announcements should now display properly in @announcements and on the website.


  • New private message board posts are now properly added to your board reader's new messages notifications.
  • Fixed some, uh, regressions in the SITTING command.
  • Message board option 14 (indicate new messages with text, not asterisk) now works in the message view as well as the category view.
  • The WEAPONS command will now make you aware of any secondary weapons available in the room.
  • The WEAPONS command now works 100% more often in places that have pulse weapons and no other weapons.
  • You can now be a creep and whisper over communicators.
  • The cost for linking rooms with the DIG command is now half the cost of building new rooms.


  • You can no longer JOIN people during spacewalks.
  • Fixed a map/building issue that was causing game-wide lag during execution.
  • Added the Office of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax to allow people to LOOKUP private properties to see if they're available for auction. You can also access a MENU to quickly see all properties available.
  • The PREDICT and DIG commands have been rewritten to allow you to connect the room you're in to a room that was built above or below it. For more, see message board post 71849.


  • F and R now work again with alternate navigation commands. Sorry!


  • Alternate navigation commands can now stack z-axis commands with XY commands. (RA to go up and west, for instance.)


  • Individual exits can now be demolished (provided that they don't cut off access to anything) with the DEMOLISH-EXIT command. It costs 1 million credits for the effort. Feel free to REPORT when things go wrong! Report in the broken room if at all possible.
  • Clothing now dries even if you aren't wearing it. (Who knows why it didn't before.)
  • Ellipses no longer make you shout on communicators.
  • Alternate navigation commands now quietly disable themselves if the ship you're in is landed to allow you to walk normally.
  • Added the ALTNAV command to quickly enable or disable alternate navigation commands.
  • Vehicle room titles now have you sitting in a magnificent chair.
  • The SITTING command should now fall in line with the LOOK command.


  • Added an autopilot upgrade for asteroid rovers. It can be accessed with the MOVE command, which can be shortened to M.


  • Shopaholics rejoice! The stores in the newly rebuilt Miriani Spaceport will now show up on the Lore shopping guide.
  • It is no longer possible to start a treaty and then skive off to another alliance to cause more mayhem with more treaties.
  • Doors leading to OUT exits from GO exits should probably sync up properly now. If not, blame Sophie.


  • Door and custom stamp refunds now give you a full refund instead of leaking into insurance, private funds, and organization tithes.


  • The PREDICT command with no arguments will now tell you all of the rooms that can be connected (or are connected, I suppose) to the room you're standing in.
  • Caretakers of private stations and things can use mailboxes bolted on them now. Bolted in rooms that is, not on the actual station object.


  • New keepsake boxes bought from Caranza should fit in bags and on surfaces again... probably.


  • The specialty starship scanner now ignores players in a specialty starship if they've been idle for twenty minutes or more. This includes all occupants of a specialty starship who aren't sleeping, so be sure to be alert if you're allowing someone who isn't qualified aboard your specialty starships with your supervision.
  • Being caught by the specialty starship scanner now results in the offending specialty starship being locked down instead of every specialty starship. However, all specialty starships are still destroyed if you manage to be caught three times.


  • The specialty ship scanner will no longer think empty ships are haunted and being flown by unqualified ghost pilots.
  • Shower rooms no longer display two out exits. The people rejoice!
  • You can now import pending photos on a Lore that has no existing photos in its album. (Previously it would tell you you have no photos and neglect to give you the import option.)


  • The specialty ship scanner now only checks the qualifications of connected players. This means that you can't go flying specialty ships you shouldn't be flying with no consequences jut because you have a sleeping qualified player aboard.


  • A new system has just been put in place. Please see board post 71060 for details, and REPORT any weirdness you may find. Enjoy!


  • Roborant doors should no longer allow you to lock them from the inside.


  • Added moaning to communicator socials. You're welcome.


  • Policy 3 has been updated to cover private moons and planets, since they're pretty much the same as private space stations.


  • In theory it is no longer possible to pitch tents in space.


  • Speaking on channel 500 no longer presents the room with a message indicating that you spoke into your communicator, further sawing a gaping wound into the divide between IC and OOCocities.
  • Droids now respond to whispers initiated with the ] command without you having to say their name, much like how the regular WHISPER command works.


  • Since it seems droids will forever be falling down, you can now PULL them to their feet. Also, commanding them to fall no longer makes them actually fall. And it's mean to ask them to.
  • After years of being typoed to death, weak defense planets have proper messages.


  • You can now PRINT thrilling breakdowns of your net worth from a local point center to keep forever and ever.


  • Private planets are now fully implemented.
  • The help file on private space stations, moons and planets has been updated.
  • Rooms that require you to type EXIT to get out now inform you of this fact in the obvious exits line.
  • Likewise, rooms with hidden OUT exits should now also make you aware of this in the obvious exits.


  • It is no longer possible to use the DESCRIBE command to describe apartment rooms not in a donator complex.


  • Fixed a bug in the SIT command that would cause you to re-sit if you were lying on a piece of furniture and tried to SIT <furniture> to sit up rather than typing SIT alone.
  • If you're milkin' you a cow and that tharr cow gets mad and kicks you, you'll now have to restart the whole milking process.


  • If you are approved for the battlecruiser, you can now retake the battlecruiser test whenever you like without fear of having your application revoked should you fail. Please don't abuse this or it will most likely be removed.


  • Lifts are now incorporated into the MAP command and related pathfinding adventures. Including DEMOLISH for real this time.


  • You can now request mail for delivery on Narth Polus.


  • The colors of the DAMAGE output can now be configured from the COLOR-OPTIONS command.
  • You can now customize the colors of (most) starmap symbols in your friendly neighborhood COLOR-OPTIONS.
  • You can now configure the starmap symbol color of starships based on alliance in your handy COLOR-OPTIONS.
  • You can now configure certain MAP command symbol colors from the COLOR-OPTIONS command.
  • The transmission color option now applies to metafrequency communicators and private communications.
  • Fixed a bug where you could be subject to somebody elses profanity filter in metafrequency transmissions. Awkward.


  • Starship brigs are now able to be removed on Pax.


  • Port 5190 works again. Silly typos.


  • Freeze dried foods can no longer be reconstituted without the aid of a special gun. Sorry folks.
  • The demolish issue in houses/stations/moons with lifts installed has been presumably fixed.


  • Popcorn makers have undergone some rejiggering. Have fun.


  • The starship relay upgrade's CHANNEL command now allows you to ping for nearby communicators.


  • Biggest change of the year. Toothbrushes and toothpaste have been added.


  • Reclassified Venus because I forgot to set it properly before.


  • Introducing FECHO for echoing text back to you with filters.
  • Added the ROOC command and updated POLICY 4 to reflect new changes outlined in message board post 70254.
  • Station (and presumably moon) security centers now offer a convenient MENU for people like me who never remember all 900,000 available verbs.
  • Added a WHO argument to the ROOC command and updated the help file accordingly.


  • Policy 4 has been updated.


  • Added a few new appearance options, namely dark honey blonde for hair color, and amber, dark amber, and light amber for complexion.
  • Added options for cross, pentagram, and hexagram to the tattoo parlor on Surgyria.
  • Added a few shades of golden brown to hair color options.
  • @OUTSIDE command added to house rooms. You can use it to see if the room you are in is eligible for a mailbox!
  • Removed the TRANSFER command from the tradesman request center on Empanda, since that command is available in the transfer station.
  • Added a DISOWN command to the tradesman item transfer station on Empanda that allows players to put pets, mounts, babies, etc, up for adoption in the tradesman request center.


  • Made it slightly more difficult to command stack drawing/shooting stun weapons and pulse emitters.


  • Fixed a bug where emotes didn't show up on external ship cameras.
  • fixed a bug on house lifts that prevented a person boarding the lift from leaving the group.
  • That lift thing really is fixed now. For real this time. No lie.


  • You can now specify exact amounts of atmospheric debris to transfer to docked ships instead of it forcing you to transfer all 4375 units at once.
  • You can now search the changelog by passing arbitrary strings to the @changes command.


  • Ship cargo is now much more resilient to manifest errors (such as cargo in the cargo hold but not in the CARGO report). The CARGOFIX command, as a result, is now superfluous and probably will never help you again. This is a good thing.


  • Up/down exits on High Guard Command now properly break groups when somebody wanders away.
  • Custom socials involving hugs (or, presumably, punching) no longer cause tracebacks when invoked on droids.
  • The ever crappy slip drive should no longer be vulnerable to infinite slips while waiting for user input and having somebody else access the controls.
  • It is now slightly harder to screw up door submissions in such a way that it would generate a traceback when we try to review them. In the event that someone does manage to do so, the door will be removed automatically upon being reviewed.


  • Requesting realtors will now put you in the assist queue.


  • Fixed an obscure bug in the OPTIONS command that would cause a traceback if you tried to invoke the previous character option restoration option(tm) as an argument to the options command. You know what I'm talking about, guy who got a traceback.


  • Added the miraculous CHANT verb for your protesting needs.


  • Non-player followers will now follow players into escape pod when the ESCAPE ALL command is used.


  • Trying to transfer mining equipment between ships will no longer result in a horrific traceback.


  • Added a help file for information on the installation and usage of lifts. See 'HELP LIFTS' for details.


  • Transmitting over short range in the decontamination chamber of Tethys was broken. It has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to have pets or babies follow you via the USE command when spacewalking.


  • Using the BIOLOCK command in a private garage would bring up the garage users menu instead of the biometric lock menu. This has been fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, it was possible to fire a stun gun at someone while the stun gun was not in the player's hand. This has been fixed.
  • There was a CANCEL command in the realtor office that didn't work. It was renamed to @CANCEL. Now it works.


  • Tradesman certificates have undergone a few changes. Please see board post 69628 for details.
  • The INFO command now shows how many tradesman certificates you have.


  • You can use short range in private organization meeting rooms now.


  • Private organization admins can now bolt things in their organization meeting rooms.
  • Private organization administrators can also unbolt things in their meeting rooms, provided they own the object in question.


  • Adjusted the rate of planetary finds out of comms. They'll probably be more common now, but not TOO common. (Also uh, it only works if you're flying through space that nobody else has flown through.)
  • Ships now have a gloriously exciting TIMER command in the control room.


  • Dart pre-upgraded sensors now share the durability boost afforded by the regular sensor upgrade.
  • Updated POLICY 4 to remove some superfluity and add a note about working around filters.
  • POLICY 28 has been modified to include the use of screenreader crash words.
  • Added additional clarification to POLICY 4 regarding ship PA systems. (tldr; The PA follows the same rules as everybody being in the same room.)


  • Modified atmospheric debris to be a single object instead of 927,000 different objects. You should see speedups in looking in storage rooms, accessing the CARGO command, not being spammed to death when condensed cargo is turned off, and a significant reduction in your local MOO database size.


  • Added the @asteroid-bonus command for ranking players by number of asteroid bonuses claimed.
  • Added an asteroid bonus chatter filter to flight control scanners.
  • Added a new ITEM-OPTION to display the results of the COMMANDS command one per line rather than a blob of paragraph.


  • High Guard ships will no longer attack courier ships.


  • The bonus quota will now be reset once a week, starting now.
  • Minor changes to the wording of alliance information assistants.
  • And, separated pilot worth from territorial worth in the alliance assistants.
  • If you have asteroids unfiltered on flight control scanners, you will now be informed when a bonus payment has been claimed by an asteroid hauler.


  • It was possible to pay back a loan with a negative amount of credits. This has been fixed.


  • The blockade command in starship control rooms, which has block as an alias, will no longer interfere with the block command on air hockey tables.


  • For whatever reason, you can now FTL <sector name> instead of using the number.


  • In theory, you will no longer be penalized for aborting a courier assignment to a destination that will not allow your ship to land. The message from the clerk will reflect this. Please REPORT any tracebacks or unusual behavior.
  • Courier companies have had their relationships updated and should now be allowed to dock with all alliance's space stations and planets, as well.
  • If you have permission to enter a house you can now register with the mailbox at said house.
  • Fixed a bug where your ship would claim sector 0 was invalid if you tried to go there after viewing the FTL map.


  • The SHIP-EXPEL command now requires the ship's authorization code rather than being owner-only. If the ship has no authorization code, the restriction goes back to being owner only.
  • Pushing yourself off of dunes on a certain planet will now give appropriate messages.


  • Alien transmission receivers should now notify you of a transmission wherever you happen to be in the ship.
  • Pulse weapon control locations can now be moved for a modest fee from a certain store.
  • Realizing that pulse weapons can inhabit the same room... the pulse weapon control changer now allows you to move multiple pulses into the same room.
  • The appropriate items at the Cozy Feet store on Aquatimis now pose as underwear instead of socks. Underwear under tights and stockings is highly over rated!


  • Fixed a bug where shower rooms would appear out of communications range if they really aren't.


  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to pick up an occupied shower.


  • Tidied up a few FTL bugs. Please REPORT if you still encounter weird FTL situations!
  • Fixed a bug in the argument parsing of the BLOCKADE command that would result in tracebacks if you used invalid input. Also direction names are now valid (previously only numbers worked).
  • Alliance starships should now be able to access ISC stations and planets.


  • Precision wormhole drives now prompt for coordinates if you issue the FTL command with no arguments and/or opt to view the FTL map first.


  • Those hair and nail painting mirror robot things can now only be picked up by their owners.
  • Sector 19 and all its planets and stations have been added to the ISC alliance instead of being neutral, as nature intended!
  • When High Guard ships arrive in a sector they will now actually be powered up and be on red alert.


  • Requesting a tradesman certificate on Empanda now properly aborts if you hit enter with no arguement at the yes or no prompt.
  • High Guard reinforcement ships have been ported over to the new AI code, which should make them much more effective in combat.


  • Landing pad contraband drones have been remoed
  • Er, that is. Landing pad seeker drones which search for contraband have been removed until changes to the contraband system are made at an unknown point in the future!
  • You can now ask the RAVEN 'What do you know?' to get a spammy list of keywords it knows about.


  • Fixed a bug where one might get trapped in the same coordinates as a blockade and be unable to fire weapons to escape.
  • Fixed a bug where it was theoretically possible to hit your own ship if you were occupying the same coordinates as an AI ship that you were firing on.
  • As of 5/30 the rarer Praelor starship classes now pay out bounties and the Potate bounty has been increased to scale with its difficulty.


  • Battlecruiser fighters that are docked inside of a battlecruiser will now be destroyed when the battlecruiser is destroyed, thus placing the pilots in an escape pod rather than in the recycling plant.
  • Praelor starship profiles in RAVEN have been updated. You may now also receive a list of all currently known Praelor starship classes with the command 'RAVEN Praelor Ships'.


  • Added a CREDIT help file to acknowledge the design origins of Miriani when it was first created.


  • Pulse weapons now display when somebody uses them.


  • It is no longer possible to bolt things in tent rooms.
  • You can now unbolt things again in houses. It'll probably break again though.


  • There is now a small fee to use a starship registry.


  • Somewhat patched over a potential loophole where ships could exploit the ability to occupy the same coordinates simultaneously. Now stacked ships will lose the ability to use weapons and, when firing on a stacked coordinate, damage will occur to a random ship rather than the first to arrive. Keep movin', folks.
  • AI ships are now exempt from the duplicate coordinate thing since they'll move away anyway!


  • Fixed a bug where those with soundpack social messages disabled would stop sending soundpack messages to others who had the option enabled.
  • Fixed a salvo size inconsistency with the WEAPONS command.
  • The WORTH command in point centers now includes private funds in much the same way as the INFO WORTH command does.


  • Simulated ships in a paused simulator no longer lose charge.


  • Trudge and stalk added as new walk styles.
  • When planets and the like fire on starships, blockades, proximity weapons, etcetera, the sector now sees it. Also blockades are now considered a threat.


  • Fixed a bug in the web board search where it would get confused when encountering old posts in renamed categories.
  • The ETA command now accepts an argument that allows an engineer to get an estimated timeframe for repairing any given component based on its damage.
  • Checking COORDS now only works in control rooms, engineering rooms, weapon rooms and rooms with a starmap in it.


  • Forgive the oversight, but there's now an apartment complex on Acrylon.


  • It is no longer possible to send a bc fighter through that thing in sector 32, whatever it's called.


  • Added more standard weapon checks to Blazon rockets that should solve popular issues like HELP I'M LANDED AND I'M STILL GETTING ATTACKED and LET'S ALL FIRE ROCKETS TOGETHER! Maybe.


  • Lore computers now have the option to alert you when a tracking request is made.
  • Combat suits (which are tradesman items) should now protect your head against Praelor and fuzzy creatures, since they do show as a helmet when you check the armor command.


  • Sanitation drones now have the ability to filter furniture trolleys and equipment racks.
  • Droids can no longer pick up or push furniture trolleys.


  • Equipment racks, which are like STARSHIP BELTS GUYS, are now for sale from your local boring equipment rack retailer.
  • Furniture trolleys are also available for those wishing to procure mass amounts of furniture. Commands of note are PUSH and PUSH to start and stop, respectively.
  • Tables and fountains go on trolley things now.


  • Tradesman certificates now come with a spammy yet useful note when handing them to another person.


  • That pesky typo you encounter when choosing an alliance after character creation has been fixed. Only the most important fixes here. Yup.


  • Digging new rooms in houses now properly prompts you for whether it's an indoor or outdoor room.


  • HELP HOUSES has been updated.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to locate other people's ships.


  • You can now (often nonsensically) SLAM doors shut. Enjoy your fits of rage as much as I do!


  • Droids can no longer store furniture and other overly large objects.


  • Digging rooms on private moons now prompts you asking if the room is in or out of doors.
  • The PARENT command in houses, private stations and private moons now prompts you for if the room should be indoors or outdoors.


  • Sorry folks, you can no longer do atmospheric salvaging on private moons.


  • It is no longer possible to enter a tent while it is being collapsed.
  • It is no longer possible to pitch tents in starships.
  • Tent rooms now properly go in and out of comms.
  • Tent guts are no longer created outside their tent.


  • Private stations and moons now have a fabulous flight control log available from their local neighborhood security center.


  • You can now reorder the main menu of your message board from within the board reader's options.
  • Added an always allow list to the FLIGHT control of private stations.
  • Added an option to view current settings in the FLIGHT command of private stations. Also renamed and reordered the menu because, honestly, I had no idea what half of them were talking about when I was testing the other thing.
  • New flight control changes now apply to private moons and probably works.


  • The goose social has returned, now without annoying goose impressions! FEAR NOT, MIRIANIANS, YOUR GAMES OF DUCK DUCK GOOSE MAY NOW RETURN.
  • The ASSIST command has been modified.
  • You can possibly transmit on short range from Star Tea Party on Jump Hub Station.


  • The fire pits from Patios and Beyond on Rosario should now look and feel more like outdoor fire pits, and not ghetto fireplaces.


  • Standard atmospheric salvagers have gained descriptions.
  • Gas giant salvagers have descriptions!


  • In-character applications are now coded with a response code to make it more clear why the application was denied. For information about the coding system, see HELP APPLICATION RESPONSE CODING.


  • A few new types of aquatic debris added.
  • Added a special craft stopping message to aquatic salvagers.


  • POLICY 15 has been modified slightly. Bet you can't spot the difference.
  • Players who have been recently restored will no longer be immediately eligible for purging.


  • Short-range communications now work in the (annoying, sorry Chris) Outreach pods.
  • Fixed a matching peculiarity where exits could be matched to bizarre, random commands. Like typing 'never' taking you northeast.
  • Potate now provide a juicy bounty when they are torn from this life.
  • You can now thrillingly PULL people out of hot tubs in a jealous rage.
  • The CARGO TOTAL command now takes weapon storage boxes into account, bringing it in line with the standard CARGO command.
  • Hot tubs no longer allow you to fill them more than once at a time, drain them more than once at a time, and they have new 'you left the room while I'm filling this is going to cause a flood!' logic.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lock on to coordinates in one sector, FTL, and then fire cannons or lasers at just the right moment and they would hit a target in the new sector regardless of distance.
  • Fixed a thing where you could stand twice if you were impatient and typed STAND while you were already unbuckling and standing.
  • Greatly enhanced toilets by making them really make you sit and stand as described.
  • Frames now take on the aliases of the objects placed inside them.
  • Further improved the lifeform detection of the SECURITY display. Nowhere left to hide!
  • Fixed a bug in the DOORAUTH command that would cause a traceback on particularly stupid doors.
  • Telescopes should no longer trigger OOB soundpack messages.
  • You now regrettably stop playing musical instruments when you fall asleep... for the most part.
  • Charm jewelry can now be put in closets.
  • Increased the prying eyes of the hatch lifeform discriminator even further than ever before!
  • The vehicles command now lists aquatic salvagers.
  • The CANCEL command has been removed from courier assignment rooms. QUIT and ABANDON are still there so use those.
  • Made carbon dioxide salvaged in atmospheres worth something more than a credit. Let us know if there are still problems.
  • The High Guard garage's heightened security now includes not spamming you with the full 20 million ship list when you TRANSPORT.
  • Added a spam warning prompt and helpful tip to the TRANSPORT command for garages containing more than 50 ships.
  • Fixed a bug in atmospheric salvager stores that allowed you to purchase specialized upgrades for every type of salvager.
  • All the old earrings which showed up as pairs of earrings in your clothing should now be converted to propper earrings which require piercings. Please report if you notice any bugs or missed stores.


  • Research NPCs who request rides are now clothed in fine researcher garb.
  • Frosted windows no longer sound quite so stupid in ship descriptions.
  • Book descriptions now show who has autographed them.
  • Alliance computers no longer chime in closed bags and the mute option should actually work consistently.
  • Weapon room control rooms should now only receive one destruction message instead of two to three. Let me know if bizarre messages continue!
  • Metafrequency communicators no longer magically record history while you're out of communications range.
  • Sectors now announce jumpgate transits AFTER the ship goes through, not several seconds before.
  • Cycling the airlock now notifies those outside the ship when the process completes. (Useful for people spacewalking and cycling.)
  • The ENTER command with no arguments no longer considers Praelor ships viable candidates for entrance.
  • Shopping searches for 'stun armor' now return the proper results since none of the menu items actually had stun armor in the name.
  • You can no longer rename apartment rooms in complexes other than Empanda.
  • At long last, HELP COMBAT MISSIONS has been added.
  • Praelor Ohaxx now have an exciting bounty reward when you slaughter them.
  • You can SORT and AUTOSORT containers attached to belts now.
  • The EXITS command now takes room darkness into account like regular descriptions.
  • Added a riveting Combat Mission Notification Service help file.


  • Modified the bardenium price fluctuation algorithm to give more weight to player production.
  • The cost of aquatic salvagers has been reduced. Everybody with existing salvagers has been refunded the difference.


  • HELP ATMOSPHERIC SALVAGING has been updated with information on aquatic salvaging.
  • It is no longer possible to launch gas giant salvagers or aquatic salvagers if you don't have the minimum atmospheric debris salvaged requirements.
  • Upped values of aquatic debris to make it worth it.
  • Rejiggered the rarity of aquatic debris.


  • Transaction history at the ATM is now based on days instead of 'giant monolithic impossible to digest spam document of everything you've done since entering the game'.
  • Fixed a bug in specialty starship applications that temporarily enabled you to submit an application before being in an alliance that you switched to for a month.


  • The ancient DESTROY command now only shows launchers you have available. It will also now inform you of exactly how many things it blows up instead of just saying 'lawls blew stuff up' even if it didn't.
  • Candelabras now show everything that's inside them.
  • Launching single blockades and proximity weapons now allows you to specify Z and XY in one line, such as '+6'.
  • Fixed a bug where space mines would impede movement rather than violently exploding when you moved into them.
  • Traveling through wormholes no longer claims to be traveling through a jumpgate in the room description.


  • Fixed an, er, accessibility loophole with mimic technology where it would mask the actual coordinates of the object and make it literally invisible to those who couldn't see the visual starmap. Mimiced objects now show the actual coordinates but other sensor readings retain their mimicry.
  • Fixed a grievous error in mirrors where your clothing would say YOU but everything else would say HE/SHE.


  • I can't be the only one, so I added a STARMAP (sm) command when spacewalking that will make you look at your navaid.
  • The moons in sector 10 no longer orbit nothing. Don't be alarmed at coordinate changes, which should be ignored in-character.
  • Lockboxes no longer fit in other containers.
  • Lore cameras once again capture unpowered ships in the room.
  • HELP HOUSE has been updated. More restrictions will probably be added later.
  • The Lore disc replacement service now prices itself accordingly if you don't have enough room for exactly ten discs. (So, say, 1 mil if you only have room for 5 discs instead of 2 mil for 10)
  • Lore photos now respect the 'allow other players to inspect items you're wearing' character option.
  • Also new Lore images of people won't have two names at the top.
  • Scans of uncharted planets no longer inadvertently reveal the presence of unpowered ships.
  • Fixed an exploit with Lore tracking where a living person could replace their Lore ID with that of a dead person to obtain tracking permission from all of the dead person's friends. Sort of.


  • Private moons, private space stations, and small vehicles now apply to your overall worth.
  • Fixed a bug where asteroid rovers would continuously spam power failure warnings long after (forever, in fact) the power had actually failed.
  • Tubes of nutri-paste now have 25 units instead of 5.
  • Fixed a bug where launching an asteroid rover could place you in unexpected coordinates away from your ship.
  • Private moons go toward worth for real this time.
  • Construction facilities now show a percentage of completedness in the status display.
  • Fixed a dynamic room pathfinding bug that might cause chunk-carrying droids to walk to the edge of the asteroid, walk backwards a step, and then stand there looking dumb until somebody comes along to help.
  • The WEAPONS command now reflects the salvo size for cannons.
  • House rooms are now reflected in net worth.
  • Fixed Santa's bomb-- uh, toys, to work correctly after he pulls the pin-- er, winds them up.
  • REQUESTCHECK now only works if you are within communications range.


  • You can now type REQUESTCHECK to see when you are next able to make a tradesman request.
  • Super-refined bardenium now 'weighs' 10 instead of the standard bardenium 15. (You can fit more in your weapon storage box.)
  • Fixed a bug where super-refined bardenium wasn't applying the bardenium weight modifier in rovers and storage towers. If your rover is over filled now, don't worry about it. You should still be able to transfer it.
  • Gas giant salvagers will now scoop up valuable gasses if you happen to be flung there by a sporadic gas explosion.
  • Lore computers are less apt to function for you with round/stun time now.
  • Most things should now only allow a single person to attempt to unbolt them at a time.
  • Food robots now work while on tables.
  • It's now possible to transfer cargo from a rover to a storage tower.
  • Likewise, transfers to and from an asteroid rover to and from bardenium refineries are now possible.
  • Modified the ESCAPE message slightly. Now you have a warning and advice on how to not be escaped if you accidentally hit that little button.


  • Storage tower diagnostics now include a line informing you how heavy the tower + stored goods are.
  • Landing beacons now have a USE command that will allow you to set a nickname that will appear in the landing list.
  • Fixed a bug where your rover could have 0 units of something show up in the cargo manifest.
  • Fixed a bug where rovers where never see a bardenium storage box when trying to transfer refined bardenium.
  • Bardenium and super-refined bardenium should now be included when you choose the ALL option when transferring cargo from a rover to a ship.
  • Fixed the fix for hatch lifeform discriminators. It got the ability to peer deeper into your soul for babies, but then lost the ability to see the blatantly obvious baby following right behind you.
  • Food robots now require nutri-paste, which can be purchased in supply stores. Please see board post 66519 for details.
  • Retrofit facility landing beacons can now be nicknamed.
  • Vehicle bay ramps show up in STATUS now.
  • Fixed a bug where starship retrofit facilities would fail if you had multiple upgrades installed and tried to choose the first. (Sorry!)


  • (Probably) fixed the messages that occur when you enter/exit communications range.
  • Added the KEEP-ALIVE command for users desiring a finer degree of control over their keep_alives.
  • The short-range channel now works from a rover that's going up or down a ramp.
  • Fixed a bug where drill bits and antennas didn't perform weight checks and could overfill a rover.
  • Fixed a bug where bardenium unit modifiers weren't taken into account when transferring from a storage tower to a rover, resulting in overfilling a rover with bardenium.
  • Attempting to TRANSFER while a rover is launching no longer results in a spectacular traceback.


  • Fixed a likely cause of the archaeology bug where your artifact seems to disappear when somebody enters or leaves the room. Please REPORT if it keeps happening!
  • Fixed short-range communicators on ferries.
  • Fixed the stupid room name in ferries.
  • Fixed the stupid GO exit name for ferries.
  • Fixed a pesky roundtime bug that could cause incongruities between roundtime and suspends.
  • Jumpgate projectiles no longer chase you out of the sector or on to planets/stations.
  • The PA should work in observation rooms now. More or less.
  • At long last, you can print old specialty applications again.
  • Bounties for industrial ships destroyed by BC fighters now go toward the BC that launched the fighter, not the fighter itself.
  • Drive recharge notifications are now piped correctly if you have the PIPE thing enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where probability would go on vacation and people could find enormous asteroids less than 20 LY out.
  • By popular confusion demand, pool lockers now make you naked instead of leaving your swim trunks on.


  • Firing at interdictors is now subject to your ship's sensor accuracy, similar to firing at blockades and gnats.
  • The PLACE command now knows the difference between a floor and the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where full body clothing wouldn't let you wear it if you were wearing pants (don't ask me) but you could wear pants AFTER you wore the full body clothing. Now they perform the same checks on each other. Or was it underwear... obabby. I really don't know with these weird clothing layer names.
  • Fixed a video camera playback bug that produces a traceback on certain types of output.


  • Ships with bounties can no longer be transfered between players.


  • You can now no longer unload ammunition storage containers if you are in the middle of the prompt and get stunned. Take that suckas!
  • Rooms marked 'outside' now say you're sitting on the ground. (I didn't know that was even a thing when I did it the first time around!)
  • The major appliances bought on Anaktun no longer fit in little dinky backpacks, belt pouches, baby slings, etcetera.
  • Make that all major appliances from anywhere.


  • The Dart now has a RAVEN entry.
  • Added RAVEN entries for the Flitter and the Expediter.


  • The COUNT command works on ammo containers now. Which is essentially exactly the same as looking at it. But who am I to judge?
  • Fixed a bug where a ship docked to another ship that was self-destructing could sustain critical hull damage but not actually explode.
  • Courier starship destructions now have a special place in your ship's service record.
  • Artifact descriptions (namely fuzzy corpses) should now be retained after putting them in an artifact storage container. (For future corpses, not ones already rotting in a magical infinite void of artifact cold storage on your back.)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause movement to break mid-landing if you encountered a halt condition, like suddenly becoming stunned or suddenly being docked to another ship or teleported away from the area by a caretaker array.
  • Fixed a rare but exciting bug where executing the STOP command while traveling between sectors would cause any spawned AI in the new sector to be dead on arrival.
  • No more dirty filthy snot-nosed little babies past the antechamber anymore on HGC. We fixed it up reel gud.
  • Added the USERCOLOR command to allow a keyed individual to override the ship's default announcement color to always use theirs. If you don't know what this means, the option is likely not for you!
  • Food robots now check for stun/roundtime as well as prevent people from ordering if they're removed from the player's location mid-menu.


  • Blockade launches are now announced sector-wide. To reduce spam, the announcements only occur if it's been more than two minutes since the last launch, similar to how flight control announces attacks.
  • Friendly alien ships should no longer depart in the middle of a cargo transfer. They finally learned some human manners.
  • New holographic avatars now properly capitalize themselves when using another person as the avatar. That probably makes no sense though but it's big news.
  • HELP INTERDICTORS now shows interdictors instead of blockades in the requirements portion of the file.


  • Updated the OPTIONS help file and tediously documented every option in every category by name. So if an option confuses you, HELP [option name] should provide you some detail. Also renamed some options because they were long-winded and silly sounding.
  • Fixed full body clothing to sound slightly less stupid and also to not hide your pants if you're wearing, say, a shipsuit and other clothing. Which is just weird anyway, but you do what you want...
  • Fixed a bug with the SYSTEMS 1 command that would cause the hostile environment to persist and the ship to power up on its own after main power is restored. (Instead of you having to use the POWER command.)
  • The 'suddenly seems unable to move' message no longer shows every single time a person covering another person get hits by a stun shot.
  • Drinking reactor coolant produces real vomit now.
  • JAB social added.
  • You should all shower me in birdseed. The CLUCK social has been added. And It's long overdue in my opinion.
  • Fixed wall contents showing up twice in certain room types.


  • Hitting enter in the DOORLOCK command when it asks for a new code will now remove the code entirely.
  • Using a pa in the house will now make you sound drunk if you are drunk. I'm sorry.
  • Now when you use house PA and don't give a message, it does not send a blank message.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause your ship to continue moving after disabling main power. (What is this, real life?!)
  • Whisper gagging and whisper color options now apply to droids who whisper.
  • The CASH command now accepts the argument INFO (or deposits or tithe) to see where your hard-earned credits are actually going if not into your burlap dollar sign satchel.
  • Fixed a variety of problems with figuring out the plurals of multiple objects for the baglady option. If you see weird pluralizations, please REPORT them!
  • Viewing the starmap while landed no longer gives you exact information about ships in the sector.
  • Manually navigating into a sector beside a star will now deploy your solar panels.
  • People with transmission confirmations enabled can no longer transmit their final plea for help if they idle on the prompt while getting stunned.
  • Players can no longer reroll and sponsor treaties they proposed as another character a week later.
  • Reasonably certain that punching a droid (or hugging or whatever) is fixed to always respond even when there is a naming conflict.
  • As a happy consequence, some pet problems have been resolved with regards to matching and weird naming conflicts.
  • Fixed a potential snafu that could arise if you somehow manage to mix forcefield spacesuit and real spacesuit and remove one or the other, instantly exposing yourself to hard vacuum and killing you.
  • Mounts are (probably) bootable now.
  • The LOOK MISC command will now display the contents of the room regardless of how many things are in the room.
  • You no longer SPRAY repair paste. You SQUIRT it. Biggest change of the day.
  • Fixed a bug where stun armor that had been eaten or otherwise destroyed would cause a traceback when you attempted to disable the armor's power.
  • Attempts to dock in a docking bay of a ship with no power now fail owing to the fact that ships need power to open doors.
  • Likewise, launching from a docking bay with no power will similarly be met with failure.
  • Talking to a RAVEN that somebody disables mid-conversation no longers causes a traceback.
  • Private communicators now show the person transmitting all of the weird modifier stuff. Like scream, yawning, crying, etc.
  • Fixed various other private communicator comm social weirdnesses. Like weird spaces. And weird plurals. And no periods.
  • Mountable lockboxes can now no longer hold furniture. (That means things you can ride that also stores things.)
  • Also normal lockboxes can't store furniture either.
  • Solar panels now stay deployed indefinitely while orbiting a star. Trickle charging, if you will.
  • INFO ACHIEVEMENTS now displays passenger transports. (though now that I think about it this command seems like a handy way to get around having to go to a point center...)


  • Heartless security drones now allow you to BOOT babies that are hanging around your ship being babyish.
  • Fixed a bug that would require a MOVEFIX if you get stunned at just the right time during a station docking procedure.
  • Modified apartment purging so that if the primary owner is dead, ownership of the apartment will switch to the first person in the list of co-owners.
  • Various applications (host, ship, etc) should now be able to be placed in folders.
  • Added another decimal of precision to fund center displays so that it doesn't look like you have 1 credit when you actually have 0.999.
  • The 'In Memorium' store now allows you to match the names of dead players. It also confirms the name before engraving it, just in case you got the wrong person.
  • The BEACONS command is now aware of interdiction fields while landed.
  • Unstunned individuals in a group with stunned individuals no longer show as being dragged and instead walk of their own volition.
  • Paintings and notes signed by the more dead among us now properly show up as being signed.
  • Artifact containers containing only fuzzy corpses can now be researched by those with less than 300 points.
  • Candles are now significantly more aware of hostile environments and how they can't burn there.
  • Observation room transmissions now use the proper word (moon vs station) depending on where they are. Oh, and you can use the GEN command on a private moon now.
  • Stress balls now come in purple.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with furniture where you could sit a gazillion people on it but you couldn't PLACE a gazillion.
  • Oh also you can look at furniture and see who's occupying it now.
  • Droid remotes now die (with a message to the holder) when their linked droid gets deactivated. Conversely, they also inform you when the droid comes back to life.
  • The WEAPONS command now displays the optimal amount of damage your weapon room can do with its currently available arsenal.
  • Added some experimental rejiggerings to make it so that room descriptions group people according to what furniture they're sitting/lying on. Please REPORT any oddities! And if you hate it, throw up a board post!
  • Added a new ROOM-OPTION to disable grouping of people by furniture.
  • You no longer see yourself in the PEOPLE command.
  • Water balloons now drench people in water.
  • Ships destroyed by proximity weapons now have the option to take out a bounty on the ship that launched the proximity weapon.
  • Poor, innocent, slimy babies no longer follow you out of your airlock and into a harsh, cold, airless void.
  • NO MORE will waffle irons come out with waffles named retarded things like 'a square a square strawbery waffle waffle' or 'a straw strawberry banana cupcake waffle'. I REFUSE TO ALLOW THESE WAFFLE SHENANIGANS TO OCCUR. THEY WILL ALL NOW INCLUDE ONE FRUIT WORD AND ONE FRUIT WORD ONLY. Take that, waffle miscreants!
  • EVEN MORE IMPORTANT WAFFLE CHANGES: When you use the last of the waffle mix, it no longer pretends that it poured some into the iron, thus DASHING YOUR DREAMS when you discover the iron was never really battered.
  • Updated the help file for proximity weapons, blockades, and interdictors to reflect that launchers are no longer bolted and the new commands.
  • The SORT command now works on tables and toy boxes.
  • Droids that counterstun should not longer mysteriously stun people who are covering the person you intended to heal.


  • Ships that dock in other ships now leave a message in the docking bay to inform bystanders that a docking is occuring.
  • Twirl added as a walk style. Because.
  • Tiptoes also added as a walk style.
  • Fixed up the syntax of hanging things from fireplaces. Now you can hang things ON fireplace or FROM fireplace. Confusion abated!
  • Simulators now more clearly communicate to you that they aren't adding more than 20 drones when you specify more than 20. Also the starship limit has been upped to 21 so that you can fit 20 drones and a starship in together.
  • If you own a store, you may now bolt things in it. Hooray!
  • The INVALIDATE menu in ship stores will no longer show player names if those players are outside of communications range.
  • Fixed a bug in message board searching that would cause the cached results to be ignored when viewing the next page of results, which resulted in the entire search taking place again. Which was slow.
  • Christmas stockings now show properly when hanging on a wall. Ahem.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'ignore thread' option would not unignore a thread if you selected it again after ignoring a thread.
  • Fixed (hopefully) an issue with message boards where you're viewing a message, somebody posts a new message, you hit next, and you receive a horrific traceback that rends your very soul. Hopefully soul rending is minimized now.
  • Message boards ignored in your notification options no longer leave behind an unread reminder when you LOOK at your board reader.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a private organization would not properly rename the 'new messages waiting for you' notification when you LOOK at your board reader.
  • Seemingly fixed more bugs with the posts per page option. That option should work for real now.
  • Stress balls are now sold at Aquatimis; Comfort and Relief.
  • Fixed various issues posting to the web board with roundtime. Namely that it didn't work right before.
  • That weird room on Pax (level two) should no longer force everybody in the room's followers to leave them if a random person walks up.
  • The Pax observation room is now an actual observation room.
  • Looking at objects, such as keyrings, on droids no longer succeeds.
  • Fixed a message board search bug that would cause a traceback if your search led you to a post posted pre-category rename.
  • Beware when throwing things to sleeping people now, for sleeping people are terrible at catching.
  • Gadget bots now group their contents according to the 'baglady' options. (ITEM-O 2)
  • Debris identification messages are now piped ship-wide when enabled. For whatever reason anybody would want that.
  • The fabulous Freistadt upgrades are now available in the donator place on Empanda.
  • Dumping a blender into something else like a trash can now gets rid of whatever it may have blended.
  • You can once again transmit 'who' over private comms. Though really, some punctuation would have made that work anyway...
  • Fixed private comm matching if you use a person's full name or, for some reason, want to transmit their last name to them. Feel free to REPORT regressions!
  • It's no longer possible to boot from a docking bay or an uncharted planet due to lack of spaceport security personnel to assist.
  • Fixed a bug where some uncharted planets with hostile environments would have rooms on the surface that were not hostile.
  • The BOOT command now allows you to boot individual droids or pets in much the same way that you can boot individual people.
  • Updated the SECURITY command to detect filthy babies that people are smuggling under their coats.
  • You can now knock on stateroom doors with the cleverly named KNOCK <direction> command.


  • Made all radio receivers created before the description was added to now have the description.
  • Scurry has been added as a walk style.
  • Fixed the mysterious took-me-five-years-to-track-down bug where entering certain dynamic rooms (dig sites, asteroids, etc) would provide no feedback (like room title and description).
  • Destination finders show things in sector 0 now. And probably also don't show weird things like Praelor planets.
  • Fixed a LRSCAN bug that would cause a traceback in various places, including the lovely sector 17.
  • Apartment room exits should now arrange themselves properly according to the fabulous exit ordering scheme.
  • You no longer see yourself in space when you do things like put objects into a bag or take them out.
  • Station observation rooms should now properly announce combat events, such as ships being destroyed.
  • Station observation rooms now also display the correct 'current coordinates' when you view the starmap.
  • You can no longer TOSS frisbees to inanimate objects.
  • The website who list now uses the correct logic for determing 'out of local space' vs 'out of comms'. By which I mean out of local space AIN'T NO THANG.
  • Fixed mail centers so that you can only REQUEST mail for destinations you can actually get to.
  • Certain room types now distinguish between floor and ground when sitting. Much more civilized.
  • The non-numeric Lore interface should no longer duplicate letters and make entire programs inaccessible. (Interface 3, I think?)
  • The scented oils bought at the spa on Acrylon now have the scent in the title as well as the proper scent when sniffing the bottles.
  • You can now unlink your communicator from a ship relay by transmitting unlink, delete, or remove to the ship relay channel.
  • Fixed a very old bug that allowed you to authorize people on private stations more than once.
  • Aquatimis's Pilot Lounge now has a menu of crap to buy.
  • The GROUP command now shows random things following you when you are following somebody else.
  • Fixed a rather old bug where message board readers would display 1 more post than your maximum posts per page setting.
  • Garages now proudly display things hanging on the walls.
  • Gadget bots will now bravely follow you into hostile environments. Not being alive and all.
  • Simulator drones are thrillingly powered up and red alerted now. They will speak of this day.
  • Also, ships now inform you with a delightfully exciting message that your ship has been destroyed and is being evacuated. Very important changes, folks.


  • Apologize social added.


  • Added the world's first trisolar catapult to sector 32. Grandiose IC unveiling maybe tomorrow. Unless I forget.
  • Now added a drone detailing service to Lukco, in the Drone Research shop. Because who DOESN'T want a pink diamond-encrusted security drone?
  • Best change ever made. The SCREECH social has been added.
  • Second most important change ever. GRIMACE social added.


  • The YELP social has been added. I think it should have been there all along but who am I to make these decisions?


  • You can now use the CRYBABY command on punching bags to enable or disable screaming when they are attacked. also modified their messages slightly.


  • Fixed a bug where taking a Lore image of a starship would let you look inside rooms that your puny Lore camera would clearly not have been able to see.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a traceback if you tried to GOTO a message in a previously renamed message board category.
  • A QuIVER social has been added.


  • Added an option to the tradesman request center on Empanda to request a tradesman item certificate. Be sure to read the terms that are displayed before saying yes to the prompt.
  • By popular demand, tradesman item certificates now send you a confirmation in the mail like donator requests do.


  • Stores with furniture will now show how many people a particular piece of furniture seats.
  • To fall in line with renaming guidelines, sex changes now require six months between, as well as double the cost.
  • Gharro's on Firewater now has non-stupid breadsticks, so you can get them out of the box one at a time! You can also now buy soda there. Most important change of the day.
  • Fixed sex changes for realz this time. It now takes into account last rename time, not just last sex change time.


  • TR CHAT WHO / TR GEN WHO now work the same way as TR WHO CHAT / TR WHO GEN. Take THAT, embarrassing mistakes.
  • Salvage lifeforms now have a random chance of inflicting damage on a starship's superstructure. They want out! Or they're hungry. I'm not really sure what they want out of life.


  • Gave the replylock command some instructions.


  • Restored players are now gifted a standard shipsuit to protect their modesty.


  • Because it's early and I wanted to be productive I fixed a typo in HELP FREQUENTLY REJECTED AND SUGGESTED IDEAS.
  • Tradesman item certificates are no longer owner specific. Anyone can use them regardless of who owns them.


  • Atmospheric combat vehicles can now be ENTITLEd and probably not suffer ill effects.


  • Added the infinitely handy LORE command to display available Lore shortcut commands.


  • After many, many years, typing put key on key will finally work when putting apartment keys on keyrings.
  • The alias APP has been added to starship applications for your lazy delights.


  • Albori might kill me for this or make me put it back, but the cost to rename yourself is now half again as much as it was before. Enjoy.
  • I lied. Renaming yourself is now twice the previous amount. Also, it is now six months between renames unless "Da Boss" says otherwise.
  • Also RENAMECHECK reflects the new times.


  • Boxes of duplicated keys now come closed default.


  • Fixed up some PEER messages when peering at misc objects and ships. Specifically removed redundancy and references to 'out'. WOO
  • The PEOPLE command now works with round and stuntime. Awareness is key!
  • Droids no longer respond in a whisper if you whisper a say command to them.
  • Fixed an infinite loop where a droid and IQMN might get into a very in-depth conversation about messages for eternity.
  • Sorry soundpack people, the text of when somebody joins your group uninvited has been changed.


  • Looking at a message board reader that's muffled will now tell you that it's muffled.
  • Organization owners now have access to forum controls in their organization meeting rooms. If you own the organization or are an owner, you can type @forum to engage forum mode. When this occurs, other players in the room will be required to type SPEAK to request permission to speak. Organization owners can then type @speaker <player> to give a player permission to speak. Owners can also type @speak all or @speak none to open speaking to the room or to deny speaking to the room. Just like with The Doctor, please remember to @forum to disable forum controls when everybody leaves. Good luck!


  • Now selling the highly sought after emissive energy scanning enhancement upgrade.
  • At long last, you can TRANSPORT <SHIP> ON <KEYRING> to transport a ship into a private garage from the landing pad. For whatever reason you might want to do that.


  • Gadget robot things now hold ammunition of all sorts as well as packs of said ammunition.
  • SYNC is now properly spelled when invoking the syncronized modulated laser burst thing.
  • The extra SLOWLY on the Outreach pods going up has been removed. I blame Chris for the horrible wording.
  • PIMP social added. You're welcome Brice.


  • Fixed the task that tows newbie ships home after a 'certain period of time'.
  • Combat drone kills now go on the service record of the launching starship.
  • Ships destroyed by combat drones now have the option to take out a bounty on the ship that launched the drone rather than the drone itself, making it infinitely more useful.


  • The date a private organization was founded will now show in its info. Currently, this is private and can only be viewed by members.
  • Added a potentially annoying Intraship Quick Messaging Network. See HELP IQMN for details.
  • Doors and biometric locks are now mutually exclusive. This means one can't be added if the other is present.
  • Added @TOP-PUFFERFISH or @PUFFERFISH for you lazy people. The reasoning will be clear in time.


  • House/station/moon owners can now use BIOADD and BIOREMOVE to add and remove biometric locks without the assistance of a host. These commands follow the same restrictions as DOORADD and DOORREMOVE, only you don't have to submit biometric locks for approval.


  • Finish added as an alias to drain when you want to finish a drink. Because I always forget you can't finish drinks. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


  • Fixed a bug in the web board where you could post messages to triiiivial places, such as OOC / Announcements and maybe your alliance diplomacy board.
  • Starship retrofit facilities now properly check to see if the starship in question is already equipped with the upgrade that you're trying to install. No more wasting precious things on ships that already have precious things!
  • The APP command in point centers should now allow you to print pre-11-26 BC applications, although some data may be lost. It will warn you if that's the case. (Data was lost when the application was recently improperly changed, sorry. The important bits still seem to be there!)
  • Biolocks now block PEERing and probably also random things that wander around.
  • Main power can no longer be disabled inside a wormhole or jumpgate to avoid the nasty complication of gruesome death.
  • The subwarp drive now has better failsafes in the event that your destination coordinates get invalidated by somebody else moving into them. It should no longer fall back to coordinates that are likewise already occupied.
  • Asteroid hauling supply kits now follow the same rules as regular containers. Sorry, no more carrying beds around in your kit.
  • Vehicle bays and vehicle bay capacity upgrades now count toward your ship's total worth.
  • The PEER OUT <ships / unpowered> command has been fixed to actually show you some feedback if you see no ships.
  • Likewise, a new ROOM-OPTION has been added to group or ungroup unpowered ships. So now grouping works independently for powered and unpowered ships.
  • The ever-so-requested PEER <direction> <objects / powered /unpowered> feature has been implemented. Never again be kept in the dark about what those mysterious grouped objects to the south may be.
  • Wandery things should now also respect doors protected by passwords. WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY DOORS GUYS
  • Updated policy 23 to include information about the RAGEQUIT command.
  • Removed Miriani from the planetar miningy help file since it's impossible to mine there.
  • HELP RAGEQUIT has been added.
  • Walls have been added to MATCH-ORDER as the last item. Now you can have pictures of chairs to your heart's content and still be able to sit on chairs in the room.
  • SOUNDPACK-SPECIFIC: The text of the DUCT command has changed slightly. (Going into the duct said a large panel, coming out said a small panel. Now they're both small!) Change your packs accordingly. (Also let me know if these kinds of notifications are not helpful and I'll stop!)
  • Made some improvements to the hatch lifeform discriminator that should catch more nooks and crannies that people smuggle babies in. Please REPORT others if you find them!
  • Another attempted fix for the FTL-STOP-FTL issue that plagues us all with tracebacks and strange teleportations. Any information on the continuation of this issue would be appreciated!
  • Trading is back online with the old commodity database. FOR NOW.
  • Message board posts pertaining to renames should work fantastically again.
  • People out of comms no longer receive org tithe change notifications. durp
  • Fixed an ancient bug where proximity warnings would fire if a ship left the sector along an edge that would, if sectors wrapped around, put it in range of a ship at the opposite end of the sector.
  • Fixed scanning in observation rooms on not-so-private space stations like Casus Starbase.
  • Resolved some matching concerns when attempting to play a stringed instrument with a bow. Now PLAY VIOLIN (OR WHATEVER) WITH BOW will work.


  • The shortcut command CALCULATOR for Lore computers now allows you to type your calculation in as an argument. For example, for the mind-rending calculation '1+1', you would type: "calc 1+1"
  • The CONVERT shortcut to the Lore converter now accepts arguments for the lazy Moy Zee. CONVERT 55 F C, for example, will convert 55 degrees fahrenheit to celsius.
  • The SCRATCHPAD shortcut to the Lore scratch pad now accepts arguments. You can use semicolons to create multiple lines much the same was as one might use the SING or RAP commands.
  • Typing DISTANCE in atmospheric salvager control rooms now displays proper wording if the craft is one unit away.


  • Added a donation message board category and renamed the poorly named 'Messages to the Staff' category.


  • Message board readers now allow you to access the OOC message boards while stunned. Using this to metagame will likely just get you banned immediately, so DON'T CROSS ME PUNKS.


  • I know it's not a huge deal, but keychain transfer stations now have a capitalized message when the transfer is complete. Thank you for complaining person who knows who they are.


  • Persuant to the previous changelog entry, there is now a one month timer on org re-joining to make it less trivial. If you quit an organization, you may not join it again for a month. However, you can join a different organization.


  • The ancient pod network (relied upon by such trivial things as security drones shooting you in the face and hauling you away!) should be working properly again.
  • A recent vote by the Interalliance Relations Committee has resulted in an important new rule regarding treaty sponsorships: a treaty must be sponsored by a pilot outside of the treaty creator's own private organization. This is to address concerns that the power of interalliance diplomacy may be slipping too far into the hands of private organizations and their special interests. To clarify: if Jimmy, member of the organization Pork Products United, proposed a treaty with another alliance, then Sally, also a member of Pork Products United, may not be the treaty's sponsor. However, Tom, who is not a member of any private organization, or Kathy, who is a member of Chickenz R Best, could sponsor the treaty.


  • Resolved an issue with keyrings 'sticking' so that you can't remove them or wear a new one. Also various other keyring snafus that have occured over the years.
  • REPAIR CANNON and REPAIR TURRET by themselves now bring up component menus as promised by the help file.
  • The LIGHT, MODERATE, and CRITICAL arguments to the DAMAGE command now respect COMBAT-OPTION 3 (showing the report either in a single column or three columns). Lives forever changed.


  • Message board readers now come in large-button styles for ease of access.
  • You are now able to transfer your tradesman items in a location other than the tradesman request center. The room is on Empanda still, but before the security checkpoint. Go forth and do good things now.


  • Added a room option to hide communicator names when people transmit. If you have this option enabled, you will see "says something into his communicator" instead of "says something into a giant slab of bloody flesh embedded with several bits of bone and squirming with maggots filling the room with a surprisingly sweet smell."


  • Fixed a long-standing bug in apartments, where the original owner would always be the last owner to be charged rent. The original owner of an apartment should now be first in line for rent-paying.


  • Added the WHY social. No future social can hope to match its splendor.


  • The ever-exhaustive OPTIONS command now includes an entry for keyring options.


  • Fixed a bug where keyrings on the ground couldn't be picked up. Now you can pick them up all day long.
  • Various changes to Blazon rockets: They should now properly end combat missions, they should add to ship records with kills, firing them now uses a smattering of charge, they now announce to the sector (flight control) when firing, and salvo size is properly taken into account when determining hull damage.
  • Hopefully fixed the problem with rerolls not getting their tradesman items back. And, more importantly, rerolls should inherit their warnings and flags again when they have been bad boys and girls.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to disable out-of-band messages for socials when you have a semi-negotiated soundpack. This prevents you from seeing #$# socials <blah blah> if you're seeing them instead of your soundpack handling them.


  • Blazon rockets have been improved in various ways: you cannot fire them on the ground, or without power, or without weapons being powered up. You also get told how many you have before you select a target.


  • Sorry to burst bubbles but Christmas crackers have had their contents reduced.
  • You can now hang the stockings you get from Christmas crackers on fireplaces.


  • Santa should no longer be sneaky and keep his special boxes to himself.


  • You can now use escape pods while landed on asteroids without having to turn off life support.
  • That is, you can use it using the ESCAPE command.
  • Zillion credit high-capacity Lore computers now contribute to your net worth!
  • All blink flitters in existence, and any that exist in the future, now have storage rooms which can be used for salvage and bardenium storage, as the design implied they should.


  • Corrected a minor oversight where organization message boards weren't included in the default notification set.
  • Picture frame ornaments are now a thing! Hang your ugly friends on your tree today!
  • Also wreaths are a thing. Hang them above your fireplace for a fire hazard!


  • Everybody should run out and buy Christmas crackers. Toy parachuting soldiers have been added to them. Tell your friends.


  • Fixed a slew of problems with station observation center SCANning.
  • Christmas crackers are now for sale at Santa's Trees on Narth Polus. Tell your friends.
  • Hanging stockings from fireplaces now actually works again! Yay!
  • Players can no longer transmit from non-private space stations in observation rooms.


  • As UNBELIEVABLE as it sounds, mistletoe hasn't existed until now. Completely unacceptable.
  • Fireplaces now imbue the room with crackly warm light while burning. And shadows. Creepy, spooky shadows.
  • You can now HANG and UNHANG things (like stockings!) from fireplaces.
  • Covet that funky sprayable window fake snow gunk? The starship enhancement store will now "tint" your "windows" with fake snow spray!
  • Santa, the crazy trickster that he is, now randomly gives out Santa Boxes that can be USEed in a starship for light-hearted sabotage. It's not naughty at all.


  • Ships with bounties that get destroyed by Praelor are no longer obligated to pay the bounty to the Praelor.
  • Main power is now subject to the same time limit on power down as the POWER command. Thanks spammers!
  • SCROOGE will now prompt you so you can rethink being a Christmas hating jerk.


  • Your fancy new makeup and hair styling things no longer give you a free ride. You gots ta pay just like the rest of the poor saps who get their hair did. Sorry.


  • People attempting to fly starships on drugs will have a bad day.
  • I'm feeling left out. If anybody cares, I cleaned out the tradesman request menu considerably. Now there's about a third the junk that was in there.
  • High Guard Command is now disinterested in acquiescing to the presence of infantile lifeforms in its secure military complex.
  • Old battlecruiser applications should be reviewable again.


  • Flight control has been disabled for sector 14. I'm sure you're all leaping for joy right now.


  • Irrelevant and irreverent questions on the battlecruiser and speciality ship applications have been removed.
  • Fixed tracebacks when scanning from observation lounges.
  • Sector 14 now spawns (limited quantities) of debris, including some rare pieces exclusive to that sector.
  • The six-person dart will now appear in starship simulators.


  • Stronger Praelor ship classes will very rarely be seen out of comms.
  • To clarify: Praelor ship classes stronger than have generally been encountered in the past will now appear out of comms, but their appearance rate is much lower than 'regular' Praelor ships.
  • Space station observation lounges now receive messages from the rest of the sector and can use the general sector communication like regular starships.
  • Station observation lounges should now be able to scan objects in the same sector as the station.
  • Since it's not against the battlecruiser rules to take your 'cruiser out of local space anymore, the question in which you pledge not to do this has been removed from the battlecruiser application.


  • The number of available battlecruiser fighters associated with a ship can now be viewed with the ARSENAL command.
  • People who are under the influence of entheogens will now be identified as intoxicated by the HEALTH command.
  • Disabling the subwarp, slip, and wavewarp drive while these systems are in use is no longer possible.
  • The main docking bay of Grimbald Shipyards now has a description.
  • Selene Intersolar Trade, the courier company on Luna, is now fully functional and has cargo available for transportation.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes on Luna.
  • The DRAW command will now conveniently bypass empty holsters.
  • The CASH command no longer inexplicably rounds up.


  • Spaceport security should no longer scan ships for illegal items upon landing.


  • Multipacks of saddukar stems should now dispense correctly.
  • The stars in sector 32 should now theoretically be in sequencial order.


  • Luna is now open and a significant portion of it has been revamped! Expect further changes in the future.


  • Fixed an oversight on the desert planet in sector 28 where there were no Caribbean-style drinks available for purchase.


  • Added MAP EXIT to find your way out of player-build houses that have terrible designs.


  • Fixed a strange and mysterious bug where ACV-style invasion stars would take on the name of the host who launched them.


  • Simulated ships can no longer use the long-range broadcaster.
  • Closed a loophole that allowed people to bypass the wait time on donator requests via rerolling.


  • I like making useless changelog entries. Rosario is fixed.


  • Starship descriptions now give you an idea of what kind of hull damage has been sustained.


  • @org-points should no longer show dead organizations.


  • No longer does the SORT ME command display mixed signals.


  • Updated the couriering help file to explain the misunderstood 'double debt' situation.
  • @top-org now takes organization privacy into account if you aren't a member.
  • The activities help file no longer says that Rolukssica is the temporary home of Alliance High Guard Command.


  • You can no longer transfer a battlecruiser to someone if they already own a battlecruiser.


  • Thankfully you can drink puddles of vomit again.


  • Those wishing to have food fit for humans at parties can now type PARTY <food> or, if all your food is on a table, PARTY <table> to keep it fresh for 24 hours. Afterward the normal rotting rules apply and you can't party with that food ever again. EVER AGAIN.
  • Thanks to a few brilliant players there is now a mailroom on Narth Polus.
  • You can now party with drinks! I hear they do a mean jitterbug.
  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to display starmap symbols in the list of choices when you type SCAN with no arguments. With the option enabled, the output will be: [1] Object Name (Object Type) ( starmap symbol )


  • Fixed various keyring-on-belt bugs pertaining to removing, wearing, attaching, detaching, etc.


  • Asteroid rovers can now be entitled using the standard ENTITLE command.
  • The LAND command now accepts an argument of where you want to land.
  • The PURPLE command now exists in a starship near you! That's intruder alert. More details in post 62403.
  • Fixed a bug where certain NAVI messages were no longer being piped correctly.
  • Fixed an exploit where the E2 command could be used to fool other players into believing they received a communication that they did not. Also remember that using E2 to trick people constitutes a violation of policy 8, joking or not. STAY IN SCHOOL.
  • Added the HERE argument to the COMMANDS command. So to get obvious commands for a room you're in, you type: COMMANDS HERE. Please REPORT things that seem out of place. If it seems obviously not meant for players, like BANEVERYBODY or HOSTCOMMAND or BLAGHSIJ, please don't type it and instead just REPORT it. Yay!


  • Fixed an 800 year old bug where upgraded simulator ships repaired 99.2 gazillion times faster than anything found in nature.
  • You can no longer bolt shopping bags.
  • I'm feeling generous so you can't bolt salvage containers either.
  • Added the 'POI' argument to the MAP command to find potential points of interest on a planet. It's not perfect, so don't judge a planet solely by this command!


  • Commands piped through an E2 social are now properly not displayed to the room with the accompanying emote.
  • Players no longer see the output of commands piped through an E2 social. (No more "You stand up." with your piped stand social.)
  • E2 help file updated to sort of explain command piping.


  • Thank you all for your complaints and suggestions. We have listened and the drive recharge times on the dart have been decreased slightly.


  • Don't like floating point credits? Too much money got you down? No more! You can now type CASH DISCARD to get rid of those pesky extra credits that ruin your integer credit report.


  • Apartment mailboxes are no longer sold in supply stores. Rather they've been moved to mail centers, which makes a lot more sense in my mind.


  • NAVI should work with numeric directions again. (navi 6 to go east, for instance.)
  • Pulse weapons should now properly work in simulators when you import your current ship.
  • The long-awaited section 6 of the DEFENSE handbook has been completed. (By the way, if you want to suggest new tactics or new sections for the defense handbook, go ahead and REPORT them!)
  • Since apparently nobody ever knew the DEFENSE command existed, defense handbooks are now sold in standard supply stores. Hooray!


  • Photo albums now require a free hand to remove photos from them. Why they didn't before I do not know!


  • Fixed an issue where players would not actually leave a group if they walked away in a dynamic room (asteroid, dig site, etc)
  • Due to popular demand you can now potentially block knives/swords/rubber chickens while using the STAB command.


  • Fixed a bug where specialty ship applications could be submitted one after the other, immediately after a denial. You now must wait two weeks between applications.


  • You can now search through old announcements by typing @announcements <search string>. If you're into that kind of thing.


  • Christmas trees will now quietly recycle any decorations they have on them when destroyed.


  • TR CHANNELS should now mostly work out of comms.


  • Theoretically, water guns should now leave your target drenched in water. I know this is the highlight of my weekend.


  • All Easter animals, ravaged by old age and unable to reproduce, have perished. (As per @poll)
  • Modified the inventory command to tell you exactly where the things you most desire are. Know you own a purple humuhumunukunukuapua'a but don't know which bag it's in? Maybe it started to smell so you stuffed it in a bag in a bag in a bag. Simply type 'inv humuhumunukunukuapua'a' and your trusty character will do all of the work for you! Unless it breaks.


  • Added the 'list' argument to the METAF command to list all of your current communicators and their frequencies.
  • You can now TRASH pictures.
  • Fixed an egregious bug in the antiscripter that could cause your account to be locked out for more than 30 seconds if you spammed a lot. Maybe.


  • Followers should now stand a much, much better chance of continuing to follow you if you walk really fast or something happens to lag behind. Please REPORT any problems you might encounter, such as followers continuing to follow when they clearly shouldn't!
  • Fixed an ancient bug that could, if conditions were right, cause ships to lose charge at a far greater rate than usual.
  • FTL notifications have been separated from out of sector navigations in flight control filters.


  • Ships now actually enter wormholes (similar to jumpgates) when the FTL message says they do instead of remaining in the sector and then teleporting to the new sector.
  • Updated the lrscan help file to clarify the long-confusing moon vs planet issue. (Spoiler: The scanners aren't sensitive enough to ascertain whether a giant rock is a moon or a planet, so it calls it a planet.)
  • Looking at a communicator will now show the off-status for ALL channels (if, you know, they're turned off...) rather than the small handful that existed back in 2006.
  • Custom socials no longer allow you to bypass the one social per second restriction.
  • Massively optimized the ancient and mysterious ANSI parser. Color heavy text should now get to you in record time.


  • Corrected an oversight where certain asteroid mining materials would not come out unmovable, allowing you to transport them in bags. If you happen to be carrying a ship communication relay around in your pants pocket, please let me know.


  • Warp drive optimizations are now available for a modest point and credit fee.
  • Drive optimizations now require less points and slightly more credits to obtain. Optimizations for all!


  • Because Albori loves me, it is now possible to use the arguement "CW" when using the who command.


  • Fixed a grievous bug that would allow one to PEER ENTER from any room in the ship rather than just the airlock. No more peeking!


  • Small cover change: The UNCOVER command is now used to stop using something for cover rather than using COVER a second time.
  • The DIG command should now work properly with OUT exits on private moons.


  • Added point brackets for alliance switching up to 55,000 points.
  • You can now buy grills and deep fryers. Excited? You bet we are.


  • Got the recharging station blues? You shouldn't anymore because now there's no limit on how many stun armor recharging stations you can purchase. You're welcome.
  • You asked. We listened. You may now double your stun armor batteries! That's right, you may now purchase 4 instead of 2.


  • Fixed a loophole that allowed people to make courier deliveries in other people's ships.
  • You can now get your HIPS tattooed.


  • We know how much you all care, but transport pods should be up and fully functional once again.


  • Due to an oversight the ITPN station on Venus was never operational. It is now so feel free to flame Sophie for not reminding me to do it months ago.


  • There are now a few more colors on the private organization vest list. I know you're all dying to thank me.
  • You can now put pictures of your foes on stun targets. Enjoy!
  • The authorize command in security centers will no longer allow you to add owners to private moons if their points are below 15000. Any moon owners who have less than 15000 points have been removed from the moon's owners list.


  • The autopilot help file has been updated with the new sector size.


  • Courier companies will no longer expect you to make deliveries past sector 32.


  • Have you ever wanted to give somebody a swirly? Now you can. Simply SWIRLY NAME WITH TOILET and enjoy!


  • Added burnt plastic to ship-wide air fresheners.
  • Fixed an extremely ancient bug in planetary mining that would give you extra minerals if you used more than one drone at a time.


  • The dooradd command will now notify you if you've already submitted a door for a given exit if you attempt to submit another door for that exit.
  • Stun armor battery packs now have one hour of charge.


  • You can finally sit on toilets.


  • Warscore now has an accurate depiction of the Praelor population.


  • Changed the health command to only show "intoxicated" rather than varying levels of drunkenness.


  • You can now entitle your canvases the same way you can entitle books and photo albums. Jump for joy everybody.


  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to choose between multiple landing pads in store ship selections. Should multiple landing pads exist.


  • Stun armor is now available. See board post 60971 for more information.
  • Water balloons now drench people in water instead of whipped cream.
  • The mapper on Rolukssica is now fixed. Map away, map away, map away all!
  • Stun armor should no longer rapidly lose charge when you walk through an area guarded by security drones that aren't supposed to affect you.
  • The DOCK command now accepts arguments of which ship to dock with.
  • Private stations no longer provide flight control updates to flight control scanners.
  • This also goes for private moons.
  • Starship landing messages now get directed to the correct docking bays on High Guard Command.


  • At long last, you can now type @shop to submit a store for your private moon. Currently, the limit is five stores for both private stations and moons alike. Get excited!


  • Fixed a bug that would allow any droid user to invalidate the remote when, in faaaact, only the owner should have been able to do it.


  • Added the SITTING [player] command for easy and fun determination of the status of one's posterior alignment with nearby surfaces.


  • Baby beds and sand boxes on Uranus at Callie Kramer's Creative Crafts now actually show their patterns and shapes. As always, let us know if there's any other issues.


  • Fixed a bug in Lore faceplates where they did funny things like not working.


  • To prevent having so much crap in a bag that you actually crash somebody's client when they look into it, containers now have a maximum item limit of 250 items. If you have more than this, you probably need to visit a pawn shop or consult a therapist about your hoarding tendencies. Or buy another bag. All good options.


  • The PREDICT command now follows the same security checks as the DIG command. So if you can't dig, you theoretically shouldn't be able to predict.
  • Speaking of PREDICT, it will now fail graciously if an exit already exists, plugging a leak where players could predict locked exits to glean details of the room beyond.


  • Scent balls now land on random body parts. I know you're all beyond excited.


  • Added a 'Building Commands' help file. Thanks to Cray West for finally taking matters into his own hands! And special thanks to his beautiful editor Albori Sninvel. And to the academy...


  • Starship proximity notices can now be gagged in GAG-OPTIONS for those who wish to be caught off guard and unaware.
  • Fixed (for real this time) a bug in the DIG command that would result in exit connections not actually being made, despite my continued insistence that it worked. So if you ever tried to connect an exit and got a new room instead of a connection, try again! I am 100% confident you will succeed this time.
  • Added a PREDICT <direction> command to tell you what room might be connected to your current room if you were to dig in that direction with no arguments.
  • Rover control rooms gain the ability to DEAUTHORIZE people.
  • Typing AUTHORIZE in rover/scooper control rooms will show you a list of authorized users.
  • Fixed some issues where the PA wouldn't be recognized in certain house/station rooms.
  • Also fixed some issues with describe, rename, doorlock, doorauth, and dooradd. They didn't work in certain rooms in houses/stations and they should now!


  • All inhabited sectors with inhabitable planets now have an accompanying star.


  • The TR LINKS command now accepts an optional letter argument to only display links whose names begin with that letter. For example, 'tr links a' will only show people with names beginning with the letter A, 'tr links b' will show b, etc.
  • You can now do TR LINKS AVAILABLE and TR LINKS UNAVAILABLE with pretty obvious results. (Showing available and unavailable links.)
  • The MAKE command in ship stores now accepts the argument of the name of a ship instead of wading through a menu.
  • At long last, the official timeline has been repaired to reflect accurate dates for events.


  • Blenders now no longer destroy your cup names. Take pride in the fact that we've accomplished something today.


  • Made some improvements to combat messaging. In particular: The control room shouldn't receive 800,000 destroyed messages, weapon rooms should all receive destroyed messages, the computer should always announce target destroyed when you killed the ship (and only show one destruction message), hit messages should appear in the appropriate order, and random quotes have been removed. Let me know what other oddities crop up.


  • Message board search has been fixed to its former speedy (and still terribly inaccurate) glory.
  • The rules against taking battlecruisers out of comms have been lifted. Conditionally. Read all about it with board post 59754.
  • Fixed a bug where courier ships and BC fighters counted toward your total ship limit.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the exits in uncharted planet rooms didn't follow the normal exit arrangement rules. Now the exits are in the proper comfortable order.
  • Fixed wonkiness with mounts if somebody PLACEs you on furniture, you fall during FTL, or you fall because of an anomaly.
  • Food robots no longer display a USE command.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sectors had stopped generating debris. Please continue to send reports if you keep noticing this behavior. Thanks!


  • Increased the frequency of asteroid finds 3 or more sectors away from known space.
  • Slightly decreased the time it takes to tie an asteroid line. (It's still random.)
  • Slightly increased the likelihood of finding an artifact in uncharted space. If you happen to start finding an artifact in every sector, kindly send a report!
  • Sectors are now 20x20x20.
  • Bolting now presents a delightful prompt to help you avoid bolting the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • There's a brand new ship on the market. See board post 59729 for all the details.
  • Added the laser overdrive capacitor upgrade for Darts. See board post 59730 for the details.


  • Due to popular demand, there is now a garage on Rolukssica. You're welcome.
  • Fund centers now keep track of auto-deposits by allowing you to view how many credits an individual has deposited.


  • The shady individual who peddles homemade magazines should no longer steal your money if you run out of free hands. Please REPORT any other NPCs exhibiting this behavior! Or REPORT if you're getting items for free or anything of that nature.
  • The PARENT command will now tell you what the current room is. No more changing back and forth just to figure out what's what.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the HAUL command. It now properly accepts remote outposts as destinations when supplied as an argument. (Example: haul outpost)
  • For all you tree climbers out there, people will now see when you arrive in the top of the tree.
  • Updated spacewalking to be more inline with ship navigation options, including the z-axis prompt option and fixing some issues with the alternate navigation commands.
  • Using the PA on a private station/moon should no longer spam anybody in the security center to death.
  • Ship TRANSFERs now obey the auto-keyring option. Life will never be the same.


  • New suitcases and duffle bags should no longer be 'huge', meaning you can put them in containers and trash cans. Please REPORT if I missed a store or if any other items have been mistakenly set to be too big for containers.


  • Computer messages are no longer piped through the ducts.
  • Telescopes no longer work in ducts.
  • Drunkards can take heart: Communicator socials work while drunk now.


  • Fixed a bug that occasionally cropped up where ships that landed on asteroids out of charted space would get stuck when they tried to launch.
  • When unbolting, the confirmation prompt now includes the name of the object you are attempting to unbolt.


  • A new pet tracking facility has been added to Empanda for your convenience. It is through a door off of the docking bay. Fear not though, there is still a facility on Pax.


  • The behavior of character creation now matches that of renaming centers. You are no longer able to use a previous name to circumvent in-character consequences.
  • Caretakers can now land on private moons, even if landing is denied to all. As always, please report anything out of the ordinary.


  • Looking at miscellaneous objects now respects the object grouping option.


  • Pet sprays bought at Pets Plus on Firewater now do the correct spray scents. If you've purchased those items, junk them and buy new to avoid the scent of fresh, clean air.


  • Starship renaming center rules now match the ship store rules. Ahem. Don't be surprised if your improperly named ship loses some symbols or gains some capital letters in the near future!


  • Slides, pull-up bars, and monkey bars should no longer fit in backpacks and other assorted containers. Please assist if you have problems getting these items out of containers they may already be in.


  • Artifact storage containers now allow you to toggle between list view and 'sentence view' (or uh, whatever) with the LIST <container> command.


  • The super water slides from Summer Fun on Desolo have been slightly modified to make your sliding experience more fun. Be excited.


  • HELP TRADESMAN has been modified. We would have noted the change a few days ago but we forgot to because we're old and lazy.


  • Rosarian beer no longer requires license points to purchase. It does, however, still cost you your soul.


  • The INFO command in starship stores now tells you the docking mass of the ship in question.


  • Both participants can now get an ETA of a charge transfer.


  • Dig site repopulation is now randomized.


  • Having trouble getting into Set Technologies? Fret no longer. The door has been fixed.
  • You can no longer change the parents of docking bays/landing pads and ITPN stations on private moons and space stations. Please ASSIST if you need to change these rooms for some reason.


  • Fixed a bug that would result in uncharted debris vanishing without a trace when you leave the sector. Now it 'compresses' debris like normal sectors.


  • The china cabinets from Caranza can now be seen into when they're closed. Actually, they're like display cases, but I prefer to think I did something spectacular with them. You'll need to buy a new one for the change to work though.


  • Fixed an antiscripter issue that would cause you to get excessively antiscripted in control rooms. And sometimes when standing up. And something about seatbelts. Good thing Mitchell noticed what was going on!


  • Replaced the underlying database used by the message board to get 30 MB out of the MOO. Please REPORT any odd things that you notice happening in the boards!


  • Using the gender arguments in the who command now displays out of comms status.


  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to make the ENTER command do strange and exciting things. Like probably be broken forever.
  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to auto-confirm landing and jumpgate travel. Please be mindful of manual navigation.


  • Players are now limited to wearing 50 pieces of miscellaneous clothing. (Before raging, note that only 7 players currently have more than 50.)
  • Added a new ITEM-OPTION to condense the miscellaneous clothing of people wearing a huge amount of random stuff.
  • Added the awkwardly named and executed 'MISC <player>' command to view their miscellaneous clothing. Works grandly with the new ITEM-O.
  • Bored people can now type HELP RANDOM to get a random help file.
  • Added an animal shelter to Kronophagia for getting rid of wandering animal things.


  • You can now install bardenium storage boxes in ships that don't have bardenium cannons if they have bardenium transfer conduits.
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-depositing into multiple places to calculate percentages incorrectly.


  • You can no longer boot from a ship in an aquatic environment.


  • Fixed a bug where short-range communicators might not function in some, if not all, apartments. Empanda apartment owners rejoice! Or don't.


  • Soundpack makers can now utilize the call: "#$#soundpack social | [social name] | [person's gender]", which should theoretically work both for in-room socials and communicator socials. Results may be wonky.
  • Fixed a bug where rolling backpacks wouldn't allow you to GIVE them away if you were holding them. For whatever random reason.
  • Soundpack owners can now choose to display the maintainer of the soundpack in their @soundpack listing. You can toggle the option using @update-soundpack.


  • Reorganized some code in the tattoo place on Surgyria to fix some issues with the messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the MAP command might fail in dynamic rooms (such as dig sites) if you had a mineral scanner attached to your map unit. Now it should work as expected.
  • Establishing a new link with the combat mission notification service will now remove if from your communicator ignore list. (So unlinking and relinking will have the desired effect if you think it's broken when it's actually in your ignore list.)
  • REQUESTing mail should no longer give you assignments to inaccessible sectors. Sorry!


  • Requesting passengers from the passenger transport station on Acrylon once again gives you researchers instead of naked men.


  • Battlecruiser and specialty starship approval/rejection letters are now properly dated when they are sent.


  • Angelus' long-range laser is once again operational.
  • The presence of drones on asteroids will now prevent asteroids from being recycled. They will, however, be lonely.


  • Sanitation drones no longer pick up Easter baskets.


  • Toy boxes have been added! think of these as closets for all of your stuffed animals and such. Enjoy!


  • Old Angelus shops should in theory no longer show up in the shopping guide.


  • You can now fill Easter baskets from other Easter baskets.


  • Old Acrylon is no more. There's a brand new more exciting one that's about six times better.
  • As promised earlier, Easter eggs that have been around a day or more will now disappear whether they have been found or not. Use Easter baskets to store your Easter eggs!


  • You can now pick up wandering animals you don't own if they're in a location you own.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause construction facilities to forget all of their progress if they had to abort mid-build.
  • Fixed a minor issue where dead people would creep into private fund lists and demand brains.


  • Updated the ASTEROID ROVER and ASTEROID MINING help files to clarify frequencies and how they get set upon deployment, hopefully clearing up a common source of confusion with communication towers.
  • Tradesman certificates will now sometimes have rules that must be agreed to before submitting them.


  • You can now put blankets and towels in closets and suitcases.


  • Easter eggs have been scrambled to provide more randomness.


  • You can now COUNT your basket to see how many eggs you have without having to see all the pretty colors.
  • You can now FILL easter baskets from containers to transfer eggs to them.


  • House, station, and moon owners may now use the DOORREMOVE command to remove unwanted doors. The cost to remove a door is 2,500,000 credits. A way to add doors is coming soon.
  • The DOORADD command has been added! See board post 58219 for details.


  • Dead people will now be automatically removed from biometric locks when you check them.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tr channels command to display an interalliance channel when there really wasn't one available.


  • It is now possible to emote with babies. BACT BABYNAME is the command. If you are caught abusing this in any way, shape, or form you will be banned from using it, no warnings.
  • Added Thank you cards to the card machines.


  • Fixed an issue where idle people at a landing prompt could prevent the ship from landing on an asteroid.


  • Seashells that are not in a seashell holding container and have been around for a week or more will now disappear.
  • Fixed a bug in the non-numeric shortcuts should would result in your ship looping around the sector at the edges rather than exiting it.


  • Removed some truly ancient mining laser code that was slowing down the LAS command, particularly in crowded sectors.
  • Praelor, babies (generic), NPCs, sanitation drones, wandering animals (and friends), and salvage lifeforms now respect locked exits, including blast doors. Anything with a custom method of wandering is unmodified, so we'd appreciate continued REPORTs on things that still bypass doors. (Please give us the full name of the object in question, though. Don't just say 'my dog' or 'my wandering ambulatory banana')
  • Lore computer albums now allow you to share flat images with other people in the room, similar to how the scratchpad works.
  • Added a new GAG-OPTION to ignore Lore images when people want to show them to you.
  • Lore computers now allow you to transmit image data to another Lore ID, provided you have the appropriate hardware.


  • Improved the efficiency of the repair task. Also added a notification that the ship is beginning to abort a repair rather than making people think there is two seconds of lag before a repair stop request goes through. (When you do REPAIR STOP, that is. You know what I mean.)


  • Made further lag-reducing optimizations to starship combat. REPORT anything unusual, such as things no longer doing damage! (Not that that should happen...)
  • Reduced the execution time of a (very) commonly called space function by 28%, which should result in less lag in most space functions when sectors start to get crowded. (Invasions, large missions, heavily blockaded sectors, etc.)
  • Slideshows in the entertainment centers now automatically disable themselves when there is nobody awake in the room to appreciate them. Remember: Turn your lights off when you leave the room!
  • Optimized trajectory searches. Enjoy faster launching, landing, docking, and, you know, other stuff that searches for trajectories. Like that one thing.


  • Added the option to the Lore shopping guide to pinpoint where you purchased an item. This facility is only viable for object purchased fairly recently (and most things purchased from here on). Please see board post 57735 for the riveting details.
  • E2 now supports extremely basic one-word-no-spaces randomization. See board post 57736 for the gorey details. Or reference the E2 help file. Whichever you're into.
  • The alternative non-numeric navigation keys should now apply to atmospheric salvaging as well.
  • The alternative non-numeric navigation keys also apply to spacewalking now, hooray!


  • Droids now recognize the "invalidate" command, which will cause them to unlink from an old remote that you may have lost. You can then purchase an unlinked remote from Zander and LINK it to the droid.


  • Optimized the space combat AI to work much more efficiently, particular in crowded sectors. This should result in significantly less lag.
  • Added a new ROOM-OPTION that will cause E2 to abort if matching fails on specific objects. (For instance, '-urface' would likely cause the E2 to fail because it couldn't find a urface object.)
  • The HEALTH command (when used on another person) now includes the seemingly obvious addition of whether or not that person appears to be stunned. Also uninjured people no longer tediously list every single body part as being uninjured and instead succinctly inform you that they are wholly intact.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the STATUS command in the Leviathans. Now with 100% more functionality!


  • Hopefully fixed an atmospheric combat bug that caused enemies to spawn every time an existing sector was chosen.
  • The option to enable/disable low charge alerts and drive recharge notifications has been moved from the SYSTEMS command to the NOTIFICATIONS (NOTIF) command.
  • A new experimental option has been added to SHIP-OPTIONS that allows you to use WASD (and friends) to navigate manually instead of the numeric keys. See the 'Alternative Manual Navigation' help file for more exciting details. So far this change only applies to starships. Please REPORT oddities!


  • The EXPEL command now accepts the debris name as an argument. Mostly.


  • Policy 22 has been updated.


  • Fixed a bug where you would receive a weapon lock notification after a ship has been destroyed.


  • Fixed a bug with the DIG command that affected those with weird mapper settings.
  • Added a default worth of 2 billion credits to houses so that they will possibly show up properly in your net worth.
  • Missions to disrupt Praelor fleet training operations are once again available!


  • Wind chimes and dreamcatchers are now boltable.
  • Renaming droids now has the same 3 character limit as when you buy them. How this went overlooked for so long I don't know, but it's fixed now! jump for joy! Unless you're standing on a cliff, then don't jump.


  • The NOTIFICATIONS command now accepts arguments as either a number corresponding to a choice in the menu or a string corresponding to the choice you wish to make. For example, to toggle debris, you could either type NOTIF 7, NOTIF DEBRIS, or NOTIF and then choose 7.


  • You can now RIP pages from a photo album.


  • So you know those CTN space stations that were unlandable? Sure you do. Well, you can land on them now.
  • The DEMOLISH command should now properly remove OUT exits. Or mess up your entire estate. Whichever.


  • Ink color now shows up with stamps.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause the urban mapper to fail at house entrances where you have to ENTER. It should now properly find a path.
  • Fixed another bug in the way the pathfinder recognizes and reports GO-exits. This should solve a few woes with the DEMOLISH command for houses and space stations.
  • Enclosing arbitrary custom social arguments in quotation marks will now cause the complete string to count as a single argument. See the help file for details.
  • @custom-socials now sort of allows you to edit socials.
  • Social editing now with 100% more actual working for people who add custom socials with ^ instead of %.
  • Loretech industries now offers a secure data wiping service to clear out that pesky Lore data. Useful for pawned Lores.


  • Baby enchiladas have returned. Only 500 million, a real steal! I don't understand why they were taken out in the first place, best thing this game has ever seen.
  • Fixed a bug where certain escape situations would use legacy information and take you to the wrong planet. (Namely Old Angelus)
  • @custom-socials has been updated to allow for custom arguments and overriding standard socials.
  • @custom-socials now support arbitrary strings. This will require manually changing all of your old socials, but fortunately it's so new that there shouldn't be that many. Example in board post 57004, but the gist is that -%x will match to an object, %x will be arbitrary text. x being a number corresponding to the argument that you supply. So uh, good luck!
  • Also, since monkeyterm and vipmud and maybe other clients which are jerks don't like %x, ^x now works in place of %x.
  • Added a @custom-socials help file.


  • Sadie's Sensational Stamp Stampede is now open for business! Featuring made-to-order stamps of your own design as well as a small variety of pre-made stamps. Some suspension of disbelief required when people are wearing spacesuits. To use: DIP <stamp> IN INKPAD. STAMP <person> WITH <stamp>. At this time you can only stamp other people. Towels and showers remove stamps. Have fun!
  • Added the @CUSTOM-SOCIALS (or @SOCIAL-D) command to allow you to store E2 emotes as in-game commands, effectively creating your own personal socials.


  • The FTL command no longer shows sectors within range if there is an active interdiction field, placing it in line with the BEACONS command.
  • Fixed a bug where message board readers would allow you to conduct multiple searches at once, resulting in not-so-great results.
  • The combat mission notification service (and other future automated commlink services) will no longer hijack your REPLY command. REPLY is now for real people only.
  • Added a new COMBAT-OPTION to display the damage report in a single column instead of three columns.


  • You should no longer be able to finish firing an internal turret while stunned for real now.


  • Fidget is now a social. Yay.


  • Ships with bounties on them can no longer be sold back to the ship store. How exciting!


  • You can now silence your apartment's doorbell by typing SILENCE in any room in your apartment.
  • To fall in line with other capital planets, the medical center and fund center on Outreach have been swapped around.


  • Communicator rules have been rerevised.


  • The Angelus courier company has been relocated so that it's closer to the landing pad. Enjoy.
  • Due to popular demand, the medical center on New Angelus has been relocated.
  • The DOOR command now graciously informs you whether or not your blast doors are locked or unlocked.


  • Corrected an unfortunate bug that could allow a black hole's wrath to be felt if your ship navigates out of the sector at just the right moment, allowing its new coordinates to be considered by the black hole despite the change in sector.
  • Angelus has been rebuilt. Yay Angelus! Be sure to REPORT any exciting bugs you find.


  • Candles must now be lit using a lighter or lit match. No more magic!
  • I'm not sure if we ever made a change entry stating that rooms now have weakened their filters, but they have. Now only super important things are still filtered (like crash words and the lame to fajitas filter which is the most important filter in the game). But in any case, direct speech to someone is now similarly unfiltered.
  • Fetal is now a social. Who doesn't need to curl up in a fetal position sometimes?
  • Honk is now a social. I am sorry.


  • The DEMOLISH command now gives you a vague idea of which room(s) will be disconnected from the rest if demolition can't proceed.
  • You can now LOOK WALL to see only what's hanging on the wall. woo
  • who courier now works. YAY HURRAY!
  • This is going to make a lot of you happy... or maybe indifferent, but the material list at Put A Lid On It has been removed, so now there should be no more "leather straw sombraros".
  • Renamecheck is now a command, to check when you are next able to rename.


  • Tapfoot is now added as a social. Yay hurray!
  • GAME CHANGING CHANGE: You can now transmit numbers without screaming them.
  • Rolling backpacks work now. The anyone command works again, and now only owners/trusted users if anyone is on can open or get things out of the backpack.


  • Added new communicator rule revisions. Check OOC/Announcements for details. For most of you, this won't change how you use the comms anyway.
  • Droids now respond to the HOLDING command.
  • Importantly enough, HITS ALL is now sorted by weapon room number instead of completely randomly.


  • The social arch has been added. To arch your eyebrows.
  • The social BAT has been added. Excited? Me too.


  • The FTL map now indicates sectors within range of your wormhole drive.


  • Thanks to an oversight, a few planets and moons weren't properly allied. Partarirya and Hostius have been set to Commonwealth and Charon is now AIE. Feel free to report if you find a planet or moon that isn't properly set, excepting private moons.


  • Tired of using your brain to find the things that you crave? Numbers got you down? Let technology do the work for you! Introducing the 'search by point requirement' option in the Lore shopping guide! It, you know, searches by point requirements. The perpetually lazy can use the POINTSHOP command as a shortcut.


  • There's a brand spanking new question on the battlecruiser application!


  • Bad at swallowing pills? Don't like the taste? Fret no longer! You can now blend pills. Put them in a lovely concoction of deliciousness. Possibly the most important change we've ever made.


  • The number column in the CARGO command now adapts in length for those situations when you have thousands or tens of thousands of pieces of the same debris. (Please transfer before then, though. The database thanks you.)


  • The DIG command has been updated to connect existing rooms. And other stuff.
  • The DEMOLISH command has been added to remove rooms/exits.


  • You can now harvest from planters.


  • Down because Firewater lacked a fund center? Fret no more, one has been added.
  • Some of you may have noticed mapping is no longer functional on Venus. Check out the new directories on each level of each concourse, go us!


  • You can now LINK a mineral scanner to replace the output of the MAP command with the output of the mineral scanner. (LINK or UNLINK the scanner to switch back to the regular map)
  • Mineral scanners now function inside an asteroid rover control room.
  • The MAP FULL option will now show you the entire mineral map if you have a mineral scanner linked. (This has no effect on people using SIGHT mode, as the mineral listing has been shown in full the whole time.)
  • The MAP command, when linked with a mineral scanner, will now display a combined map of both minerals and objects. Unlinking it every time got annoying. Enjoy!
  • Added a MAP-OPTIONS command as well as a new map option to default dynamic room maps to the full-sized view.
  • Added the ability to assign custom colors to minerals in mineral scans. Relatedly, added the CONFIGURE command to mineral scanners.


  • Added a new COLOR-OPTION to color the objects line.
  • You can buy video probes again.


  • The mining diagnostic units now let you USE DIA ON <equipment> instead of wading through a menu. Or you can continue wading through a menu if you really want to.
  • Mining equipment no longer claims to be powering up when you attach it to a deactivated cardenium reactor.
  • The rover NAV command now alerts you if the asteroid is properly stabilized. Also LOOKing at a mining stabilizer (when powered) will alert you to the stabilization status of the asteroid.
  • Oh also the NAV command will detect multiple landing beacons if you've got 'em instead of just reporting the first one.
  • Mineral scanners have been given a memory! Now when you use the scanner over a mineral pocket, the scanner will record what is at the present location. The icon in the map will turn blue (instead of white) and, more importantly, the mineral's name will appear beside its coordinates in the coordinate rundown. Standard scanners can remember minerals on two asteroids at any given time.


  • Fixed an 'exploit' that would allow you to bypass ownership limits if you used the store syntax "buy 12, 12, 12, 12, etc".
  • Added private organizations to available channels when typing TR CHANNELS.
  • BC fighters no longer show up as ships you can DISOWN.
  • Dynamic room pathfinding is now aware of circular dynamic rooms (asteroids). As such, asteroid stabilizers really must be 20 rooms away instead of placing one at the edge of the asteroid and then moving one step over to the wraparound point and placing the other stabilizer there.
  • No more confusion regarding Cupid's Corner! The charms have been changed so that rather than your option being "material", they are now "type".
  • Contributions from other players via the contribute command will now no longer be subjected to private organization tithes and such.


  • Ship relays and metafrequency communicators now support the comm social thing.
  • Added artifacts/scans to sanitation drone filter lists. Also modified USE to make it more clear if the drone will pick something up or not pick something up. Hooray!
  • The age-old laser tag free-for-all scoring bug has finally been fixed. Now you'll know who won the game.
  • Fixed a bug in asteroid rovers where you would see your previous coordinates after you moved instead of your actual coordinates.
  • Asteroid rovers now allow you to POWER them up and down. Be warned, however, that powering a rover up consumes upwards of 30 seconds of power, so it's not advised to power a rover down for a quick stop.


  • The DRAW command with arguments now works when a game is in progress in the room.
  • Fixed an issue where apartment salvage containers would end up nowhere instead of waiting in your hot little hands.
  • Fixed a minor shower ejection issue that would result in the shower being unable to be unbolted.
  • The PLACE command now respects the people limit of furniture.
  • Seatbelts have been added to ship chairs bought from Venus. You'll probably have to buy replacements, but such is life.


  • For those of you who might be interested, the slight bug with Venusian grandfather clocks not being boltable has been fixed.


  • INFO and INFO WORTH now match. durpdurp
  • Auto-locking long-range lasers no longer possess the magical ability to be ignored completely by the AI.
  • Fixed the Venusian starship simulators to have the right parent object.
  • Pockets now respect the container gag option.
  • Courier channel confirmations added to COMM-OPTIONS by unexpectedly popular demand.
  • Sanitation drones are no longer afraid to go in airlocks! And, more importantly, out of airlocks.
  • The bias drive is now included in the drive charge cycle notification. Enjoy your spam.
  • Droids will now adopt their owner's look options for ease of looking.
  • The Lore store now makes it easier than ever to attach a strap, add paper to, or add discs to multiple Lore computers! (By which I mean it now recognizes when you may be holding or wearing multiple Lores.)


  • The social "gawk" has been added. Yay hooray!
  • Attempting to GET a mount from a container should work now. Instead of it kicking you or electrocuting you or spitting in your face.


  • The PUNT social has been added. Feel free to flame us for it.


  • AI ships launched from other AI ships will no longer roll over and willingly accept defeat when the mothership gets destroyed. Mainly noticable with Bzani and Potate.


  • Fixed an unfortunate bug that would allow docked ships within a destroyed ship to plow into space stations and planets and stars and whatever else may be in the surrounding coordinates when the mothership gets destroyed. Anybody in this situation realizes how truly unfortunate it can be.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in multislices (boxes of pizza, 802 packs of booze, whole cakes, etc) never rotting. Now they follow the same freshness as all other food and drink!
  • Apartment keys will now give a hint as to where the apartment complex is when you LOOK at them.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to check mail in a mailbox from any old location without bolting the mailbox down first.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow apartments to have multiple private garages.
  • Self-destructing should now leave a proper message in the sector.
  • SORT and AUTOSORT should work properly in apartment rooms now. They also now fail gracefully when there is nothing in the room to sort. We hope!


  • Out of band soundpack messages (for @soundpacks soundpacks) should no longer be triggered when you PEER.
  • Battlecruisers no longer see themselves launching and landing on the external camera. ahem
  • Fixed a bug in the combat mission notification service that would cause it to transmit to people who didn't have a reciprocal link.
  • Fund centers now provide the option to remove yourself from the withdraw list of any old fund.
  • Disarmament pulses no longer give horrific errors against unarmed courier ships. However, consider the futility in disarming an unarmed vessel for a moment!
  • Adjusted the point requirements for atmospheric salvagers to match the points required for the lowest possible ship with a docking bay.
  • All channels that record history should now include a timestamp in the history. If not, feel free to yell at me in a REPORT!


  • Policy 22 has been updated.
  • I fixed pancake and waffle irons. This is normally not something important enough to note in @changes, but I am saying it here because it took like a half an hour and I am SO HAPPY that they finally started behaving that I think it is important all of you know. This might be the most lengthy change description in existence, and it is for the most worthless change. Are you pleased with this? I am.
  • Fixed up how arguments are processed by LRSCAN. Now you can say things like LRSCAN SHIPS and have it work instead of having to type out 'starship' like before.
  • Do you feel the intense desire to LRSCAN <galactic coordinates>? I have no idea why. But if you do, you can now purchase a galactic coordinate long-range scanner enhancement, hooray!
  • Changed the way repeating babies worked. It'll seem the same to you, or should, but they were really stupidly coded on our side so I redid it. If you happen to notice any problems with your annoying repeating baby since this change, please report them.
  • Annoyed that putting things into pockets prompts for which pocket when there is only one pocket?! Me too. Now it'll auto-choose the only available pocket if there's only one.
  • You can hopefully remove lights from Christmas trees by GETting lights from tree. Results may vary.
  • Added a new option to the NOTIFICATIONS menu that will allow you to configure your ship to announce objects while in the numbered sectors. For instance, if you navigate into sector 15, it would announce the presence of a planet, a star, a space station, etc. Off by default to mimic the original behavior. And because it's annoying.


  • You can now LOOK at items that are stored in compressed containers, such as closets and suitcases. If you're into that.
  • Be happy, the BAP social has been added!
  • Simulated starships no longer allow you to disable their main power. Enjoy not being trapped forever in the engineering room.
  • Rejoice! The PANT and GRUNT socials have been added!
  • @mission-time got slightly enhanced. You can now @mission-time <number> <mission type> to see <number> of <mission type> ships. Stalk away, stalk away, stalk away all.
  • Solar panels will now activate if you launch from a planet of asteroid that is one unit away from a star. Similarly, solar panels will (eventually) deactivate if you land on a planet or asteroid one unit away from a star.
  • Namesakes have been removed.


  • If you have a keyring hanging on a belt and you use a pool locker, it should no longer break said keyring when it puts your belt back on you. (Mmm, creepy ambulatory locker putting clothes on people.)


  • Fixed a bug in the new difficult mission where certain enemy ship classes didn't have a defined bounty, resulting in nobody getting paid at all. Now they do!
  • NAVI no longer works if your ship is in the process of docking.
  • Replaced the aging and buggy system of food rotting with something based on a concept of freshness. Theoretically the end user should not notice a huge difference except that now food won't rot five minutes after you remove it from a refrigerator. Unless something went horribly wrong. Hard to say, really.
  • Seeing double? You're not alone! Double names in image discs (when you LOOK <person/thing> IN <disc>) have been reduced by 50%!


  • Fixed a bug that would allow docking via the docking ring to succeed if another ship moved away while you waited at the docking bay prompt.
  • Friendly AI have lost their super-cool ability to kill you even after you left the sector. Maybe.
  • Fixed tracebacks if you choose the abort option during ship selection in upgrade stores.
  • Fixed a small issue with friendly AI and einsteinium deposits. Now they should accept your sweet, sweet einsteinium with less qualms.
  • Enabling/disabling solar panels via the SYSTEMS menu will now cause them to activate/deactivate appropriately.
  • The range of the WISH command has been reduced to 60 lightyears from known space to account for the removal of 'out of local space' vs 'out of communications range'.
  • Dark rooms can now be illuminated by lamps and/or flashlights.


  • Paying back debt will now account for situations where you have 0.0013234 credits in debt and the game thinks that's an appreciable amount. The CASH command will also make this correction, if applicable, when it checks your debt.
  • Fixed a minor issue where you couldn't put spreads into refrigerators. Now you can!
  • A few SORT/AUTOSORT fixes/changes. You can no longer sort the room if you're sitting, you can no longer sort droids and NPCs, and anything a player is sitting on can't be sorted. And since I know somebody will try it, if a player sits on something after the menu appears, they will be unceremoniously dropped from what they're sitting on when you try to move it. (We hope.)
  • You can now SORT/AUTOSORT surfaces (tables, counters, Blackbeard's oddly flat head...)
  • Fixed a bug that would result in your ship getting stuck docking if the ship it was docking with gets destroyed in the middle of docking. docking docking docking
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow you to fully heal in a ship's medical facility even if the ship had insufficient power to allow such an occurrence.
  • Fixed an issue where medical followers would cut the healing time in half from what they should have been doing.
  • The social "bustamove" has been added. Please never use it.


  • Added a new class of difficult combat mission. Balance pending.
  • Looking through a droid remote (option 3, camera feed) no longer shows the room as it appears to you, but rather how it appears to your droid. This includes showing you in the room and not showing the droid in the room as well as showing the correct title modifiers (cover, swimming, that sort of thing).
  • Spacesuit storage bags now allow you to CONFIG <bag> to decide whether or not you store certain pieces of equipment in the bag when you use it. Such equipment includes the ever so controversial asteroid hauling supply kit and artifact storage container. Never forget where they went again!
  • By popular demand, disbelief is suspended and you can kiss whoever or whatever you want through your spacesuit.
  • Also by popular demand, the punch social now accepts a violent, hate-filled argument. Example: punch fred in kidney
  • By less popular demand you can now kick people in various rude places as well.
  • Fixed a bug in entertainment centers that caused the titles of holographic imaging discs of objects other than rooms to display as unknown images.
  • Medical followers do stuff again!


  • The HOLDING command now accepts arguments so you can be a creeper and look at other people's hands.
  • Deleted private organizations no longer claim to still exist with private information.
  • Various droid enhancement menus should no longer include poor drones who will never know the joys of droid enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug where droids were unable to use the newish matching system.
  • Fixed a few annoying matching issues with droids in general. Now they should ignore objects in their hands when you instruct them to unstore other objects, among other things. Let me know how much is broken now!
  • Attempts to CHECK a weapon in a storage room will now succeed as expected.
  • Fixed recharge notifications in the ARSENAL command.
  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to suppress the z-axis multi-direction prompt.
  • Simulators now proceed with ship creation if you enter an invalid selection in the upgrade prompt. No more ghost ship... names...
  • Made numerous behind-the-scenes changes to how drones work. Player-side you will notice messages in the correct order as well as improvements to how cover is handled when multiple drones are firing at somebody and you're standing between them and said drones. There is also now a small chance that you will be nimble enough to dodge individual shots from groups of drones as you flail about in panic, although this is highly unlikely. And stuff.
  • Lukco Robotics, in an unparalleled burst of generosity, will now accept returns of merchandise that is less than one day old. For those times when you just didn't mean to purchase that fuzzy pink medical drone.
  • Various @who arguments should properly display the newbie tag now.
  • By oddly popular demand, you can now COUNT things in your pockets.
  • Comm-option 9 (show how long ago a transmission was, rather than the exact time) now applies to metafrequency communicators as well.


  • Recent roundtime issues should be resolved. Please keep REPORTs coming if they aren't!
  • Fixed recent auto-contributing issues. Now it won't complain about you being cheap.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to idle at the landing prompt, get moved out of the room, and still successfully land the starship.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in courier ships launching escape pods from the ground when you traded them in.
  • You can no longer experience that awkward situation where you give people something you aren't actually holding in your hands.
  • Fixed a messaging bug where Person B would take cover behind an object, Person A would hold B, A would move, and then A would get notified that he/she emerged from cover when, IN FACT, B should have been the one who got notified. If you know what I mean.
  • Added an OCR command as a shortcut to the Lore OCR functionality. Everything else has a shortcut, so why not!
  • Contrib works with commas now. Rejoice!
  • You can SHARE with commas now too, yay!
  • Fixed a bug/possible exploit where the manual navigation command - would still work if you had roundtime. The downside is that it also won't work as sayto if you're in a control room with roundtime, but hey, that's what ` is for!


  • Loretech device cloning now takes biometrics into account before allowing you to clone a device. Woops.
  • Added the command "holding" so that you can see what you are holding without having to look at what you are wearing as well.
  • Someone wanted a touch social. Added a touch social.
  • A "tut" social has been added. Enjoy it Moy Zee.
  • The socials fall, leer, and ogle were added. Maybe others. Who can remember.


  • Fixed various issues with the E2 command not working properly since the introduction of piping.
  • Fixed a few lingering issues with pool lockers that should hopefully correct any future 'I used to be wearing that but now I'm not so what is going on here?!' issues. Also stun batons that you're holding in your hand shouldn't suddenly be worn anymore after you use the locker again. Also also looking at a locker will show the owner what's inside.
  • Fixed a few more cases where friendly AI commlinks wouldn't terminate properly.
  • It should now be possible to dock in the docking bay of another ship if it's already docked to yet another ship via the docking ring.
  • You can no longer initiate a docking sequence without any power. (But somebody can still dock with you.)
  • Friendly AI will now properly sever their commlinks (and, probably more importantly, undock from you) when they get destroyed by nefarious forces.
  • Caretakers of private space stations should now be able to dock regardless of flight control settings.


  • Baby clothing can now be compressed into closets/suitcases. Note: For maximum compressive benefit, existing baby clothing should be removed from closets/suitcases and put back in. Convenient!
  • Fixed some messages with security drones and cover, particularly when your cover absorbs the entire shot and it claims you're unable to move.
  • Loading old-fashioned film will now give you a menu of choices if you have multiple cameras that can be loaded.


  • Christmas trees are now findable on the Lore shopping guide.
  • Due to popular demand, the long range broadcast upgrade no longer shows up on the Lore shopping guide.
  • By extraordinarily popular demand, you can now LIE to lie down on something you're already sitting on, much the same way that you can sit up when you're lying down.
  • Fixed an ambiguity issue when attempting to REMOVE attire from somebody while somebody or something else shares the same name as that person.
  • Reroll a lot? Well, you shouldn't. But if you do, you can now restore a smattering of your options from your past lives by utilizing the OPTIONS command.
  • Fish with confidence as horrific errors when you try to put things in a fishing pole are NO MORE.
  • Entering invalid data when bartering with aliens should no longer result in a stuck commlink.
  • Fixed an issue with friendly AI being attacked by other AI ships. Its behavior now matches that of when it's attacked by a player starship.
  • TIME in an unpowered ship now looks for a Lore before failing completely.


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a sex change operation gluing your bra and hair clip things to your body, resulting in severe discomfort.


  • Metafrequency labels should now work with roundtime. (Also fixed an unrelated potential source of lag for people who are stunned, hooray!)
  • Added the 'sector' (or 'all') argument to the SCAN command to get a general feel for what's available in the sector you're in.


  • Added a new ROOM-OPTION to disable the effects of the new 'social piping' (for lack of a better term) feature.
  • Added an experimental 'social piping' feature that allows you to tack commands on to emotes. For now, in this experimental day and age, it only works with collapse, sit, stand, wear, and remove. Message 54887 has a few more details for the curious.
  • Added 'pipes' as an argument to the E2 command ("E2 pipes") to see available commands to add to the end of emotes.


  • Fixed a minor bug where your total time spent connected wouldn't count properly if you reconnected without first disconnecting (redirecting old connection to new port). Now having said that, please don't ask us to add lost time to your record. It's not that important!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from looking at specific things in an image disc. (look <thing> in <disc>)


  • Point centers now allow you to view past applications for battlecruisers and specialty starships. The handy command is APPLICATIONS. Or app for the lazy.


  • 10 new pieces of debris have been added.


  • Implemented store sales, which is only exciting if it ever gets used again.
  • Griswold is now properly classified as an aquatic planet.


  • Antagonizers can now load 30 units of bardenium at a time to better facilitate antagonization.


  • Added the WARSCORE command in starship control rooms. The progress of the Human-Praelor war can now be tracked by this command when in comms range.
  • Sector 24's ownership now changed to reflect its de facto status.


  • the way that force field spacesuits handle pronouns has changed. If your force field spacesuit's messages are displaying incorrectly, assist and one of us will fix it.


  • Added "@changes read" to mark the changelog as read if you choose to read them on the website instead of in-game and don't want to see the notification anymore.


  • Added a help file for 'Matching Aliases' since the command gives not even a vague hint about what it does.
  • The "Attempt to match unknown commands to metafrequency labels" communicator option is now enabled by default. If you had it explicitly disabled before, you'll probably need to disable it again. Updated HELP COMMUNICATORS to reflect that metafrequency labels are commands and aliases now.


  • Fixed a retrospectively obvious oversight in the DOCK command that would allow you to dock with another ship after it had left the sector if you waited at the docking bay prompt.


  • Since it's the #1 asked question of 2011... entertainment centers are now functional. You can put video discs, photo disc, and photographs into it. USE it to either play a video or a slideshow of photos. LOOK at it to see what's playing or view the full photo. IGNORE it to make it shut up. CONFIGURE it to make it play videos at double speed or to configure the delay in the slideshow. REPORT bugs or weird things. All existing entertainment centers should be converted to the new functioning version.
  • Fixed an oversight with metafrequency communicator label aliases. The alias now gets applied when you set a new label with the LABEL command, not just when you tune to an existing labelled channel.
  • A minor oversight has been corrected and Outreach now has a spacesuit store on it.
  • Due to popular demand, a security center has also been added to Outreach.
  • And now Acrylon has a spacesuit store. I know, you're all thrilled beyond belief.


  • Loretech Industries, caving to pressure, has added the option to block incoming files from specific Lore IDs. To maintain your privacy, the sender will not be informed that their file was refused and you will be blissfully unaware that they even tried.
  • The DOCKING-OPTIONS now take the 'type ship name instead of selecting from a giant menu' option into account.
  • Fail miserably at typing your ship's authorization code while setting docking options? So does somebody else we ALL know, so now you get up to five tries to enter the code before it gives up on you.
  • Lazy? So are some people on channel 500. The OPTIONS command now detects if you have a Lore computer and makes those options available to you. Further laziness allows you to type LORE-O to access your Lore computer options. Now everybody wins.


  • Metafrequency communicators now take on the alias of the channel name that they're using. For instance, if you label channel 500.0 'Bob' then you will be able to perform commands on your communicator as if it were actually called 'Bob'. 'get bob', 'tune bob to 7', that sort of thing.


  • Fixed a privacy issue where a player could "LOOK <ITEM> ON <PLAYER>" to see the description, thus comprising the security of things like metafrequency communicators and things of that nature. However, if you like being spied upon, a new GENERAL-OPTION has been added to re-allow this functionality so that everybody can see everything you've got. Great for those wild nights of duck-duck-goose.
  • Attempting to transfer salvaged bardenium no longer gives a nasty traceback, and adds to total incoming bardenium for the week for real now.
  • Also fixed a bug where you could use the same look syntax to spy on rooms inside ships if you knew them by name. (tiny, heavily tinted windows you know)


  • Letters can now be put on corkboards.
  • Lore navigation got you down? Me too. When viewing memos, you can now use ">" to move to the next memo in the current folder or "<" to move to the previous memo.
  • Bardenium price fluctuations are now based on the total units of bardenium brought in through asteroids and salvaged debris. The total amount of consumption vs production is calculated once per week for the entire week and the price will go up or down based on the percentage change in consumption vs production. math
  • Bardenium prices have been reset closer to industry standard to give the new system a chance.


  • The gift shop at Casus Starbase has been improved to allow for certain items to be bolted. Excitement abounds!
  • You can no longer launch normal atmospheric salvagers while landed on Jupiter.


  • Due to recent lawsuits over damaged goods, the in-game postal service will no longer allow you to ship babies around the galaxy.


  • Fixed a bug where receiving credits from another player would auto-deposit into insurance but not the other funds. Now receiving credits shouldn't auto-deposit to anything.


  • I'm going to be messing with flight control for planets for a minute. If you receive tracebacks while attempting to land, don't panic.


  • Fixed a bug that might cause you not to get insurance payments and/or might create a ghost ship if a Praelor destroys your ship. Probably only affects people who auto-deposit into their insurance fund, but I can't back that up with any facts.
  • The SECURITY display will now classify fuzzy creatures and babies as 'probable lifesigns' rather than regular lifeforms.
  • Added a hatch lifeform discriminator upgrade. Utilizing advances in sensor technology, this upgrade allows the hatch to seal itself against those whose lifesigns register below human standard. In a nutshell, it won't let anybody in if they're carrying or leading a baby. The only exception is the owner of the ship, who can do whatever (s)he wants to.
  • Also added the DISCRIMINATE commands to the control room and, for your convenience, to the outside of the ship (DISC <shipname>) to toggle the discriminator on or off.


  • Attempting to pawn containers containing tradesman items will now result in said tradesman items being shoved violently onto the floor.
  • Added the @soundpacks command to browse through a list of player-created soundpacks that support extra environmental information from the game.
  • Added @register-soundpack and @update-soundpack commands for creators of soundpacks to manage their creations within the game. (NOTE: Only for soundpack creators. Regular users need not apply.)


  • The ECHO command now works while stunned.
  • Fixed an issue where freshly poured drinks would vanish for seemingly no good reason.
  • Fixed a bug where DUMPing artifacts from one container into another would cause some artifacts to become lost and confused.


  • You can now configure an auto-deposit into your insurance fund from your local ATM. The insurance company may, of course, discontinue this practice at any time. Not valid on CTN worlds or worlds controlled by alien lifeforms. Some restrictions apply. See friendly insurance representative for details.
  • The ECHO command with no arguments now allows you to have multiple lines echoed back to you.


  • Added an (experimental) new ROOM-OPTION to condense and combine followers. Two things to note: If you notice something odd (like "two pets and a pet follow Albori"), please REPORT it rather than merely talking about it on 500. And second, since stun turret cameras aren't players, they do NOT obey your particular option. Ship owners can use the command TUR CONDENSE to apply the option to all of the cameras.


  • Private organizations can now be renamed for a modest fee. Available in the admin options submenu.


  • Appliances such as blenders, waffle irons, and popcorn machines can now be filtered by sanitation drones.


  • Without any spectacular catastrophes, the SORT and AUTOSORT commands have been lifted from dangerous obscurity into the limelight. There's also a help file for the commands for ease of understanding.


  • The purchase confirmation prompt will now abort purchases that have no options rather than sending you into an infinite question loop.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow one to recharge with infinite zest from a star if they knew the right moves.
  • Fixed a bug that would teleport you along the z-axis in a sector if you used '=' instead of '+'.
  • Fixed a minor bug that affected droid descriptions and made them duplicate lines and generally look like a Picasso painting. Your droids should all be healed!


  • added popcorn machines. Now you can enjoy the great taste of freshly popped popcorn anywhere!


  • Waffle irons should no longer burn your batter over and over and over again for no good reason when making several waffles in rapid succession.


  • The REPLY command now checks to see if your private comms are disabled.


  • Fixed description bugs with droids and painted starships. Now they show up.


  • You should once again be able to GET multislice things out of containers.


  • Advanced missions now properly count on your service record.


  • Added a new ITEM-OPTION to condense the enormous color lists in some stores. The menu now displays a selection of basic colors with the option to view more choices. This functionality is enabled by default for your safety.
  • By popular demand, TR LINKS is now sorted by availability and then alphabetically.


  • Hitting enter at a rearm prompt (instead of specifying a value) will now assume you want the maximum amount of bardenium that can be loaded into your ship.
  • Pets should no longer have a description of {list}.
  • Added a period as an alias for SM in atmospheric salvagers for numpad salvagers.
  • Atmospheric salvagers now begin scooping if you land on debris while moving up or down in the atmosphere.
  • Atmospheric salvagers can now be thrown into an uncontrolled descent rather than an uncontrolled ascent. Variety!


  • Upgrade stores now provide a cost estimate based on the ship they think you came in on. If no ship is detected, the menu will still indicate that the price of the upgrade is variable rather than implying that it's free like it used to.
  • You can now ESTIMATE the cost of upgrades from any upgrade store if you don't believe in owning a Lore computer.
  • If you're standing in a ship, the Lore shopping guide search will make a best effort to cater the upgrade cost estimates to the ship you're standing in. Or it'll break completely. We'll see!
  • Empty untouchable strollers littering your ship? No more! Ship owners can now pick up empty strollers from their own ships to dispose of them properly. In a fire.


  • Digging an out exit in a house now adds a go exit to the new room instead of a door with a biometric scanner. This is to prevent people from wandering into a room from which there is no escape.


  • AUTO-CONTRIB will now consider any number 100 or less to be a percentage. People with percent sign stripping clients rejoice!
  • Added a new Lore option (in the options menu) to change the format of the shopping search results from a full results display to a menu-based display, similar to how the old shopping guide worked. The old shopping guide is now officially deprecated and has been removed.
  • Lore computers now offer the option to import all if you have multiple exciting files waiting for import.
  • Long-range scanning filters now apply when you use directional long-range scanners.


  • Friendly ships out of comms will now randomly provide the option to transfer charge to you. For a price! The amount of charge they're willing to transfer varies from one to twelve hours. It's like a surprise in every box!
  • By popular demand, you can now SIT on starships. But if you die when they launch, consider what it is you just did before you blame me!
  • Generous AND lazy? Fear not, for now you can AUTO-CONTRIB to contribute either a percentage of your mission reward or a static amount per-mission type.


  • Ramone, in his infinite wisdom, now offers collation! Just head on over to his store with a bag full of documents, an empty book, and a full credit account and he'll combine the documents into the book for you. (Tip: At the document prompt, hit 0 to add them all instead of choosing them one by one.)


  • You can now DECORATE photo albums and books to change the cover. (Also photo albums show the description when you look at them now.)
  • Books submitted to Jupiter Publishing after this entry can now be REDACTed, which will remove it from shelves for editing. Or remove it permanently, if that's what you prefer.
  • Numbers got you down? You can now enter player apartments using the awkward syntax ENTER <player name>
  • Apartments can now be locked and unlocked in the same manner as starships.


  • You can now turn ship to mute and unmute the starship communication relay channel.


  • Fixed a bug in the droid store that caused a traceback if you had no droids with you when ordering a personality.
  • Managing apartment owners will now remove dead people from the list. Alternatively, do nothing and they will be removed automatically every week or so.


  • Fixed a bug where metafrequency labels would interfere with regular commands if there was a conflict in the beginning of the two names. (label 'sk' blocking 'skip east', for example)
  • Being salvaged in the middle of a spacewalk will no longer teleport you back to space at the completion of your roundtime. ahem


  • Walk styles that are also socials now work when you specify them at an exit. For instance, "hop south".
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where planet/station flight control wasn't independent from sector flight control, resulting in things like event sectors in Praelor space and stations in uncharted space announcing on flight control scanners.
  • Stores no longer give you empty bags if you abort all of your purchases.


  • Added the option to go back in long, tedious shopping menus. (You can either specify 0 or '..')
  • Added a new ITEM-OPTION to allow you to enable a final "THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO BUY" prompt in stores. If you say no, the options menus all start over. (This options defaults OFF because it's annoying.)
  • Courier companies now have their own communication channels that can be accessed with TR COURIER <message>. You can, of course, TURN COMM COURIER to mute the channel. These private company channels are not recorded, so there is no history available.
  • Is it a boy? A girl? Batman? @who <player> will now tell you! Never wonder again.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the expulsion of bardenium storage boxes.


  • Fixed the GET/TAKE commands to work better with the new matching. Lazy people should no longer have to specify the container (as an added bonus, it searches pockets too) name. This may not work with all types of containers, so please REPORT if it doesn't. Also please REPORT if you're suddenly able to pick things up that you shouldn't be able to pick up.


  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to write over a letter that you received, making it appear as if your revision had come from the original sender.
  • Books and journals now show a description when closed instead of telling you to open them.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to be stalked by a dead player if they deleted while still a member of your group and/or other special circumstances.


  • Fixed a bug where you could remove a belt that had a keyring attached to it and, even if re-wearing the belt later, your keyring wouldn't be recognized and you would be unable to wear a new one.


  • Sanitation drones are now on a random delay, which should hopefully break up their pack behavior. Venture forth alone, sweet drone!
  • Added match order changing to matching with the MATCH-OR command. Also made a few efficiency improvements to matching in general that might be felt by those with a metric meatcake of objects on their person and in the room.
  • Added a new GEN-OPTION to opt out of character purge e-mails. Oh, yeah, also added e-mails that will notify you before you get purged.
  • Policy 23 has been slightly modified. Message board post 51626 has the juicy details. Or you can read the policy to see the changes. Whichever.


  • By popular demand, you can now COUNT groups of miscellaneous objects, powered starships, unpowered starships, awake people, and sleeping people.
  • Battlecruiser applications are no longer free! (By which I mean they properly deduct from your credits now instead of just claiming to cost.)
  • It's no longer possible to idle at the landing prompt to successfully land after another ship has docked with you.
  • Telescopes now theoretically work while spacewalking.
  • You can no longer dock inside another ship's docking bay if your ship has docked via the docking ring while you were waiting at the entry request prompt.
  • Wormhole jumps will now be automatically aborted if your ship successfully docks with another ship BEFORE it approaches the wormhole's event horizon. Similarly, docking should now fail if the procedure hasn't completed before the other ship approaches the wormhole event horizon.
  • Two people attempting to expel the same cargo at the same time should no longer encounter tracebacks and other wild times.


  • Defunct private organizations are no longer included in the list of public private (yeah yeah) organizations. If your organization has suddenly and erroneously disappeared from this list, please ASSIST about it.
  • You can now DUMP that precious cargo in an asteroid rover if, for whatever reason, you want to destroy it. Be warned, however, that bardenium and cardenium are still liable to explode when jostled. (For the time being this won't result in a destroyed rover, but I can't speak for the future!)
  • The SLOCATE command with no arguments now ignores duplicate keys and keys to ships that cannot be located.
  • Fixed the wormhole tracer price incongruity as well as a few less obvious bugs with the Empanda Torch upgrade store.
  • The "h" argument to the damage command now redirects to "other" rather than "light". For the perpetually lazy.
  • Simulated starships can now be locked and unlocked with the SLOCK/SUNLOCK commands. Unintended docking shenanigans, go!
  • Sanitation drones now consider artifact and archaeology artifact containers to be containers when you use the container filter. Confused? Me too.
  • Removed restrictions on dropping keyrings and placing them in bags. If you want to drop a keyring full of keys, more power to you!
  • You can now use = in place of + in manual navigation.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to access IC message boards when you were out of communications range.
  • Hitting enter at a repair store prompt now defaults to NO rather than YES. Like the rest of the game.


  • Sanitation drones should no longer pick up tradesman items of any kind. Note that these are items specifically marked as being tradesman items.


  • The new manual navigation syntax now applies to spacewalking as well.
  • The SLOCATE command is now available for your ship locating convenience/laziness.


  • Added the LIGHT argument to the damage command to view components that are less than 25% damaged.


  • Mailboxes no longer work out of local space.


  • Fixed some bugs with the new manual navigation syntax if you tried to do "--" or "++". Also fixed an issue that would cause a sector change to fail with the new syntax.


  • Manual navigation commands can now be squashed together. For instance, you can now type "+6" to move up and east instead of typing "+" and then "6" on separate lines. The old method still works, of course.


  • Books and photo albums will now tell you if you're trying to turn to a page that's already selected.


  • The new Lore shopping guide should no longer work when out of communications range.


  • Candles will now actually burn down when lit.


  • Fixed matching so fuzzy creatures are matched to first before things in clothing or in the room.


  • The website now offers automatic password resets for those unfortunate times that you forget your password. Tell your forgotten password friends!


  • You can now gag slime in gag-options.


  • Removed the pointless, inconvenient roundtime from Outreach elevator stations.


  • The issue with houses randomly appearing in and out of communications range should be resolved.
  • You can now use the NEWAPPEARANCE command to set your dominant hand if you created before 5-27-11. (Also yes, it's normal for it to continue with the regular newappearance command when you finish.)


  • Planets generated outside of the known sectors are now given different classifications, which can be noted when you SCAN them.
  • There is now a slight chance that an archaeological dig site will be generated when you use a handheld planetary scanner on a terrestrial class planet. (A more formal announcement will be made when the "tier" of changes is complete.)
  • Opened a couple of dig sites in the ruins of Miriani. More will probably follow in the Near Future(tm).
  • Fixed the map function of the HUD.


  • Dropping diapers now disposes of them, similar to dropping plates and cups.


  • Closets, suitcases, etc, now record descriptions of clothing. This won't work for clothing that's already in a closet though.
  • Candles in candle holders should now scent the room. This only works if the candle holder is on the ground.


  • Brought the "Ship Commands" help file up to date with the commands that have been implemented since the last revision.
  • Brought the "Player Commands" help file up to date with the new offerings there as well.


  • Queries of two words or more should now work with the new shopping guide when you use the SHOP command. Details, details...


  • The autopilot STOP command is no long valid during manual movements.
  • Advanced combat missions should now only initialize when there are Praelor in the sector. This should resolve issues of people flying around innocently and suddenly getting stuck with an advanced mission that doesn't exist.


  • Fixed various grammar issues in the REPAIR command. This could affect soundpacks, but probably not. I don't really know.


  • Rewrote the Lore shopping guide to reduce category redundancy, include items that are on menus with no category, include menus that were being blocked due to bugs in the old system (certain droid upgrades, for instance), improved the accuracy of the listings (there should no longer be items that say unavailable followed by a planet), and various other changes in functionality and esthetics. For the time being, you can use the OLDSHOP command to access the old system for comparison.


  • The MAP <destination> command now takes escalators into account.


  • Fixed several of the communicator "socials", for lack of a better word. Specifically: yawns, groans, snorts, snickers, and chortles.
  • Placing multiple asteroid anchors in the same location is no longer possible.


  • Trading has been re-enabled and trading centers reset to "default" supply and demand values pending a more finalized review/fix of the system.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented EXPEL from working on bardenium/proximity storage boxes if they are the only thing stored.


  • Added the DICTIONARY (dict) command to manage your personal dictionary.


  • Added a SHIP-OPTION to only show damaged components in the DAMAGE command.


  • Disabling notifications for a message board category will now remove it from the list of unread categories when you look at your board reader and when you connect. (Note: This only applies to new settings. You must mark all read or toggle the notification on and then back off to take advantage of the change.)
  • Fixed a bug that would allow combat drones to be launched in sectors that normally wouldn't allow it.


  • You can now remove someone being flagged as an intruder on your ship by using the INTRUDER command in the control room of a ship you own.


  • Laser tag arenas on private stations that are out of communications range will no longer cause players to be in communications range while in a game.
  • Your voice can now be heard when you yell in the ducts.


  • Medical facilities and laser tag arenas for private space stations may now be purchased through the parent command.


  • Added proximity weapon storage boxes to proximity weapon stores.
  • Modified the CHECK command in the storage room to display the status of bardenium boxes and proximity boxes. CHECK with no arguments displays both. CHECK BARDENIUM and CHECK PROXIMITY will do what they sound like.
  • Added a TRANSFER command in the storage room to facilitate transfers between proximity storage boxes and the ship's launchers. (And other things in the future.)
  • Expelling bardenium storage boxes and proximity weapon storage boxes is once again possible.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to load your proximity weapon storage box if your proximity weapon or blockade launchers were fully loaded.


  • Woops, fixed the wormhole tracer store to sell an upgrade, not an object.


  • Unloading a Lore computer when it has only one piece of hardware in it should now work properly.


  • Modified bardenium storage boxes to no longer be physical objects that just hang around wasting space. Please REPORT any oddities you notice with bardenium, including transfers and cargo weirdness.
  • The bardenium storage box CHECK command is now a part of the storage room itself. This means you simply type CHECK in the storage room instead of CHECK BOX.
  • Stars now show up in long-range scans.
  • Typing ASSIST after assisting now displays your reason for assisting. (Say that eighty-two times fast.)


  • You can now remove yourself from private garages via garage-options.


  • You can now have items delivered to any ship you have a key to rather than just ships that you own.


  • Replaced boltable upgrades with actual upgrades. Database sighs with relief.


  • External starship cameras should now, purely theoretically and experimentally, respect the gag options of those in the control room.
  • Internal stun turrets should now also obey gag options.
  • Fixed a bug where internal stun turret cameras would spam the control room with piped output.
  • Fixed a bug where you could end up in the recycling plant if you used a simulator to join a ship while the ship was being destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple debris deposits would be shown in the storage room for a single piece of debris if you sent multiple salvage lines out while moving.


  • The external PA on starships now obeys communicator filters.


  • Added INFO ACCOUNT for people who care about their account name, e-mail address, and account creation time.


  • Fixed a terrible snag where you could no longer pick artifact storage containers up.
  • hopefully fixed a bug in swings that caused them to repeat that someone starts swinging over, and over, and over, and over, and over when multiple people are swinging with the person who starts the swing. Isn't that just swinging?
  • Added eye shape modification to Surgyria.


  • Due to a possible exploit, sleeping pills now prompt you when you attempt to eat them. Additionally, they warn you before actually making you go to sleep.
  • Fixed a bug where combat mission notifications would fail if somebody signed up suddenly no longer had a communicator.
  • Fixed an issue in the online map viewer (/map/) that would cause the map to not display if there were atmospheric salvagers flying around the planet.


  • You can now GET <artifact> FROM <artifact storage container>. UNLOAD still works, but get is more natural. So hooray!
  • Due to abuse, you can no longer rename babies to the same name as an existing player or use a namesake that you don't have access to. Further abuse will result in this feature being disable.


  • You can no longer transfer a specialty ship to someone to bypass the specialty purchase time limit.
  • You can now, after many, many years, no longer peer through closed doors with telescopes.
  • You should now be able to ignore combat mission notification service announcements set off by other people if you find them irritating. Simply IGNORE mission.


  • Medical drones will now no longer rise back into the air after being disabled if collapsed.
  • Fuzzy creatures will no longer magically wander through closed doors.


  • Starship repair centers now offer the option to repair subwarp and slip drives independently.


  • Transferring materials from an asteroid rover to a factory no longer leaves you with a quantity of material with 0 units in the rover.


  • The mail notification option should now work properly when someone other than yourself lands a ship that you're in.


  • To alleviate common sources of confusion, you will now be notified when you are carrying multiple message board readers and try to MUTE one. The notification will inform you of any other unmuted readers that you may not remember you have that will continue to notify you. Also metafrequency communicators will alert you to the presence of other active communicators tuned to the frequency you just muted. In addition, the deactivation message now tells you which frequency you're disabling so that you know you've muted the correct communicator.
  • To make it even easier to get rid of clothing, you can now "GET CLOTHING FROM <container" to remove up to two pieces of clothing from <container> without having to know their names. It's like a surprise!


  • BZZRs now destroy blockades.


  • Fixed an equipment transfer bug in asteroid rovers which caused the first thing in a rover's storage to be transferred to a ship, rather of what was really supposed to be transferred.


  • You should no longer get mail delivery assignments for planets that deny landing to everyone.
  • Added a combat mission notification service. TR LINK MISSION to add it and TR MISSION HELP to learn how to use it.
  • Battlecruiser application acceptance letters now say Rolukssica instead of High Guard Command.
  • One-person ships are no longer automatically announced on the mission notification service.


  • The reply command will now show people speaking into their communicators.


  • The vendor for Translink obfuscation cards was getting greedy and taking pilot's credits from them without giving them a obfuscation card if their hands were full. He won't do that anymore!


  • Rooms won't be marked as surveyed if the scan fails. Seriously this time!


  • When one uses a planetary surveyor on an unexplored planet, rooms will no longer be marked as surveyed if the scan fails!


  • You can no longer launch blockades while a ship is moving.


  • Added the option to NAVI RESUME to resume your previous NAVI course.


  • It is no longer possible to enter the airlock ducts while the airlock is cycling.
  • It is no longer possible to cycle the airlock while someone is in the airlock ducts!


  • Various communication channels that didn't work in houses (or at least house private garages) should now work as expected.


  • Added a new SHIP-OPTION to suppress the new mail notification after you've already seen it.


  • Starship communication relays should remove people properly now.


  • Added seashell holders. Please put all of your seashells in them. They'll look pretty and not bloat the database so much!
  • Disconnecting to circumvent ground Praelor attacks will no longer be possible.


  • You can now QUIT or ABANDON in your courier company's assignment room if you have been given a courier assignment which you don't feel that you can complete.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused specialty ammunition in an ammunition storage container to turn into regular ammunition when unloading it.


  • Fixed a bug where you would be informed that the salvage container for a ship you just sold could be found at yourself.
  • Updated the "spam cap" on flight control so that flight control messages about the same two ships doing battle will be capped, minimizing spam in a way similar to the old system. (Except now instead of ALL combat messages being suppressed it will only suppress further messages from the two ships doing battle.)


  • For those who prefer #.object matching, you can now do my.object to match to objects that you actually own. You can also combine it to say my.#.object. For instance: look my.2.drone will match to the second drone in the room that you own. Good luck!
  • Modifed flight control a bit. Most flight control messages will now display a sector number (no more looking it up every time!). Additionally, combat messages will now display the alliances involved in the conflicts. The previous 'spam cap' has been removed for alliance to alliance firing, but remains in place for Praelor and general non-ship firing. If you notice flight control not displaying messages when it used to, please REPORT the inconsistency!


  • The output of the HEALTH command has been changed so that burn wounds are rendered in a grammatically correct fashion.
  • Added purple and gold to the possible colors for items in Ramone Write's Writers Bazaar. Significant, I know.
  • Importing ships into simulators will now properly take hull and sensor upgrades into account.


  • Heliogaster's weapon room is now named 'Weapon Room' rather than 'Weapon Room 1' per standard nomenclature for ships with a single weapon room.


  • Reworked ITPN stations a bit.
  • Lazy people can now type R <keyword> to find information in the RAVEN system.
  • Added information about the Praelor ship classes to the RAVEN system.
  • Added @announcements, @changes, command-search, and ship-command to the list of commands that you can execute while stunned.
  • Fixed an issue where letters sent to or from dead people would be shown as sent to/from nobody, resulting in the letter being unable to be read but appearing to be readable by all.


  • Fixed a small exploit with ENTERing houses from other rooms than the house's entrance.
  • You can no longer check the BEACONS when your starship is powered down.
  • Fixed an old bug where you would often still be notified of a starship's custom paint job even though you had it gagged.
  • The menus of food robots no longer use the word "purchase" when picking or aborting options.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to stay in proximity of a blackhole for eternity without ever getting destroyed.
  • Fixed the wording when REPAIRing an atmospheric combat vehicle from a Repair and Rearm Center.


  • The use command on diaper bags and the trash command on diapers now obey the babies gag option.


  • Possibly fixed a bug that let you remove ornaments from a Christmas tree when they weren't really on the tree.


  • Hopefully fixed the well-known bug that resulted in two docked ships being in different sectors.


  • Regular starships can no longer fire on combat day starships. Unless I broke it and now nothing can fire on anything!


  • You may now use the REQUEST command in the tradesman request center to cancel an existing tradesman request.


  • Fixed the droid tracking facility for real this time. Woops!


  • You can no longer exit an airlock via the DUCTs while it's cycling.
  • Replaced the communication range check in the drone tracking facility with a more modern version. This should eliminate the bug where drones would report being aboard a ship out of comms if the ship was in certain locations. Like, you know, space. (No, not really. But probably landed on an asteroid.)
  • The website now works properly again in the OPERA browser! Also optimized the "all changes" link in the changelog viewer to give the impression that it's not loading four years of data.


  • Starship weapons can now fire while opening a wormhole but, as one would expect, will do nothing once actually inside said wormhole.


  • Fixed the spelling of a bunch of chairs that had "suade" in the name. If you used to match by that word, use "suede" instead.
  • Resolved an issue where people inside your starship would be magically teleported to your home planet when you sold the ship. They will now simply end up on the same planet that the ship was on.


  • Request confirmations have been added to the tradesman request center. Chances are that if you got a confirmation, we got your request.


  • Toggling the PA in a house or station will also toggle the PA speaker for that room.
  • Fixed a small, but annoying mistake in the shower message when it conditions your head.
  • Showers in ships will no longer rudely dump their contents nowhere when you exit them.


  • Passengers should no longer request passage to sector 115.
  • You can now put bottles that must be poured into glasses into refrigerators.


  • You can now use *sighs* and *chuckles* on the comunicator social thing.
  • Properly set the mass of the expediter to fall in line with other starship classes with similar wormhole drive specifications.


  • Amazing news! You can now use *yawns* on the communicator social thing.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pick up asteroid mining commodities in your storage room.
  • Seatbelts FIXED. Again.


  • Fixed a bug in atmospheric combat missions where the mission would fail to be completely cleared despite receiving a reward for the completed mission.
  • Fixed a bug where you could buckle yourself into random objects that didn't actually have seatbelts.


  • Starship retrofit construction facilities no longer show the object numbers of droids when adding and removing them from the list of assigned droids.


  • Added a fund center deposit whitelist as well as the ability to remove yourself from the deposit list of existing funds.


  • Cups and plates are no longer boltable.


  • Fixed an issue where you might sometimes get hit reports before laser firing messages.
  • Fixed an issue where a mission failure would be reported during a still valid atmospheric combat mission.
  • Fixed a bug where two atmospheric combat vehicles simultaneously launched into the same sector could cause the sector to overzealously generate enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where salvage containers from sold ships would go to the alliance landing pad instead of the landing pad of the location where you sold the ship.
  • Simulators bolted in starships will now let you import the current starship design, allowing you to test your actual ship in simulated scenarios. Also allows you to import specialty ships.


  • Added a line to the SCAN of a planet to tell you how many atmospheric grids need dealt with. (Hopefully.)
  • Added the following to the ship's STATUS report: Vehicle bay capacity, comm channel relay broadcaster thing and bardenium transfer conduit.
  • Fixed a SLEW of atmospheric combat bugs. You should no longer enter "hidden" sectors. And when scanning the planet reveals no atmospheric anomalies, the vehicle should inform you that it has nowhere to launch to. Some of the fixes included little behind the scenes things like, you know, sectors actually recycling when they're done being used. Also NAVI in regular ships will function in the colony sectors. Oh, and fixed an issue that would cause a traceback when you scan a planet if there were no atmospheric anomalies.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving the advanced mission colony sector would remove the mission from your ship, causing the incidental loss of any reward EVER.
  • Lore computers being carried around by dead people are no longer connected to the translink network. (No tracking, sending files, etc.)
  • Added a LABELS <metafrequency communicator> command for displaying all of the currently assigned labels and their corresponding frequencies.


  • Added an atmospheric combat vehicle repair/rearm center upgrade for ships that have an empty room available.
  • Added paint remover to the paint store! Never again will you have to worry about terrible paint jobs. (Use the same way as regular paint: PAINT <target> WITH REMOVER)
  • Made the following balance changes to atmospheric combat: * Increased the hull strength of standard fighters. * Slightly increased the strength of the machineguns. * Decreased the hull strength of Praelor fighters.
  • Fixed a bug where short-range communicators wouldn't work in atmospheric fighters.


  • Added vehicle bay capacity upgrade to double the number of vehicles you can have in your vehicle bay.
  • Scratch that, added three new levels of vehicle bay capacity for a maximum of 20 vehicles! Hoorah!
  • Added a new advanced mission. Full details in announcement post 46758.
  • Fixed an ISSUE where not all of your metafrequency comms would show up on the history page of your "My Character" site.
  • Fixed a bug where you could RETURN to your ship in an atmospheric combat vehicle that had been destroyed, creating a repaired but still dead zombie vehicle. If you're still able to do this, please REPORT! Or ASSIST. Or send up flares or smoke signals. Morse code... telepathy...
  • Fixed a bug where launching an escape pod would mysteriously destroy all of your vehicles.


  • LOOKing or CHECKing a bardenium storage box will now notify you of what exactly is inside.


  • Added a mission type argument to @mission-time to only display mission times for a particular type of mission. Example: @mission-time difficult


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to add and remove Praelor starships in your DOCKING-OPTIONS, and that could cause random objects to be shown when viewing the list of always allowed starships.
  • Fixed an issue where TR SHIP would check for your communicator improperly, resulting in some people not receiving messages. Also added a "Starship | " label before the ship name for ease of sound/color triggering.


  • Fixed a bug in the CHANNEL command that might not recognize a communicator in a weird place. Like on a belt.
  • Fixed a bug where the ship communication channel wouldn't work when the ship was landed. Now it does!
  • Added comm filters to ship relay channels. (They are IC.)
  • Added a COLOR-OPTION for the ship comm relay upgrade. Also fixed the fix for the landed ship transmission thing.


  • Added support for <number>.<object> style matching. For instance: "look 2.bird" instead of "look other bird"


  • Fixed a bug that allowed a cardenium reactor to be repaired several times at once, resulting in a false coolant leak reading when diagnosing it.


  • The name of a droid remote will now be reset correctly if you ENTITLE it and hit enter without providing a name.


  • SNIFFing will no longer return the same scent more than once if it is present in the room multiple times.
  • Fixed some cases where you couldn't put shopping bags on tables. Please REPORT if there are still problems or if you can suddenly put an infinite number of containers into each other again.


  • Mining equipment now has a CONNECTIONS command to tell you what is attached to what. You can also use ATTACHMENTS if you prefer. It doesn't matter to me!
  • Corrected a misprinting in the mining repair manual: Before you attach a new drill bit to an excavator, you have to DEPLOY the replacement to the surface.
  • Droids can no longer pick up stun traps.
  • Twitter will once again PARROT (HA! HA! HAAA!) the changelog entries.


  • You can now type DISTANCE in an atmospheric salvager cockpit to see how far away from your ship you are.
  • Fixed a bug where the worth of asteroid mining equipment wasn't properly set when you bought it, resulting in the game thinking you got it for free. NO HANDOUTS AROUND HERE, MIRIANI!


  • Added the possibility to rename BC fighters to renaming facilities. Choosing a battlecruiser from the MENU allows you to rename either the battlecruiser itself, or an installed BC fighter.
  • Fixed a bug where you could end up in communications range for the time your starship was travelling through a wormhole.


  • Atmospheric salvagers can now be sold back to the store for a small reward (which is subject to change).
  • SNIFFing will now also mix in the scents of objects on tables and other surfaces.
  • SNIFFing while wearing a forcefield spacesuit now let's you sniff at the room instead of your spacesuit. Unless you're in a hostile environment!
  • Added starship communication relays, which is a poor name for an upgrade that allows your ship to become its own special comm channel. What does this mean, you ask! It means that anybody who is linked to the ship (using the CHANNEL command in the control room) can type TR SHIP <message> to communicate with other linked people within 10 lightyears of the ship.


  • Fixed a few messages that get displayed when using coffee makers. Additionally, the water in coffee makers will now boil a little faster.
  • You can now specify how many cups of coffee you want to make if a coffee maker is filled with more than one cup of water.
  • Mugs of coffee should no longer randomly disappear. Keep in mind, though, that they will still be cleaned up every few hours.
  • Added a few colors, including PURPLE, to the Lore Computer store.
  • Resolved a bug where the INVALIDATE-command would display incorrect information when a key's location could not be determined.


  • Added a new upgrade: Bardenium transfer conduits. Consequently, added a bardenium transfer conduit construction facility, which requires a starship retrofit facility, which is the only way to install this upgrade in a ship! PHEW.
  • By popular demand you can now place plateless foods on empty plates.
  • Speaking of food transfer, now you can go from plate to plate. That hamburger will look great on your fine china!
  • The MENU in the Tradesman Request Center on Empanda Station now also displays any additional names you can use to refer to an object (i.e. aliases), if applicable.
  • The MENU in the Tradesman Request Center now also shows an item's description, if one is available. Tradesman item adoption has never been so easy!


  • Asteroid rovers will no longer end up in a salvage container if your starship gets destroyed.
  • Fixed a problem with the command search where typing "HELP PLAYER COMANDS" (one M) would cause a traceback for inexplicable reasons. That should no longer happen!
  • I'm sad to report that mining equipment should now properly EXPLODE if your ship blows up.
  • Added starship retrofit construction facilities and, consequently, starship retrofit facilities. Please see the help files on STARSHIP RETROFIT CONSTRUCTION FACILITY and STARSHIP RETROFIT FACILITY.
  • You can now purchase 15 jugs of reactor coolant and 40 patches! (It's not cool to drink coolant, despite cool being right there in the name.)


  • You can now DUMP <an artifact storage container> INTO <another artifact storage container>, which will move all the artifacts inside to the new container. At this time regular containers are not supported.


  • Fixed most (hopefully all) bugs involving Commonwealth's specialty technology. Please REPORT if you still see something that doesn't work as you had expected.
  • Fixed an issue where droids without a personality would traceback when trying to report from asteroid mining equipment.


  • Jugs of reactor coolant now show how many uses they have left when you LOOK at them.
  • Modified the coolant indicator to be a vague judgement of fluid level rather than an exact behind-the-scenes number.


  • Transfer of cargo from rover to rover is now possible! With the exception of refined bardenium owing to the fact that it would explode and kill everybody.
  • You can now specify how much fuel to transfer to a cardenium reactor.
  • Decreased the chances of drill bit wear and tear even more! (Though it may have pushed it too far, so please send some honest reports if that's the case!)
  • The droid uplink buffer will now record the coordinates of the reporting equipment. (The buffer being the thing you see when you say DROID UPLINK)
  • The @TOPS-list now correctly rounds a player's points to the nearest whole number (i.e. it should be more accurate).
  • @TOPS-ALL has been updated as well to reflect the previous change!


  • The VEHICLES-command now also works in vehicle docking bays.


  • Fixed a bug that caused you to unintentionally disable a starship's main power.
  • The VEHICLES-command now includes asteroid rovers.
  • Asteroid mining equipment uplink reports (say that 500 times fast) will now tell you the coordinates of the equipment in question.
  • Mineral scanners now tell you the concentration of minerals in the spot you've chosen. From least to greatest: Scarce, Low, Moderate, Plentiful, Brimming.


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't USE an asteroid anchor under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the SOMEBODY IS ALREADY LANDING MISTER bug that occured if you aborted the prompt and the ship incorrectly assumed it was still landing.
  • Fixed an unfortunate issue where it was possible to launch asteroid rovers into space. Theoretically they won't do that anymore.


  • Decreased the rate at which drill bits break down. Also decreased the price of replacements slightly.
  • Atmospheric salvagers, gas giant salvagers and asteroid rovers no longer require the mothership to be powered when you launch. However, launching will still consume a few minutes of charge.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused atmospheric salvagers not to crash when they lost all power.
  • You can no longer exit an asteroid rover onto an asteroid surface without a spacesuit.


  • You can now use charge boosters in asteroid rovers!
  • Fixed a messaging bug where detaching tubes that are connected to a reactor would power down what you were detaching from.
  • Equipment transfers from rover to ship no longer transfer commodities as well.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring partial cargo to/from a ship would take the full weight into account rather than the amount specified.
  • Transferring all refined bardenium to a ship will no longer leave a 0 unit bardenium in your vehicle's cargo.
  • Fixed a BUG where you would receive a traceback and a stuck transfer if you attempted to reload the ship's cannons while a bardenium transfer from a rover was in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where unrefined bardenium would try to go to your weapon storage container with disastrous results.
  • Vehicles now have a special DROID COMPARTMENT so that one person and one droid can fit comfortably inside. This should make mining slightly less brain-stewingly irritating. And no, you can't command droids to enter vehicles. They'll only follow you.
  • Added a bardenium refinery help file. It might be helpful.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a traceback when you tried to navigate an asteroid rover when it wasn't on an asteroid surface.
  • The NAV command in asteroid rovers now only works when the rover is on an asteroid surface.
  • Claw machines will no longer put you into a negative credit balance.


  • Solar panel status will now be displayed in the CHARGE-readout (only if they are active, otherwise they won't show up at all).
  • Added a LIST <scanner> command to mineral scanners to switch from a paragraph of coordinates to one per line.


  • Fixed a bug where phosphorus wasn't added to newly generated gas giants.
  • Fixed a bug that caused atmospheric salvagers to get stuck under some awkward conditions.
  • Asteroid mining is now available for your mining pleasure. Please refer to OOC / Announcements post 45903 for more details!
  • Fixed a bug where asteroids full of equipment would recycle if the asteroid wasn't stabilized.


  • POLICY 25 has been updated! The newbie channel can now be used for ALL newbie questions. It's still not a chat channel, though. Please read the examples in the policy.


  • Added OPTIONS 32 to toggle the display of new changes at login. It's enabled by default. As a sidenote, the options really should get reorganized someday...
  • Split all of the existing options into categories and condensed the categories all into the OPTIONS command. Individual commands, such as COLOR-O and GAG-O will still work as expected, but now you can get a handy list. Take that, earlier changelog complaint!
  • Fixed a matching bug where attempting to LOCATE <SHIP> ON KEYRING while your keyring was clipped to your belt would fail spectacularly. Now it should work.
  • Counting keyrings on belts has been REPAIRED! And possibly other unrelated belt matching bugs. Let me know which ones are still broken!


  • LRSCAN will now ignore any scanning filters set on the starship if you specify what to scan for as an argument (LRSCAN followed by planet, space station, starship, wormhole, or a combination of these).


  • Fixed the issue where a failed match to the TURN command would always disable your communicator. Please REPORT any problems this may have created.
  • Added the NOTIFY argument to @changes that will allow you to toggle changelog notifications. When enabled, you will be immediately notified when a new entry is added to the changelog. Spam? You bet. @CHANGES NOTIFY today!
  • Fixed a few issues with the starship registry that would display Praelor and other alien ships. Also did a little optimizing that nobody will probably notice, but it makes me feel better.
  • The FTL command will no longer be able to plot a course without functioning sensors.


  • Added configurations to LOOK-OPTIONS.
  • LRSCAN <planet|space station|starship|wormhole> should work once more if you have the directional long-range scanner upgrade installed. Additionally, LRSCAN should be slightly faster now (handy if you're in a hurry, I know, I know). Please REPORT if you're still having problems.


  • Added a new starmap option: MAP (or M). Typing SM M will allow you to only see the map itself and your coordinates without the list of ships or anything else getting in the way.
  • Added a new gag-option for container messages.


  • Added "enormous" asteroids 10 lightyears outside of known space and beyond. These asteroids cannot be hauled and will be used for Something Else(tm).


  • You can now type DAMAGE in the cockpit of a gas giant salvager to, quite strikingly, see the current damage level.


  • You can now type COORDS in atmospheric salvagers to see your current coordinates.


  • You can now use $ to select the last option in most menus. I'm told this is desirable, but I still have no idea why. Hopefully not for nefarious purposes!


  • The Galactic News archives on starships will no longer mysteriously update when they really shouldn't.


  • Fixed some bugs with specifying directions to the SLIP-command.
  • Unbolting things in apartments should work once more.


  • You can no longer use droid remotes while you are stunned.


  • Fixed some minor issues with the NAVI-command.


  • Anomalies should no longer randomly stop functioning. YES!


  • POLICY 3 has been updated. It's no longer acceptable to strand people outside of numbered sectors for any reason.
  • Proximity interdictors return! The interdictor ship leaves! More information in OOC / Announcements 45118.
  • In order to fix a horrific out of character exploit, you will now be provided with a second prompt if you say "yes" to the first when someone attempts to remove your keyring.


  • Fixed a landing bug where space stations without flight control would still announce landings over the flight control scanners.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some salvage containers to end up on the planet Miriani if you had no free hands.


  • You can now use the IGNORE command on Ralph. Or, if you're a jerk, monkey.


  • Modified the NEWAPPEARANCE command to detect people using the old-style appearances and prompt them to fix it. SORRY RYOK.


  • Added the VEHICLES-command.
  • Fixed a bug that several of you may have experienced in your lifetime where the FOCUS command would give a traceback for no good reason. (It was actually a good reason!)


  • Added the NEWAPPEARANCE command to allow people to configure new appearance options that appear after they created their character.


  • Private space stations now get their own category in the starmap as well as a different flight control message when docking. This helps differentiate the more official ports from the privately operated ones.


  • ROFLing on a mount won't put you in the awkward position of riding something while simultaneously lying on the ground anymore.


  • Your look options will now carry over when using starship simulators.


  • Modified specialty starship store MENUs to suppress the ship room messages if you're not approved. Also modified the INFO command in such stores to display information about the application if you're not approved for the ships and explain what the store is all about.
  • Fixed an exploit where carriers could be used to bring starships on easy missions that are not intended to do easy missions.
  • Fixed a few bugs with food robots. Please REPORT if anything unusual happens to you and/or your bot.


  • INFO ACHIEVEMENTS will now tell you how many units of atmospheric debris you have salvaged. Note that this includes both the units salvaged on regular planets and those salvaged on gas giants.
  • Fixed a bug in the new message board threading that would result in split posts if somebody used the spell checker before posting their reply.


  • Fixed a couple of tracebacks in salvager stores.
  • You can no longer COLLAPSE onto something you're already lying on.


  • Optimized the message board a bit so that viewing messages didn't cause 3 seconds of lag. EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS.


  • Fixed a possible traceback when singing/rapping/reciting/bedazzling/yodelling multiple lines.
  • Fixed an incorrect message being displayed when entering an airlock while docked to another starship.


  • You can now oink at things, because I was looking at pet stuff and.. we forgot pigs!


  • Fixed a potential traceback in the RENAME-command.
  • Also fixed the DESCRIBE-command.
  • You can now check your GALCOORDS in any starship room that has a starmap. I am beyond the point of excitement!


  • You can now look people up on Pax to determine what their previous names have been.
  • You can now purchase things from stores by typing "BUY <name of item>". This may not work in all stores and, in fact, may not work at all. Please REPORT any issues!


  • Fixed the messages for moving up/down in gas giant salvagers.
  • Changed asteroid lines and anchors so you can only use them when you are holding them.
  • You can no longer break your Lore Computer's calculator by providing a "division by zero".
  • Fixed a bug with gas giant salvagers that caused tracebacks if you typed LAUNCH while you were already in the atmosphere.
  • Asteroid anchors and lines should be 100 safe to USE now. Rest assured, and REPORT if you can't use one after all.


  • Anomalies should work again, for real this time. I PROMISE.
  • (Hopefully) fixed some starship destruction messages not being announced. Please REPORT if anything unusual happens.
  • You can now sell unwanted atmospheric combat vehicles.


  • Tweaked gas giant salvaging some more! Please REPORT any concerns you might have.
  • Anomalies will once more relentlessly pound on you.


  • The daycare center on Empanda Station is now functional. Simply add babies you wish to be taken care of through the menu.
  • Tweaked the power consumption of gas giant salvagers to allow them to last a little longer.


  • NEW FEATURE: Gas Giant Salvaging! (Somebody forced me to update the changelog, that's how it was, really... Life is dangerous!)
  • Updated FAINT and COLLAPSE so you don't end up being buckled in at the weirdest and most inconvenient times possible.


  • Added an upgrade that allows you to LRSCAN <direction>. Nothing fancy.
  • You can now CONDENSE AUTOPILOT and/or CONDENSE DEBRIS to toggle condensing of these modes independently of each other.


  • Babies can now be adopted at the tradesman request center.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs with the RAVEN-system.


  • Fixed a small grammatical issue when REPAIRing sensors that are not damaged.
  • Sanitation drones now clean signs when they come across them. Take that, vandals!


  • Scented sunscreen that you put on your body now updates your scent. This only works for newly bought bottles.


  • The Short-Range communication channel now works on Lobbius. Happy chatting!
  • Packages of baby wipes no longer cause tracebacks when you get the last wipe from them.
  • Anomalies shouldn't hit your starship anymore if you left the sector during their attack.
  • ROFL'ing while buckled should now work correctly.
  • You can now BOOT people from private station observation rooms.
  • Fixed some movement messages for people with injured legs.
  • Packets of seemingly spoiled meat should no longer appear on plates when you get them from archaeological artifact storage containers. NOTE: This only works for new artifacts, the ones already in a container will not change.
  • Some specialty technology messages will now be announced ship-wide when PIPE is enabled.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the way items in a sector are displayed when LOOKing while spacewalking.
  • Fixed several exploits that involved disabling a starship's main power to save some time in certain situations.


  • You can no longer launch a starship while it is being expelled, or expel it while it is launching. Or any other fun variation on that.


  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to move your atmospheric salvager while scooping under rare conditions.
  • Fixed an inconsistency that caused the wrong gasses to appear when moving up and down in atmospheric salvagers.
  • IN order to reduce follower spam, strollers no longer include their contents in their titles.
  • Added an ALERT command to view the status of the starship's alert... status. For people who turn descriptions off and want to know.


  • Fixed an exploit that would allow you to launch while powered down.


  • The SUIT command should now work properly if you're waring a forcefield spacesuit belt.


  • Fixed a spacing issue with communicator transmissions.


  • The menus to add/remove starships from the always allow/ban list will now return to the main DOCKING-OPTIONS menu, unless you make an invalid selection.


  • Fixed several bugs with video cameras. Also added STOP <camera> to, surprisingly enough, stop playback.


  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug where asteroid haulers and sporadic out of comms pilots would find themselves hanging out in a garbage object instead of a sector.


  • Policy 27 has been modified. Please see OOC / Announcements for further details.


  • Fixed a bug where uncharted sectors would lose their galactic coordinates if the sector attempted to recycle but aborted due to new contents. (Should fix some random LRSCAN and anomalies with uncharted navigation.)


  • Added a message for when you exit a ship in space.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed asteroids to be hauled while the ship was powered down.


  • Combat drones can no longer be launched if there are no valid targets in the sector.
  • ENTERing a starship now displays the correct messages when your legs are injured.


  • Players and droids can no longer kiss or frenchkiss stunned players!


  • You can no longer put wet clothing in closets and suitcases.


  • Fixed a loophole that allowed someone to gain infinite amounts of money through buying asteroid hauling kits. Additionally, the amount of credits you get for pawning asteroid anchors and lines should now be a lot more consistent. Please REPORT if anything is no longer working as expected!


  • Fixed an issue in E2 that would display unexpected craziness when using multiple "-object1"s (displaying the first name of a player, for example).
  • Fixed some more E2 bugs, include some you's that should be yours.


  • Fixed a bug in @who-record. Now it, uh, works.
  • Public funds now get purged when no credits have been added in at least a week and the balance is less than 1 credit.


  • Fixed an exploit in pawn shops that allowed one to arbitrarily increase the worth of an object through trickery in order to get a better deal when they sell, buy, sell.


  • Added two color options to color the names of players in the room and sleeping players in the room.
  • Added the OPTIONS KEYRING command for managing keyring options.
  • Added an option to keyrings to display the full title of ships in LOCATE KEY, including the ship's class. (Accessible through OPTIONS KEYRING)
  • Remote outposts 4, 10, 12, 17, 22, 54, 58, 70 now accept asteroid hauls. (You must be within 20 LY of the station to haul an asteroid to it.)


  • Added a book publisher to Jupiter. SUBMIT books to them for 50% of the profits from future sales of your book.


  • Added basic "emotes" to communicators. From my magnificent newbie channel transmission, this is how it's done: If you add *cries* or *laughs* or *coughs* or *giggles* or *mumbles* to the end of your transmission it will do it automatically. Or if your entire message is laughs, giggles, chortles, snickers, cries, sobs, mumbles, coughs, snorts, or groans your transmission will be that emote. And if you type in all caps, you're yelling.


  • General sector communications are now subject to basic text filtering to remove OOC things such as "lol" and "rofl".


  • Added a store that allows players to SUBMIT video discs that other players can buy. The player who created the movie receives 50% of the profits.
  • Fixed a bug that let you submit names and descriptions for rooms you shouldn't be able to if you were dragged out of the room you originally wanted to submit something for.


  • Firing upon an inhabited planet, moon, or space station will now prompt you to make sure you really want to fire.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause lag when launching if the sector was empty of other starships but contained debris.
  • Similarly fixed POTENTIAL slowdowns (feels like lag but you can do other things) in... Starship destruction! String matching! Courier promotions! Store restocking! Destination finders! Trash emptying! Say! Blast doors! Debris spawning! Menus! Shopping guide! Internal turrets! So if any of those things were randomly slow for you, they may very well not be now. But they probably weren't.


  • Fixed a bug/exploit (depending on your intentions!) where multiple internal turrets could be bolted per room.


  • Added OPTIONS 30 to create a list for matching.


  • Fixed an exploit in the salvage range increase upgrade that allowed a ship to have 5 salvage lines and sensors.


  • added proximity weapon storage lockers.
  • Owners of houses and private space stations can now add and remove owners. The person they wish to add has to have the required points.
  • You can no longer use starship combat drones if you don't meet the point requirements.


  • Typing SING, YODEL, RECITE, or RAP with no arguments will now allow you to paste content in.


  • Finally fixed a transfer bug that caused a traceback when you tried to transfer all cargo from one ship to another.
  • You can no longer have blank metafrequency labels.


  • Fixed an alphabetization bug with keyrings.


  • All tradesman items should now follow you when you reroll. See board post 41251 for further details.
  • Added OPTIONS 29 to display a ship's power status in the room title.
  • Added a CHECK command to stun weapons to allow you to see the ammunition status without the description.


  • The "autokey" option should now work when requesting courier ships.


  • Non-donators should no longer be able to describe in private garages


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to unbolt lamps in houses, apartments, etc.
  • Destroying a single apartment room should now properly unhang things that are on the wall.


  • It should no longer be possible for bounty hunters to fire on one another.


  • You can no longer put bounties on NPC ships.


  • You can now install seatbelts on chairs which are already bolted down in your ship. Please REPORT if it doesn't work as you had expected!


  • You can now no longer access docking options in ships that don't have a docking bay.


  • Added matching aliases. For details on what that is, USE your BOARD reader and type GOTO 40351.


  • You can now type BUY <ship class name> in a ship store instead of finding the class you know you want in the menu.


  • You can now add an argument to the MENU command in pawn shops to search for specific items. Example: MENU RING


  • Added stun targets.
  • Fixed an issue that made parts of the web board display only HTML in Opera 10.50. Now the world of Opera fans can know the joys of the web board! And stuff.


  • Fixed a couple million E2 bugs. Including the infamous space after dash issue. And Traceback on Posessive Hill. And other little things.


  • Droids now respond to huglevels too.
  • You can no longer pour coffee from a pitcher into a plate.


  • @DANCES now uses the same formatting for its output as @SOCIALS when you have the "sight" option enabled.
  • Modified the bardenium price fluctuator to be slightly more fair. Reset bardenium prices to mid-range. More tweaking may be required.


  • Sleeping people can no longer dodge stun shots.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the HEALTH command, notably drunkenness being misreported and sorting out situations where you thought it was matching to another player but it had failed matching and defaulted to you.
  • Fixed two wavewarp bugs: You should no longer be told you destroyed asteroids when you didn't and video probes now get destroyed by wavewarping over them.
  • Another wavewarp bug fixed: Starships destroyed by wavewarp now show up in the ship's service record.
  • A few minor combat revisions. General starship destruction messages are now visible to the control room and all weapon rooms. NOT to any other rooms! (Including engineering.) Also a few fixes for incorrectly displayed messages, particularly in situations where a ship was destroyed milliseconds before you would have destroyed it, causing you to get a message about hitting nothing.
  • The TRANSFER command for cargo now utilizes the CONDENSE option in starships.
  • The GCOUNT command now accepts the arguments PEOPLE, POWERED, MISC and UNPOWERED to count the number of items in a group. The arguments you can use are identical to the ways in which you can view groups using the look command.
  • Fixed an oldish minor bug with droid cameras that prevented the remote holder from hearing what the droid was saying to other people. Also a minor fix to droid cameras that prevented certain socials from displaying to the remote holder.
  • Total courier deliveries are now listed in the service record for courier ships. So if you wanted that, for whatever reason, enjoy!
  • Video probe history is now timestamped.
  • Added an OPTION to automatically place new keys on your keyring. (Yeah yeah, I know.)


  • Artifact containers also now use the "baglady" option code.


  • Ammunition storage containers now display their contents using the new "baglady" option code.


  • Fixed a bug where you could wear multiple keyrings at once.
  • Removed the "request custom description" option from apartment menus.
  • Updated the apartments help file to include the describe and rename commands for donators, as well as the "make key" option in the apartment complex menu.


  • Apartment keys on keyrings clipped to belts should now properly show up in the Manage Keys menu for your apartment.


  • Added the TRACKING command to disable specific component hit reporting in weapon rooms. See message board post 39908 for slightly more information.
  • Updated the old but now new combat code to properly function with the HITS command. See board post 39908 for caveats.
  • Fixed some issues with the ordering of computer announcements during combat. Notably the messages that get displayed when a ship is destroyed.


  • Modified the "baglady" option (the one that groups similar items in containers and room contents) to sound a little better. Now, instead of seeing "five of a letter", you'll see "five letters". It just makes it look nicer.


  • Boxes of coffee maker pads now disappear after one month.
  • You should no longer be riding your mount when entering a planetary mining site.


  • Added a few more colors for coffee makers to Natural Warm Drinks. I am sure that somebody cares.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to fire on a target from anywhere in the sector if you began the firing sequence in a wormhole.
  • Added a message board option to allow you to disable notification of new message when logging in.
  • Modified the @announcements command to only display new announcements when available. Otherwise, the old behavior resumes.


  • Droids can no longer share the full name (first and last name) of current players for reasons of matching abuse and various other concerns. Please be creative.
  • Ships can no longer NAVI out of a combat sector to be teleported to 0, 0, 0.
  • Withdrawing/depositing/other things from a private fund is no longer possible if you get dragged away from the fund center or have stun time while inputing information into a prompt.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to stop a ship when expelling another ship.


  • You can now SPACESUIT <person> to see if they're wearing a spacesuit. hoo buddy
  • Rejiggered stunning combat drones(tm) a bit so that they won't respond at all in a no fire location, but you will be able to use the remote to make them follow you around and whatnot.


  • Ducts no longer have the magical capacity to evade life support changes in the main ship.
  • Fixed exploits that allowed people to expand and use drones in no-stun areas.
  • Fixed an issue with the crappy shopping guide for jerks that resulted in Slip drives and relativity drive upgrades not showing up.
  • Added a GROUPCOUNT command. Can be shortened to GC.
  • The GC shortcut for GROUPCOUNT has been changed to GCOUNT, so as not to conflict with the GC shortcut for GALCOORDS.


  • Fixed a bug where the first member who joined a private organization would become administrator after somebody left the organization and there were no administrators besides the owner.


  • Added a DENEWBIE command for those who wish to voluntarily revoke their newbie status. If you tell another player to do this, I'll probably ban you.


  • Added TUR ALL ON and TUR ALL OFF commands to disable/enable the cameras on all turrets. Not to be confused with TUR ON and TUR OFF which just turn off the camera system without affecting individual turret settings.


  • You can now track the progress of a charge transfer by typing TRANSFER again.
  • Fixed a bug that would render the docking bay useless if the docking ring was in use. Now ships can dock inside the docking bay of other ships that are already docked to yet another ship through the docking ring.


  • Introducing DOORKNOCK to knock on any blast door near you! DOORKNOCK <direction> to knock on the blast door in that direction. Example: in the Control Room of a battlecruiser, you can DOORKNOCK SOUTH to hit that door.


  • Balls of slime will now disappear after one day.


  • You can now also type CMUSIC to enable/disable the airlock cycling music. This should help avoid problems with clients not accepting the regular MUSIC-command.


  • You can now enable and disable the airlock cycling music of your starship by typing MUSIC in the Control Room.


  • Coffee makers are now for sale on Luna. This is guaranteed to enrich your life! OH HO.
  • You can now FILL coffee makers using a sink.


  • Spell checking of descriptions you submit via the describe command is now enforced.


  • Fuzzy corpses will now rot after one month.
  • Final service records can now only be accessed by visiting a security center and typing PRINT. They no longer appear in salvage containers. For more information, please see message board post 38943.


  • You can no longer buy a bardenium storage box if the ship doesn't have any cannons.


  • Lore computers now harrass you mercilessly until you import pending files.


  • Automatic sector announcements will now tell you how many objects were detected. (With the exception of debris. It doesn't care how much debris is in the sector.)


  • Traditional client auto-login is now possible! Simply type CONNECT <username> <password> at the username prompt and you're set.
  • Added a help file on industrial starship bounties. Also made the escape pod computer notify you if it thinks you're eligible to submit a bounty.


  • Taking pictures of babies now includes their description and what they are wearing.


  • Fuzzy creatures should be less interested in eating your combat suits now.


  • Washing machines and dryers can now only be used by one person at a time.
  • Transporting a ship to a garage while launching is no longer possible.


  • Stun batons now show you their current charge level by LOOKing at them.
  • You can now exchange the GO command for your desired walk style. For example, STORM <exit> will cause you to storm through exit. *enthusiastic thumbs up*
  • To assist in never having to deal with babies in Miriani, the baby GAG-OPTION now opts you out of being handed diapers.


  • Added a new store that sells possibly new devices to Io.
  • Made dumpsters, they must be bolted and they work like trash cans for furniture and such.


  • You can no longer land on asteroids while stunned.
  • You can also no longer operate internal stun turrets while stunned.
  • You can no longer put things in strollers if you're not the primary owner or not in the list of authorized people.
  • You are no longer able to wear baby clothing.


  • Made strollers and made it so you can feed and change babies while in them as well as while in cribs


  • The HUG social now has various levels of huginess. Adding a number to the command (with no space or punctuation between the two) will change the level. To see all levels, type HUGLEVELS (that's hug and levels combined. No punctuation or spaces between them). Example: hug8 albori


  • Private garage added to the parent command for houses and private stations.


  • More Lore shopping guide fixes. This should remove the "nothing" entries for good. Please REPORT what you searched for if you encounter a store that says "nothing" when you do a search in the Lore shopping guide.


  • Added improved weapon-room based combat tracking. (Also control room monitoring of weapon rooms). See OOC / Announcements post 38062 for more information on what commands to use.
  • The HITS REPORT command should now work properly in a control room if the control room doesn't double as a weapon room/hasn't fired any weapons.


  • Activated a trial run of a new firing/damage distribution system. Soundpacks will probably break.


  • Bugfix: You can no longer get artifacts when you're not at the same coordinates as them.


  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the HUD that would cause repeated connection attempts if your IP failed to validate. (aka the hud should work again if you're into that sort of thing)


  • Increased the amount of charge that starship medical facilities require to heal somebody. (Balance: Putting "portable" medical centers back in line with planetary centers.)


  • The chatter channel now defaults to OFF to give newbies a more favorable first impression of the game.
  • Added CONFIG to destination finders to disable coordinate displays.


  • Added a new upgrades for the shady individuals.


  • Removed launchable interdictors in favor of a new starship class, the one-person interdictor. Details in board post 37780.


  • Added the SCAN-ORDER command to change the order categories appear when you SCAN or MOVE. Read post 37758 for more details.


  • After careful consideration, blockades now require 100 points and 50 combat points to purchase and use, owing to the fact that blockades allow the complete blockade of an entire solar system within seconds.


  • Fixed two exploits in manual movement.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow one to travel through jumpgates 90837233.33 times in a single instant.
  • Lamps should now work in almost any room.
  • Destroyed subwarp drives no longer work when the subwarp drive is automatically deployed by the FTL verb.
  • Fixed a minor description error in lamps and flashlights. Unfortunately, certain broken lamps lost their pretty description. You'll know this happened if your lamp's description is "You see a lamp!" Sorry about that.


  • Droids, drones, pets, etc will no longer show as following when entering a planetary mining site.
  • Big amazing change!!!! The alphabetize option on keyrings now works in LOCATE KEY. Oh MAN. Awesome.


  • Fixed a potential exploit where it was possible to buy more bardenium than your ship could hold.


  • Fixed a potential exploit in the movement code where one might be able to super move if they spammed the right command enough times. Maybe!


  • Simulators can now be paused.
  • Possibly fixed an exploit where it was possible to fire weapons in sector 0. If you are still able to fire in sector 0, please REPORT how.


  • You can no longer add blank custom profanity filters.


  • Added lamps. You can USE them (or TURN them) to turn them on or off. They must be bolted in a starship control room. Unbolting them will work every time.
  • Lamps actually work in ANY ship room and don't have to be bolted.
  • Corrected two issued in the Lore shopping guide: First, generics no longer show up in the store list and second, searching for things on dead planets no longer work. (Like blockades showing on High Guard Command)
  • People in the storage room are now notified if a lifeform hitchhikes in.


  • The BABIES command has been modified to show "invisible" babies.
  • Lifted from the announcement: Friends, let's test something together! Are you tired of hearing the inane drivel of that one person you just loathe? I am too. I would like to introduce selective hearing to you! By typing IGNORE <player name>, you will be able to tune them out when they transmit on the standard channels or metafrequencies. IGNORE <player name> again will allow you to listen again. Type IGNORING to see who you're ignoring. Please note that this is a highly experimental feature and, depending on whether or not we like it, it may be removed entirely. So don't get too dependant on it for sanity. Good luck!
  • Updated the communicators help file to include metafrequency labels and the new ignore feature.


  • Each alliance now has a private news channel for information pertaining only to their alliance. It can be accessed through the standard NEWS command.


  • Fixed a bug in private funds that caused people to end up stuck auto-depositing when removed from the allowed depositors list.


  • Fixed a bug where launching a single escape pod and then exiting the ship would lock the ship in escape mode.


  • You can no longer accept a landing prompt while stunned. Thanks to all 193 of you who reported this after shooting yourselves in the head.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain player names to trigger the chatter channel when you meant to use a private comm. (Ter being a fabulous example!)


  • Net worth now takes private funds into account provided that access to the account is limited to a single person.


  • Fixed a bug in pawn shops that caused an error when trying to buy a skeeball machine.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed atmospheric combat vehicles to launch on space stations. Also fixed a bug that caused tracebacks when you attempted to authorize somebody to use a vehicle in a location other than the vehicle bay.


  • Fixed a movement bug in the atmospheric combat vehicle AI.
  • Donator item transfers no longer require a donator item from anyone.
  • Added an Easter Egg that out of comms explorers may one day find....maybe.


  • Released atmospheric combat vehicles.


  • Added a VIEW command to pawn shops to view full item names if your linelength is insufficient.


  • Private station ITPN stations now obey alliance restrictions and, if the station is denying all docking, all ITPN passage is likewise denied. These restrictions never apply to the station owner.
  • Private space stations now ALWAYS allow the owners to dock, no matter what the state of the flight control options are.


  • You can now dock with a ship that's self-destructing. However, consider the implications of docking with a starship that's about to explode before you do it.


  • Armor repair kit limits have been upped to FOUR instead of TWO! Also changed ownership of all existing kits to the player who is holding them.


  • Fixed a couple of bugs with pawn shops, including the labeled drone remote one. Also made it so that pawn shops will destroy items that haven't been purchased one month after being pawned.
  • Theoretically fixed a bug where BUY <x> of <y> would allow you to bypass store ownership limits.


  • Starship hulls can now be painted with comically tiny canisters of paint found in the Easter store.


  • Invasions (for now) give the entire crew a reward for the ships they destroy when they land on a planet in the sector they destroyed the ship in.
  • Added a CONTRIBUTE <amount> command to ships that will allow you to transfer <amount> of credits to the owner of the ship to assist with repair/rearm bills without leaving the comfort of your weapon room.
  • Added SHARE <amount> to divide <amount> amongst everybody aboard the ship. Why not.
  • Added metafrequency communicator labels to make using metas more friendly. Full details available in OOC / Announcements. Or search for reference number 35461.


  • Fixed a bug where drones in a simulator would count toward your total starship count and limit your purchasing ability.


  • Sectors now persist for one minute after a ship leaves them, allowing you to go back to retrieve missed asteroids or artifacts.
  • Stun turrets now show what kind of ammunition is loaded when you look at them.


  • @mission-debris now accepts an argument to make a giant list. Woo.
  • You now get miniscule amounts of combat points for killing wandering Praelor. This applies to past kills as well. Enjoy!


  • Pilot lounges are now equipped with NEWS and BOUNTY commands for those without Lore computers. They also have exciting notice boards!


  • Fixed a bug where keys on dead people would make the key invalidator go funky.


  • Fixed a HORRENDOUS BUG in stores where you could no longer BUY <amount> OF <item>. That functionality has been restored!


  • Added CTN ship briefings to the starship museum.
  • Added a pointless web-based map viewer. For instance, Also works with ships, THUSLY: Hovering over rooms shows name and description.
  • Added to consolidate MOO-generated content on the website into a single place.
  • Flight control scanner filtering should now allow you to configure multiple items without retyping the filter command.
  • Added the following commands to flight control scanners: SAVE FLIGHT (allows you to save your current filters with a name of your choosing), LOAD FLIGHT (loads a previous filter configuration), and DELETE FLIGHT (deletes saved filters).


  • Added a new argument to the starmap command: CO or COORDS. This will bypass the visual starmap and only display coordinates. You're welcome, guy whose name escapes me!


  • In the vein of useless changes, the web-based announcement viewer has been updated to the Stellaris version. It's a mixed format view, though, since Miriani announcements weren't stored properly.
  • Also made the web who list prettier. Now it's a nicely formatted table instead of a hideous giant list.
  • Updated the website changelog to allow easier navigation through the various options as well as limiting the initial impression to ten days rather than 320 days.
  • Pawn shops now resell items that are sold to them, assuming they can make a profit. PLEASE use the REPORT command if you find a way to abuse this or find something completely wrong.
  • Starship renames now show what you renamed the ship to in the message board subject. No more actually having to read the board posts!
  • Added a very important help file called Events! Fun tips on reducing spam during large events.
  • Noticeably improved the speed of things that involve planetary lookups (such as destination finders).


  • Added the option to have furniture from stores delivered to your ship's airlock for a modest fee.


  • Added the AMMODUMP command to weapon rooms to expel any excess ammunition that may be hindering you in your particular weapon room.
  • Altered the MUTTER command to allow you to mutter text and have it go funky in the room. Note that anything you say is subject to gag options, so anybody with socials gagged won't hear anything you mutter.
  • Made stations have a request form for stores so it's not all waiting for assists and stuff. YAY AUTOMATED FORMS!
  • Fixed a starmap bug where the visual starmap would hide everything greater than one unit away when sensors were destroyed but the sight-enabled starmap would show everything.
  • Fixed a bug in Assault that would cause a traceback if you failed to select a card from your deck.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from holding a Praelor NPC that you should normally be able to hold under certain UNUSUAL and UNEXPECTED circumstances.


  • The list presented upon typing FTL with no arguments is now sorted properly again.
  • Fixed a small communicator bug that could allow a non-player into a private link list and break matching.
  • Bardenium prices are now directly related to the amount of bardenium being added to the economy through asteroid hauls.


  • Added a comma into the PA message. (Only mentioning this so soundpack people are aware and can change whatever they need to.)
  • Fixed a bug that would result in a ship and everything on that ship being brutally recycled upon entering a sector that another ship had exited at just the right time.


  • Ship entering message were changed to reflect walk styles.
  • Owners of a ship can now ENTITLE internal stun turrets to change the text of the camera feed.


  • Added some help files (accessibility and @warnings are the only ones that come to mind) and fixed a bug in the help system that prevented related links from showing properly on the web help.
  • Spacesuit navaids now display how many units away each object is.


  • The HEALTH command now shows a vague indication of how drunk you are. Alcoholics.
  • Droids and ship computer speech is now a lot cooler.. For us... from a coding persepective. What an excellent and worthwhile change!
  • It's no longer possible to type move, wait, and then input a destination number after you've become stunned.


  • Hopefully fixed a bug that allowed combat drones to destroy ships with no possibility for submitting a bounty.


  • You should no longer be able to transport passengers in courier ships.


  • Added a Twitter thing to match the changelog. Enjoy?


  • Added an argument to SCAN-F that allows you to specify a filter without going through the menu. Additionall, if you specify no arguments, the menu will loop until you hit 0 or any other invalid option (such as just hitting enter).


  • Modified @mission-time to accept two new arguments. The first: @mission-time <ship type> allows you to see only certain ship types. The second, @mission-time <number> <ship type> allows you to see <number> of <ship type>. Examples: '@mission-time 20 fighter' will show you 20 fighters (if available) for each category of mission.


  • Fixed a silly couriering bug that resulted in new employees being indebted to the company.


  • Fixed bugs where CTN sectors/ships could be looked up in starship registries, destination finders, and with the BEACONS command.


  • FTL jumps are now filtered under "navigate" on flight control scanners. Now you can maybe leave "General" on and not miss things!


  • Made two slight modifications to the Hale Sentinel design.
  • Furniture will no longer fit into pockets and backpacks.


  • Private stations now show up properly in destination finders.


  • The news command in starships has been modified to display the newest articles first. You still have to land to update the news, though.
  • Donators can now TRANSFER tradesman items to other donators. See OOC / Announcements for details.


  • Fixed the timeline (FOR REAL THIS TIME).


  • Fixed a few matching bugs in the help system. Now HELP INFO works! Hooray! (Incidentally, added HELP INFO)


  • Fixed a few bugs that allowed ships to be located while out of communications range.


  • Added another argument to the TR LINKS command. You can now TR LINK <PERSON> to find out if you have a private link with them.
  • Communicators now display when the short-range channel is muted when you look at them.
  • Viewing a private organization member list will now display the "rank" of the members if the person viewing the list is an owner or an administrator.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow one to move while docking by hitting stop at an opportune moment.
  • Fixed an expulsion bug that would allow you to expel debris into the same coordinates as another piece of debris.
  • By popular demand, you can no longer remove/wear socks if you're wearing shoes.
  • Fixed an exploit/bug that would allow a player to instantly access a jumpgate under special circumstances, even if they are dozens of units away.
  • Trying to locate apartment keys on keyrings should no longer give tracebacks.
  • Profanity filters now apply to PA messages, internal stun turrets, and droid cameras.
  • Removed some extraneous information from the main INFO command and moved it into INFO ACHIEVEMENTS (or INFO ACH). Also added an INFO command to point centers to view the same information. Clarity and succinctness ensue!


  • Fixed various bugs in SCAN, including but not limited to: Praelor and unknown alien ships not showing up as unscannable in certain areas.
  • Stopping a ship in silent mode should no longer display the relativity drive stopping message.


  • You should now be able to SUBMIT host applications while out of comms.


  • EXT now gives appropriate messages based on the environment. It also filters blank messages.


  • Fixed a bug in the help system that resulted in certain tags displaying in-MOO that shouldn't display.


  • Fixed a bug that caused a traceback if you attempted to request a courier ship without being registered with a courier company.


  • Atmospheric salvagers that already have names can now be re-entitled.


  • Ringing the doorbell of a house now gives roundtime to discourage spamming.


  • Ship shower rooms now match the environment of the room that the shower is in.


  • Peering in an empty room should no longer return an empty menu.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the bolting of worn items in apartments.


  • Added an ASSIGN command for houses and private space stations, which enables owners to allow people to bolt and unbolt things in rooms they are assigned to.
  • Droids should now no longer be injured by punching bags.


  • Leaving or being removed from a private organization should now remove the ships of the person leaving or being removed.


  • Asteroid hauler bounties can now only be issued if the asteroid hauler is destroyed in uncharted space or within range of an asteroid collection station.
  • Cargo haulers and freighters must have salvaged debris or purchased trading goods in the past ten minutes for a valid bounty to be placed on their attacker.
  • Fixed an extremely old bug that caused the boot command to ask if you'd like to boot everyone after saying no to booting a single person.
  • Added a recharge command to ship simulators. If your simulated ship is running out of power, recharge in the control room will bring it back to full power.
  • Fixed a bug that would set a player's intruder flag if you walked them into the docking bay of your ship.


  • Made some changes to the way matching works. First, socials will always match to players, pets, mounts, and babies before anything in your hands or in the room. Second, the regular matching order has changed to give a higher priority to babies, pets, and mounts so that you can match to them more easily in situations where, for instance, there is a picture of the object in the room that matches before it does.
  • Further changed the matching order to place droids after players and before pets in the matching hierarchy.


  • Fixed a bug in the ABOUT command that allowed simulated starships to have manufacture information.


  • Fixed a bug that would result in a traceback if you STOPped your ship while it was traveling through a jumpgate and then attempted to use the FTL drive.
  • Fixed a few FTL bugs that would allow you to initiate two FTL jumps.
  • Added an ABOUT command to starship control rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where BOOTing yourself into an enemy ship wouldn't properly set your intruder flag.
  • Updated the PLAYER COMMAND and STARSHIP COMMANDS help files with some of the more recent information. Also corrected a minor mistake or two.
  • Added a "Rerolling" help file. But it's kind of trashy.


  • Dynamic rooms such as asteroids and archaeology sites should now obey the self-movement gag option.
  • Creating a private organization vest will now notify you that the vest has indeed been created.
  • Ship expel no longer returns an empty list if there are no ships to expel.
  • Messages in the OOC / Announcements category will now announce regardless of board mute status.
  • Added an option to the message board reader to indicate new message in a category with the text (New Messages) following the category name rather than an asterisk.


  • Droids should actually be able to enter ships with broken hatches now.


  • Added an option to GAG-OPTIONS to remove the line that tells you which direction you're walking.


  • Added a new "industrial bounty" system. More information can be found in OOC / Announcements.
  • Implemented a sort of biometric lock system for rooms. They can currently only be used in private space stations.


  • Fixed a bug where transferring courier companies would cause debt from the destruction of your old courier ship.
  • Fixed a bug where, after transferring to another courier company, you would automatically receive a junker instead of the last ship earned by your promotion. You now receive the best starship available to you and no debt.
  • Fixed a bug with immobilize, interrupt, and disarm that could result in hull damage being done that could potentially improperly destroy a ship.
  • Caretakers of private space stations should now be able to register with mailboxes bolted in rooms.


  • Pets that end up lying on the ground for whatever reason should now automatically stand when made to follow.
  • The SLOCK and SUNLOCK commands now only show ships that actually need to be locked or unlocked. For example, none of your locked ships will show up on SLOCK.
  • Fixed a bug involving entering ships when you lacked a keyring. (Which apparently took three years to happen.)
  • Fixed a bug that would allow stunned people to access SYSTEMS.
  • Added the ability to tear empty pages out of photo albums. Remove <page> from <album>. You still have to be turned to that page.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting private organizations would fail pretty much always.
  • Added a taxidermy shop for dead fish. OH YEAH.
  • Added the ability to stuff dead salvage lifeforms as well.


  • Supplemented the old, cumbersome locking and unlocking method with two new menu-based verbs: LOCK (or SLOCK) and UNLOCK (or SUNLOCK). Lock and unlock may be superceded by ship and door functions, but SLOCK and SUNLOCK won't be. Additionally, you can LOCK/UNLOCK/SLOCK/SUNLOCK <ship name> to quickly match to a ship.


  • Service records now print the official time and date of destruction.
  • Added a couple scents to the scent thing.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed ships to launch interdictors when navigating out of a sector.


  • Added a two ship mission to the training mission room for people with less than six combat points.


  • Capital planets are now equipped with High Guard defense lasers.
  • Added a "Frequently Rejected Suggestions and Ideas" help file.


  • Increased the newbie tip interval. Hopefully this makes the tips less annoying, and will encourage people to leave them enabled.


  • The pet tracking facility on Pax Neutral now tracks babies as well.
  • Fixed a bug where certain messages, such as somebody entering the ship, wouldn't be shown through internal stun turrets. (Hopefully didn't break filtering.)
  • Added blast door status to the SECURITY command.


  • Droid names no longer allow punctuation. (This was actually a few days ago, but hey. Better NATE THAN LEVER, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, you should find that story and read it.)


  • Small boxes that are created when duplicating keys will now be labeled with the ship's name.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause tracebacks when launching proximity weapons in a simulator under certain circumstances.


  • Rejiggered the drone store to allow you to choose a type and a color.


  • The MAP command in ships has been updated to display more helpful symbols. Control rooms are C, engineering is E, docking bay is D, weapon rooms 1-9 are the numbers 1-9 and other weapon rooms are W. Hopefully that makes navigation easier.
  • Typing ENTER by itself will now select the first ship in the room that you have a key for.


  • Added arguments to the ARMOR command. You can now specify the clothing layer to see just that. Example: ARMOR HELMET.
  • Fixed a bug with containers on tables not working properly.
  • Advanced missions now show up in @mission-time after you transport the target back to High Guard Command.


  • Added a basic planet search to the shopping guide to allow players to see what stores are available on a planet.


  • Released a new mission in the advanced category.
  • Changed the ARMOR command to accept an argument for viewing the status of another person's armor.
  • Added a new option in the armory to repair all armor that you're wearing at once.
  • Using the flight command in a private space station's security center should now automatically clean the denied docking list of ships that have been destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with taking a Praelor into your group.
  • Added @WHO UNIDLE to display how many players have been active within the past 30 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where assigning the new advanced mission would spam a player.
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced mission where the mission would occasionally fail due to the activation of a previous failsafe.


  • Added the ARMOR command for quickly checking the status of your armor.


  • It's now possible to send a copy of a letter to every member of a private organization. Simply type ORG or ORGANIZATION as the recipient when you attempt to send the letter.


  • Sanitation drones now make an effort to not go back to a room they just came from.
  • Added a help file for the synchronized modulated laser pulse upgrade.
  • Additional storage rooms and battery storage rooms can now be removed to make room for more desirable empty room upgrades.


  • Fixed a horrendous bug where planets with custom landing messages would spam said messages over the internal stun turrets.


  • Individual pieces of armor can now be PUT into the armor storage bags instead of having to wear everything and USE the bag.


  • Changed the category view on the in-game board to show a star by categories with new messages to match the new message indicator in the message list.


  • Fixed a bug with painting eggs that would allow you to mix paint without selecting any colors.
  • Exiting a ship's airlock now displays a message. Now it's like a real big boy exit!
  • Fixed a bug that would allow one to draw a gun from a closed holster.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause debris to display the type of the debris rather than "Debris" when firing lasers or cannons.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a traceback when peering out in space with the "misc" argument.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to interact with system characters under special circumstances.


  • Fixed a bug where private organization owners were unable to post in their own announcements category. Also made it so that the player requesting the WHO ORG list would show up in said list, as that's the way the other 52 who options work.


  • Fixed a bug in closets and suitcases that caused pieces of clothing to be worth nothing when pawning them.


  • Video discs that are finished should now have the title included in their aliases. Note that this only applies to newly finished or copied discs.
  • Fixed a bug where droid remotes worked at extended range out of comms. Now they only work within the same sector.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to land multiple times on a planet.


  • Fixed a bug in the paintable Easter eggs that caused tracebacks if you painted them too much.


  • Added an Easter Shop where one can buy eggs and paint for eggs to create ridiculously named objects! Yay!


  • House and space station owners can once again dig outward. Doing so will automatically place an entrance to your current location in the new room.


  • Bumped up the worth of free-floating weapons-grade bardenium.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to remove spacesuits from each other when in a hostile environment.
  • Made it so house/space station owners can no longer dig exits that lead outward.


  • You can no longer launch a ship from the docking bay of a ship that is docked via a docking ring to another ship.


  • Handheld proximity weapon scanners should now properly display the name of the ship that launched the proximity weapon or video probe after the ship is destroyed.


  • Fixed a bug where one could use Lore OCR to scan and read a letter not addressed to them.
  • Fixed another exploding weapons-grade bardenium bug.


  • Added the CARGOFIX command to fix broken storage rooms.


  • Fixed a message board bug where returning to search results would result in a traceback.


  • Any private message board category called "Announcements" will restrict posting to org administrators.
  • Added wristwatches!
  • Made @who always use the player's linelength and added code to truncate insanely long names (if necessary) so that the alliance is always visible.


  • Donator tradesman request rejection letters should now provide a reason why an item was rejected.
  • Added an argument to the INFO command in ship stores. You can now specify a ship name or the number of the ship on the menu to get a list-display of the ship's statistics. INFO alone returns the regular chart view.


  • Fixed a bug that caused tracebacks when spacesuits got shredded by salvageable lifeforms.
  • Comm-option 10 (spell check your transmissions) now applies to metafrequency communicators.
  • Fixed a matching bug with private comms that should help alleviate the re-introduced bug of last name matching gone wrong(tm).
  • Fixed an exploit where one could expel and resalvage debris to generate salvage creatures to slaughter.
  • COMM-OPTIONS 7 returns for disabling comm disambiguation.


  • Private communicator disambiguation now exists. And is forced upon everybody.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause tracebacks if you had multiple pieces of weapons-grade bardenium explode in your storage room.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the salvaged lifeforms to sit there and look pretty instead of going insane and breaking things.


  • Proximity weapons now do random component damage rather than exclusively focusing on the hull.
  • There is now a chance that you will salvage a lifeform that will injure you and damage your ship. After you kill it, you can research the corpse at your friendly neighborhood research center.


  • Added the first piece of "effect debris" to uncharted space. Weapons-grade bardenium, if successfully salvaged, is worth quite a few credits. However, successfully salvaging it is tricky and if you're not careful it could explode in your ship.


  • @announcements <number> now allows you to view all announcements.
  • @changes now allows you to view previous changelogs.
  • Users of the advanced sensor array can now scan objects in space by coordinates. For example, if you spot debris at 5, 5, 7, you can type SCAN 5 5 7 to scan those coordinates.
  • If you have a debris scanner upgrade (don't panic, it's not available yet), typing SCAN DEBRIS will scan the piece of debris closest to your ship. SCAN OTHER DEBRIS etc etc will have the normal effect.
  • Released debris scanning upgrades. They allow you to see what a specific piece of debris is when you scan it.
  • All ships have been given an additional salvaging scanner.
  • Droid remotes now require biometric verification before they'll display a camera feed.


  • Updated the factions website to include a small bit of information about the CTN.
  • Added the HIGHGUARD command for viewing the High Guard channel transmission history.


  • Added armored clothing (not to be confused with stun armor), complete with convenient armor storage tote. Just to reiterate: NOT STUN ARMOR.
  • Added armor repair kits to augment armor.
  • The RAVEN AI is now capable of two new functions: The first is asking it a yes or no question. The second is asking it "What should I do?" and having it make helpful recommendations.
  • RAVEN now responds to knock knock jokes. Zany ISC!


  • Added handheld proximity weapon scanners.


  • Added a web-based version of the Galactic News. This should make it more convenient, especially in the coming times when more news articles will be posted.


  • Bugfix: Combat drone firing bug that made them refuse to fire on certain alliance ships.
  • Bugfix: The CONTENTS command of journals no longer fails when you have pages scribbled out.
  • (Ooooold)Bugfix: Made it so that your entire group, pets and all, is disbanded before entering a private organization meeting room.
  • Bugfix/Change: The shopping guide will now try to inform you of all potential store names as well as their locations. This fixes the fancy furniture bug.
  • Copied the push pulse announcement into a push pulse help file.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that would result in the target of a wavewarp attack not being notified that something was happening.


  • Fixed a bug with the METAF command where beginning sentences with a number would sometimes fail miserably.


  • Fixed a bug with namesakes that would allow you to put things in your namesake all WILLY NILLY.
  • Fixed a bug with entering cycling airlocks.


  • Added a 'Piloting Bonus' help file.
  • Fixed a bug where you could launch an unpowered ship if a drunk person launched and another person disabled main power.
  • The BC fighter store no longer charges you if your fighter name is unavailable and the purchase is aborted.
  • Fixed another bug with Praelor ammunition; this time dealing with ammunition not being used if you fire at another player (or yourself).
  • Updated the "Terms" help file for some common abbreviations.


  • Added punching bag repair kits.


  • Fixed a bug where TRANSFERRING a ship to somebody who lacked a free hand would create a "phantom key" that would interfere with LOCATE KEY.
  • Slightly decreased the chance of being caught in a gust of wind during atmospheric salvaging. Now you may actually stand a chance of getting to some debris!


  • Restored the INFO ASSISTS command for those curious individuals.


  • You can now type ENTER COURIER to enter the first courier ship on your keyring.
  • The Praelor salvager in the Praelor salvager mission now moves much more slowly. It should be easy pickins now.
  • Praelor in missions now only have a 3 digit number name rather than six.
  • Added the MISSION command to show some basic information about the combat mission a ship is on.


  • Installed a faster and BETTER urban mapper (won't affect people with sight enabled). No more MAP 60 lag. And Pluto kind of works.


  • Added a starship brig upgrade. (Not for trapping players, don't worry.)
  • Added synchronized modulated laser pulse upgrade. (Specific functioning and purpose to be announced. Hint: It doesn't do what you think it does.)
  • Added Praelor-lethal ammunition to stores.
  • Fixed ammunition containers and stun guns to work with Praelor-lethal ammunition.


  • Adjusted the rate at which atmospheric debris transfers. It should now go slightly faster than regular debris.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug in showers, which caused the water messages to display to the player who started the water when they left the shower with the water running.


  • You can now EXCITINGLY place drinks on a table and still DRINK them!


  • Metafrequency communicators now store the last 15 or so transmissions. You can access them through the METAF HISTORY command.
  • Ships can now notify you when your subwarp/slip/wavewarp drive finishes recharging. Inappropriately placed the toggle in the SYSTEMS command.
  • Battlecruiser blast door status now shows in the room's description.


  • Anybody who can deposit regularly into a fund can now auto-deposit into that fund.


  • Fixed a bug in charge transfer couplings that spammed the control room of the ship charge was being transferred to when the ship providing charge powered down.
  • Updated the asteroid hauling help file to make the starting sectors more clear. And accurate.


  • Fixed a bug with Lore faceplates and new Lore computers.
  • Added a task to automatically clean the alliance selection rooms. Players who haven't chosen an alliance within three days will be deleted.


  • Ownership of atmospheric salvager control rooms should now transfer with the salvager when transferring a starship.
  • Fixed a bug which caused control rooms to get spammy when people had the cameras of many internal stun turrets turned on and fired lasers which had been colored.


  • Fixed OPTIONS 3, even though it's completely worthless.


  • You can now deauthorize people from atmospheric salvagers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-deposits to deposit part of what you withdrew from a fund center back into the fund.


  • Solar panels can now be disabled through the SYSTEMS command.


  • You can now ENTITLE lockboxes.
  • Fixed a bug in which a person could sell a Battlecruiser or Speciality Ship that was landed on Shadius whether or not they were the owner/last pilot in the previous 24 hours. You were never intended to be able to claim a ship without ever having set foot on it.


  • Custom profanity filters are now available by typing PROFANITY.


  • Fixed a bug in apartments that allowed people to add non-player objects to the owners list.


  • You can now take group pictures with Lore cameras. Specify GROUP as the target.
  • Added the ability to view Lore pictures on your Lore. Unfortunately, the screen is just too tiny to make out specific details. You'll have to spring for holographic discs for that!
  • Fixed a few bugs with Lore computer naming that would cause %color to be displayed when performing certain actions.


  • You can now choose to deposit up to 50% of your income into a private fund.


  • Added data transfers to the Lore computer store.
  • Fixed a bug in the web board that would truncate replies with subjects containing /.
  • Fixed a message board bug that could potentially cause an infinite failure message loop if you tried to jump to specific inaccessible posts.
  • Removed clothing and metafrequency comms from being specifically imagized(tm) with Lore cameras to avoid showing pocket contents and frequencies. If somebody has an image of your comm or clothes and you don't want it to exist, please ASSIST.
  • Changed the default web board view to thread view. Complain if you disagree, but I find most everyone finds it more convenient.
  • The Lore shortcuts TRACK, SHOP, UPGRADE, and CAMERA/IMAGE now accept arguments. TRACK <id> allows you to track a specific ID, SHOP <item> allows you to search the shopping guide for item, UPGRADE <ship name>, and IMAGE <target> allows you to select a target to image.
  • You can now delete photos from your Lore album.
  • Added Lore faceplates for changing the color of your Lore computer. Thrilling!
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to blend babies if you DUMPed a container with a baby in it into a blender.
  • Added ship movement messages to GAG-OPTIONS.
  • Fixed simulators to carry over color and gag options to the avatars.
  • Added ship firing messages to GAG-OPTIONS.


  • Added Loretech holographic imaging. See OOC / Announcements for more information on why it's better than regular photographs.
  • Added high-capacity Lore computers with 10 expansion slots!
  • Added a BABIES command for those of us who can't tell what's a baby and what's a anything else.


  • Fixed a bug where attempting to enter a duct from within a shower would have less-than-desirable consequences.


  • Unwanted sanitation drones that you don't own can now be expelled from ships at Zander.
  • You can now also pick up sanitation drones that you don't own if they're in a location that you do own.
  • Fixed destination finders to once again work by typing: use find with <destination> and also working if you just type use find.
  • Added the lookup command to destination finders. LOOKUP <SECTOR> WITH <FINDER> will display a menu of destinations in that sector. You can then choose a destination from the list to get the regular destination finder display.
  • Point units now show when you have partial points.
  • Fixed a bug where peering out in a wormhole would show nothing.
  • (Probably) Fixed the bug that allowed charged ships into garages.


  • Fixed a bug in the variable length cargo display that caused the remaining weight capacity line to get cut off if you had short-named debris.
  • Babies that get stuffed in bags now sob and struggle to get out.


  • Added profiles for Corky Rowlands, Jingo Hoezee, Tim Wolf, Zackery Colson, and Lysander Belousov. Also updated my own (Albori's) profile.
  • Plugged a leak where a player could assign a mission to their ship and allow another player to use it to solo. The owner of the ship must be on board.


  • You should now be able to rename apartment private garages.


  • Fixed a few bugs in pool lockers. They should now handle hair clothing properly, and piercings should no longer end up in misc clothing when the locker is used to dress.
  • House owners can now toggle the PA in individual rooms. Note that this doesn't keep people from listening in, just talking.
  • Swimming in and pushing people into house pools flagged ocean will now cause people to smell like the ocean.


  • Fixed a bug where droids stopped firing back when they powered back up after being pulsed.


  • Fixed a bug in the pulse weapons that allowed ships to be fired upon after they landed.


  • Added two new options to the peer command: PEER OUT OBJECTS and PEER OUT STARSHIPS. These are used to see the specifics of a group of objects or ships if you have the grouping option enabled. Aliases for objects are: object, things, stuff, group, misc, and miscellaneous. Aliases for starships are: ships, starship, ship, starships, and powered.
  • Fixed a bug in babies that caused a traceback when people were trying to change them with diaper bags in their hands.
  • Converted all old stuffed animals to the new stuffed animal type that was released a few months ago.


  • Fixed a bug with showers where dropped items would vanish when the last occupant of the shower departed.
  • Fixed a bug when using TR ME.


  • You should now no longer be able to put piercings (eyebrow rings, tongue rings, etc) in containers if you're wearing them.
  • Fixed a bug related to the sorting of changelog dates on the website. It should now show the logs in the proper order.


  • You can now no longer toast yourself with a drink.
  • Added a map alias to the furniture store on Acrylon. Typing map furniture there should work now.


  • Fixed a bug in the Hale specialty upgrade store that allowed the purchase of cloaked mines even when the player didn't have enough credits to cover it. The result was negative cash.


  • You can now TOAST <person> WITH <drink>.
  • Fixed a bug where autopilot still worked when the sensors were destroyed if you used arguments in the move command.


  • Fixed a bug with closets and suitcases where they wouldn't properly display clothing with things in the pockets if you had the baglady (bag grouping) option enabled.
  • Fixed another bug that allowed BC fighters to be added to private organization ship lists.


  • Sanitation drones should no longer pick up baby cribs.


  • Gift boxes from Rosario can now be wrapped.
  • Resetting a starship simulator now destroys any proximity mines and blockades in it.
  • Added bronze to the list of material options for starship figurines.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed ships to self-destruct in docking bays.


  • Looking at rolls of wrapping paper and boxes of stationery will now tell you how many sheets they have, and looking at boxes of waffle mix will now tell you how many servings they have.


  • The PA now uses the speech color option.
  • The sdisplay command on punching bags now responds to status as well. You can now also type sdis and stat instead.


  • Added an indicator to the CARGO display to indicate how many individual pieces of a certain type of debris you have.
  • Messed around with the CARGO command so that it tries to display as much of the cargo name as possible. This is dependent on linelength (HELP LINELENGTH).
  • Renamed the status command on punching bags to sdisplay, due to the changes in the status command for starship rooms.


  • Modified the TRANSPORT command from within a ship to allow you to transport it to garages and back to landing pads rather than just one way.


  • Fixed a bug where babies could be stuffed into blenders. BUG OR FEATURE? Either way, removed.
  • Changed the sit message to cause you to sit up if you were lying down before issuing the sit command.


  • Added the PUBLIC command for houses that allows the owner to turn the biometric scaner on and off.
  • Added special gift boxes and wrapping paper for Christmas. Yay!
  • Fixed a bug in gift boxes that caused a traceback when you tried to wrap them without holding a sheet of wrapping paper.
  • Squashed a bug in the make command in starship stores that would dropp keys on the ground if you didn't have a free hand when answering yes to the prompt.
  • Added an ENTITLE command to the Christmas gift boxes.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented new accounts from being created. If you know anybody who had account creation fail, please ask them to try again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a traceback when trying to hang things on the walls of private station observation centers.


  • Added the BOX command for quickly gathering up holiday decorations into a container that you're holding.


  • You should now no longer be able to make keys for battlecruiser fighters.
  • The in-game and web boards have been modified to disallow blank message posting.


  • Fixed a bug in stationary boxes that made it look like they were discarding themselves when empty.
  • Added a free belt pouch machine on Pax Neutral.
  • Fixed a few bugs in belt pouches. This required adding a property to the generic container object and adding a few checks.
  • Fixed a bug where alien starships would fail to undock properly when they left the sector while still docked with you.
  • Haggling with aliens implemented. Board post 27585 has more information.
  • You can now LOCATE <SHIP NAME> ON KEYRING to locate ships without sorting through the entire output of LOCATE KEY.
  • Added the CHECK command to renaming centers to see how long you have to wait before you can rename again.
  • Simulated starships now come with a full compliment of blockades and proximity weapons.
  • Added HELP MEATCAKE! Now we will all know...


  • Starting the battlecruiser test now results in assists being force-cancelled.


  • Added a fighters-order command that allows the reorganization of fighters in the BC's fighters list.
  • Updated the proximity weapons help file to mention push pulses and remove the line about selecting alliance immunity.


  • Finally tracked down and fixed a bug that resulted in most, if not all, clothing to be owned by Albori.
  • Only 1 BC fighter can dock at a time now.
  • You can now type rep in a BC fighter bay instead of repair, just like in engineering rooms.
  • Fixed a small refrigerator bug that wouldn't allow you to put indirect descendants of food in them (like wombat jerky).
  • Fixed a minor annoyance where you could purchase the storage upgrades for fighters, despite the fact that they did nothing.
  • Passengers are now given a random description, which also fixed the random bug where it would list their characteristics rather than displaying them properly. (Passenger transports.)
  • Fixed a bug where you could transfer no cargo, yet it seemed to be transferring something.
  • Fixed an inventory vortex bug where trying to GET charms from a charm bracelet would give no message and move your charm into a black hole.
  • Mounts no longer follow you into a hostile or aquatic environment.
  • Riding mounts in dynamic rooms should now show the proper messages rather than being overridden by walking messages.
  • It's no longer possible to continue diving off of a diving board or start sliding down a pool slide while stunned.
  • The ARSENAL command now shows total available turrets and then total turrets. For instance! If you have 4 turrets and 1 is destroyed, it will show "Laser Turrets..... 3/4", meaning you have 3 operational turrets out of 4. Or something.


  • Fixed a bug where people who fell asleep during character creation would be sitting nowhere, which caused tracebacks when people looked in the room.
  • Added TR LINKCOUNT to communicators for counting the number of private links you have.


  • Fixed the BC fighter turrets. They were only taking 5 seconds of charge instead of 20. Oops!
  • You can now TRACE <thing> to determine where your asteroid hauling line, asteroid power cables, and asteroid tubing ends.
  • Fixed a rather annoying bug that caused the worth of battlecruisers to skyrocket when people replaced BC fighters.
  • BC fighters now show up correctly in the Lore shopping guide.


  • Fixed several bugs in character creation, the most notable of which are height not setting and tracebacks occuring when you choose a name that's not in the namesake database.
  • Finished and added battlecruiser fighters.
  • A few BC fighter fixes thanks to some excellent feedback. Most notable of these are that the double docking bug fixed, and fighter repairing checks now to make sure it won't drain the BC charge dry.


  • Ha! Ha ha! HA HA HA! Shadius has been described! Corridors and everything. Some rooms even have smells! And NPCs!


  • Fixed a bug where you could sit on non-sittable room details.


  • Added boxing gloves to be used with punching bags.


  • Fixed a bug where starship medical centers were using different code from regular medical centers, thus allowing you to heal a gazillion times in a row when you should only have been able to do it once.


  • Fixed a group bug where babies wouldn't stop following if you had the maximum numbers of followers. (INCIDENTALLY, HOW DOES A BABY FOLLOW AT ALL?)
  • Fixed a bug where invalid outbound salvagers would cause a multitude of errors when being attacked.
  • You can now no longer punch punching bags if both arms are broken, or kick them if both legs are broken. Furthermore, You will now only be able to kick or punch them with an unbroken limb.


  • Specific destination mapping has been fixed to work on stations with multiple docking points (Pax).


  • The suit command should work for tradesman full body spacesuits now.
  • Added a few more suspends to the new Praelor class to give a better chance of destroying it. It should now randomly pause between debris in addition to the regular pauses.
  • Updated the ornaments in the Christmas tree store with the new Praelor and human ship classes.


  • Fixed a bug where certain pieces of cargo were being recognized as debris, thus allowing you to TRANSFER at a landing pad and receiving 0 credits and points because nothing actually transferred.
  • Rogue video probes are now able to be destroyed.
  • Internal stun turrets now require recharging, which should effectively eliminate the multiple people firing the same turret at once issue.
  • COUNT now works with closets and suitcases and things of that nature.
  • COUNT now works on keyrings.
  • Some of the carpet options now have colors available. I thought they always did, but apparently I thought wrong.
  • Added a new easy mission to disrupt Praelor salvaging operations.


  • Droids no longer limp when they have injured legs.
  • Fixed a matching bug where rooms with unimaginably enormous numbers of objects would case tracebacks.


  • Fixed a bug where typing no at a repair prompt could result in a traceback.
  • Changed the shopping guide to disregard stores with no exits or hidden exits. This might affect generic stores, though, so if things disappear please REPORT it.
  • People with broken legs now limp to and fro.
  • ATMs now show a complete summary of your transactions, both income and expenditures.


  • Added SHIP-COMMAND <search term> and COMMAND-SEARCH <search term> commands for searching the player and ship commands help files. It might not help anyone, but it's there.


  • Implemented a basic hints and tips system to help out new players.
  • Fixed a bug in NAVI where using full direction names as arguments wouldn't work.
  • You can now only submit one tip at a time.
  • Repair centers now give a more appropriate message if you try to purchase a repair that you can't afford.


  • Fixed a bug in the wavewarp drive that would allow you to travel to the halfway point and abort without using any charge. Now it takes the charge at the halfway point.
  • The wavewarp command now displays recharge time remaining if applicable.
  • The STATUS command is now split into categories. If you want to view a single category, STATUS <category> will do it. If you want to do a broad search for terms in the status display, STATUS <search terms> will do that. If you want to go back to the old functionality, OPTIONS 27 will do so, but you'll still be able to use the search feature. WHAT'S THE POINT? So we can add random things to status that would normally spam it up.
  • Expediters were added to the starship museum.
  • Fixed the PRINT command to use the new status reports.
  • Added air fresheners and colored lasers to STATUS.
  • Video cameras now shut off when placed in bags or other non-rooms. HOORAY!
  • New posts made with the web board no longer show as being unread to you.


  • Removed ducts from vehicle bays.


  • Made STATUS show the (hopefully) correct status of solar panels (whether or not they're active or not). Previously it assumed that if you were near a star it was charging, but now it's more complicated than that.


  • Fixed a bug in trading centers where nickel would cause a traceback. But it's spelled correctly now!
  • Avatars in simulators are now anatomically correct.
  • Fixed a bug with dragging your feet in dynamic rooms. It now substitutes properly.
  • Message board now have a menu columnizing option to display (some) menus as columns rather than a list.
  • Added another board option for columnizing post displays.
  • Changed the way punching bag destruction is handled.


  • Ownership of cargo in transferred ships is now changed to the person being transferred to. This fixes a recyclable-in-cargo bug.


  • @mission-time has been restored to its former glory, with one exception: In order to remove the people in tops exclusions (as requested), destroyed ships no longer display on the mission time list.


  • I disabled my SUPER LAG VIRUS that I imposed on the players in my fury. By which I mean I fixed a bug in the semi-distracted code that caused lag when determining who was reading input. Now it's not stupid!
  • Fixed the dig command for house/station owners. It now only subtracts credits from station owners if they go over 10 rooms like it does for house owners.
  • Added @cspell <word or phrase> for checking your spelling whenever.
  • Added a new COMM-OPTION to check your spelling after each transmission.
  • Added the option to check your spelling before posting on the message board.


  • Yet another change to punching bags. You can now punch if you have at least one free hand. Furthermore, if you only have one free hand, you will only punch with that hand.


  • Punching bags now slam into random objects and people.
  • The COUNT command now accepts an additional argument to specify what you specifically want to count. For example, to see how many charge boosters are in a bag, you would type: COUNT BOOSTER IN BAG. See message board post 26394 for more details.
  • Ship-expel now works on private stations.
  • Added a status command to punching bags.


  • People on tops exclusion lists will no longer have their ships appear on @mission-time.
  • Namesakes have been introduced. Read OOC / Announcements for more information.
  • Added the Expediter class starship.
  • Ships destroyed by Praelor will now receive a service record printout.
  • Addded a help file for namesakes.
  • Walking messages now work in dynamic rooms (archaeology sites, asteroids, etc).
  • You can now ignore notifications for specific threads on the message boards.
  • Message board users can now type EDIT at the confirmation prompt to fix their message before posting it, rather than having to renavigate through the menus.
  • Fixed a bug where sector content notifications weren't being piped to other rooms properly.


  • A bug allowing multiple players to use a the turret console in a control room has been SQUASHED.
  • That is, multiple players using an internal turret console at the same time.


  • The birthday command now returns your current set birthday if you already have one set.


  • Added a set command to pool lockers that allows the owner to have their name displayed when people look at them.


  • Fixed a bug in planetary mining transports that let players enter them while lying down.
  • Video probes now keep a history of what occurs in the sector (15 lines for now). The PROBE command has been added to see what probes you have launched as well as to view the history. When video probes get destroyed, they print the history (including who destroyed them).
  • PIPE command added to the control room to pipe all messages that originate in the control room through the entire ship. Wonkiness may ensue.
  • Flight control scanners will now tell you if they're on or off when looked at.


  • Added banana trees.
  • Modified the way babies work code-wise so that they no longer spawn 9652 tasks just to make every baby in the game react at a different time. Now it's a single tidy verb.
  • Fixed a potential slowdown in the movement code where, under certain circumstances, ships with quiet mode disabled could potentially move more slowly (probably not perceptible) than ships with the option disabled.
  • Wormhole drives now show up when executing DAMAGE DRIVES.
  • Added doors to roborants.
  • TR LINKS now shows people are unavailable if they have their communicator disabled or the private channel muted.


  • Showers now are part of the ship and as such, people in them can be booted and stuff.
  • Made it so if you go in to the shower with clothes on, it makes your clothes wet. TAKE THAT!
  • Made all appliances more expensive. sry they made no sense
  • The door code cracking store on Shadius was fixed. It cracks all doors on a ship now.
  • Drying is now done automatically with TIME. So uh, your clothes won't stay wet forever!!!
  • Added the WALK command for all of your walking needs.
  • Sinks will now display a message if they're on when you look at them.
  • You can now see from outside who is in the shower by LOOKING at it.
  • You can now change how droids walk via the remote.
  • Fixed a bug in the newbie ship cleaning code that, under certain circumstances, would cause occupied newbie ships to be moved to the landing pad.
  • Condition command added to punching bags, so you don't have to see the picture pasted to it to see how badly damaged it is.


  • Fixed yet another bug with punching bags that caused them to be marked critical, and hence made them unable to be recycled.
  • You can now put pictures on punching bags.


  • Fixed a bug in pool slides that wouldn't let people USE them.
  • Added punching bags.
  • Fixed a bug in punching bags that allowed people to punch even if they didn't have both hands free.
  • LOCATE KEY now works on any planet or space station in known space with flight control.


  • Fixed a naming bug with filling empty bowls with water from a sink.


  • It should no longer be possible to land or exit simulated ships.
  • Mission assignment should utilize the new ship selection option.
  • Belts now obey the option to group items in bags and rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where making apartment keys from outside the apartment failed.
  • Flowers can now be worn in your hair! Hoorah! Also fixed the message for flowers and generic hair clothing.


  • Added options 26 to allow players to type the name of their ship rather than choosing from a list.
  • Salvage containers will now be given to you in the ship store when you sell a ship and have a free hand.
  • Opting out in a courier lobby now includes not receiving notification of promotions.


  • Added BEACONS RADIUS to allow players to specify a range to check for beacons.
  • Scan filters now operate per-room rather than per-ship. Added the APPLY-FILTERS command to make all rooms match the control room filters and the RESET-FILTERS command to bring them all back to default (including the control room).
  • Private station security centers can now change passwords with the PASSWORD command.
  • Ralph now sells copies of his quote book to people who give him 1 million credits or more.


  • Added a new shady type of Lore hardware.
  • Restarted the Priorum NPCs wandering process! Only mentioned here so people don't think the NPC got removed, since apparently he's been stationary for quite some time.


  • Players in the room with you now see a message when you begin expanding/collapsing drones. Also, should you be stunned while expanding/collapsing a drone, you will not be able to finish the process. Since you'll be stunned and all.
  • Added COMM-OPTION 10, which allows you to automatically deny incoming private comm requests.
  • Communicators can also auto-accept all link requests now.
  • Transferring starships now requires that both the recipient and the owner be in the same store and the recipient must approve the transfer before it can take place.


  • The INFO command now shows the number of fish you've caught, you crafty fisherman, you.
  • Interdictors will now collapse wormholes that have already been created. Meaning: You will no longer be able to launch a interdictor mid-FTL and travel through the Wormhole.
  • Medical droids can now diagnose in remote mode.


  • IC message boards are no longer accessible while stunned.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tactical display of the Miriani HUD to crash. Armor fails.


  • Laser tag is (mostly) complete. Arenas can be found on Tempur, Pax, Miriani, and High Guard Command. More locations to come.
  • Fixed several bugs relating to laser tag: You should now be able to END early without breaking the game, firing is now possible in advanced games, the end game report should appear all the time now, games stuck as in progress when they really aren't should clear automatically now (most of the time)


  • Added a new moderate combat mission.
  • Fixed a bug in the new missions where couriers didn't have a unique name and would get removed from the ship database, thus breaking all existing courier missions.
  • Muzati now give a bounty! Of both points and credits.
  • Added push pulses. Reference #24862 has full details, but basically, they shove a ship that runs into it or fires on it around.


  • Fixed a few problems with aquatic landings and wrote some messages for it.
  • Players can no longer use a point unit's GOAL command outside of communications range due to immersion issues.
  • Fixed a bug where Praelor ships showed up in the registry.


  • Fixed a bug where drives stopped showing up in the non-specific DAMAGE report.
  • Added the ability for airlocks to cycle in an aquatic environment, should the ship be equipped for that sort of thing.
  • Improved the Empanda pet adoption thing to analyze notify verbs to determine any verbal commands (and the pet's name, if possible).


  • Aquatic landing capabilities added as an upgrade for (most) starships.
  • A new GAG-OPTION has been added for ignoring custom planet landing messages for those who don't care about detail.


  • Added the argument DRIVES to the damage command and fixed a bug where drives showed up under the turret heading.
  • Modified (most? all?) of the upgrade stores with variable prices to tell you the price if you can't afford it. This is mostly useful for people who don't have a Lore computer.
  • Made the mission jumpgate clear your hit/destruction counter, since it normally only gets cleared upon landing after a successful mission.
  • Set the correct landing pad in the Aquatimis mail center!!!
  • Fixed a conflict with the authorize verb in ships and certain pets and mounts and WHATNOT.


  • Pulse weapons removed from "Damage laser/turret" display in ships. New option: "damage pulse" added!
  • You can no longer print out service records when a ship's main power is off. (system 1 in an engineering room) That's immersion, for you!
  • No more blank space after "Praelor Kills" in a player's info when there are no other points except for general and combat. Players with points in things like asteroid hauling or artifacting will not notice a change.
  • Fixed a bug with towels where they liked to clean up sludge a lot.
  • The content of HELP APARTMENTS has been moved around for easier digestion of pricing and rent vs. initial cost.
  • Fixed a typo in SYSTEMS 1 that results in the oh-so-controversial escape pod to escape stranding thing.


  • Added an experimental matching option (MY). If you add MY before an object name, it will only match to items that you own. For example: 'collapse my drone' will collapse the first drone that you own. 'collapse my third drone' will collapse the third. etc.
  • Fixed a bug where it no longer indicated you were swimming when you looked.
  • Fixed a bug with house BOOTing.
  • Made a small addition to policy 3.
  • You can no longer blend together previously blended things.


  • Escape pods can no longer be launched while the ship is in motion.
  • People are no longer marked as intruders if you unlock your ship and they enter.
  • Pulse weapons no require recharging when they fail to lock and never actually fired. Pulse weapons failing to fire also no longer magically recharge the long-range laser for no good reason.
  • Messed around with pulse emitter and player look_self code to facilitate a few tradesman items. (Yeah yeah, I know players don't care, but this isn't technically a changelog for them to follow. They just can if they want to.)


  • Empty newbie ships left floating in space will now return to their capital planet every few hours. We'll call it towing.
  • @warnings should be back in action!
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where you could USE things on other people. Probably broke USE entirely, though.
  • Decreased the size of carriers so that they can't hold 52.8 battlecruisers.
  • Oh, uh, made @warnings work for non-wizards. Ahem.


  • Beta channel added! Type beta <message> Also, beta off to turn it off and beta on to turn it back on! YAY!
  • Added a beta channel for when I want to discuss things with players. BETA OFF disables it.


  • Fixed a bug where trying to lock a ship would fail, thinking you meant to lock a door.


  • Corrected the price of proximity weapons in the proximity weapon stores. Thanks to the one honest person who reported it!
  • Added the OPTOUT and OPTIN commands to courier lobbies for those who do not wish to receive mail notifying them of their payments.


  • If somebody denies you permission to remove something from them twice, you will have to wait five minutes before trying again.
  • Added a filter for commlink messages to the emote abuse catcher to prevent people from tricking others into saying yes to another prompt.
  • Requests to remove items from people and request private links expire after 30 seconds now.
  • You can now no longer request private links or request to removal objects from people if they are already reading input. This puts an end to link and remove spam.
  • Fixed a couple of droid pulsing issues. Most notable of which is medical droids won't fire counterstuns at you when you try to pulse them with an empty emitter.


  • Implemented the new shared account/record feature.
  • Updated policy 3.


  • Updated the couriering help file to mention the TRANSFER command.


  • Droids should now be able to enter ships with broken hatches.


  • Added a door lock cracking place to Shadius for all of your door lock cracking needs.


  • Finished up the framework for a new simple mission type. Probably broke all other missions in the process.
  • Added section 8 to the DEFENSE handbook.
  • Proximity weapons are now more expensive and require one second to launch.


  • Locked doors should now also be reflected in the duct network by a locked duct panel.
  • Doors now block peering.
  • Fixed a bug where DOORLOCK would stop in the middle of trying to change an access code.
  • Sanitation drones should now no longer be able to phase through closed doors!
  • DOORAUTH command added.


  • You now get an exciting single second of roundtime per every blockade launched. Before you cry it makes no sense, we assume that it takes you a single second to configure each blockade in a shield configuration. Blockade early!
  • New Voyagers have some test doors. I'll add doors to other designs... later. And see about upgrading existing ships.
  • Added some functions to the NPC scripting language to allow NPCs to "hook into" the event system. Along the same lines, also added several events necessary for the completion of a semi-interactive newbie combat tutorial NPC, but they should be useful in other areas as well.
  • Added doors to Expeditioners and Battlecruisers. Also modified the DOOR command to be slightly more intelligent with blast doors and regular doors. If the DOOR command has a directional argument, it assumes you mean regular door command. If you're not in a room with doors, the DOOR command controls blast doors only. Otherwise you are prompted what you want to control; blast doors or regular doors.
  • Existing battlecruisers, voyagers, and expeditioners should have doors installed now. Todo: Ducts, ability to change the doors in your ships, and figuring out what other ships have staterooms to convert. And the command to authorize other people to control the locks of individual doors.
  • Added the ability to customize the lighting in a room. Nothing changes it yet, but future building options will allow for customizing local lights.
  • Removed blockade roundtime pending some further thought.
  • Added the oh-so-requested COUNT feature to containers. You can now easily determine how many items are in containers by typing COUNT <container>.
  • Added the PEOPLE command to see who is in the room with you for those times when LOOK just isn't good enough!
  • Added GOAL-COMBAT for projecting a combat point goal.
  • Added some guidelines to the battlecruiser application. Be sure to READ IT before you fill it out.
  • Go-exits named door should work again!
  • Added an option to the web board (USE your board reader, type OPTIONS, and choose 11) that will disable message previews in tooltips in your browser. This may result in faster load times, or maybe this feature annoys you. Either way it can be disabled now.
  • Did a a few EXCITING optimizations to the web board while I was there. Someday it will be as fast as... stuff.


  • Doors are mostly implemented in the generic room. They can be tied into password authorization for things like locking staterooms (COMING SOON(tm)). Still have to make houses owners able to create doors and fix socials to properly match to doors. But they're mostly functional.


  • Good aliens now defend themselves! Hoorah!
  • Friendly aliens should possibly, in theory, appear now! And disappear after a little over an hour of sitting in a sector. (Sorry folks, no cargo haulering sectors for permanent repair/rearm.)
  • Fixed the PEER-BRIEF command.
  • Fixed a bug with where trying to PLACE players on a room detail (as opposed to a real object) would cause a traceback. bit != but
  • Fixed several bugs related to character restoration and clothing. Consequently fixed a bug with normal clothing verification that really wasn't a problem but could have been.
  • Fixed the ever-so-annoying double social bug in internal stun turrets.
  • Fixed a bug with the AIE runabout where it would deflect mines into itself, which is obviously the opposite of what you want.
  • Added a few ship-wide carpet options. Note that they do NOT count toward the overall worth of your ship, as they're extremely cheap and not worth tracking.


  • You can now trade debris to alien starships for replacement components should yours be destroyed. There is a certain chance that some aliens may not be able to replace certain components, and they may run out of supplies before all of your repair needs are met.
  • Fixed a bug with droid cameras where the emote abuse markers wouldn't show up properly for users of sight mode.
  • Added a few missing facilities to Outreach. Also added map aliases to various additional stores to make mapping them easier when they have non-standard names.
  • Made the profanity filter work with droid cameras. Unfortunately, internal turrets still fail because of the same reason as the followers option. Someday it will be rectified. But that day isn't today.


  • Modularized cargo transfer code. Good alien ships can now request debris in exchange for services.
  • Completed good alien bardenium exchange.


  • The web board is now compatible with belts.
  • Fixed a bug where idle people were being rewarded for doing missions.
  • Fixed an exploit where the math for mission rewards could be TRICKED when overloading a fighter during missions.
  • Changed the after-mission stats to hopefully better reflect the true number of times you hit enemy ships and the number of ships you actually destroyed. It will still be kind of off on ships that everybody destroys at the same time, of course, but it should be closer than before.


  • MONSTER MASH ADDED. This is the most significant change in the history of Miriani.
  • Fixed a bug where typing O would work but typing OUT would do nothing.


  • Fixed a bug with couriers and slip drive.
  • Added more information to the Empanda request place. It should be noted, however, that not all custom commands may be picked up, and the food list only works for one type of food robot. The parent thing also only checks for one type of food robot, so others will likely appear as pets.
  • Modified the COMMANDS command to reveal verbs on not only ancestors of an object, but the object itself. Hopefully I don't regret that.


  • Ships in private garages should go to the correct place now when destroying an apartment.
  • Fixed a rather serious bug in the newbie detection code that was using YOUR connected time instead of THEIRS to calculate their newbie status. Ahem.


  • It should now work to 'REPAIR C <number>' instead of typing 'REPAIR CANNON <number>'.
  • Fixed a bug relating to docking with AI ships.
  • Updated the cruiser hull configuration to fit between Vanguards and Frigates.


  • Added space stations to notification options.


  • Fixed a bug where you'd get a reward for Praelor destruction if you landed on an uninhabited planet out of local space.
  • Fixed the STATUS report to show when components such as subwarp are destroyed rather than "functional".
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where disabling main power while NAVIing would cause an error upon powering up about how you can't power down while moving.
  • Wavewarp should no longer report damaging planets or space stations, since it doesn't actually do anything to them.
  • Switching alliances should now clear any new message notifications for any message board readers you own and are carrying.
  • Pulse weapons should no longer break horribly if you land while using one. Although, now that I think about it, they may break if your target lands... maybe that was the bug in the first place... hum de doo. Somebody really should look into that!
  • Fixed (or broke completely) a docking bug involving docking bays and docking rings.
  • Blending alcoholic drinks now makes the resulting beverage have the same amount of alcohol as the highest alcoholic drink blended. Woo.
  • Made the DAMAGE verb report when a component isn't a full percent damaged but is still damaged enough to justify notification. It will now show <1% in this situation. Also took the opportunity to do some minor optimization in the damage verb.
  • Private garages in houses now have house-like qualities, such as PA and BOOT.
  • Fixed the retrieve command for house garages.
  • Fixed a bug where yes or no prompts wouldn't work in simulators. This was usually only a problem for firing confirmation prompts.
  • Fixed a bug in the shopping guide that caused items on Zander to be displayed multiple times. Also changed the display a bit to show additional locations under the location column, which despite being spammier looks better. And, since I was there, did a few optimizations to the shopping guide.


  • Praelor Potate should now no longer launch a million ships with no limits.


  • Fixed web help to properly link to related secondary help topics.


  • People out of comms now have a small chance of encountering Praelor ships. Coming soon: Good guys!
  • Fixed the priests to report the correct amount of time before you can change your name.
  • Tattoos can now (disturbingly) be removed. Also fixed a bug where you could get a million tattoos in the same place.


  • Due to a rapid increase of the number of spacesuit items lost in the wrong storage bag, you now have to be holding or wearing the bag to use it. This probably should have been the case to begin with.


  • Courier weapons can now only be used against ships that have directly fired on you or things that present a threat to your ship, such as blockades or proximity weapons.
  • Added a prompt to spacesuit storage bags so you can ensure you're using the correct one.
  • Added a new courier ship! Also modified several older courier ship designs as well as fixing the power required to fire their weapons.
  • Pool lockers fixed to accommodate the new clothing layer and hidden pulse emitters.
  • Added 70something space stations that will house trading centers for asteroid mining and to provide destinations for remote couriering.


  • Socials now only limit you from performing the same social multiple times a second. This way you can, say, grin and then wave but you can't PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH. Anybody continuing to abuse socials, however, will have a flag set restoring them to one social a second.


  • Fixed a bug where droids wouldn't respond in a hostile environment because of the say/transmit change.


  • Transport pod followers should work. (At least my droid followed me.)
  • Added cushion details to those pesky pods so people can sit on them and feel pretty.


  • Updated the GOAL command to reflect changes to difficult missions and debris.


  • Finished the first half of the new pod network. It should function independently of the second half.
  • Fixed a bug where the immobilization pulse would require recharging even though it aborted and never fired.
  • New pod network is up and running.


  • Using pets to make them stop following should work again.
  • Couriers, passengers, and mail deliveries no longer go to private stations to avoid flight control snafus.
  • Pulse weapons have been fixed in simulators.
  • Airlocks now do a leg injury check.
  • Movement on asteroids now also does a leg injury check.
  • OPTIONS 5 has been fixed to work on asteroids and archaeology sites.
  • Asteroids and other dynamic rooms should show exits again.
  • The Flitter has been added to the starship museum. Hooray!
  • Subwarp, slip, and wavewarp should now cause solar panels to extend and should trigger proximity weapons (maybe).
  • The word say is now replaced with "transmit" when you're in a hostile environment. Fun!
  • Horse and cake socials are OPERATIONAL.


  • Fixed a bug with asteroid hauling where it would cause the entire MOO to lag if you tried to haul to a station that was blockaded.
  • Added the PARENT command for house and station owners to change the parent of their rooms.
  • You are only allowed three pets, mounts, and/or babies to follow you at one time now.
  • Pets, mounts, and babies are automatically returned to you when you reroll. If this is undesirable, drop the salvage container and they will all die miserably.
  • A MENU is now available in the Empanda tradesman request area that allows you to adopt old pets. This requires a month of donator... something.
  • The newbie period is now 3 days of total time spent connected, rather than 3 days spent alive.


  • Blockades now come in 100 packs and interdictors in 10 and 50 packs. This is both for convenience and to possibly prevent database bloat, though I'm not holding my breath.
  • Implemented flight control control for private stations. Options include deny ship, deny alliance, and deny all.


  • Added a few new options and categories to the appearance generator. Also made it possible to actually wear things in your hair. The APPEAR command allows players to convert to the new styles. Surgyria will now always be synchronized with character creation.


  • Added the LOOK-OPTIONS command.


  • You can now POINT in directions! Try it today!


  • Added the @warnings command.
  • You can now only perform one social per second because people are really annoying.


  • Changed the linelength for the DAMAGE command so that pulses should display damage at the default linelength. Hopefully without overflowing.
  • I LIED ABOUT THE DAMAGE THING. Oh well, I'll rename the components later.
  • Renamed all of the pulse weapons that made the damage report hide information.


  • Fixed a bug in BC testing.


  • Added an alliance indicator for ships on sight-enabled starmaps. (And weapon rooms, I guess, since they share code with sight maps.)
  • Mr and Mrs Toastheads should once again be operational.
  • Fixed a matching bug that caused tracebacks when you tried to match an object while carrying and being in the room with a gazillion other objects.
  • Fixed an @who bug where it showed the legend for out of local people when there were none out of local.
  • Corrected a minor bug where the person who went through the mission jumpgate wouldn't see the good luck message while everybody else in the control room did.
  • Droids can no longer pick up debris. MINOR CHANGES AHOY!
  • Ships that can't salvage no longer show salvage related items in STATUS.
  • The shopping guide now shows upgrade prices to be variable rather than 0.0.
  • Fixed a minor clothing layer issue.
  • Droid cameras should now respect the gag options of whoever is holding the remote.
  • Apartment rooms are now 5 mil for donators no matter where their apartment is located.


  • Fixed a bug where ship keys wouldn't lock if you were in a ship.
  • Added additional salvage lines and salvage sensors.


  • Mail is now postmarked.


  • Added salvage sensors and restricted salvage lines. Freighters start with 2 lines and sensors, the rest start with 1 (I'll add more later). The salvage range upgrade adds another sensor and line to the mix.


  • Added CHECK verb to the Empanda Tradesman Request Center so players can CHECK when they will be eligible for their next donator item request.


  • Fixed a web board search bug.
  • Added stationery! AND BOOKS! WOO.
  • The upgrade estimator now allows you to get an estimate for any ship class.


  • Fixed some mapper bugs.
  • To expound on that, I noticed some non-rooms were appearing in planets and I fixed the mapper accordingly and will track down how those objects got to the planets.
  • Oh, so, those were people atmospheric salvaging. Ahem. Fixed!
  • To help avoid insta-destructions, planets and stations now launch 20 combat drones and do a small amount of damage rather than doing overwhelming damage.


  • Modified donator items so that the player is sent mail if the tradesman decline to make their item.
  • Bug allowing Orgs to create keys to org ships, after they had been claimed by someone else, fixed.
  • Fixed bug which caused sanitation drones to eat babies (hopefully)


  • Improved the shopping guide! Maybe. It should now show each item only one time instead of 915 trillion times. Selecting an item will show the various locations of availability.


  • Couriering works again!


  • Sanitation drones should now eat salvage containers that contain printouts!


  • Removed armor from ships.
  • Made docking only block one-way.
  • Fixed repair centers to properly repair all damage.


  • Hey, I've been neglecting the changelog. NO LONGER. Fixed a bug in atmospheric salvaging that would allow you to generate new maps without the dangers involved with going up or down in the atmosphere.


  • Finished the Hale specialty upgrade.
  • New specialty ships added.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the new specialty things. Mostly in the starmap and a few MIND BOGGLING LOGIC bugs. seriously going to bed now


  • Added flitters.
  • Finished the new Commonwealth specialty ability. ONE DOWN TWO TO GO.
  • Proximity weapons now announce where they launched to.
  • Finish the AIE specialty ability.


  • Fixed an apartment bug with the DESCRIBE command.


  • OOC warnings now give point penalties after the third warning.
  • Fixed a bug where landing pads would try to move your ship into a garage when no garage existed.
  • Made the High Guard laser fire again.
  • Telescopes should now properly not show unpeerable rooms.
  • AIE specialty ships no longer show Classified component and then blissfully list the component name right under that.
  • BC and specialty acceptance letters now show identifying information, such as the player's name in the letter as well as who sent the letter when you LOOK at it.
  • Proximity weapons now no longer allow "safe" alliances. 20 seconds after launching them they will "activate" and fire on any non-neutral starship.


  • Added verb MUTE with aliases UNMUTE, SILENCE and UNSILENCE to Generic Annoying Repeatey Thing (for birds that repeat things in the room)


  • Added a couple NUGGETS of information to the briefing center on High Guard Command.
  • Fixed a bug involving locked items remaining locked when you delete a private organization.


  • Fixed some minor bugs that I forgot to detail here. Oh well. They got fixed anyway.
  • Asteroid rovers now utilize charge boosters. Along with various other asteroid mining power changes.
  • Fixed a fun center input bug. VERY IMPORTANT OF COURSE.
  • Fixed a bug in player/account matching that would cause a traceback if you tried to do "other <player>" and only one person named <player> existed. This only happened in one or two circumstances.


  • Added a few help files.


  • Jiggered with Praelor debris. Now when they get destroyed they will leave behind a number of different components of varying weights and values. But mostly just a gooey mess. I hope to do the same with player starships and, eventually, have the various ships leave behind multiple pieces of debris when there is room.


  • You can now tell when someone is drunk by looking at them.
  • Added a new OPTION for showing inventory before description.
  • Added a line to player descriptions to indicate what stance they've adopted.
  • Added a few new artifacts.


  • Fixed a bug in stores where setting a property would attempt to apply options even if the property was meant to be numeric.
  • Fixed a bug with mapping when you tried to MAP MARK and your mark was set to 0.
  • Dance stop now works in droid remotes.
  • It should now no longer be possible to circumvent stun time stopping speech thing by enclosing an allowed command in quotes and adding your message.


  • By popular demand, you can now buckle people in when they're lying on furniture as well as sitting.
  • Certain facilities have been given aliases for MAP <destination> feature. That means that, despite the name, MAP SHIP should always take you to the ship store. Aliases were added for landing pads, repair facilities, starship stores, comm stores, trading centers, mail rooms, rearm facilities, and apartment complexes. That should aid in navigation.
  • To make things easier, we're adding map aliases to certain facilities that have something in common, to give a sort of planetary directory listing. For now, typing MAP UPGRADES will present you with a list of any upgrade stores on the planet. In the future, MAP CLOTHES and MAP FOOD will provide a listing of every clothing store and restaurant on the planet. Of course, that requires a lot of changes, so it won't happen overnight. Upgrades are done though!
  • Fixed a long standing bug in LOOK that wouldn't show the room title of an object if players had the bag condensing option enabled. Now it will properly show NPCs sitting on details.
  • You should now never launch over a piece of debris in atmospheric salvaging.
  • Fixed a store bug where attempting to BUY <upgrade>, <regular object> would cause a traceback, as <upgrade> calls a special verb on the store and must be called seperately.
  • Modified the COMMANDS command to show sit and lie on furniture. (The verbs are on players.)
  • Droids on remote can now perform socials through the perform action menu option.
  • Made the LOOKUP command available in trading centers.


  • Asteroid mining equipment is all defined (weight, power requirements, price) and can be loaded into ships and rovers. Rovers can now also transfer to and from the ship (both mining equipment and mined materials).
  • Trading now gives 0.3 points for every 1 million credits of profit you make.


  • Added asteroid rover hulls and control centers. They can now launch both with a vehicle docking bay ramp and without one.
  • PEERing out of vehicle is now possible.
  • Added the ability to @abort options in stores.
  • MAP <destination> now supports GO exits to a limited degree. It should work if the go exit is your final destination (MAP GARAGE, for example), but if the go exit is somewhere inbetween then it's anybody's guess as to whether or not it will work.
  • MAP <destination> now supports airlocks as well.
  • Asteroid rovers can now navigate asteroids, use and run out of power, store cargo/equipment, and utilize the MAP.
  • Droids should no longer be able to get furniture with people sitting on it.


  • Added a new GARAGE-OPTION to allow you to power up in a garage without returning to the landing pad. This might cause problems, so somebody will want to keep an eye out. Also added the TRANSPORT command to control rooms for returning to landing pads.
  • Changed the garage option to only work in private garages.
  • Added the ability for mineral scanners to specifically state what the mineral is when you're standing on a mineral pocket.
  • Fixed a bug where the mineral scanner side display wouldn't show in the lower sections of an asteroid surface.
  • Added a new pathfinder that should make point to point mapping more precise and easier to follow.
  • Apartment garages can now be deleted.


  • Lifted the restriction on specialty ship keys. You can now give keys to your friends from other alliances.
  • Added the High Guard laser to gag-options.
  • Ships now require one minute to retract their docking ring before docking can take place again.
  • Battlecruisers can now be sold on Shadius.
  • You no longer see yourself following whoever you're following.
  • Added a basic trading help file.
  • Added the INFO command to trading centers.
  • Added an asterisk next to commodities that require other commodities to be built. That would be tier 2 and above commodities, for anybody keeping track.


  • Fixed a problem with transferring cargo between docked ships. If the ships got undocked, they would be stuck transferring.
  • Added the ability to TRANSFER between courier companies.
  • Fixed a few courier debt bugs, I do believe!
  • You can now buckle other people into chairs, unbuckle them, and choose whether to make them sit or lie when you PLACE them on furniture.
  • Players should once again be able to leave the room on the same mount.
  • Added the PEER-BRIEF command for peering without seeing the destination room description.
  • Pet gagging now works properly. Fixed a bug where it would suppress the line if you only had pets following (legacy bug(tm)) and a bug where it would break if there were only pets following or only people following.
  • Ships in the sector are now notified when an interdictor is launched.
  • The duplicate command in ship stores now asks how many times you wish to duplicate a key.
  • Added private garages for the apartments on Empanda.


  • Added GAG-O for gagging eating, drinking, and pet followers.
  • Web authentication now allows logging in with account name or character name.
  • Proximity weapons should now properly report who launched them if the ship has since been destroyed.
  • Blockades and interdictors should also show the ship named that launched them even if the ship has since been destroyed.


  • Passenger transports will now ignore space stations that don't allow docking.
  • An attempt was made to fix the ever popular cannon double firing bug.


  • Boltable launchers now display the number of stored whatevers even if they aren't bolted.
  • trapped in changelog factory send help
  • Pilots who launch proximity weapons or interdictors in sector 24 now get targeted by the station's long-range laser.
  • High Guard Command's long-range laser system now prioritize targets: Praelor ships, targeted pilots, interdictors, proximity weapons, blockades.
  • High Guard Command's long-range laser system now fires faster when shooting at anything but ships.
  • Empanda Station is now located in sector 15.


  • Fixed a bug where deliverable mail caused a traceback when attempting to buy trading goods.
  • Fixed an inaccurate weapon report in gunships. An antiquated turret still existed in control rooms that could not be utilized but was also being reported as existing.
  • Destroying a courier ship with proximity weapons should now, in theory, cause the same penalties and rewards as destroying it through conventional means.
  • Droids can no longer pick up babies and pets.
  • Joining combat drones in simulators is no longer possible. (Thanks to the reporter who specified combat drone! This whole time I had been thinking target drone, which is why this went unfixed for so long.)
  • Chatter history is now unviewable when the chatter channel is muted. ** Reminder for the eventual comm rewrite to store individual histories so that it doesn't get recorded at all when the channel is off. **
  • Fixed web help URLs when you use in-game help to replace spaces with %20.
  • TR WHO now supports the options TR WHO CHATTER and TR WHO GENERAL. TR WHO will default to general.
  • Added a new COMM-OPTION for viewing timestamps in channel history in terms of "ago" rather than exact time. Also added timestamps to the general channel.


  • Mounts shouldn't follow you into space anymore.
  • The reply command now bypasses roundtime.
  • Added droid renaming to the droid personality enhancement center.


  • Corrected some typos on the privacy policy and changed the e-mail address.
  • Cleaned up some HTML on Down to five errors instead of 37.
  • Added the WORTH command to point centers for people who obsess about things like that.
  • Landing pads now clear drones, pets, and mounts every day.
  • You can put things on tables again.
  • Added another crash word to the filter. This time nobody was using it, so that's good.


  • Did some renaming fixes for things like @abort.
  • If you have message previews disabled in board searches, it will now show the author of the post next to (body) or (author) indicators.
  • Added a location check to the wormhole movement prompt.


  • Cut planetary surveying rewards, since all people do is scriptwalk and scan and it was an insane amount of credits and points for doing absolutely nothing.


  • The CONDENSE message is now a bit more clear when typing MOVE.


  • Droids can no longer pick up mounts.


  • Fixed two web board bugs dealing with empty messages.


  • The CDP should now do a sector check before firing. Who knew it didn't.
  • Ship destruction now results in a printout of the service record.


  • Fixed a bug where new pilots adopted an invalid stance.


  • In-game help now displays a URL to the web help topic. This can be disabled through the OPTIONS command.


  • Subjects are now a requirement for message board posts.


  • Fixed a bug where the docking timer only worked for one ship and not all ships involved. This is important because of the "tactic" allowing two ships to immobilize another by tag teaming docking requests. Now you must wait for the docking ring of all ships involved to reset before attempting to dock again.
  • Fixed a bug in the web board where message previews would break the HTML if they contained certain characters.


  • Damage that would normally not even be 1% now shows up as 1% simply to make it clear that the ship has sustained damage to that component.
  • Main power will be restored when a charge transfer is taking place.
  • Charge transfers will now abort if the ship supply power powers down.
  • Sayto is now properly recorded during assist logging.
  • Medical droids no longer waste energy healing people who are already unstunned.
  • The INFO command should properly display total time spent connected now. Previously it would only update the value when you disconnected. Now it takes the time you've been connected into account.
  • Keys should once again not magically work from anywhere in the galaxy. You must be standing by the ship, in the ship, or outside the ship in another ship's airlock.
  • Movement in a spacesuit has been changed to 10 seconds to better reflect the time taken to move a starship since the relativity changes some time ago.
  • The wavewarp drive now reports it has destroyed an artifact rather than giving the artifact's actual name.
  • You can no longer PLACE players on furniture that isn't in the room and bolted.
  • Looking at your communicator will now tell you if the chatter channel is muted.
  • Drones should now give more appropriate messages if you try to collapse them while they are pulsed.
  • Collapsing a drone will now cause you to automatically pick it up if you have a free hand. This prevents drone theft while also not doing something classically annoying by telling somebody they can't pick something up that they really should be able to pick up. Or... something like that.
  • Corrected an error in the manual navigation help file. 1 is, in fact, southwest.
  • Corrected the communicator and getting started help files to reflect the chatter channel.


  • Video probes now stay with the launcher when a ship is destroyed.
  • Looking at unbolted launchers should show how many things are loaded into them.
  • Droids in remote mode should properly detect recycled remotes again.
  • People who enter through your docking bay are now considered intruders if they don't have a key to the ship they're entering.
  • Fixed a web board error in thread view. When topics have the same subject, it was losing track of things, so I glued it together with a 1337 h4x (or whatever) until I can do threads properly.
  • Docking bay intrusion has been fixed yet again to plug an exploit.


  • Drones guarding in a ship room will now only fire on people who enter on their own free will. If they detect you dragging somebody into your ship, they assume the person being dragged is "with you" and they won't respond. The only time a guarding security drone will attack somebody entering your ship is if they do so without a key.
  • The STANCE command has been updated to give you four options. The first, elusive, gives you a bonus to dodging stun shots, but also a penalty to firing them. The second, aggressive, gives you a bonus to firing (chance to hit) but a penalty to dodging. Third, normal, gives no bonus and no penalty. And finally, precise, is what the old stance command did. It allows you to aim your gun to hit harder, but at the penalty of dodging and additional roundtime. To change your stance, type: STANCE [stance name]. Example: STANCE ELUSIVE.
  • To go with the stance command, it's now possible to both miss more often as well as the person to dodge the shot.
  • In order to balance the Holy Crap That's a Lot of Droids and Drones Syndrome, you're now only allowed to have one security droid or drone following you. In addition to this, only the droids and drones that are following you will take action against anybody who attacks you. This is very important: ONLY THE DROIDS FOLLOWING YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY RESPOND TO THREATS.
  • Catapults have been removed from the game.
  • Certain larger ship classes have had their hulls weakened slightly in order to make it possible for ships to actually be destroyed and to give people a chance against them.
  • The general communication channel has been broken in half. Please read HELP COMMUNICATOR RULES to avoid being banned from the general channel.
  • Since only one security drone can follow at a time now, we introduce COLLAPSE and EXPAND. If you COLLAPSE a drone, you can carry it around and put it in your pocket for easy transport. EXPAND it to bring it back to life.
  • In order to make matching less confusing, you can now type: SHOOT PERSON'S SECURITY to pulse their security drone without having to type something like "shoot fourteenth red drone".
  • If you now find droids and drones useless, Lukco Robotics now allows you to return droids and drones for a full refund. This is only available to droids and drones purchased before 4/29/08.
  • Drones can no longer be expanded in ducts. Or space.
  • Recycled droid names can be used properly now.
  • SHOOT PERSON'S MEDICAL added to allow for shooting medical followers.
  • The defense command has been removed. You are allowed two medical followers now.


  • Web board now supports searching, but pagination will have to wait.
  • Babies now all have an identifying line when you look at them. Baby has been removed from their names.


  • When you leave a private organization, it will scrub new messages from any message board reader in your possession.


  • Made it so that you cannot create an account from an IP address that is already attached to another account. You have to e-mail us to get an account for a family member.


  • Bugfix: Players can no longer see hosts if they do something like @WHO REN.
  • Bugfix: If you are aiming at another player and get shot before you can fire, you now no longer fire anyway. The code was checking roundtime, not stuntime.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer hear transmission announcements when spacewalking. Especially not those of players many coordinates away.
  • In order to make STATUS as exhaustive as possible, airlock elevator music now shows up.
  • The METAF command has been improved. Now, if it can't match to another communicator, it will transmit the number you use rather than suppressing it as a failed option.
  • Added two application commands: REVIEW APPLICATION to read through your answers and ANSWER # ON APPLICATION to answer or re-answer individual questions.
  • Pending message board notifications will now be removed if you USE your reader before the announcement of new messages.
  • Fixed a bug in the message board search that displayed a private org object number instead of private org name.
  • Fixed a bug in INVALIDATE that would cause the wrong key to be invalidated if one of the keys was in #-1 or a storage room.
  • Drunk droids have been sobered. Thanks to the one person who reported this when it happened to a lot more than one droid.
  • Fixed messages on the CDP as well as PLACING somebody on furniture.
  • You now dismount if you're on a mount you do not own and you get held and taken away. This is especially important for mounts that allow multiple riders.
  • Destination finders on belts should now work when you USE them. Of course, this broke the previous USE FIND WITH <destination> functionality, but if you desperately need that you can try do_use finder with <destination>.
  • Stores now report the name of the item you're selecting options for.
  • Atmospheric salvagers no longer report being in space and being in a docking bay.
  • The policy command is now accessible to the stunned.
  • Wavewarp drives are no longer able to be used in sector 0.
  • Praelor take out blockades now. They always should have, but I forgot blockades stopped being a child of proximity weapons.
  • Ship keys can now be dropped.
  • Mounts no longer negate roundtime from walking with injured legs. This helps ensure that donator items do not have an impact on gameplay above aesthetics.
  • You can no longer transmit to alliance channels when they're muted.
  • Talking to spatial objects is no longer possible.
  • It should now no longer be possible to keep HEALing somebody in a medical center to make the process go faster. In theory.
  • Campfires now work again with both hotdogs and marshmallows. Hooray!
  • @WHO OOL now no longer includes people out of comms, even though they're technically also out of local.
  • Fixed an EXPLOIT that allowed people to get around the various screen reader crashing filters.


  • Posting on the web board with stun/round time is no longer possible.
  • The priests should now rename people properly. They also now obey the no name changes for two months law that everybody else has to follow.
  • Added the splendid auto-QOOC generator:
  • Added the ability for hosts to delete messages through the web board. Also made favicons work with MOO-generated pages. And changed some visual aspects of the web board, like adding a green star to the message you clicked on in thread view. Added a link to return to individual messages in thread view.


  • Web board posting has been fixed.


  • DUMPing now prompts you to be sure it's going to the right place. I also added a disclaimer so that people who decide not to read the prompt can't blame me for their stuff getting stolen.
  • Fixed a random bug in the web who listing.


  • Fixed (hopefully) the proximity weapon destroying ships bug. Also the phantoms should all be cleaned up.


  • Ships no longer reuse object numbers. This prevents the (UNREPORTED BY MANY.) bug where old keys can, under the right circumstances, point to a different ship. Rare but it could happen.


  • Fixed an exploit where you could type SCAN to determine if a piece of debris was, in fact, a player.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could type MOVE PLAYER NAME to move to a player if they were debris.
  • Fixed another exploitish bug where players with insufficient points for archaeology were able to use archaeology equipment.


  • Fixed a message board search bug that causes it to think it found more results than it really did.
  • Wrote EVEN MORE help files! YAY!


  • Added 900 secondary help files and keywords.
  • Modified DISOWN to take two days to destroy the ship.


  • Fixed a CDP bug where it was trying to announce messages to rooms that didn't exist (AI).


  • Added the second wave of specialty ships.
  • Added a bunch of new message board options. Detailed in announcement 16273.


  • Split @tops into @tops and @combat. Added @passengers.


  • Fixed the reported times in the battlecruiser tests. And before anybody asks, no, no times changed. I just never updated the messages in the testing center before releasing it.


  • Converted the Bzzrs to the new AI. I didn't test it, though, so who knows.


  • Added the PA TOGGLE option to disable the PA in all rooms by the control room.
  • Added GUARD/UNGUARD verbs to universal remotes to allow for quick guarding and unguarding of rooms containing drones.


  • Added @who -ools and changed all (most?) of the who displays to use the out of local/comms symbols.


  • The EXT command now tells those in the ship who said the message.
  • Atmospheric salvagers now get transferred when you TRANSFER a ship or CLAIM a ship.


  • Fixed the escape pod bug where firing on a jumpgate would cause your escape pod to never make it home.
  • Changed the unlock failure message to tell you what ship it's trying to unlock to help prevent confusing ambiguity.
  • HA! HA HA! HAHAHA! Praelor no longer bounce! The bug was in the mission jumpgate, not the AI. Who knew.
  • Closets and suitcases now use grouped descriptions. (And yes, this was more of a PAIN than you'd think.)
  • Don't know if I ever documented this, but I made it so that destroyed ships disappear from @mission-time.
  • You can no longer abort landing sequences to buggily move while landing.
  • Fixed a bug in SAY that stripped quotation marks.
  • Also fixed a launch bug where you could STOP the ship in order to launch much more quickly.
  • Fixed universal remotes when unlinked remotes are residing in them.
  • Fixed a minor @who bug where it always said are, even when only 1 person matched your request.
  • @atmo and @birds now accept arguments for viewing more of the list.
  • The hatch bomb seller now checks if you have enough credits on hand. Oops.
  • You can now sit in furniture that is in a pool or hot tub room.
  • Message board readers in closed containers will no longer notify you. However, open containers still will. This is necessary for belts and whatnot.
  • Droids and drones should properly follow you onto transport pods now.
  • Pockets should also take object grouping into account. This, I feel compelled to point out, was even worse than suitcases.
  • Fixed expulsion of replacement components and made them lock so you can't walk around with them.
  • Fixed a bug where searching in message boards would fail if it encountered a blank message.
  • You can once again sit on people. WOO.


  • Removing org ships no longer gives your hard earned key to whoever removed it. Instead it will mail a key to the ship's owner.

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