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Changes on 12-29-12:

  • Fixed a bug where keyrings on the ground couldn't be picked up. Now you can pick them up all day long.
  • Various changes to Blazon rockets: They should now properly end combat missions, they should add to ship records with kills, firing them now uses a smattering of charge, they now announce to the sector (flight control) when firing, and salvo size is properly taken into account when determining hull damage.
  • Hopefully fixed the problem with rerolls not getting their tradesman items back. And, more importantly, rerolls should inherit their warnings and flags again when they have been bad boys and girls.
  • Added a ROOM-OPTION to disable out-of-band messages for socials when you have a semi-negotiated soundpack. This prevents you from seeing #$# socials <blah blah> if you're seeing them instead of your soundpack handling them.

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