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Changes on 12-27-11:

  • INFO and INFO WORTH now match. durpdurp
  • Auto-locking long-range lasers no longer possess the magical ability to be ignored completely by the AI.
  • Fixed the Venusian starship simulators to have the right parent object.
  • Pockets now respect the container gag option.
  • Courier channel confirmations added to COMM-OPTIONS by unexpectedly popular demand.
  • Sanitation drones are no longer afraid to go in airlocks! And, more importantly, out of airlocks.
  • The bias drive is now included in the drive charge cycle notification. Enjoy your spam.
  • Droids will now adopt their owner's look options for ease of looking.
  • The Lore store now makes it easier than ever to attach a strap, add paper to, or add discs to multiple Lore computers! (By which I mean it now recognizes when you may be holding or wearing multiple Lores.)

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