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Changes on 12-19-11:

  • You can now LOOK at items that are stored in compressed containers, such as closets and suitcases. If you're into that.
  • Be happy, the BAP social has been added!
  • Simulated starships no longer allow you to disable their main power. Enjoy not being trapped forever in the engineering room.
  • Rejoice! The PANT and GRUNT socials have been added!
  • @mission-time got slightly enhanced. You can now @mission-time <number> <mission type> to see <number> of <mission type> ships. Stalk away, stalk away, stalk away all.
  • Solar panels will now activate if you launch from a planet of asteroid that is one unit away from a star. Similarly, solar panels will (eventually) deactivate if you land on a planet or asteroid one unit away from a star.
  • Namesakes have been removed.

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