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Changes on 12-08-08:

  • Finally tracked down and fixed a bug that resulted in most, if not all, clothing to be owned by Albori.
  • Only 1 BC fighter can dock at a time now.
  • You can now type rep in a BC fighter bay instead of repair, just like in engineering rooms.
  • Fixed a small refrigerator bug that wouldn't allow you to put indirect descendants of food in them (like wombat jerky).
  • Fixed a minor annoyance where you could purchase the storage upgrades for fighters, despite the fact that they did nothing.
  • Passengers are now given a random description, which also fixed the random bug where it would list their characteristics rather than displaying them properly. (Passenger transports.)
  • Fixed a bug where you could transfer no cargo, yet it seemed to be transferring something.
  • Fixed an inventory vortex bug where trying to GET charms from a charm bracelet would give no message and move your charm into a black hole.
  • Mounts no longer follow you into a hostile or aquatic environment.
  • Riding mounts in dynamic rooms should now show the proper messages rather than being overridden by walking messages.
  • It's no longer possible to continue diving off of a diving board or start sliding down a pool slide while stunned.
  • The ARSENAL command now shows total available turrets and then total turrets. For instance! If you have 4 turrets and 1 is destroyed, it will show "Laser Turrets..... 3/4", meaning you have 3 operational turrets out of 4. Or something.

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