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Changes on 11-22-16:

  • Droids now properly exit remote mode if you hand them their remote rather than invoking the verbal remote command.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE. You can now HOLD a CAMPFIRE to initiate (or join) a handholding circle of friendship and love. Around the campfire. Preferably while singing songs of camaraderie.
  • Updated the "What is a ban? How long does it last?" section of POLICY 10. TL;DR don't assist on behalf of other players asking about their bans. They will be force canceled.
  • Emergency propulsion devices will now pull you to the top level of water before depositing you in your ship. Weight belts will be negated mostly, but not entirely, during this process. Try it today!
  • Fixed a physics-defying bug where you could put a belt inside of a belt pouch that was attached to that belt by using matching aliases.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed you to transmit with metafrequency communicators that weren't on your person or clipped to a worn belt.

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