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Changes on 11-21-16:

  • Added temporary submersible shelters that can be EXPANDed underwater to offer safety and respite to weary divers. These structures come with a certain amount of oxygen and will break apart after several minutes, dumping you back into the water.
  • Diving suits will now have a random chance to move up or down if they lack neutral buoyancy. Neutral buoyancy can be enforced with an integrated buoyancy compensator module.
  • Increased the time one falls unconscious due to drowning to 10 minutes.
  • Divers can now wear weight belts to keep themselves from rising from the bottom due to buoyancy changes.
  • Buoyancy compensators are now required to move up and down in aquatic environments.
  • The blind map for three-dimensional dynamic rooms will now only detect objects that are on the same level as you.

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