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Changes on 11-15-15:

  • You can now add multislices to food robots created in the robotics lab on Empanda Station.
  • Have you ever wanted to design your very own forcefield spacesuit, only to be so frustrated because you weren't able to design one to your exact specifications due to not knowing how they're made that you wanted to slam your head into a wall until you fell unconscious? Your troubles are over! Introducing the personal forcefield research and development lab on Empanda Station!
  • Tradesman labs now check if it's Christmas time before denying you access. (This means that non-donators and people without tradesman certificates can make their requests now.)
  • Droids now respect your options in regards to silent and quiet ship modes.
  • You can now force an E2 object match to be capitalized by capitalizing your match string. e.g. Lowercase: -toast. Uppercase: -Toast. YOU GET IT I'M SURE.
  • Rejiggered the way new food and drink items are generated in the robotics lab in a quite meaningful way. This won't mean anything for players, but it does make adding new item types considerably more streamlined for us. Relatedly, added drink bottles to the robotics lab and made food robots parse options in item descriptions (A %size cookie looks quite scrumptious becomes a giant cookie looks quite scrumptious). New food robots(tm) likewise support drink bottles now. The number of drink supplies taken from the robot upon ordering a bottle is dependent on how many servings are in the bottle itself.
  • Implemented blueprint data discs to copy designs from one simulator to another. To use them, INSERT <disc> into <architectural design simulator>, copy your design to the disc, and then EJECT it. Once your disc has a design written to it, INSERT it into the destination simulator and import the design from the menu. You can also LABEL or ENTITLE <disc> to give it a fancy name.
  • Biometric locks can now be installed on go exits with the BIOADD <go exit name> command.
  • You can now use your first or last name in E2 by adding a 1 or a 2, respectively, to the asterisk. e.g. *1 will be replaced with your first name and *2 will be replaced with your last name. * is your full name.
  • Added drink mixes and food spreads to the ever-growing options in the Empanda Station robotics lab.

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