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Changes on 11-07-14:

  • stunned players can now disable OOC room communication (ROOC) if they so desire via the ROOC OFF command. Once it has been disabled, it's gone FOR GOOD until you become unstunned.
  • Policy 4 has been updated. Again.
  • Added the OOC-PA command to indicate whether you are consenting to out of character talk over the PA.
  • Added the PA-CHECK command to starship rooms to see if everyone aboard is okay with OOC talk over the PA.
  • Sleeping crew members are now excluded from the PA-CHECK command.
  • People who are stunned now automatically count as nonconsenting for OOC PA communication, regardless of their options. If you're going to hold someone, please don't pepper them with your flagrant out of character speech.
  • Fixed a bug with aquatic salvagers where landing on prospective debris after getting hit by a massive wave would not activate the scooper.

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