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Changes on 11-07-10:

  • Added vehicle bay capacity upgrade to double the number of vehicles you can have in your vehicle bay.
  • Scratch that, added three new levels of vehicle bay capacity for a maximum of 20 vehicles! Hoorah!
  • Added a new advanced mission. Full details in announcement post 46758.
  • Fixed an ISSUE where not all of your metafrequency comms would show up on the history page of your "My Character" site.
  • Fixed a bug where you could RETURN to your ship in an atmospheric combat vehicle that had been destroyed, creating a repaired but still dead zombie vehicle. If you're still able to do this, please REPORT! Or ASSIST. Or send up flares or smoke signals. Morse code... telepathy...
  • Fixed a bug where launching an escape pod would mysteriously destroy all of your vehicles.

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