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Changes on 10-25-08:

  • Showers now are part of the ship and as such, people in them can be booted and stuff.
  • Made it so if you go in to the shower with clothes on, it makes your clothes wet. TAKE THAT!
  • Made all appliances more expensive. sry they made no sense
  • The door code cracking store on Shadius was fixed. It cracks all doors on a ship now.
  • Drying is now done automatically with TIME. So uh, your clothes won't stay wet forever!!!
  • Added the WALK command for all of your walking needs.
  • Sinks will now display a message if they're on when you look at them.
  • You can now see from outside who is in the shower by LOOKING at it.
  • You can now change how droids walk via the remote.
  • Fixed a bug in the newbie ship cleaning code that, under certain circumstances, would cause occupied newbie ships to be moved to the landing pad.
  • Condition command added to punching bags, so you don't have to see the picture pasted to it to see how badly damaged it is.

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