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Changes on 10-03-15:

  • The DOORAUTHORIZE command now indicates who is already authorized instead of making you wildly guess what's going on.
  • You can no longer TRANSPORT ships to a private garage while standing on a landing pad if you don't own the ship in question. This is to prevent people from sneakily transporting somebody else's ship into their own private garage for safe keeping.
  • The TRANSPORT command in starship control rooms now has an accompanying announcement to indicate who's moving your ship around.
  • Improved the odds of a ship launching from a docking bay NOT ending up in the same coordinates as an incoming AI ship.
  • Fixed a bug where USE TELESCOPE would not work without arguments. Now it does!
  • Dryers are now better able to mercilessly extract all semblances of moisture from anything unfortunate enough to be caught inside of them, now including things attached to belts or shoved in pockets. NOWHERE TO HIDE.
  • NAVI can now resume after a wider variety of failures, including after stopping for an interdiction field.
  • You can now DUMP/EMPTY archaeological artifact containers into one another.
  • Communicator socials now count towards the @TOP-SOCIALS list.
  • Internal stun turret cameras will no longer cut off trailing quotation marks from text they see.
  • Droids that share names with socials should now be much more obedient when instructed to do those socials (e.g. Slap the droid wouldn't be able to slap people).
  • Added yet more sanity checks to short-range rockets on CTN Blazons to prevent firing on a ship that has since left the sector.
  • Improved support for MATCH-OPTION 4. It should now fail in a lot more places, including the ENTER command.
  • Matching in rooms with hundreds of thousands of objects (like, say, garages) is now up to 66% faster and that much less destructive to the game's overall resource usage.
  • Fixed a bug where planets, stations, or moons that lack flight control would fail to give a message about being unable to find a launch trajectory if launching was unsuccessful.
  • Fixed a bug where space stations checked the flight control status of the sector rather than the structure when deciding whether or not to announce landings.

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