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Changes on 09-30-15:

  • Shooting the wall (or speaker) in a ship, house, or other private structure with a pulse emitter will now result in the intercom being disabled for that room for a short time. Never be tormented by the constantly droning voices of your mentally deranged comrades again.
  • Fixed a bug where handheld electronics manufacturing facilities would complete their work at 10% rather than 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where you could open a wormhole even if you didn't have enough power to do so.
  • Fixed an ever so small oversight that made it so people couldn't KNOCK on doors.
  • Per the Starship Room Naming Guidelines enacted in 2352, all weapon rooms in current and future three-person cruisers have been renamed to 'Weapons Room'.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to LOCK <ship name> or UNLOCK <ship name> would fail without a message in certain locations.
  • Interplanetary transport pods will no longer open a wormhole if their destination is in the same sector as the place they launched from.
  • TR LINKS no longer counts against your communicator flood / spam limit.
  • Fixed a bug where match aliases wouldn't work when trying to GET things from standard containers.

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