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Changes on 09-29-08:

  • Pulse weapons removed from "Damage laser/turret" display in ships. New option: "damage pulse" added!
  • You can no longer print out service records when a ship's main power is off. (system 1 in an engineering room) That's immersion, for you!
  • No more blank space after "Praelor Kills" in a player's info when there are no other points except for general and combat. Players with points in things like asteroid hauling or artifacting will not notice a change.
  • Fixed a bug with towels where they liked to clean up sludge a lot.
  • The content of HELP APARTMENTS has been moved around for easier digestion of pricing and rent vs. initial cost.
  • Fixed a typo in SYSTEMS 1 that results in the oh-so-controversial escape pod to escape stranding thing.

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