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Changes on 09-28-15:

  • Lore tracking now tries harder to find rooms instead of reporting the names of random unhelpful bags.
  • Fixed a bug where drones added to a paused simulator would not move after unpausing.
  • The EMPTY command on tents now includes typically unmovable objects, allowing the tent to be collapsed.
  • Transmitting static over private communicators no longer shows as an empty message to the transmitter.
  • Fixed a bug where the ENTER command in space would show all ships you had keys to in the sector regardless of what coordinates they were occupying.
  • Fixed a bug where the SLOCK/SUNLOCK commands in space would show all of the ships in the sector that you had keys to, allowing you to lock or unlock ships you werent sharing coordinates with.
  • Fixed a (possible) issue that could cause unknown friendly starships to remain in the sector after announcing their departure.

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