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Changes on 09-03-08:

  • You now get an exciting single second of roundtime per every blockade launched. Before you cry it makes no sense, we assume that it takes you a single second to configure each blockade in a shield configuration. Blockade early!
  • New Voyagers have some test doors. I'll add doors to other designs... later. And see about upgrading existing ships.
  • Added some functions to the NPC scripting language to allow NPCs to "hook into" the event system. Along the same lines, also added several events necessary for the completion of a semi-interactive newbie combat tutorial NPC, but they should be useful in other areas as well.
  • Added doors to Expeditioners and Battlecruisers. Also modified the DOOR command to be slightly more intelligent with blast doors and regular doors. If the DOOR command has a directional argument, it assumes you mean regular door command. If you're not in a room with doors, the DOOR command controls blast doors only. Otherwise you are prompted what you want to control; blast doors or regular doors.
  • Existing battlecruisers, voyagers, and expeditioners should have doors installed now. Todo: Ducts, ability to change the doors in your ships, and figuring out what other ships have staterooms to convert. And the command to authorize other people to control the locks of individual doors.
  • Added the ability to customize the lighting in a room. Nothing changes it yet, but future building options will allow for customizing local lights.
  • Removed blockade roundtime pending some further thought.
  • Added the oh-so-requested COUNT feature to containers. You can now easily determine how many items are in containers by typing COUNT <container>.
  • Added the PEOPLE command to see who is in the room with you for those times when LOOK just isn't good enough!
  • Added GOAL-COMBAT for projecting a combat point goal.
  • Added some guidelines to the battlecruiser application. Be sure to READ IT before you fill it out.
  • Go-exits named door should work again!
  • Added an option to the web board (USE your board reader, type OPTIONS, and choose 11) that will disable message previews in tooltips in your browser. This may result in faster load times, or maybe this feature annoys you. Either way it can be disabled now.
  • Did a a few EXCITING optimizations to the web board while I was there. Someday it will be as fast as... stuff.

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