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Changes on 08-22-09:

  • In the vein of useless changes, the web-based announcement viewer has been updated to the Stellaris version. It's a mixed format view, though, since Miriani announcements weren't stored properly.
  • Also made the web who list prettier. Now it's a nicely formatted table instead of a hideous giant list.
  • Updated the website changelog to allow easier navigation through the various options as well as limiting the initial impression to ten days rather than 320 days.
  • Pawn shops now resell items that are sold to them, assuming they can make a profit. PLEASE use the REPORT command if you find a way to abuse this or find something completely wrong.
  • Starship renames now show what you renamed the ship to in the message board subject. No more actually having to read the board posts!
  • Added a very important help file called Events! Fun tips on reducing spam during large events.
  • Noticeably improved the speed of things that involve planetary lookups (such as destination finders).

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