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Changes on 08-14-08:

  • Fixed a bug where you'd get a reward for Praelor destruction if you landed on an uninhabited planet out of local space.
  • Fixed the STATUS report to show when components such as subwarp are destroyed rather than "functional".
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where disabling main power while NAVIing would cause an error upon powering up about how you can't power down while moving.
  • Wavewarp should no longer report damaging planets or space stations, since it doesn't actually do anything to them.
  • Switching alliances should now clear any new message notifications for any message board readers you own and are carrying.
  • Pulse weapons should no longer break horribly if you land while using one. Although, now that I think about it, they may break if your target lands... maybe that was the bug in the first place... hum de doo. Somebody really should look into that!
  • Fixed (or broke completely) a docking bug involving docking bays and docking rings.
  • Blending alcoholic drinks now makes the resulting beverage have the same amount of alcohol as the highest alcoholic drink blended. Woo.
  • Made the DAMAGE verb report when a component isn't a full percent damaged but is still damaged enough to justify notification. It will now show <1% in this situation. Also took the opportunity to do some minor optimization in the damage verb.
  • Private garages in houses now have house-like qualities, such as PA and BOOT.
  • Fixed the retrieve command for house garages.
  • Fixed a bug where yes or no prompts wouldn't work in simulators. This was usually only a problem for firing confirmation prompts.
  • Fixed a bug in the shopping guide that caused items on Zander to be displayed multiple times. Also changed the display a bit to show additional locations under the location column, which despite being spammier looks better. And, since I was there, did a few optimizations to the shopping guide.

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