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Changes on 08-02-08:

  • Using pets to make them stop following should work again.
  • Couriers, passengers, and mail deliveries no longer go to private stations to avoid flight control snafus.
  • Pulse weapons have been fixed in simulators.
  • Airlocks now do a leg injury check.
  • Movement on asteroids now also does a leg injury check.
  • OPTIONS 5 has been fixed to work on asteroids and archaeology sites.
  • Asteroids and other dynamic rooms should show exits again.
  • The Flitter has been added to the starship museum. Hooray!
  • Subwarp, slip, and wavewarp should now cause solar panels to extend and should trigger proximity weapons (maybe).
  • The word say is now replaced with "transmit" when you're in a hostile environment. Fun!
  • Horse and cake socials are OPERATIONAL.

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