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Changes on 07-30-17:

  • Help file updates: SHIP-DOCK added to 'Ship Commands' help file. Mention SHIP-DOCK and SHIP-EXPEL in the 'Docking' help file. Added a 'Wormhole Tracer' help file and removed the alias from the 'Gadgets' help file. Added an 'Alert Statuses' file. Added a 'Readily Available Very Educational Network (RAVEN)' help file. In the 'Ship Commands' help file, corrected several 'see x help file' references, corrected some aliases, and added the following commands: 'Starships, maintenance, panel, modulate, wavewarp, status, timer, mail, navi, self-destruct, dock, undock'. Removed 'barrier' and 'pellet'.
  • Fixed matching in the private property lookup menu.
  • Fixed a bug where simulators wouldn't let you join ships docked inside of other ships.

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