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Changes on 07-29-17:

  • Other players no longer need to be standing in the same room to be deauthorized from vehicles if using a vehicle computer interface.
  • The game will no longer send a keep alive message if you have recently sent a #$#soundpack_ping out of band command.
  • Keep alive messages now act as #$#soundpack_pong responses, which means clients can immediately respond to a keep alive with a #$#soundpack_ping_reply to obtain calculated command latency.
  • The MAIL command in starship control rooms no longer works when landed on uncharted planets.
  • Values of 0.0 or less are no longer averaged into the current or daily lag metrics.
  • Using the ms argument with the #$#soundpack_ping_reply out of band command will now respond with an integer rather than a float.
  • Simulating a food robot design will now create a cork remover and empty glass if you have drink bottles on your menu.
  • Added a dump menu option to the food robot lab on Empanda.

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