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Changes on 07-25-14:

  • Improved handling of shortened versions of airlock and enter (air, ent, etc) when using the PEER command to view objects.
  • Fixed a precision error in the CASH command when you have ITEM-O 11 (show commas) disabled.
  • ATMs now obey ITEM-O 11. Relatedly, adding to the insurance fund no longer shows one number with commas and one without.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the MAP legend to either display room types that were not on the map or not display room types that were on the map.
  • Fixed a bugsploit(tm) that would allow one to hover in a menu for SLIP, FTL, MOVE, or NAVI and then continue to control the ship after they had been removed from the control room.
  • Added a TIMER help file due to extraordinarily popular demand.
  • You can now fire pulse emitters at players to temporarily disable weaker forms of technology that they're wearing, such as pesky stun detectors. And by 'such as' I mean 'that's all that they disable right now'.
  • Speaking of that PEER thing from earlier... the 'objects' part can now be lazied all the way down to 'ob' if you prefer. e.g. 'peer air ob'
  • People with grievously injured legs now limp in and out of the airlock.
  • The room is now notified when people fall to the ground in their haste to walk 500 rooms per second.

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