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Changes on 07-14-11:

  • By popular demand, you can now COUNT groups of miscellaneous objects, powered starships, unpowered starships, awake people, and sleeping people.
  • Battlecruiser applications are no longer free! (By which I mean they properly deduct from your credits now instead of just claiming to cost.)
  • It's no longer possible to idle at the landing prompt to successfully land after another ship has docked with you.
  • Telescopes now theoretically work while spacewalking.
  • You can no longer dock inside another ship's docking bay if your ship has docked via the docking ring while you were waiting at the entry request prompt.
  • Wormhole jumps will now be automatically aborted if your ship successfully docks with another ship BEFORE it approaches the wormhole's event horizon. Similarly, docking should now fail if the procedure hasn't completed before the other ship approaches the wormhole event horizon.
  • Two people attempting to expel the same cargo at the same time should no longer encounter tracebacks and other wild times.

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