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Changes on 07-13-11:

  • Defunct private organizations are no longer included in the list of public private (yeah yeah) organizations. If your organization has suddenly and erroneously disappeared from this list, please ASSIST about it.
  • You can now DUMP that precious cargo in an asteroid rover if, for whatever reason, you want to destroy it. Be warned, however, that bardenium and cardenium are still liable to explode when jostled. (For the time being this won't result in a destroyed rover, but I can't speak for the future!)
  • The SLOCATE command with no arguments now ignores duplicate keys and keys to ships that cannot be located.
  • Fixed the wormhole tracer price incongruity as well as a few less obvious bugs with the Empanda Torch upgrade store.
  • The "h" argument to the damage command now redirects to "other" rather than "light". For the perpetually lazy.
  • Simulated starships can now be locked and unlocked with the SLOCK/SUNLOCK commands. Unintended docking shenanigans, go!
  • Sanitation drones now consider artifact and archaeology artifact containers to be containers when you use the container filter. Confused? Me too.
  • Removed restrictions on dropping keyrings and placing them in bags. If you want to drop a keyring full of keys, more power to you!
  • You can now use = in place of + in manual navigation.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to access IC message boards when you were out of communications range.
  • Hitting enter at a repair store prompt now defaults to NO rather than YES. Like the rest of the game.

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